Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Summer 2016 Trip - Day One

July 20th - Day One

Well, 125 days after I started counting down the days, today was officially the day for us to head to California. But before we could get to play at the beach and see my friend JoAnna, we had to have some fun along the way.

After packing up all the stuff the girls has brought out with them in early June, there was still A LOT more that needed to go back with us and give to their mom when we met up in Mesquite.

Sadly, there was not enough room in my car for everything and I was frantically looking for another rental car or van to use instead of my car... But I had planned to be leaving the house around 9 AM. Since there was nothing available and we were wasting time, I said let's just leave the non-important stuff at the house (in SLC) and take what we can.

So we packed the trunk of the car as full as we could, and headed over to Great Grandma Sharich's house to let the girls say goodbye for the summer and to pick up spaghetti sauce I was going to be taking with us all the way to Ventura.

After leaving her house, we met and picked up Amanda at the TRAX station at 7200 S, then a quick pit stop since we forgot to go at the house. After leaving Chevron close by the TRAX station, we were on our way to our first big stop: Big Rock Candy Mountain.

To be safe on having enough fuel, we stopped at the Chevron in Nephi, then continued on to Candy Mountain.

We turned off at the exit after Cove Fort, and drove through some of the most gorgeous mountains along the way. We had traveled this road back in 2014 when we were heading to St. George from camping, but I was stuck in the middle of the back seat and really couldn't look out to see the mountains like I could now.

We finally made it to Big Rock Candy Mountain [picture] and looked around inside the gift shop of the little store we decided to eat the sandwiches I made the night prior.

After a while of resting and letting the girls play on the swing set nearby, we headed back out on the road. There really is not much to do there unless you are planning on an adventure (hiking, river rafting...).

But along the way out, we had to stop and grab me a 5 Hour.

Continued on driving until filling up again in Cedar City, then passed St. George (Rachel was meeting us in Mesquite) and finally made it to Mesquite. We checked into our room, went grocery shopping, then went and grabbed a pizza for dinner.

After eating, it was cool and shady enough in the pool area to relax and have water fun.

The girls and Amanda had so much fun playing in the pool area for a good hour, then it was off to the arcade. We were having so much fun until we ran out of quarters.

Rachel and Jason finally arrived in Mesquite (while heading home from Las Vegas) to pick up any of the girls extra stuff that was crammed in the car that did not need to travel with us the rest of the trip. After they headed back on the road, we had to call it a night since we would be on our way to Las Vegas in the morning to see and have fun with the Glicken's, Ginger and Curry.

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