Sunday, June 18, 2017

Summer 2017 - Week 3

June 18
Sadly, I had to work a morning shift at Home Depot this day. You know, with it being Father's Day. But, I did ask for most of the week off at Dan's like I always do so I could have some time to be with my girls and to celebrate my birthday with them. I did have to work some shifts this week at Home Depot, but it was nice to come home right after to spend the evening with them.

So after getting off work at Home Depot, I picked up Amanda and Destiny (remember, the twins spent the past 2 nights at my parents house) and we headed over to my parents house. Before we left, I had to put on the shirt that the twins made me.

We had a BBQ outside. It was nice because my dad was able to join us. Since we brought our dog, and Annie and her boyfriend brought his dog, and we had Brodie there too, we only had one little tiff between to two big dogs because they almost fought for a scrap of food that fell on the ground.

After discussing it with my mom, we decided to let Ady stay at their house, while Chloe would come back with us for a night. They apparently had a argument the day before and it seemed like they needed some time apart.

So after the get together, we headed back home with Chloe. We first stopped and checked out Brighton Young Historic Park for a bit, then walked across the street to check out City Creek Park.

Those are something to do with kids, if they behave to the park rules. With someone needing to use a restroom, we headed over to a Dollar Store, and then to the 7-11 across the street. Received a compliment from a stranger when I was walking into 7-11, saying they liked my shirt.

We then headed home to play on the Wii again, and then started watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

We had to stop halfway because I had to be up in the morning to work a shift at Home Depot.

June 19
Like I said, I worked a morning shift at Home Depot, then came home and took a name. My mom came up and traded girls. So after my nap, we made dinner together, then played the Wii together. While playing, I went to do an over hand swing while playing tennis, and hit my thumb on the spinning fan blade. Yes, it was sore for a while.

After playing, we went for an evening walk with the dog. Ady started to have a bad tummy ache, so we headed cut across the school yard to make it home fast. After the kiddo took a bath, we watched a little MST3K. (Cry Wilderness)

June 20
Worked a very humid day at Home Depot. After getting off work, my mom dropped Chloe off at my work so I could take her back to my place. We stopped at Dan's for treats, then we headed home and packed up to head to Amanda's family's house for a BBQ. We were planning on going over to the nearby park where they live, but a heavy rainstorm that blew in kept us at the house. So the girls played with their chickens and jumped on the trampoline with the other kids.

We cooked up the hamburgers on the grill in the rain, then ate together. 

While the kids continued to jump after eating, the four adults played card games before Amanda's brother had to leave for work. The kids played a game too after, then since it was getting late, we headed home.

I just noticed that they still have the game pieces in their mouths.

June 21
With today being my birthday, I got to sleep in a little before Amanda woke me up because she had made birthday breakfast (for everyone). We got dressed and ready for the day, drove up to my parents and dropped Destiny off, then went bowling at Fat Cats. After, we came back to their house to have lunch, then we all did tie dye shirts out on the back patio with my mom.

Unlike previous years, we started to get ready for the inside luau (instead of outside).

Due to whatever reason Destiny has on jealousy of trying to make sure things that she thinks are hers, Destiny and Brodie had a big fight where Destiny bit Brodie on his back end hard. I was furious at Destiny for doing this to my little buddy. So she stayed outside the rest of the time we were there... We don't bring here over there anymore. To those reading, it had to do when Destiny saw Brodie sit on my lap. After putting him down, Brodie went over to eat his own food and growling pursued and that's where they fought. Same situation happened with the Glicken's dogs when their dogs sat on the girl's lap. Other than this defense/jealousy issue, she's just fine.

After I cooled down for her doing this, we went and lit the candles on my birthday cake. After spending enough time there chatting and enjoying our time, we drove home and headed to bed because I was exhausted.

June 22
Another whole day off? Sweet! So we had breakfast and got dressed. Earlier in the year, my mom gave me 4 passes to a free game of laser tag at All Star Lanes. So, yes, we loaded up and drove out to All Star Lanes in Sandy to do a free game of laser tag, then headed back home to have lunch before our next activity.

This time, we were able to take Destiny with us as we drove back out to Sugar House Park to go ice blocking.

Stopped by Dan's to grab my schedule, then back home to relax. Made dinner, then drove up to Park City to fish.

Drove back home to get straight to bed.

June 23
I had to work an early shift at Home Depot. Then after, I went over to my parents to change the oil in my car and to vacuum out my car. After finishing up, I drove back home to take a nap. The reason being is that we were going to the park to watch the movie in the park that night. That night, they were playing the original The Karate Kid. Since I had to work a full day at both jobs the next day, I had to get a nap in. After a couple hour nap, the girls and Amanda woke me up so we could get the items for the park rounded up and loaded up in the car... this included the dog. Then, we headed over to Reservoir Park very early to make sure we were able to get a parking spot because there is not a parking lot there (you park along the street). When I say early, I'm talking 3 hours early. Since we left the house early, we never ate dinner since we were going to stop and grabbed a couple pizzas from Little Caesars. We forgot one thing... we also needed drinks. So between Little Caesars and the park, we stopped at 7-11. After grabbing drinks, we finally made it to the park, unloaded everything that we brought and sat down to eat.

While eating, the people hosting the movie event, started setting up the inflatable screen and the vendors set up their tents. The twins went over and started playing with the outdoor games they had set up, and got to see and play with Cinderella and Belle (cosplay).

Before they started the movie, they host had trivia to win prizes. Amanda answered one question right, and won a special kind of blanket. Once it got dark enough outside, they started the movie. The girls stayed up and enjoyed watching the movie. Once the movie ended, we packed up the car with our belongings and headed home. Bedtime came very easily.

June 24
I worked a morning shift at Home Depot. While at work, Grandma Sheila picked up the girls to let them spend the night. I knew a few weeks prior that a custom mobile called the Rickmobile was coming to Salt Lake on this day. In fact, it was just a few blocks north of Home Depot. Once I got off work, I drove over to the comic book store where the Rickmobile was at, and saw that there was a very long line wrapping around the few buildings. This line was to let you pose in front of the Rickmobile. I didn't have time to stand in front of it, so I walked near it and took a picture of just the vehicle itself.

Headed and worked my shift at Dan's. After work, I came home and Amanda and I watched Ghost Adventures. Just a little tip: Don't watch Ghost Adventures at nighttime in the dark. Amanda and I are watching a few episodes, when around 12:45am in the morning, someone we didn't know knocks on our door causing Destiny to immediately start barking and us to jump because she barked.

(Note: I'll post another week of when the twins were up here, but I'm working on the toy car site. So it might be a couple of weeks before I post here again.)

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