Sunday, December 31, 2006

TOP TEN 35 of 2006

Last year, I choose to tell you my top 15. But since this was such a busy and exciting year, I thought I would do 35 since so much has happened. I was originally going to post 20, but so much has happened, I couldn't get rid of the good stuff.

35- Explaining Why...?!
34- Where Are the Celebrities?
33- The $159 Hack
32- I Couldn't Wait Any Longer
31- Oh, You Are Leaving Salt Lake, Huh...? Well Here Is A Ticket
30- Good Morning! You Are About To Call In Sick... ~Hot Pocket~
29- I'll Say, "Let It Snow"
28- Napoleon Dynamite Festival 2006 (Pt. 3)
Napoleon Dynamite Festival 2006 (Pt. 2)
Napoleon Dynamite Festival 2006 (Pt. 1)
25- First Page to Pass 100 Hits A Day
24- Bright Light City Gonna Set My Soul / Gonna Set My Soul On Fire
23- ...That's Christmas Tree in German
22- Deck This House!
21- Someone Must Have A Bumper Fetish
20- From This To This...
19- "I Was Cleaning A Dish, I Heard It and I Came Out..." - Dane Cook
18- The Time of My Life!
17- Busy, Busy, Busy, Busy... Busy!
16- Moab 2006, Part 3... Plus Idaho
Moab 2006, Part 2
Moab 2006, Part 1
13- Goodbye Super Saver!!! Whoo Hoo!!!
12- Whoo-Hoo!!!
11- Goodbye Salt Lake
10- Suspended Because of $1
9- I Can See! It's Beautiful!
8- My Fun Weekend
7- Six Years Later... I Was Finally Able To Apologize
6- Yes, It's Official
5- "And After All This Time, You're Still The One I Love..." - Shania Twain
"And Our Lives Are Forever Changed / We Will Never Be the Same" - The Smashing Pumpkins
"Yes, It's Real Love..." - The Beatles
Four Days In Heaven
1- Happy Holidays, From The Sharich's...

There you have it. So until next year...

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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Throughout the Holidays - Part III

(I am going to allow everyone to catch up on what has happened to me recently since I have been too busy to do so. This way, I can start next year with next year's news. So you better have a good 15 minutes to read this...)

Sunday (12/24)
On Sunday morning, I woke up pretty early (5AM, less than 5 hours of sleep). So I got up and headed to Kohl's to buy Rachel a mixer for Christmas. I originally told her that we should just have our rings engraved like we wanted to do after we got married back in September (but we never got around to it because we were dealing with the mess in the basement) and a to get each other a $30 gift. Well, since T.J. was up, he went with me to Kohl's. But they were not open (yet the website said it would be), so we headed over to CompUSA to also buy a iPod for one of her presents. Hey, I love her so much (plus it's going to come in handy after the 5th month of pregnancy)!

After buying the iPod, we headed back over to Kohl's to get the mixer. We came home and my mom was now up. We told her what I just purchased and she comes to tell me that my family had also purchased a mixer for her too. Geez! So instead of returning the mixer already, I wrapped the mixer, as well as the iPod before Rachel woke up. This way, after she opened them on Christmas day, she could choose which one she wanted (mine was white, theirs was black).

Since I had been up late the night before (midnight), and woken up early, I needed to go back to bed to catch up on sleep. After waking up a few hours later, I got up and got ready to go out to return some clothes Rachel purchased online to the store in the Gateway Plaza Mall. Returned the clothes and then headed over to Super Saver to say Hi to everyone and to show them the picture of the twins. It was a good thing I did it then because they were not going to be open this year on Christmas Day like past years. Since it was getting close to 6, I left Super Saver and headed back to my parents house to pick up Rachel so we could head over to my grandparents house for their Christmas Eve party.

We arrived shortly after, we ate dinner, good old spaghetti (oh yeah!) and meatballs (none for me though, thanks). After eating, we started to open presents. We do white elephant, and this year I picked something I shouldn't have. I open the package and first saw a bottle of BBQ sauce. It didn't bother me, but I continue to open my present to find gift certificates to Snider's Brothers Meats. Oh, everyone had a good laugh. Well, my mom "stole" my gift and I took my grandpa's, a Chevron car and a $40 gift card. After gifts, Annie played Christmas tunes with her violin. After she played, I stood up and said that we have a couple more gifts for my grandparents to open.

Since my dad was on call, he was paged and so my family left just in time around the party was ending. So before midnight, I was manually working on HTML code to post on both Rachel and my MySpace bulletins to tell everyone that we are expecting. After posting the bulletins after midnight, I finally went to bed.

Monday (12/25)
I can't remember if I woke up myself, or if I was woken up by someone else, but what ever the case was, we started to open presents. Rachel and I shared gifts that were given to us by my family. Normally, this would have made me mad if I was kid. But since I am now an adult, it doesn't bother me because I was happier giving and watching her open her gifts.

My brother received a printer/scanner/coffee machine (just kidding on the last thing) and just so he could start doing damage right away, I started hooking up the printer and installed the software. Well, my family made breakfast and shortly after I got showered and dressed. Then, so in order to get Rachel home in time before she had to be to work, we left Salt Lake around 10AM. Pulled into St. George around 2:30PM and since we had a little time to spare, we stopped off at her mom's to see everyone. We headed home; she got ready for work while I unpacked. I tried to clean/straighten up the house while she was at work, but around 6PM I crashed. I wanted to take a small nap, but was woken to the sound of Rachel getting home. Still tired, she and I just went to bed.

