Wednesday, August 31, 2005

August 31, 2005

I've been saving this quote for over a month now... Waiting for summer to end.

- Hey Ryan? What did you do this summer?
- I told you! I went up to Idaho to take some pictures of the Napoleon Dynamite Festival.
- Did you get any [pictures]?
- Yes, but the camera I used was too advanced. So most of the pictures were too blurry.
- What kind of a camera did you use?
- A freakin' Canon! What do you think?!

... If you don't know where that came from, you're a freakin' idiot!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Ohhh.... Back to school / Back to school / To prove to dad that I'm not a fool...

Well, it's that time again. Time for the young ones to go back to school for another school year. And my point to this entry. No point. I just wanted to sing that song from Billy Madison. Oh, I can point out that my bro is starting middle school this year... Aww, memories. I wonder if they still have Channel 1? Holy crap! They do!

Monday, August 29, 2005

After Four Red Bulls...

Well, I woke up on Saturday morning, only to find it ready to thunder and lightning. It started to rain for a few minutes once we had about a quarter of the items out on the driveway. We had to hurry and put towels over the stuff already out so that it would not get ruined. It cleared up and the sun finally came out about an hour after starting to rain. . Then, around 9AM, we had a major rush of people. They were folks that probably came down from the Brighton High School's Drill Team Garage Sale. I didn't get to check that out because we were too busy with our own sale. Around 1PM, I had to go inside and force myself to get some sleep. I was able to squeeze in a couple of hours before I had to get back up and then get ready for work. Work was pretty average, except that I was so tired towards the end. How exhausted? I was getting change under my till, dropped the drawer on my hand/arm and instead of saying "Ow", I just started laughing. That's how exhausted I was.

Arrived home from work and saw that we still had not sold the air hockey table. If any one wants one, get a hold of me...

Then, I woke up on Sunday morning, only to find that my calve muscles were sore as hell (they still are as I write this). They must have been sore from being bare foot while carrying and walking up and down both the driveway and yard (to carry stuff from the basement to the driveway.) Just goes to show you how much I get out to get exercise...

Well, we made enough to go get a new lawn mower... And hopefully a new weed eater!!! I hate the one we have now.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

August 28, 2005

No blog today... I'll post something tomorrow-- I swear! I'm just so exhausted from the stupid yard... garage... whatever, sale today and from working a near-closing shift as well.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Written Early, But Posted On Time...

Sorry folks, I had to write my blog a little bit earlier... Actually, a lot earlier than normal. I have to be up at the crack of dawn on Saturday to help put items on the driveway for the garage sale. Then, I have to go back to bed for a little while, wake up a few hours before I have to go to work, help with the yard sale, then around 4, go to to work until close. So, yeah, I'm going to be grumpy like no other.

August 27, 2005

This is what happens when you leave money on the floor, and you have a dog that likes to chew anything that looks (or is) valuable.

The bad thing about this bill is, it was a Where's George when I got it...!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

I Am Now Going to Be Flipping' Famous!!!!

I recently traded links with Napoleon Stuff. However, unlike the last one (see August 1st, 2005 entry), this guy actually went through with writing something quite nice about my Napoleon Dynamite website, about me, who I am and what I do... I feel really bad for not making his site look big on my site. But don't worry, I'll find someway to help repay him. For starters, you can check out his website... Napoleon Stuff. Check it out! Come on! Napoleon would be checking it out... Heck yes he would!

Since I'm too excited, I'm going to post what he wrote on his site here... Just for my sake. lol

"Ryan's cool pictures from Napoleon Dynamite's hometown!
There's a guy named Ryan who sent me an email almost a month ago, and he said he liked and even placed a link on his site for me. Ryan has a site with some fun pictures from his "Sweet Road Trip" to Preston, Idaho, and also his trip to the Napoleon Dynamite Festival. I liked Ryan's site and told him that I'd probably do an article about him, but that was almost a month ago. Sorry Ryan! (I read your blog and it sounds like we've both been pretty busy lately!) So even though it's long overdue, take a look at Ryan's site... While you're there, you should take a look at Ryan's blog. With the help of some friends he's taught himself all about computers and the web and now runs his own websites and computer repair business. Sweet Skills Ryan! (And in case your wondering, no that is not Ryan's picture to the right here... that's Napoleon Dynamite! Gosh!)"

...On the website, he has a picture of Napoleon to the right of where he has this posted.

