Friday, September 30, 2005

Only On eBay

Remember those Napoleon Dynamite posters I purchased at the Utah State Fair Park? Well, I placed two of them up for bids on eBay yesterday.

I also updated the main page to It now includes a link to items I am selling on eBay. Therefore, if anyone would ever like to see what I am selling, at any time, you can simply go to the front page and click on that link without having to search for the link through these blog entries...

Let Me Try It Again

Well, I went in to have that custom sticker made Thursday. It's actually going to cost less then what they told me last time. So, all I have to do is wait until they finish it, and call me up to come in to have it placed on my car. As soon as I get a picture of it, I will post that. Sweet! Since it is so cheap, maybe I can afford to have some more printed up. Double sweet!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Yes, I Am Starting To Regain My Health

I am starting to get better. It has almost been a whole week that I have not been feeling well. I still have the coughs and the sniffles, but the bad parts of being sick are over. I can't wait to get feeling healthy again-- I have a lot to do to catch up on!!!

Monday, September 26, 2005


I finally placed an order for Pirates of Silcon Valley late last night. It's been out now for a month (on DVD) and no one around here, except for, has offered to sell it, let alone have it available to rent. Well, along with that movie, I also ordered Office Space: Special Edition with Flair and to complete my collection, Star Wars Episode III. Sweet! I'll be set with some movies to watch this winter.

Yes, it's true... I am a geek! And guess what? I love being one too. So : p

Saturday, September 24, 2005

September 24, 2005

Since I am still feeling not very well, I am not going to post much for today.

I just want to mention that Tristyn and I did go up to Coalville, UT and Evanston, WY on Thursday. I should be posting those few pictures that I did take (while sick and in the passenger seat) up on my Photo page, just as soon as I finish putting up the Peach Days pictures... Which by the way, I did update that page. Sadly, the number of pictures that I already have posted, I have that same amount to put up on that page... UGH!!! It's never ending.

Also, if anyone who personally knows me and reads this early enough, we are having another yard/garage sale today until 3 or 4PM. Just call me to get directions.

Well, that's all for me today. Hopefully, I'll be feeling better by later tonight. That way, I can look for more interesting stuff to post. Remember, I said, "Hopefully...".

Thursday, September 22, 2005

What a Way to Spend One of My Days Off...

Lately, I have been feeling like crap. Today, I woke up to feel even worse. Then, around 3PM it started raining like mad outside. Later, I went downstairs to get something to eat out of the freezer, but saw this "little" mess. With the help of my brother, his friend, my sister and Tristyn, we were able to clean it in less than an hour. Except, after cleaning it up, I felt very tired because of the way I felt.

Tristyn demonstrates how the wet-vac works...

That Is Way Too Many People

Last week, my father and a few other relatives went up through Wyoming, into South Dakota to visit Mount Rushmore. On the way up there, they saw this sign about the town of Lost Springs, Wyoming. But on the way back, they stopped and took a picture of the sign. I wonder who that person is?

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Now My PC Looks 95% Like a Mac

No, I haven't placed the internal PC components in a Mac tower. Nor have I painted my PC mini-tower white/gray and placed an Apple logo on the side (although I could, but I'm not)...

I'm talking about the basic desktop, and desktop functions. I just recently found the actual desktop background that is used for the Mac OS X (10.4 - Tiger) desktop background on someone's website. So, I used one of the them as my desktop background and then I made sure everything that was placed upon my desktop (icons) were gone, except for the My Computer icon.

As many of you read in an early blog, I had two programs installed. One called "Y'z Dock", and another called "Konfabulator". These two programs made it more possible to make it look like a Mac. Well, I took screen shots of what my PC now looks like. Check them out...

If you are asking "Why? Why are you doing this...?!" Well, since I want a Mac, but I want one with a Intel, this will hold me over until those are released and I can afford to buy one.

This is what my desktop looks like...

This is what I see when I press F8.

What is the other 5% that is preventing it from really looking like a Mac... the My Computer / hard drive icon... I can't find an image of the actual icon...

Construction Inside the Old Food 4 Less on Van Winkle...

I drove past the building on Van Winkle yesterday morning, to see what they have done to the building since I noticed they are now going to turn that entire building/section into a Gold's Gym. Well, I posted on an earlier blog, a picture of the outside of what was going on earlier.

But what about the inside...?