And that was my... our holiday.

Tuesday (12/26)
We were awoken to the carpet company calling, saying that they needed our address and that they would be over soon. We got up and Rachel started to choose the songs she wanted on her iPod while the carpet man did his job. Around 2PM, I had to leave for work and didn't get home until 10PM. Rachel's mother and one of her sister's came over to help move stuff back downstairs while I was at work, so we now have space again. Oh, earlier in the day, when the guy was installing the new carpet, the cable company was working on making it possible so we could now watch Cable TV. SWEET!

Wednesday (12/27)
I had Wednesday off, so I did chores while Rachel was at work. Since my car has been covered in salt from traveling to and from Salt Lake twice, I finally took my car to be washed. While I was drying it off (around 10PM), I heard, "Help! Help!" At first, I thought Ginger (our dog) was attacking someone nearby since she was out running around. Turns out, some jerk mugged someone walking home from Lin's. I got a description of the vehicle, and the guy who was attacked (who lives in our complex) got a description of the attacker. He called 911 and I later got to talk to Rachel (lol). Well, after talking to the officer and filling out a statement, I drove over to my work and had them find the receipt of what this guy bought. We found it and grabbed the stuff the guy got away with. I was going to pay for it (around $12 in groceries), but my work said they would do it as a donation since the guy is a regular shopper. I drove home and then walked over to his place and gave him the stuff.

Thursday (12/28)
On Thursday morning, I woke up and shortly after, a detective called me to tell me he spotted a vehicle that matched my description. So I got ready and he picked me up to see if it was the vehicle. It wasn't, so he dropped me back off. Rachel and I then drove over to Lowe's to get a new closet rack since our other one is now in the complex's garbage bin. Got back in time to get ready for work.

After getting off of work, I was suppose to head straight home because Rachel's father (my father-in-law) was in town. But as I am getting in my car, he pulls up with Rachel's sister (they spent the afternoon/evening together). Shook his hand and called him "Sir". He said that I didn't need to call him that. LoL.

Drove back home and talked with him and Rachel's sister for a little while. Then Rachel started asking me by text message what make the suspect's car was. So I went online really quick and saw a match with the MAZDA5. So I took a screenshot and quickly (yet crapfully) drew what the sticker/custom paint job looked like on this vehicle >>>. I e-mailed that to her and she was showing everyone at her work. Everyone thought I was so awesome for doing this. LoL.

Well, I had to get to bed because I had to be up at 6AM to be to work at 7AM.

Friday (12/29)
I went to work and came home to see that Rachel's dad had removed the cabinets above the stove and was in the process of installing the microwave that Rachel and I received as a wedding gift. Sweet!

Since I was hungry from working, I heated up a meal that Rachel made the other day and started to write yesterday's blog and all of this blog, up until the last sentence (I'm starting to write this part of the entry now on Saturday). So, finally exhausted from a long day, I went downstairs and took a power nap while Rachel and her dad went to Lowe's. Rachel came back and started to get ready for work before someone she had talked to earlier called and said that they would work for her. So Rachel had the evening off and so we decided to go to dinner with her dad and her sister. (For those of you trying to keep track, she has two sisters. The one in town is going to school up north and the other lives in Las Vegas.)

We went to dinner and then afterwards, I drove over to Best Buy alone (I had to use my gift card) and then over to Walmart, while the three of them went over to Hollywood Video and picked out some movies. We met back here and started to watch Arthur. After the movie, Rachel's sister went home (back to her mom's) while Rachel, her dad and I, stayed up and talked for a bit before calling it a night.

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Friday, December 29, 2006

Throughout the Holidays - Part II

On Saturday (12/23), Rachel and I finally woke up and left around 2PM. I originally wanted to be out of St. George by noon, but what can you do?

We finally made it to Nephi around 5:30 so that we could tell my grandparents the good news. We talked with them for about 30 minutes (catching up on life) before we finally told them that we are expecting twins. After that, we headed back out. But we stopped in Payson to fill up on gas and to get a few things at Wal-Mart. My mom called but I never answered so I called her back. She called to tell me that the family was heading up to my other grandparents house to make strudel. So plans had changed from how I originally was going to tell my family. We would have to wait to tell them after we left from making strudel.

Back on the road again, we finally made it into Salt Lake and then stopped into CompUSA to pick up the license plate frames Tristyn helped me order from FastSign. They said, "My grandkids are cuter than yours...". After arriving to my parents' house, Rachel quickly wrapped the two pictures and license plate frame. We then headed up to make strudel, but left around 10PM. We finally had my mom open her birthday presents.

Sorry about Snickers barking in the video, but it has been a while since I have been around her to remember that she will react like that. LoL.

We then gave my parents their Christmas gift, Norton AntiVirus 2007, so I could start working on installing it before we left Salt Lake. It was a good thing I started to install it then because it took me a good while before it was finally installed. They didn't make it easy to install this year without having to jump through hoops to get it going.