I can't remember the person who owns/runs Napoleon since I lost the e-mail, but I want to thank you for making my day a whole lot better now!!! : )

Oh, and speaking of... I just re-did my Napoleon Dynamite web site... so be sure to check both sites out...

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My parents have clean out the basement (most of the stuff down there) and are planning to have a garage sale this Saturday. Now that they have cleaned out the basement, they have most of it all ready to go in the garage.

If any one wants to come to the garage sale, just contact me and I'll give you directions...

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

August 24, 2005 #2

Yesterday, I was hired to look at a computer and to see if it was infected or not. It was... But after spending nearly 6+ hours and with working with McAfee Virus Scan... I only found out that McAfee just plain sucks! It wouldn't update the program or anti virus signatures since it was infected. So, I finally thought, what if I connect the hard drive from that computer into my computer, have Norton AntiVirus 2005 scan that hard drive since my anti virus program was up to date? Sure enough, it worked like a charm! Norton AntiVirus detected a lot more threats that were not detected with McAfee until after I put the (now cleaned up) hard drive back into the original computer. Then, once I did put it back in the computer and started it up, it was then able to detect new anti virus signatures, download them and then was able to install them.

Thank you Tristyn for talking me out of purchasing McAfee last year!

Oh, and since I spent nearly 6+ hours working on the computer... I got a lot of other personal chores/things done! Sweet!

August 24, 2005

Utah fair. Utah fair. The corn dogs are beyond compare. The cows are sweet. The goats are mean. Burritos filled with cheese and beans. The pigs say oink. The chickens cluck. The Tilt-A-Whirl comes on a truck. The bull goes moo. The duck goes quack. Napoleon has got my back. I like to eat, the cakes and pies. My shoe just stepped in a surprise. (Humming)"...

GD, JoAnna! Even though I posted a link to the song (Audio #5) on my blog (see Friday, August 19th), she started to sing (write) it to me the other night when we were chatting and now it's stuck in my head. So, I did want any person would hopefully do... I put the song on my iPod! lol

I'm hungry now for a burrito! Dang it Pedro!

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Monday, August 22, 2005

August 22, 2005 #2

Okay, I finally gave up and reinstalled Windows for the third time in 2 weeks. But I am going to be doing things differently this time... I will be installing all my programs and devices up to the computer, one at a time, to hopefully figure out what was causing the problem last time.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sorry Folks...

I don't mean to keep saying "No entry" on my past few blog entries, but I guess nothing exciting has been going on in my life. Sure, sometimes I would post something funny like a video or a link to another site to see something that amuses me (hopefully you as well), but that is when I have way too much time to waste surfing the web to find stuff like that.

Well, I guess I shouldn't say I have not been busy. Lately, a lot of problems or issues have been coming up to many people with their own PC's, and since they now know I run, they have been asking me to look at their computers. I'm not complaining one bit. In fact, it has been great to see so many service jobs come in at once, since it has taken over a year to be well known. The only thing I don't want to see is when the jobs start to slow down and it goes back to being slow again. That I don't want to see. Well, I guess I will have to keep spreading the good word of my services.

Lately, I have been having problems with my own PC that causes me to go through many (failed) attempts and processes to figure out if it is a certain piece of hardware, or the software, or the software that works with the hardware (no, not the drivers), or if another program is causing problems with the hardware or the software... It just keeps going on and on in an never ending attempt to find and solve the problem. Well, I do have the solution to fix it completely, but I do not want to erase my hard drive again and reinstall Windows for a third time in two weeks. Sure, I love a clean slate, but to rebuild (re-install) everything all over again just to use my computer... Pbbt! Forget it. Well, better get back to trying to fix the problem.

Oh-- If anyone has something funny that they have discovered, like a website, program, video or audio clip... And want other people to see it... I'll be more than welcome to post it here. Just as long as it is decent and is not too offensive. If you want to send whatever it is my way.

Updated: May 25, 2018, dead personal link

Friday, August 19, 2005

So Long, Van Winkle...

Nearly 2 years after leaving the Food 4 Less on Van Winkle, Gold's Gym (originally Lifestyles 2000 when many of us left F4L) has finally purchased the entire north side of the vacant building. For what...? A swimming pool. A volleyball court... You name it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Where to Begin?