Well check the pictures out for yourself. It's kind of neat to see what was once Food 4 Less the grocery store, is now going to be something completely different inside. I didn't think it would be possible. That was probably because of all the yellow paint.

This is looking at what use to be the middle aisle, towards what was also the back receiving area...

This is looking towards what was once the frozen section...

This is looking towards where the check stands #1 and #2 use to be...

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Dang It!!! That's $18 Well Spent!

Well, I cleaned my car and tried to put that sticker on, but that was a joke. Well, what money I do get back from the TiVo is going towards that sign shop to have them print and put it the new sticker on.

Even though I lost $18 here on that small sticker, it sure beats losing what the shop would/will charge me of $45 to have one printed, and having me find out I can't put those on. So yeah, guess there was something good that came out of me losing the $18.

The TiVo Issue

I called TiVo to cancel my service, and found out that the TiVo devices are no longer able to NOT record commercials. When the "media" found out about that, they had a fit. So the devices are now required to record commercials. I'm sorry, wasn't that the point of having one of these devices??? To get around obstructions like that to not make me want stuff I really don't need... Like this TiVo?!?!?! Gosh!

Oh, and apparently it does record the opening and closing credits. The episodes I recorded last night were recorded just like how a VCR records them, you have a start and ending recording time. Apparently, it just missed some of the opening credits on one episode, and some of the closing credits on the others...

MOST IMPORTANT!!! I'm not trying to stop anyone here that reads my blogs from going out and buying a TiVo. I'm just telling you the problems I experienced after I bought mine. So, if you do decide you want one and you want to go buy one, who knows, maybe you will have better luck and may like what it does. So... Don't listen to me if you still want one. (If the product didn't work, you know, at all, then I would be saying "don't buy this product". But it does work, it just didn't do what I was hoping it to do for me... )

Monday, September 19, 2005

Okay, Never Mind... Scratch the Idea of Me Staying Away From the Computer

I guess I got everything, well a majority of it, done this weekend. Still need to wash and vacuum my car, but that shouldn't take too long today. Oh, and I still need to read... But that is a never ending project.

So, starting today, I guess I will hopefully post a blog entry everyday. So, feel free to come back everyday if you'd like to read what I have to say... : )

Guess Where I Went to Last Night... Again?

No, not Preston, Idaho. I meant after I got off of work around 8PM. No! I already said, 'not Preston'... Gosh! My work was handing out $2.00 admission tickets to the Utah State Fair that were good only for Sunday night, and so I took one and went to the fair again (yes, alone this time-- Sorry, no pictures this time). It was much more busier last night than Tuesday night, mainly because Sunday night was the last night of the fair. Well, the only reason I went again was to buy some more of those Napoleon Dynamite posters, you know, like the one I bought the other night. Well, I was planning on buying $100.00 worth (20 count, and no I am not crazy...) to sell on eBay. I know that fans of the movie will want one since it will be a scarce item. But since it was the last night, they only had 9 left. So I bought those remaining posters and grabbed a bunch of Fair event hand booklets -- Crap! That reminds me, I need to change the coding on my ND website... One sec. -- Done and done. Where was I? Oh yeah, since I never spent all the money that I was playing to originally pay for those, I thought, "Why not get a window decal sticker of to put on my cars' back window?" (since they had a booth to have custom made stickers/signs made while at the fair.) Since I had the money, I thought, what the hey?! So I only spent around 1/4 of what I would have to of paid if I had a local sign shop make one for me. That way, incase my car does not last much longer (knock on wood), I wouldn't have wasted all that money. I plan on cleaning my car, and then to put that sticker on later today. So I will post a picture of what it looks like. Sweet! Lets just hope I don't screw it up while putting it on...

Well, Let's See If the TiVo Did It's Job

(An hour and a half later...) Okay, maybe I should finish reading any manual that comes with anything that I buy. Now, even though I have paid for a "subscription", it is still is recording the commercials. I don't want the commercials! That is the reason I bought the stupid thing. And since it recorded the commercials, I want Taco Bell now! But since it is 1:04 in the morning, they are probably closed. Wait, aren't some open until later-- NO! No... I'm not going to go back and re-watch the commercial. I just heat up some frozen burritos or something. I just spent $200+ on this thing! Gosh!!!