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Throughout the Holidays - Part I

On Friday (12/22), I had to be to work at 7AM. This stunk because I had just arrived home from work on Thursday at 10PM. So not only was I tired from little sleep, I was exhausted that day because this was the weekend before Christmas and aisle 4 (the cooking aisle) was constantly running out of things. So by the time I finally got of work, I went home and I took an hour nap. I was only able to take an hour long nap because Rachel and I were supposed to be at her mother's house for her Holiday family party/dinner. So after only sleeping for an hour, I woke up, dressed nicely and headed over there just in time to start eating. Normally, I would have eaten something small before I go anywhere, but I am so glad I didn't this time.

The appetizer was clam chowder (or as Rachel said one time and what we have called it ever since, "Cham Clowder"). Normally, I am full after eating a bowl of any soup, but that was just the beginning. The main course was tilapia, rice pilaf and green beans. By this time of finishing the fish and rice, I couldn't take any more. But oh no, here comes dessert. I was almost crying (pretending to) because I couldn't eat anymore. Next was a desert called bumbleberry pie and ice cream. I was only able to eat a little bit of this because I was so full from the meal. Had I only had one dish, not both, I could have finished this dessert.

After dessert, we sat around talking because we were waiting for Heidi and Josh (Rachel's sister and her boyfriend) to get into town. Apparently trying to get out of Las Vegas (where they live) wasn't an easy task as they thought it would be this time. So they finally arrived and we were going to let them eat now since they got here. But also, Rachel's grandmother and aunt came to this dinner and they were going to head out since the remainder of the party was for the children now.

We told them to hang on a second because we want Rachel's mom to open her gift before they left. You can watch the video now... Oh! Watch it on the smallest window you can. I was really nervous and so my hands were shaking while I was recording with my digital camera. So if you watch it with a large window or full screen, you may get motion sickness. >>>

So after all the excitement had calmed down, we finally let Josh and Heidi eat. After they ate, we finally got to open presents. I received a mousepad (except mine says "Las Vegas" on it, not "Orlando" as pictured in this link) and a hoodie from Margaritaville and a $25 gift card to Best Buy. After opening presents, we played a couple rounds of Scattergories and then we called it a night because it was 11PM.

Part II will be posted in a couple of days. I am finally going to meet my father-in-law for the first time and so I will be busy helping him get Rachel and my closet back area together.

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Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Holidays, From The Sharich's...

Are you ready for your gift?

On 12th of this month, Rachel took a "quiz" and it came up positive. That means Rachel and I are going to be parents.

The day we found out (and the week after), we may have told some of you that we were expecting (like co-workers), but not all of you (family members). This was because that if you knew a family member to either of us, we didn't want to tell them until just recently... You know, as a very big Christmas surprise. So please don't take it personally if we didn't tell you as soon as we found out. Plus, do you know how hard it is to pretend to your parents/family that nothing is going on? Very hard.

I hope you enjoyed your gift... Now here is your bonus Christmas gift...

On Tuesday, the 19th (the day after the flooding in our basement), Rachel went in to have an ultrasound of the baby (because she was not feeling well). After her doctor visit, she came into my work and showed me the picture of the scan and said "This is a baby..." (circling with her finger the black oval on the left). I said, "Awww....". Then she added, "...And this is a baby" (circling with her finger the black oval on the right). I looked up at her with such surprise. It turns out that in the scan that we are expecting twins. Can you believe this???!!!

As soon as she told me this, I was showing everyone at my work the picture of the ultrasound. Having a baby is a normal thing to me because anyone who can... can. But to find out that you are having twins... 1 in 32.

Well, as for when the babies are due, we have been told August 7th or 8th, 2007. However, Rachel and I believe that it will be a later date, mid to late August. When we were planning on only having one child, we were going to wait until the child was born to find out the sex of the child. Now that we are expecting twins, we have agreed that we are going to need to know so that we can get things set up around here (clothes, accessories, etc.)

As for our "Two-Year" plan so I could go back to school. Well, I've waited this long to go back to school since I graduated high school, I don't think that college will be going away in the next few years. But I do plan on going back, even if I have to wait a couple more years.

Oh yeah, Happy Holidays from all of us...

Friday, December 22, 2006

Home For the Holidays

I just want to let everyone know that I am heading up to Salt Lake with Rachel for the holidays. We will be heading up Saturday morning, arriving in Nephi to say "Hello" to my grandparents really quickly and then arriving in Salt Lake in the afternoon.

However, since Rachel is scheduled to work on Christmas (stupid 911, why don't they just use the answering machine?), we will be stopping into Super Saver really quickly and then heading back to St. George Monday morning.

And if you are really good, I have a Christmas surprise for everyone! .... But only if you are good.... And so far you have been.... Which is good............ So don't SCREW IT UP!!!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy, Busy... Busy!

That title is supposed to be said in the way of "For The Love Of Money" by the O'Jays. The opening lyrics go, "Money, Money, Money, Money... Money!"

Anyways, about our flooding ordeal...

On Monday, as you read below/earlier, Rachel came inside to find the house flooded. Luckily, a co-worker of hers (who just had the exact same problem happen at his residence not too long ago) came over immediately after she discovered the mess and helped Rachel find the waters shut-off lever under our house. Rachel and I (as I was told by someone...) originally thought that in order to turn off our water, we had to turn off the water to 20+ homes as well. But anyways, they shut off the water and so that meant we had no running water for the time being. Just like the power going out at my parents' house, you never realize how much you rely on running water when you really need it.

