Monday, June 18, 2018

Wendover Bus Trip

One thing I love about being with Amanda is that we are always trying new things. One thing I have seen when traveling to and from Wendover every time I have traveled out that way, is the Wendover Fun Bus. To give you a quick explanation without visiting their site is that you pay a decent price to have a local bus company drive you and many others out to West Wendover, Nevada on a double deck Greyhound-like bus with bingo entertainment (with prizes for winners), vouchers for a free buffet, and free play to the 3 sister casinos.

So Amanda asked that I ask for Valentine's Day off so we could ride the bus out to Wendover. I was lucky to get it scheduled off at my new location, and so we went. At the time, we didn't have a lot of money to gamble away out there, but had enough to pay for the bus ride and play the slots just a little.

We hopped on board a single level bus at the IHOP (now to be soon IHOB, tells you how long it's been between us going) in Woods Cross, then bordered the double deck bus in Salt Lake. After taking off, we sat there for a bit before they handed out disposable travel bingo cards and played a few rounds of BINGO before we arrived in Wendover.

The Tree of Life near mile marker 26.

We hopped off the bus at Rainbow and went in to play a for a little bit, before then taking the courtesy shuttle bus over to Montego Bay to use our voucher for our free buffet. After eating, we still had plenty of time to kill... but we didn't have much funds left. We knew this would happen, and so Amanda and I planned to walk from Montego Bay over to the Wendover Airport to venture around and waste time. We climbed up the old radar tower (Amanda tried last time, but she finally made it to the top this time) and walked over to the restored hanger where they once stored the infamous Enola Gay aircraft.

Chuckling nervously because of she made it to the top of the radar tower this time.

If you walk east from the airport, you will see Army buildings starting to decompose and fall apart.

The restored hanger that once stored the Enola Gay

Looking inside that hanger through the main door window.

After killing enough time, we walked back to Montego Bay to then take a shuttle back over to Rainbow. We went inside to play the remaining funds we had (until payday) and browsed the gift shop to see if we could use any funds on our players card to get any merchandise for free.

With about 45 minutes left before it was time before load up on the bus to head home, we just sat in the red lit lobby before loading up on the bus.

We made it back home after dark, then swapped back of the first bus we first hopped on to get back to the IHOP restaurant. We had a lot of fun, but since we have only gone once more by car. Haven't gone as much because we are saving up for our summer California trip.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

New Beginnings at a New Location

I believe everything happens in our lives for a reason, whether good or bad. This time in this story, it was good (for me).

I have been through this situation before, but it was a shock this time. Back in 2003, the Food 4 Less I was working at closed its doors and I was transferred to another store, where I stayed at until I got married the first time.

Well, after moving back up here, I was lucky to get a job at the Dan’s right near my parents house for a year. Things happened and I chose to transfer to the Dan’s on 33rd and 23rd. From 2014 until this year, it was a great place for me to work.

Well, come January 3rd (which is always a crappy day in my opinion), we found out that they were closing our location because of the way the economy was changing since Amazon bought Whole Foods.

Well, just in case I wasn’t offered a position at another store, I started to apply anywhere I could. Luckily, I said I’d be willing to work at the Fresh Market in Park City and they offered me a position there, so I took it. So with this new location, I didn’t have to work Home Depot as much, except 1 day a week on Sunday’s. It is a long drive, but I’ve been listening to podcast to and from, and I get to meet new people.

It was sad to say goodbye to everyone, customers and now former employees, but “every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end”.

3 pictures taken on July 4, 2014

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Why I Deleted, Then Came Back to Facebook

I tried, I really did try to stay away from Facebook.

Some of you read that I was deleting my Facebook account. Well, while I was away, I actually completed a lot during the time when I started the process of deleting my one Facebook account (and still aim to keep it that way) until a few days ago when I created a new profile. Why did I create a new profile instead of reactivating my old one? While I in the process of waiting for it to delete my account, I got to thinking, “Why not log back in, just delete all photos and info (so I don't get bombarded with ads— which was one reason why I wanted to delete it), keep all my friends and just check it when needed. Just have a blank account so people can contact me”.

Well, with FB’s new settings (because of a new European law), they will now permanently delete your account after 14 days when you tell them to start that process.... but guess when I tried to reactivate my account? The afternoon it was deleted. Well, c'est la vie.

So a couple more weeks passed and I finally gave into making a new account. This time, only one profile picture, no pictures are uploaded, no info in the About Me, no random post (political, comedy, random thoughts) to my wall (those are in my Twitter) and only post links to my blog post or other websites I run/created, and to quickly check any important friend news. Also, if someone wanted to contact me, they could through Facebook messenger if they don’t have any other contact information of mine elsewhere that they know of.

So I now check Facebook once a day just in case I need to see if something important is need to be known, and continue on with life. Before, I’d check it almost every hour, very distracting and I was less productive.

I'll never escape the world of Facebook.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

2017 Holidays Part II

December 25
I woke up feeling okay. So after waking the girls up, we let them open their gifts at our place.

We ate a little breakfast (so I could take my medicines), then got ready for the day to head over to my moms house so we meet up with everyone else and open presents there.

Only thing was, on the drive over, I felt it hit me: The tiredness that comes with getting sick. By the time we made it to the house, I had to lie down on the couch in the living room where we would be opening gifts. I tried to take pictures, but my body just wanted to lay down and sleep. So I asked Amanda to open the gifts to us, and everyone opened theirs, while I went and slept for 2 or 3 hours. Amanda woke me up so that I could get some food in me to help fight whatever my body was fighting. Also, to get up and lay on the couch to spend some time with the family.