I also noticed, it doesn't record the opening or closing credits? How do I know who was sound editor? Hmm??? How do I know if I missed something that I should have seen whether before the episode originally begins (after the credits), or possibly after the show ends (during the closing credits)???

I'm sorry, I did like the pause, get something to eat and start playing what ever you were watching again feature, but I was hoping for a little more kick. Well, after I finish watching King of the Hill, looks like I need to repack the thing. It's going back (not because of this issue I just went off on, but another reason). If I want to record and watch TV shows, I'll just use my VCR. Sigh... Well, better cancel my service with TiVo...

Sunday, September 18, 2005

September 18, 2005

Just an FYI... last time I said, "...I feel that it is getting in the way of my personal life...", this does not mean I have a girlfriend...

Saturday, September 17, 2005

How... Sweet It Is!

On Friday, I finally caved in and bought a 40-Hour TiVo... It took me a while to hook it up, mainly because I had one set of wires in the wrong ports. But after I figured out that I had them in the wrong ports, away I went with setting it up. Took like 30 minutes to do so, and then I had to wait 4 hours to have it record anything... If I read that part right. Now, I can finally record what I have been missing these past few years on my Sunday night line up of Malcom in the Middle, King of the Hill, The Simpsons, Family Guy (sorry, not American Dad-- I hate it!) and on That '70s Show on Wednesdays! Sweet!

As for how it works, and if it is easy to work with, I will post that on future blog entries...

Now to hack this TiVo... I was planning on putting a 300GB hard drive in it... But I just read that it will only support a hard drive with the size of 137GB. I mean, I can put the 300GB HdD in there, but it will still only read it as a 137GB. Dang it!

Sorry Tristyn... I will not record The OC onto my TiVo, even if I can erase it later. I don't want that filth cluttering it up... Gosh!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

I'm Sorry Folks...

Since I have been slacking lately, I am going to only post stuff on my blog when something big or exciting happens. I've been playing on the computer and internet WAY too much and I feel that it is getting in the way of my personal life and getting me behind in my schedule/chores. I also feel that I don't accomplish as much as I should be doing. So, until further notice and for those of you who do visit regularly/daily, I just ask that you check back every, oh, lets say every Monday... or maybe twice a week, to see if I have posted anything new and so you don't waste your time finding out nothing new has been posted. Who knows, maybe I will post something for tomorrow if something big happens. Maybe it will be next week... maybe in two weeks... Who knows? But when I feel that I am back on track, I will start posting a little more each time to where I can keep busy with my personal life while posting my personal blog...

Don't go away, because I am, and this website, are not going anywhere.

September 15, 2005

Oh, just to mention really quick here. I have updated the main page (which is actually the one and only page) to If you visit that page, you will notice at the bottom of the page which version this page is. I decided to call it "v(ersion) 5" since I combined version #2 with #4. No, calling it number #6 would just through me off... lol

Oh, and I will get those photos up of Peach Days as soon and fast as I can. Don't think I have forgotten.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Is Albertsons Ready To Call It Quits?

I've been told by two people today that they have read an article in the Salt Lake Tribune saying that Albertsons is possibly planning on selling the company. This is not good news. If this does happen, I may have to stop repairing computer with my personal side-job/company "" and hopefully get hired at CompUSA. Hopefully I won't have to...

I Went to the Sescent... The Sussenti... The Suscent.... Dang it! The 150th Utah State Fair

Tristyn and I went to the Utah State Fair last night. It was pretty cool. We got to see the last 10 minutes of Carrot Top's act since he was performing at the Pepsi Grandstand. Saw the animals and got complimented 4 times on my t-shirt. Not criticized, complimented!!! I need to start wearing that more often... lol. Oh, and I got the sweetest poster of Napoleon Dynamite looking at a chicken. I just need to find a frame for it though. As soon as I can scan it, I'll post the picture. It's really sweet!

Monday, September 12, 2005

September 12, 2005 #3

Okay, since I have a couple hours to kill before I have to start getting ready for work, I will tell you about what happened up in Brigham City and Franklin, Idaho on Saturday.

Pictures of this event can be seen here.