After shutting off the water and calling me, she called the disaster company to come over and see about the damages. After calling them, she called and hired a plumber to come out the next day as well to find and fix the pipe. Well, (as I wrote below) I was thinking that Monday was Tuesday and that the next day (Wednesday), I had to be up by 6 AM to be to work by 7. Oops! However, we did have to be up before 8AM Tuesday morning to move furniture upstairs so they could do what ever they needed to do downstairs.

The disaster company sent someone over and he said it was a good thing that we sucked up most of the water. He also said that we are going to need to replace the carpet and padding underneath. However, since we have a $1,000 deductible on our house insurance for any occurrence like this, Rachel and I have decided that it would be wise not to get the insurance company involved in paying for this. This is because it may cost less than that $1,000 deductible to pay for new carpet and anything else to finally fix this mess. And since we are going to be re-placing the carpet to our room, Rachel wants to just replacing the carpet to the stair way down to our room as well.

The plumber came over Tuesday morning as well (while the disaster company guy was doing his jorb), found and then fixed the broken pipe. So right now we have a small hole in our closet ceiling so that he could get access to that pipe.

So, since Tuesday morning, we have had giant fans constantly running downstairs to dry the carpet and the area/wall where the pipe burst. We have also moved everything (except our bed and the box frame) from our bedroom to the main or top level of our house. Right now, I have the drawers to our dressers surrounding me in the computer room/den. Luckily, on Sunday, we decided to the clean out the other bedroom that is upstairs and set up the bed that Rachel had before we got a new one after we got married. So we have been sleeping on the bed for two nights now. I can't wait to get this whole mess taken care of and the house put back to normal. Oy!

I'll Say, "Let It Snow"

Remember how I said it started snowing the other night but nothing stuck to the ground long enough so we could see it? (Around our house, I mean...)

Well, when Rachel and I were getting up to move stuff upstairs Tuesday morning, she let the dog out front and saw this. >>>

This is proof that it does snow down here in St. George.

Monday, December 18, 2006


I started my first day as Grocery today. It is much busier than being a cashier. But that is not where I am headed with this story...

Around 4PM, Rachel calls my work and says, "We have a problem here." Apparently (my theory here), since it has been so cold outside for St. George, one of the pipes in or outside (mostly inside somehow) burst. So, half of our bedroom and all of the bathroom and laundry room was flooded. So after she called, I went up to the front of the store and rented a Rug Doctor so that Rachel could stop by and pick it up to start sucking up water.

I just got home from a busy day (people wanting this and that... GRRR!!!) and now I have to deal with this mess. She has sucked up most of the water, but I need to carry all of our dresser drawers upstairs since they (the insurance) is going to most likely pay for new carpet and carpet padding underneath.

As for what is to about to happen, I will let you know in the future. But this may not get completely taken care up until after Christmas. And with us heading up to Salt Lake on Saturday, do you see why I don't like the holidays.

I want to go-over what I have wrote above and possibly add more or add a photo, but since I have to be back at work at 7AM tomorrow morning, I need to get as much as I can carried upstairs.

A Pleasant Evening

Yesterday (Sunday), evening, Rachel's sister, mom, aunt and grandmother, were planning on seeing the Southern Utah Heritage Choir perform at the Dixie State College. They invited Rachel and I to come along, so we did. It was alright, but had I gone with someone other than Rachel, I would have been bored out of my mind (because I am not into seeing that stuff).

Around half way through the performance, this lady was singing a solo piece and was sounding really terrible to both Rachel and I (she could sing high parts, but sometimes the note were just off a little). Every so often, Rachel would squeeze my hand in a gesture of "pain" and every time she would do that, I would start laughing. I told her that had she kept doing that, I would have eventually got us or myself into trouble.

Well, after that was over, Rachel and I, went over to her mother's house to have hot chocolate with her mom and her sister. We stayed and talked for a few hours before we finally got around to leaving.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

It's Snowing!!!

Okay, if I were still living in Salt Lake, this would not be very big news (unless you were the 10 O'clock news and you had footage of people who had slid off the road...)... But I am now in St. George and according to Rachel, this is the first time it has snowed since she was in high school (um... 8 to 10 years ago).

My manager walked into the store and said that it was snowing, so all the cashiers ran outside to see it snow flakes come down every so often. Then by the time I got off of work and while Rachel and I were getting something to eat and Alberto's (YUM!), it was snowing even harder. She says it was hail, but trust me hun, that was snow. It was not ice form, it was still soft and would melt very easily...

Oh, for the love of-- Someone from up in Salt Lake, back me up here!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Some-thin, Some-thin...

First, like I said last week, Rachel and I drove up to Nephi/Salt Lake so we could go to my mom's family Christmas party.

We had to leave early Friday morning because I had a doctor appointment that afternoon. After the doctor appointment, Rachel and I went over to T-Mobile and purchased new phones. I guess you can call this our big Christmas gift.

