Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Summer 2018 - Week 8 (Day 4)

We woke up and got ready for the day because today we were going to Universal Studios. To try to save money, I had the idea of walking to get there since it did not look that far away on Google Maps. It was a bit of a walk, but we made it and walked through the City Walk portion of Universal Studios.

We rented a locker for our backpack since we had items in it they wouldn’t allow in the park, and then carried on walking towards the main entrance of Universal Studios. After making it through security, I pulled up my digital tickets on my phone and had them scan them so we can get in.

We walked through the park and made our way to the area where all The Simpsons attraction area is.

Our first ride was the 3-D Simpsons Ride, then checked out the Kwik-E-Mart, and then we made our way down the long escalators to the bottom level of the park where there were other rides.

We waited in the long line at the Jurassic Park Ride and rode that ride.

After that ride, we all went to ride The Mummy ride.

Once we finished that ride, we were all getting hungry. Instead of walking ALLLL the way back up and over to the lockers at the entrance of the park to get the sandwiches we put in the backpack, we ended up getting food right there at Panda Express.

My fork was flashing gang signs at me... 

After eating lunch TJ, Amanda, Chloe and I rode the Transformer Ride.

Once we were done with that we met up with my mom and Ady, then we headed back up to the top level to do the other activities... but first, we had to apply more sunblock-- which meant we had to go to the lockers anyways. It's funny how that when you are hungry, you wouldn't have the strength to do it... Now that we had food in us, it was like, "Let's go!". So we walked over to that area, checking out more things along the way, and then lathered up again when we made it over there again.

We had to go through security again, then showed the digital tickets, then made our way over to the gift shops in front of the Harry Potter area. 

My mom was getting flush, and we all needed to cool down. So we walked through looking at the items for sale while my mom stood in front of a fan while drinking water.

When things were good for everyone, we walked over to the Moulin Rouge area so the girls could go through the Walking Dead attraction with Amanda while my mom, TJ and I waited.

After they found us, we walked over and stood in line for the Despicable Me Ride.

After that excitement, we knew it was getting late and had time to do probably one or two more thing, so we headed over to the Back Lot Tour where you can see the back lot and other information interesting it’s about the studio where they film TV shows and movies.

That tour takes an hour, so when that was done, we headed over to the Water World Show.

After the show ended, and with us so close to the entrance/exit and it getting late, we called it a day there at Universal... except we had to walk all the way through City Walk again and did a little window shopping.

With us head back to the hotel by walking, we found a pizza parlor and order dinner for everyone to take back to the room to eat.

I wanted to go out later and find the beer the band Sublime released earlier in the year. We found it at a little local market, then drove out to a Target to see if the item they stopped selling was at this store (according to the website). It wasn’t there, so we headed back to the Ralph’s near our hotel to grab a few groceries, came back to hotel and we went to bed.