Tristyn and I finally left SLC around noon and didn't get up to Brigham City around 1:30PM. We were lucky to find a parking space in the Smith's (Food and Drug) parking lot since that place gets too crowded. FYI- It's always best to car pool with as many people as you can if you ever go up to Peach Days. We walked along (State Hwy 13) Main Street where many of the people were. We then started walking west on West Forest Street to get to the car show, which was being held at Walkins Park. This street had the most people on it since the City of Fun Carnival (just like the one in Nephi, back in July) was on that street. The whole time we started from where my car was parked, to the car show at the park, both Tristyn and I had to carry our personal belongings, a folding chair, and a blanket. Plus, on top of that, while we were walking along W. Forest St., they had many food stands to get something to eat. So, here we are carrying all that personal stuff, as well as also trying to carry and eat the food we bought along the way to the park. But we made it.

Well, after getting to the car show, we found where my fathers car was, and sat down and chatted for a while. We then got up and started to walk around and look at all the cars. Spent a good hour doing that. I think that is the first time that I have actually went and looked at every single car at a car show. Well, lets just say, the first on record. I almost didn't get pictures of the 2nd half of the car show because the batteries in my camera died really quickly. Guess I better buy some rechargeable batteries since I know they last longer than normal batteries, and can be reused. But Tristyn had an extra set of rechargeable batteries, and I was able to get most of the pictures for the Photo page.

After looking at the cars, we decided it was time to go up to Idaho. So we packed back up all our belongings on our backs and headed back to the car. But before we headed up to Idaho, we had to stop and pick up so peaches. We stopped at this large fruit stand (more like a no-walled house!) across from Maddox Restaurant and picked up a bushel of peaches. If that place had more of a selection and being a vegetarian, I would have thought I was in heaven. But they only had the major selections of fruits and vegetables.

Well, off to Idaho we went. Even though we had to deal with rain and cloudiness at the car show, it got worse the farther north we drove. So we took the normal route up 89/91 and stopped at La Tienda. I found out why they only were allowing 7 drawings back in August. Turns out, they were adding more numbers to the Powerball and after every drawing (from when I found out last time), they would lower the number of drawings. So now, they are back up to 10. Sweet!

After getting Powerball tickets and played a few scratch games, we headed back to Salt Lake. But we also stopped off at Big J Burger to get dinner. Man I love that place. And this time, they were not playing Napoleon Dynamite on their TV's that they have there.

Well, until next year/summer, looks like the fun is dying down for the year. Well, come on Summer of '06! Get here now! OH! I almost forgot. I will be driving up to Coalville, UT, possibly on up into Evanston, WY too, on the 20th of this month.

September 12, 2005 #2

Thanks to Brian for telling about the error that my blog was doing. Somehow, on yesterdays blog, the word "happened" on the very last sentence was repeating itself. I notice that FrontPage will sometimes do this, but I catch it right away. I checked the coding on my computer and found it wasn't repeating itself. So, I simply re-pasted the HTML code on my server and it was back to normal. Thanks B!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

September 11, 2005

Well folks, I took lots of pictures up in Brigham City for Peach Days... But I since I took well over a hundred, give me a week (about or less than two if I start to get business like no other) to post those pictures for you to see. If you are thinking, just post the pics! "Easy..." It takes about, I'd say a good hour to do all the cropping/editing with at least 10 to 15 pictures. Along with that hour, I have to deal with uploading the pictures and typing in the code to that specific picture page.

And since I just got back from, not only driving up to Brigham City, I drove up to Franklin, Idaho... Yes! La Tienda. Those of you who have not check out my ND website or watched the bonus features of the DVD, that is one of the buildings they shot a scene in/at, but later deleted it and put it in with the deleted scenes on the DVD. Here is a link to a picture for you of the building, incase you have no idea what I am talking about. ...And for once, I didn't drive into Preston! Yeah, a shocker. lol.

Sorry, before I got off track there, I am tired and need some sleep. I'll post more on what happened.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

September 10, 2005 #2

Sorry folks, don't have anything major or funny to post today. I will be heading up to Brigham City later today to go to Peach Days. I will post pictures as soon as I can on my Photos page. But since I am heading up there, I won't have time to find anything on the web to post.

Well, see you when I get back.

September 10, 2005

I forgot to mention in yesterdays blog. The other night, I was on Channel 2 News. I was only on for a couple of seconds though. What was I on the news for? Well, after getting off of work, I drove past the studio on Main Street and you could see my car drive by-- lol. That is how I was able to be on the news.

Friday, September 9, 2005

Congratulations To JoAnna!

She works at and was promoted Thursday from assistant project analyst (dealing with idiots with who call or write in with questions) to accountant adviser (dealing with idiots who don't pay up for the companies services). Way to go!