After that, we drove back to my parents house to visit with my mom (since she just got off of work) before my family drove down to Nephi that night. After they left, we ordered pizza and had our dinner. Since someone in Salt Lake wanted their oil changed... I won't say who.... Oh, who am I kidding. She doesn't read this blog anymore. Since Tristyn needed her oil changed, I did that in exchange for all her music that she has (mostly country) to copy/paste to one of my hard drives.

Well, since I woke up around 5AM Friday morning (was not feeling well), Rachel made me lay down around 11PM and I just crashed.

Rachel then woke me up around 8AM on Saturday morning. We drove back down to Nephi so we could help out with getting the party ready. Around noon, the party started and both Rachel and I got a bunch of "Congrats", but the big embarrassing part was after we ate lunch and open presents, they made Rachel and I stand in front of everyone and made me introduce her to my family. I mean, I can handle crowds, especially a family crowd, I just have to know what to say or else my mouth/throat gets dry (just like in job interviews).

Anyways, we drove back that night after the party and then headed back home on Sunday afternoon. However, from Nephi to a little north of Cedar City, we had to drive through a crazy snow storm. Not fun at all.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

I'm Back, But A Little Busy

We, Rachel and I, made it home safe a short while ago. I would start writing about our trip, but we have some chores to do and then we need to go grocery shopping... I'm out of Dots!

Thursday, December 7, 2006

This Friday, Saturday and SUNDAY!!!

Rachel and I will be driving up to Salt Lake tomorrow for a Christmas party in Nephi on Saturday. We will be staying in Salt Lake for 3 days, so if you need me to bring anything up or want to talk or do something, let me know by phone or by e-mail.

Monday, December 4, 2006

Questions... Answers

"Have you ever cried because you were so happy?" - JoAnna

Only when under the influence of alcohol. But I have to be talking about or watching something that is very sad. I can't cry for anything when I am sober.
Next question!


"If you ever got a tattoo[,] what would it be of and where would you get it?" - Tristyn

I have wanted to get the Sublime sun (a much smaller one) at one time. I have also wanted to get this special drawing I found that is dedicated to Bradley >>>, the lead singer of Sublime. But the version of that picture on the right, I would have it a white background and instead of a green glow, I would choose a blue or purple.

But the thing is, I want a tattoo, but tattoo's are forever .... Unless you spend even more $ to have them removed. Plus, I am the kind of guy that likes things to change, or else I get tired of them. ... Example? These websites. Every so often, I will tweak or do a major re-do of a web page. I do it to make it look better to visitors and because I was not happy with the first result that I created.

Besides, I am not allowed to have visible tattoos since I am working at Lin's. Now that I think about it, if you were to hire someone who is to work on your computer... Meaning, let them come in to your home to do their job... Would you let someone in if they had a lot of tattoos or one tattoo that does not look appropriate and it was not able to be covered by clothing? My answer would be no.

Knowing me, I would want my tattoo to be visible so everyone could see it at first, but then a few years later my family would poke fun at me because I got it... (Trust me, they would... on both sides of my family)

But if I "did" get one, where would I get it? Um, I have thought about the back of the leg like how $kidz did his (>>>)... But my legs are hairy. (Sorry if I made you nauseous by the mental image). Then I think of places that are not, like my back... but I am now starting to get pudgy because I am not exercising at this moment... and I am self-conscious. SO! It does not look like I will be getting one anytime soon. Well, one that I can show off to everyone. lol.

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Questions... Answers

"What kind of pets did you have? Names and years?" - Tristyn

Let's see. I know my family and I have many pet goldfish in my life. I can't remember their names that we gave them since they never lasted for very long. However, a funny story really quick. When I was little (say 1 1/2 to ... 5?), I actually caught one of my pet goldfish with one of those fishing game fishing poles. You know, the ones where there are plastic fish that rotate in a circle and when they move up, their mouths open and you use the poles to pull out as many as you can. Well, I used one of the fishing poles from that game and caught me a goldfish. It survived thought. LoL.

Other pets, we have had three dogs. The first one we had, we named her Missy. She was a black Maltese/mutt. We only had her for six years before we had to put her to sleep because she got too sick. It was very hard for me to take her in to have her put to sleep.

The second dog we had was... I can not remember what breed he was. My sister Annie adopted this dog at the Utah Humane Society for our family Christmas present one year. However, he would jump up on people and since my brother was not tall enough at the time, the dog would push him over. Plus, he had fur, not hair, and as you can tell from the entry I posted on the 28th of last month, I (as well as my mom) reacted to him. So we had to take him back to the Humane Society. I think it was a male dog and we only had him for less than a week.

The third dog I/my family has had is Snickers, a Yorkshire... with a mix of something else. I thought it was Maltese, but I just found out it was something else. Any ways, my brother received her for Christmas in 2003 and she took to me more than anyone else in my family. Oh how I did spoil that dog. She doesn't seem to like my sister (and vice versa) because Snickers has done some things to Annie that I will just not mention here. Sorry Annie... LoL. But when I left Salt Lake, that was hard to say goodbye to her. But since I have been back up to Salt Lake to visit my family, I think she is getting use to the fact that I am still come around, but I just don't do it as much as I use to (when I lived there).