The girls went sledding in the front yard while I took it easy.

Family members and neighbors came by to wish us a Merry Christmas. Before it got dark, we headed back home so that we could get dinner for everyone. We first stopped to wish Amanda’s grandma a Merry Christmas (I stayed in the car since I was sick). We wanted to take the girls to get Chinese food, but the two restaurants open were quite expensive. So we went home and made Hamburger Helper instead.

After dinner, we sat on the couch together to watch one more Christmas movie. We watched A Christmas Story. After that, the girls went to bed and we called it a night as well.

December 26
Luckily, I didn’t have to work a morning shift at Home Depot, I slept into be able to survive my shift at Dan’s while still under the weather. While I slept, Amanda too the girls to Walmart to use their gift cards they received for Christmas on clothes. I left for work, and survived. Amanda made dinner for the girls, but she wrote me saying they were laughing uncontrollably during dinner at Amanda for silly stuff. Oh, girls... Then they played card/board games.

December 27
My mom asked if she could spend some time with the girls, so I said yes. She picked them up while I was at work, then later in the evening while I was at work, they went shopping at Old Navy, then stopped by at my work to say Hi since they went to dinner with my grandma across the street.

December 28
With me working both jobs on this day, my mom keep the girls another day. I don’t know everything that happened, but I do know my mom had bunco that night, and so the girls Aunt Annie came over and baby sat them. I bet they had fun with her— they always do.

December 29
Finally, a whole day off without being completely down while sick. So we did what I wanted to do on Christmas and take the family to see Episode VIII of Star Wars. Took them to the theater and had fun. After the movie, we went home and made lunch and dinner, while so drove out to pick up the hockey tickets for the game later that night.

Prior to the holidays, I asked a coworker if she could hook me up with Grizzlies tickets (can’t tell how or why) so I could take the family with. In the end, only only the four of us and TJ wanted to go. Sadly, TJ had to work (which involved driving a delivery truck out of state and back again in one day) and didn’t make it back until after the game started.

After eating, we drove over to the arena and enjoyed a great game of hockey. I need my girls to go to more of the Grizzlies games, because every time I go without them, they lose. When I take them, they win. As always, we had a lot of fun for a free game... especially when I caught Chloe doing the Chicken Dance. Nope, sorry, not going to embarrass her.

December 30
Sadly (for me), the girls said that they wanted to go home to celebrate New Years. It had been since I think 2013 into 2014 when they last celebrated it down then. So their mom and step dad drove up the day before and stayed in town overnight, then picked up the girls after they had woken up in the morning.

Monday, April 9, 2018

2017 Holidays Part I

​For the holidays this year, it was arranged to let me pick up the girls to let them spend the holidays with us. I was excited. Not only Christmas, but luckily they release the new Star Wars movies every 2 years instead of 3 (like the first 6), and so we got to go see that.

December 21
Amanda and I traveled down and spent the night in Mesquite. Yes, we brought our dog Destiny. We did our usual gambling and relaxing. We couldn't go hot tubing because there was a crowd of people in there.

December 22
The next day, we picked up the girls and headed back to Salt Lake. Today was my moms birthday, and we planned to do our annual gingerbread house decorating as a family. We first had to drop Destiny off at the house, then backtrack to my moms house. Once everyone was there, we first opened and saw what our yearly Christmas tree ornaments were from my mom.

Being my moms birthday, we let her open her gift from us.

Then we all gathered in the kitchen to decorate our gingerbread houses. We always have fun doing this.

After decorating, it was getting late, so we headed home. We purchased a few items to decorate the girls room to make feel like home, and let them check it out. Plus, Amanda put Christmas lights up to festive up the room.

December 23
I had to work that night, so we took it easy that morning and then Amanda watched the twins while I was at work.

While I was away at work, Amanda’s friend Annie came over with her daughter, and everyone helped bake and then decorate holiday shaped cookies.

December 24
Luckily, with Dan’s closing at 3pm on a Sunday because of Christmas Eve, and me working until 1:30, I wouldn’t be of much help for less than 90 minutes. Before I arrived home from work at Home Depot, my mom and grandma came over so they could give Amanda a gift to give to Zoey that evening. After clocking out at Home Depot, I came home and we waited a few minutes until we were to go to Amanda’s family party.

We drove over to the church next to her moms house, and had. The twins hadn’t seen Zoey in a year, so they had fun playing together and decorating cookies. We all sat around talking while eating our dinner, then we played a game with White Elephant gifts. Her family has a tradition to make an exquisite dessert, then they vote on it in different categories, and the best one wins a prize.

We didn’t stay the whole time because we had to head over to my grandmas house to celebrate Christmas Eve with my family. Made it to her house when it just started snowing, walked in when when they were eating dinner. Even though I had dinner prior, there is no way I’m going to passed up a chance to eat the families spaghetti recipe. So we ate, then cleaned up so we could play Christmas Bingo.

I won a game to win a Chick Fil A gift card. After a few games, we did our traditional games of LRC. My grandma won the first game, then Nick won the second game.

Earlier, while I was eating, I ran out to take a pill to help with my migraine that I felt coming on. I wasn’t thinking because I didn’t think it would do what it did, but I should have taken half of it because I felt a great stiffness in my neck combined with nausea and exhaustion. With the party pretty much over, so we left so I could drive home while I still could, just in case my symptoms grew any worse (they didn’t). With how I felt, we had to skip out on driving through Christmas Street in the Sugar House. We headed home and then had the girls get ready for bed. After they crashed, we waited for Santa...