But that is not all her good news that she told me-- She finally received her drivers license today. Look out California!!! I'm kidding. She is a good driver. I know. lol.

Out of all of her friends, she told me she wanted to tell me first. I feel good, I really do...

Leave me ALONE!

Why is it, that I fear to answer the front door now whenever I hear the doorbell? Because, I know that it is going to be some door-to-door salesman. No, I do not need new magazine subscriptions, no I do not need children's books, nor do I need my windows cleaned. Gosh. Leave me the hell alone! (Oops! I said a swear on my blog. Oh well, there is always a first for everything.)

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

September 6, 2005

Sorry folks, there really is not a whole lot of exciting things going on in my life right now. I'm just trying to update all my web pages to look more professionally. Which means, working on and editing the HTML coding. I've been going through my Napoleon Dynamite website to change the ND Festival 2005 to look just like the main pages. So far, it is looking really really good.

I've also went through this blog site, and all past blog entries, to make it possible so that anyone using dial-up, won't have to wait for the page or pages to upload.

I've been going through Photos page to add little stories to each photograph. Check it out.

The only web page I really want to look better, is the main page itself ( It looks too crowded, and it looks like a beginners website ... Which, it sort of was when I made it. I'm thinking of bring back the fading blue bar on the left side of the web page. That always looked good. If you have ideas, tell or e-mail them to me. I always love to hear feedback.

Sunday, September 4, 2005

I Hate Work!

Not working, but my place of work and the stupid corporation. Why? Well, about every two months, we are required to change our personal password to our checker numbers. I'm sorry, even though I am a number person, I am running out of numbers that I have in my mind that have go with something else that I can use to help remember that number.

And since we have to change them, I was woken up at 6AM this morning, having someone ask me how to change the password (since everyone knows I am a "Mr. Fix-It"). Well, that woke me up. And since I was up for good, I have been up working on my photos page. It's finally caught up. Check them out...

I'm so tired and I have to be at work at 1 today. Ugh!

To Me, Summer Is Now Over

Once school started (even after I graduated), that officially meant the end of summer to me. So, now that summer is over, I guess some of the exciting events that I posted on this blog now will be slowing down (as you can see in yesterdays blog-- not too exciting). But don't worry, I will be going up to Peach Days in Brigham City, Utah this Saturday. If I stop messing around, and get all my photos posted for the other events on my Photos page, I may just be able to get the pictures to Peach Days up much sooner than expected.

Saturday, September 3, 2005

People Are Reading This...

My brother told me that this kid from his school has been to this site. That is great, because I (nor my brother, hopefully) didn't tell this kid to go my site. He did it by going from link to link. It's sweet to me, but also odd because that means that now that other people (that I don't know) are reading this. I mean, that is the whole point of a blog... For anyone to view it. I guess, all that I ask is that if you enjoy reading my blog entries, or looking at my pictures, please come back. And if you like it enough, please tell someone else about it. I maybe odd to some-- But hey, that's me, and the way I am.

Friday, September 2, 2005

It Pays To Know HTML

Why? Well, on any internet browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc... ) if you view the source of any web page you are looking at, you are able to see the code that makes that web page look the way it does. Understanding this code can play a disadvantage to the webmaster if they are trying to hold something for later. No, I haven't hidden anything in my coding...

Well, I happen to view the source to the Official Napoleon Dynamite web page yesterday, and found a few "Easter Eggs" within that web page's HTML coding. Like what? Well, below is a list I posted on my ND websites Link page:

- "Halloween"
- "Thanksgiving"
- "Holiday"
- "USA Today"
- "openletter" Front of Letter / Back of Letter
- "mixermain"
- "videoclip - 'Sweetest Ever'"
- "videoclip - 'Dang!"

You will need to have Adobe Reader installed to view some of the links on the links I posted above. But it is worth it to have it installed. Because now, I can't wait for Halloween!!!

Updated: May 25, 2018, dead links

Thursday, September 1, 2005

Here We Go Again...

Yep, it's another month... And this month is starting off a bit chilly in Utah. Does any one not agree?

September 1, 2005

Oh, looks like no one around here has or carries "Pirates of Silicon Valley". No, not even Media Play! Well, they will in a week or two... But I want it now...

Well, looks like I will have to order it through Amazon.