Oh! I forgot. I guess you can count Ginger as my fourth dog. She is Rachel's Lab/Pit mix. Rachel adopted her way before we were married. It sad too. I guess the previous owners did bad things to her, so she is frightened easy if it looks like she is going to be harmed. I've only gotten mad at her once around the first few weeks I moved down here, and she still does not like me a full 100% because of me getting mad. In order to get her to go outside, I have to give her a chew bone and go outside to get her to come out, or I have to have Rachel have her go outside. However, it is funny to see a dog that will lift your hand with her head, up over her head, just so you can scratch her head. Also, 90% of the time you bend over to pat her or rub her head, she will flop over so you can rub her belly. LoL.

Well, I have to get going. "I've got to go let the garbage in and take the cat out..."

Thursday, November 30, 2006

How Sweet Is This?!

After this years Napoleon Dynamite Festival, because of the very low turn out (400-500 people compared to the 6000 people in 2005), I was thinking that was it for the festivals in Preston.

Well, I kept in touch with Marilyn Demke (mother of Brian Demke, ND impersonator) since this years festival and she has been pushing Preston's Chamber of Commerce to hold another festival when they were planning on not to hold another festival in 2007.

Well, it turns out she pushed hard enough and she sent me an e-mail on Tuesday stating that Preston has decided to hold another festival come next July 6th & 7th... Yesssss!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

...That's Christmas Tree in German

On Monday night, early Tuesday morning, Rachel and I decided to put up our Christmas tree. It's a plastic tree that Rachel received from her mother this year since her mother decided that it was time that she would purchase a brand new one. However, while working on sprucing it up and making it look like it had not been in a box and matted down (to make it look more like a real tree), my hands started itching. I knew it was from the tree, but I thought that from the previous years of dust settling on it and that is what was causing me to itch. You know, no biggie. Just wash my hands off and continue to work on the tree.

However, about 30 to 45 minutes into doing this, I guess I had rubbed and touched around my eyes. This started to cause my eyes to become red (bloodshot), very irritated and started to sting. Normally, I can just wash around my eyes with water to get whatever I had touched or came in contact with, off of my skin, and to make it so things do not get worse. That did not help me this time. So by the time I finally told Rachel I was going to take a shower, I looked like I had been smoking marijuana and maybe a little crack too because my eyes were beyond bloodshot and around my eyes were so red and started to look swollen.

I took some Benadryl and headed for the shower. After coming out, I remember hearing (at an earlier date) that Rachel's mom had a cat awhile back. [Note: Cats are on the top list of things I am very allergic to.] I didn't know if it had been before, during or after the Christmas tree had been set up. Come to find out that she had the cat during the holidays and that the cat may have crawled in and around the inside of the tree. Hence, this is why I had the allergic reaction.

I have cleaned out some dusty computers in my time and had a much smaller reaction than this, but because this one was so bad, I basically had to go lay down in bed with a cool wash cloth over my eyes because I could not open my eyes long enough to focus on anything else.

Well, while I was laying down, listening to my iPod since there was nothing else to do while I was wide awake in bed, Rachel finished up with what she could do early this morning. After she woke up from sleeping, she finished up on putting the lights and other decorations in our living room.

The funny thing is, I guess I had an allergic reaction to a real tree many years ago (so says my mother), so we have always had a fake tree at my parents house throughout the years. Rachel bought a real 3 foot tree to see if I would have a reaction to it (which I have not) because she prefers real over fake (I do too, but that is in another area... lol), yet I ended up having a reaction to the fake tree instead.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Deck This House!

Although I have placed Christmas lights on my parents and grandparents houses in the past years, this is the first time that I have placed Christmas lights on my very own first house. Oh sure, I placed lights on the railings at Santa Fe (for those of you who don't know, I lived in an apartment from September to December 2000), but this is something completely different.

The first picture on the right is the picture I took around 3PM on Sunday afternoon (along with Rachel to the right cleaning out the bushes), and picture on the bottom is what the lights look like at dusk. I started placing the lights up at the opposite side corner (which is not seen) all the way around to the half-way mark on the house, which is the part you see it lit in the bottom picture. I have Tuesday off, so I feel like it, and I am not too busy, I may try to finish placing the lights all the way around the roof of the house.

Rachel had lights strung up in the backyards along the house and fence. I just tore them down tonight so I can put new ones up when I finish putting up the lights on the house on Tuesday.

I originally wanted to post this entry on Sunday night, but the internet is down at my place. So here I am at the library, posting this there.

Friday, November 24, 2006

It's Black Friday... Yet Again

Once again, Black Friday is here, and that means that the holiday season is upon us again. So to help humor you, here is my Top 10 List of "Things That Annoy Me During the Holiday Season..."

10 - The movie A Christmas Story being repeatedly played on television. We've all seen it!
I mean, it's a good movie. We don't need to see it "X" amount of times. I even have limits with Napoleon Dynamite.

9 - People who go completely overboard with decorating their houses... Especially the ones who dress up their yards as well. You should be shot!

8 - Receiving gift cards and wanting to spend them on Christmas Day when there is nothing else to do for the remaining 18 hours you are awake that day, or receiving something you can not even use.

7 - No money, or over spending and having your checks bounce, or credit cards declined.

6 - Traffic and trying to find a parking space at the mall.

5 - Uh... Not pigeons!

4 - It's the only time of the year when you get to see some family members. You can see some more of the time, but its like telling yourself, "These are your family...".

3 - Snow. Both driving and shoveling it- Thank goodness I live here in St. George now.

