Saturday, July 30, 2016

Summer 2016 Trip - Day Eleven and Twelve

July 30th - Saturday

Today was a simply day, to try and do a couple things in Vegas on The Strip before heading home to St. George later that evening to drop off the girls.

It was a hot day already, but we took our time getting up and ready. We had been traveling most of the day before, and we over did it. But once we were ready, the four of us and Heidi headed to The Flamingo to have lunch (Brian was at work). We made it to the multi-level parking lot and walked to the un/loading zone to enter the Flamingo, and walked through the casino over to the food court to grab us something to eat.

After eating, we all walked over to the gift shop area of Margaritaville.

We looked around a while before then walking back over to The Wildlife Habitat at The Flamingo. The girls enjoyed spending time with their Aunt Heidi looking at the flamingos and fish in the ponds. Amanda and I walked around by ourselves.

With us all dying of heat, and it getting later in the day, I knew we better call it an afternoon and get back to their house to pack up to head out. We drove back to the house we packed up the car of all our belongings and then said our goodbyes... especially to Ginger.

For those of you who don't know, Ginger was the dog that the girls mom adopted from the Santa Clara Animal Shelter a couple years prior to the girls being born. She was a very good dog around the girls and everyone else loved her too. Well, when the girls and their mom moved into the girls grandma's house, they let Heidi and Brian take Ginger. She was well taken care of by The Glicken's. Then a few weeks prior to leaving on the trip, they found out that Ginger had cancer on the lungs and that she didn't have much time left. I was afraid that we wouldn't have been able to say goodbye and that the trip would have been a somber one. Luckily, the vet gave them steroids to help her be able to eat her food and be a little active... But it would only help for so long. After talking with Heidi, they planned to put her to sleep a few days after the trip.
We gave hugs to everyone goodbye, and headed on the road to get to St. George by dinnertime.

We made it just in time because Rachel had made dinner for everyone, including Amanda and I. That was nice of her. After eating, we hugged and said our goodbyes. Amanda and I headed over to the nearest Home Depot so I could get my schedule (via computer), then headed down to Mesquite to spend the night. While at Home Depot, the wind picked up very strong, and on the way down we stopped at Black Rock Road in Arizona to try taking pictures/video of the lightning.

When we arrived, we checked in to get our room and then drove over to Smith's to get some snacks. We walked in the store dry, but left the store running to the car because it was really coming down. We made it back to the room on the 3rd floor, but because of the strong wind, it blew the rain onto that floors walkway and made it look like it was flooding up to that floor.

When we decided to go to the casino, we had to run a few hundred feet. When we walked in the doors, everyone was looking at us because we were drenched. But played a few dollars and then called it a night.

July 31st - Sunday
Normally I would start a new blog entry for each day of the trip, but today, Amanda and I packed up our stuff from the hotel room and drove home. When we arrived in Salt Lake, I dropped Amanda off her place and then I headed home. I had to unpack my car and start a load of laundry. It had been a busy 12 days, but the girls were back home and I had to still continue to upload the photos I had taken to the trip website... and start writing the blog post for our trip.

And that my friends, is the story of our trip... I hope you have enjoyed reading it as I did writing it and we did living it.

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