Sunday, June 19, 2016

Summer 2016 - Week 4

June 19th - Sunday
I had to work a morning shift at Home Depot, but I was able to get the evening off at Dan's to be able to celebrate Father's Day at Great Grandma Sharich's. But I asked if it would be okay if Amanda came, and was told yes. So I went and picked her up, then came back to our place where the girls played Twister with Amanda.

Then the girls showed me the church program where the kids drew a picture their dads... I was able to be pictured twice-- Bonus!

Notice how the t-shirt on the first one says "The City Geek"... That's my girls!

After playing enough Twister, we went over to the little get-together where we ate, played Bochee, and the kids played with bubbles.

Daddy/Daughters picture.

June 20th - Monday
I worked at HD in the morning, but once again, asked for the evening off to take the family to a Salt Lake Bees baseball game. The last game I went to was when they were called the "Trappers" back in the late '80s.

Eating dinner before the game started.

Silly girls. We caught no foul balls.

The girls posing next to the Bees mascot.

Couple photo.

June 21st - Tuesday
We picked up Amanda and went bowling.

Right after, we were hungry and went to lunch at Zupas... And Jamba Juice since the girls were still hungry.

Went back tot he house, and had a nap. Woke up and went hiking up to Donut Falls.

This year, we are finally walking up to see the falls up close.

Made it!

Amanda slipped and fell into freezing cold water.

The chipmunk was following us.

Still following us...

And still following us.

Quick rest halfway down the trail.

We were hungry after, so we drove over Guardmans Pass into Park City to have dinner at The Red Banjo.
Money from all over the world posted on the peg board.

And then walked down Main Street to Java Cows for ice cream.

June 22nd - Wednesday
The next day, my parents took the girls and drove down to my grandmas in Nephi and...

June 23rd - Thursday
Then on Wednesday, drove over to Lehman's Cave in Nevada. They stayed the night in Ely and then came home on Friday.

June 25th - Saturday
Before I had to go to work, we sprayed the temporary hair color their mom mailed up in the girls hair.

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