On Thursday (the 11th), I took my computer into CompUSA to have them look at, and possibly replace, the hard drive. Well, since I had no computer to play and waste my time with, I did a lot of catching up with things I have put off in the past. I actually cleaned my room! Well, I straightened it up, but there is still some crap I have to throw away or get rid of. Oh! I finally place one of the Apple logo stickers that came with my iPod, on the back window of my car.

Well, on Friday, I was originally going to have a photo taken of my car in front of this airplane up in Heber City. But I found out on Thursday that the guy who owns the plane, sold it a week before. That would have been a cool picture to post here. So, since that was now canceled, I never went up to Park City on Friday and just stayed home and tried to do a little more cleaning. Tristyn came by and we watched "Lost & Found".

I didn't wake up until noon on Saturday. So I finally got up to Park City around 1:30PM. I was lucky enough to find a parking space to. That town is growing and shrinking at the same time. Well, I will be posting the pictures I took of the car show on my Photos page as soon as I get around to creating my Photos page... Meaning, write the HTML code to make the page.

The car show ended around 4PM and my family and I headed back to the condo that my family was staying in. Then after dinner, we headed up to the Park City Ski Resort to go down the Alpine Slide. Then, once I got done with that, I headed back home. I did not know if I was scheduled to work on Sunday (which I was), or else I would have spent the night. The other reason I had to head home is because I left my dog all alone in the back yard.

Sunday came and went. Nothing exciting happened.

On Monday, CompUSA called and left a message saying that they could not detect anything wrong with the hard drive. Bull-honky! Why is it that when it does something wrong to me, stating that a part needs to be fixed or repaired (on their tab), it works absolutely fine for them? Every time! Well, looks like I need to wrap this original hard drive with card board (so it doesn't scrape the outside of the hard drive) and then to drop it down a few flights of stairs... Then it will be defective for sure!

So I brought my computer home Monday, re-installed Windows and all my software on the new hard drive that I purchased a while back. And here I am...

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

August 16, 2005

I just received my computer back today. So, as I am typing this on my parents computer, I am re-re-re-re...installing Windows on my computer. So, if I am able to get my computer up and running before tomorrows blog entry, I will begin writting about what I did this past weekend. Oh! The stories I have to tell...

Monday, August 15, 2005

August 15, 2005

Um... I still have no computer. I am using my old crappy Compaq computer to work on this webpage. I hope it comes out alright since I am freestyling here-- Meaning, I am not using FrontPage. I am doing this by looking at HTML code only...

I plan to have my computer back by the end of the week. So until then, I won't be posting very much until then...

Friday, August 12, 2005

August 12, 2005

Just a reminder, that I will be out of town Friday and Saturday.

So, I will therefore be taking my computer in to have a part replaced for free and will not possibly get it back until Monday.

Meaning, I will not be updating this blog until possibly Monday or Tuesday... Enjoy your weekend. I know I will. Peace!

Thursday, August 11, 2005


This is so flippin' sweet!

Well, it has been one year since I started Since then, I have also registered two other domain names to use bandwidth of that site, and I have taught myself a new skill, and I tilt my thinking cap to those who know a lot more in the field of web developing than me... It's not as easy as I originally once thought it was, or to be. Especially since there many other languages out there besides HTML to make webpages. But since starting, it would take me almost a few days to make a single brand new web page. Now, it just takes a few hours, or less... If the coding is not too complex.

I also would like to thank everyone who has visited my site, or sites, and those of you have hired me for my sweet computer repair services...

It does mean a lot to me...

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

August 9, 2005

Well, it's official! I have registered my real name as a domain name... . Therefore, as soon as the payment has gone through to Yahoo!, my blogs will be moved from here to there. I will then turn this web page,, back into the page it looked like when I first got it... So expect to be visiting that on Monday for sure...

So remember, if you want to read my blogs, you will have to go to But don't worry, I will post a link at the bottom of this page so that incase you want to read them, and don't want to spell my name out, you can still come to this page and go to my ME page. No, for all you geek and geekette's out there, that does not stand for Millennium Edition page.

So right now... I am going to be working on the HTML coding to be getting that page ready. Peace!

Friday, August 5, 2005

Double Road Trip

Well, after finally leaving Salt Lake around 2 PM, we arrived at the Golden Spike National Park around 4:15. Which was perfect timing on both our parts. Not only do they close the visitors center at 5, the locomotive with the name "119" makes it final demonstration around 4:30 PM and then they take the locomotive to it's storage spot for the night, which is just shy of half a mile away.