2 - Christmas music playing over and over and over and over and... Or some no-name-band re-playing a classic song and totally slaughtering it.

1 - The true meaning of the holiday has been ruined by commercialism.

There you have it. That is just the top ten reasons why I hate the holidays seasons. Just a reminder, for all you Christians out there, you now have less than 30 days to max out your credit cards.

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

I Just Wanted to Say...

I just want to say thanks for:
...another fun year on this blog. Oh, and thanks for replying to my previous blog-- I will keep it going...

...the support from everyone for Rachel and my choice to join hands in marriage... health, even though I don't know how I have made it through 10 years of being a vegetarian this coming December...

...all my family and friends (and pets too) -- You make me who I am...

...everything I take for granted in life... beautiful wife Rachel.

Monday, November 20, 2006

One Too Many Trees

Well, we finally did something Rachel has wanted to do. Just kidding. We have done things she has wanted to do, but this is something bigger. We went to the Jubilee of Trees here in St. George.

One of the trees that was being auctioned was one that was created by Rachel's mothers work (Dixie Regional Medical Center Nursery). Yes, the life size children's play house next to it was also auctioned off with the tree. Rachel says, according to her mother, it was auctioned off for over $10,000.

And if you look closely at the larger picture (or the 2nd picture), the tree to the left was the Star Wars tree. Yes, that is Yoda on top (lol).

Friday, November 17, 2006

Should I Go On...?

Quick question... Is anyone still reading this blog?

I need to know if it is worth it to write my blog anymore. I know I have a counter at the bottom, but that is page view counter, it doesn't tell me who is actually visiting this site. I do love writing this blog, but if no one is visiting, it's not worth my time. I need at least 5 people (yes, small number) to actually contact me and tell me that you still read this.

I'll give this thing a few days before I give my final decision.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Questions... Answers

"What was your first concert you went to?" - JoAnna

My first concert? I have never been to one that I have had to pay money to go see. I wanted to recently go see Jimmy Buffett in Las Vegas this past October, but tickets were $60+ to around $200 a seat. Since money doesn't grow on trees, I stayed here and used that money that I could have used on a ticket, on house items instead.

However, I guess I have been to one free concert that had Tommy Castro Band playing. This was back in June during that after-race party.

I guess I have also been to a couple symphony concerts at Symphony Hall in Salt Lake, but that was years ago.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

I Was Cleaning A Dish, I Heard It and I Came Out..." - Dane Cook

Actually, here is the story.

I had just got off of work and was on my way to Wal-Mart to get some hooks for our bedroom. I'm pulling up to the intersection of Sunset Blvd. and Dixie Dr., right next to my work. I'm heading east and barely pull up to the intersection when I hear *BOOM*. I look over at the middle of the intersection and I see that this small truck that was trying to turn left, had hit a car that was going straight. So I get out my cell phone and dial 911. As I'm doing this, I think I better pull over because we are probably going to be needing assistance here. But as I am trying to turn out of traffic, the accident truck takes off and I just booked it through the intersection even though the light was still red on me. Yes, I made sure the coast was clear. Another truck who saw this also took off after the truck, but thanks to my cars' speed, I was able to pass the truck chasing the accident truck and was able to keep up with the accident truck. Had the other truck tried to follow the accident truck, the guy could have gotten away.

So, the guy who was in the truck that was just in the accident was trying to ditch me by going around in circles through out neighborhood nearby and by turning out his headlights. Still, my car kept up and I was able to catch up to him before he finally got out of his truck and took off on foot. When he got out of his truck and took off, he was heading towards my vehicle and so for my safety, I drove forward a little bit before I realized what he was doing. So I backed up and tried to see if I could see him. But I couldn't.

Well, the guy left his truck there and I had to stay there so when the officers arrived, they could get my statement and could take it from there. Turns out the vehicle was not registered and the guy got away. So the vehicle was going to be impounded. I asked about the other person and they said they were okay, but the vehicle was unable to move or start.

That was my Saturday night... Fun, huh?

Date Night

After how long, especially of how long since Rachel and I have been married, we finally went bowling early Saturday morning down in Mesquite, Nevada. We both enjoy bowling and we have never been able to go bowling together at the local bowling alley near our house because we both work evenings.

Well, we didn't plan on going down there to go bowling ahead of time. I was counting down my register and it hit me that Mesquite has 24-hour bowling on weekends, we should go out and do that instead of sitting around and watch another episode of LOST (something we have been doing recently). Since she was okay with that and when we both arrived home from work around 12:30AM, we got ready and then headed down there. On the way down Rachel was playing with my iPod. I've been wanting to get her one, but I knew she wouldn't enjoy it like I would. However, after she was able to listen to music of hers that I was able to rip into my computer (from her damaged CD's) and then upload them onto my iPod, she was able to listen to them for the first time in years. So she fell in love with the iPod. Sweet!

We played three games while down there and it was really fun. Rachel is a good bowler too. Sorry, but I forgot to bring my camera or camera phone inside until it was too late, so there are no pictures of this event.