After "119" disappeared from our sites, we both went back inside (after looking around outside) and watched the film they have about the journey of the building of the rail road to Promontory . The film was about 20 minutes long. I suggest that they should update the film... Meaning, make a new one. The film looks like it was produced in the '70s. Well, while we were watching the movie, they moved the locomotive "Jupiter" from it's spot, into storage area with the other locomotive.

Since both locomotives were now gone for the day/night... whatever, I couldn't get the photo I was hoping to get: Both iPods in front of the two trains. So, we did the next best thing we could think of. We placed both iPods next to the plaque that is located on the board where the last spikes were placed. The reason we did this, is that we wanted to submit that photo to (aka:, but someone has submitted some other photos of their iPod with the actual trains in the background. If you want to see those pictures, click here. If my photo is not there, save a link to your web browser, and check back later...

After we finished taking pictures, we decided that it was time to leave since they were closing and head on up/over to Preston.

It was just the usual drive up through Sardine Canyon, through Logan and past Franklin that you have to take to get to Preston. Except, it looks as if they are almost done widening the road from Smithfield, UT all the way into Preston. Well, I shouldn't say almost done. But they have completed a lot since the Festival back in June. Every time we go and visit Preston, it we seems we do two things; 1) The drive seem less longer than before, and; 2) We search out and find another spot they filmed a scene for in the movie. This time, we found where Uncle Rico parks his van in the field (third picture on the right) and where that girl rides her bike down that little hill (at the end of the movie) to where he parks that van. Man, that road is dusty to get to those spots! Well, I guess that I have seen every possible location that there is to see that was featured in the movie.

By the way, like I said before... I do not stalk the town of Preston, Idaho! We planned this road trip to go up there because we needed to purchase new Powerball lottery tickets-- Which we didn't get because they are changing the rules. For those of you who have played that lottery or anything related to Idaho's Powerball, they are changing it so that instead of one ticket being allowed to play 10 different drawings, they are changing it so that it will only do 7 drawings per ticket. However, if they are going to change the rules, they need to print new cards to put your personal numbers on them. I don't want the computer to quick pick my numbers and Powerball number. One of them always has to be 21! That's one of my two lucky numbers. (The other one is 3, in case you were wondering...)

Well, since we couldn't go bowling at Pop N' Pins, we decided to go eat dinner at Big J's Burger in Richmond, UT. As always, (except for one time I did go eat in there) they were playing Napoleon Dynamite again. Now that's a job! Just kidding. I like to watch ND, but every so often is all I can stand-- Not repeatedly or back to back... That would drive me crazy! Yes, I said it. Well, had dinner and then had to get our strawberry shakes... Which reminds me-- Tristyn, you left yours in my freezer! I know I'll forget to tell you later. We headed home, and that was my Sweet Road Trip...

Brian-- You need to take a day off so that I can take you up there one of these days!

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Tuesday, August 2, 2005


I recently talked my friend Tristyn into "making the switch". No, not from Microsoft Windows XP to Apple Mac OS X, or from giving up her PC to using a Macintosh... but from trading in her XM Radio to purchasing an iPod! So, now two of my friends have iPods all thanks to me : D . Tristyn will have a 60GB, and JoAnna has a 4GB iPod Mini. This is so sweet! Brian, start saving!!! Just kidding. Well, it would be cool if you could get one Brian, but I understand that you just bought your car. So maybe in the future.

Looks Like Brian and Robert Had A Killer Time On Saturday and Sunday

Check out the all the fun I miss (jk) they had because they went to the Protocol 42 LAN party up at the U of U, in the Saltair Room. Check out all the event pictures... Also, check out Brian and Robert's pics.

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Monday, August 1, 2005

I Had a Good Laugh Over This One

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have two sites... This one (, which is the main (master) webpage) and which uses bandwidth hosting space off of It's just a domain name that I registered and is forwarded to "".

ANYWAYS! I recently traded links with another Napoleon Dynamite fans website to have him post my site on his, and vice-versa. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate that he place that on his site... It's what he wrote about my site that made me laugh...

"A homepage of someone who visited Preston, Idaho and took lots of pictures."

That makes me sound like I do not have any life outside of ND and all I have done is stalked the town of Preston, Idaho.

I have to buy lottery tickets somewhere, don't I? And Preston is the closest location...

*SIGH*... What would Napoleon Dynamite do in a situation like this??? ...What ever he feels like doing! Gosh!