After bowling, we went to the Chuck Wagon restaurant to get something to eat. We were in there for over an hour before we were finally handed our check. After our meal, I tried my luck at a couple of slots. But once again, I didn't get lucky like that one night I was playing there. After walking away after playing $15, Rachel and I headed and arrived back home around 5AM.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Keep On Driving

Next week, with or without Rachel (I really hope with though), I plan on driving up to Salt Lake for the night. So if anyone wants to hit me up while I am up there Wednesday night, let me know.

I am driving up there because I have two days (Wednesday and Thursday) off, and I need to bring more of my personal items down here.

Friday, November 10, 2006

New Phone Number

Well, after more than a month and a half of using my mom's cell phone while living down here, I finally have my own number.

Well, here is the tricky part. I have the number reserved, but I don't have a phone just yet. I am trying to find my old phone that I was using before I moved down here so that I don't have to spend $ on a new one. If you want my new number, please contact me and ask. I don't want it spread all over the internet ... yet.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Questions... Answers

"If you ever got a piercing, where would it be?" - Tristyn

I don't know. I have had my ear's pierced twice, but that was back in 2000. I originally had to take them out for some reason, probably my job. They sealed up, so I had them done again... But then I had to take them out again. Plus, now that I think about it, I don't look good with pierced ears.

If I had the opportunity to have something pierced, I would probably let that opportunity pass by because I don't feel the need to have my body pierced. I'm getting too old to have one, it's not my style and I don't think I would look all that good with any sort of piercing.

Saturday, November 4, 2006

This Could Be True

JoAnna sent me this in an e-mail back in August. Sorry I am just getting around to posting it now. Plus, now that I think of it, I have posted something like this before. Since I don't have time to go back and read every single blog page I have posted, if I have posted this before, I'm sorry.

Men are like....
1. Men are like .... Laxatives .... They irritate the crap out of you.
2. Men are like .... Bananas .... The older they get, the less firm they are.
3. Men are like .... Weather .... Nothing can be done to change them.
4. Men are like .... Blenders .... You need One, but you're not quite sure why.
5. Men are like .... Chocolate Bars .... Sweet, smooth, & they usually head right for your hips.
6. Men are like .... Commercials .... You can't believe a word they say.
7. Men are like .... Department Stores .... Their clothes are always 1/2 off.
8. Men are like .... Government Bonds .... They take soooooooo long to mature.
9. Men are like .... Mascara .... They usually run at the first sign of emotion.
10. Men are like ... Popcorn .... They satisfy you, but only for a little while.
11. Men are like ... Snowstorms .... You never know when they're coming, how many inches you'll get or how long it will last.
12. Men are like ... Lava Lamps .... Fun to look at, but not very bright.
13. Men are like ... Parking Spots .... All the good ones are taken, the rest are handicapped.

Thursday, November 2, 2006

"But I Need It For My Fries..." - Daniel Tosh

Rachel sent me an e-mail stating that she would like one of these for Christmas... Does anyone know where I can get one and for how much?

Just kidding.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Bright Light City Gonna Set My Soul / Gonna Set My Soul On Fire

On Monday, after my dentist appointment that I had scheduled from last week, since Rachel and I had it off we decided to drive down to Las Vegas. We drove down for a couple of reasons.

First, Saturday was our 8 week anniversary since getting married, so we originally planned to drive to Mesquite and have dinner, go bowling and maybe go see a movie that night. However, she forgot and took a job babysitting an officers 7-month old child. They paid her by giving her a gift card to Red Lobster, so I thought we could go to the one in Vegas. To tell you the truth, it was okay that she forgot because I have not been feeling well lately and needed to go see a doctor as soon as I got off of work on Saturday evening. I'm starting to feel better encase you were wondering. So it was kind of a good thing that we didn't go down to Mesquite on Saturday night in the first place. And don't worry, I'm not mad at her because she forgot, but rather glad that things turned out like they did.

The second reason we drove down to Las Vegas is because that I read the headline in the SL Tribune on Sunday that after 48 years the Stardust Hotel and Casino would be closing (as of today 11/1). So we thought we would check it out before they closed it up for good to build the next/new casino in its place. But before we stopped at Stardust, I told Rachel that I had a surprise for her when we got into Las Vegas. I told her this when she got home from baby sitting Saturday night. So she was telling everyone that I had a surprise for her and she could not figure out what it was. Well, as you can see in the picture >>>, she enjoys In-N-Out Burger, so I took her there as her surprise. Well, she and a butt-load of other people enjoy this place too because I mean this place was packed! I was able to eat some French fries as my lunch/meal, because as you can see in this picture from Wikipedia, they don't have a very big menu. But the fries were really good since they were freshly cut and then cooked instead of the basic frozen and then cooked brands that other fast foods prepare.

After lunch, we tried to find the Sahara Ave. on the back streets instead of trying to get back onto the freeway and get off the Sahara Ave. freeway exit. Well, after driving much further north and then west than what I was planning, I decided to head back east towards I-15 and drive south until we got to the exit. We found the CompUSA and another In-N-Out burger joint. So the next time we need to go to CompUSA in Vegas, we can stop at this In-N-Out burger instead of driving all over again.

After CompUSA, we drove over to Fremont Street. However, since it was still daytime (not quite evening/dusk), they never put on a show. So the next time that we visit Vegas in the evening, some time in the future, we will have to check it out again. On the way to and from Fremont Street, we had to pass the chapel where Rachel and I were married. It was kind of odd doing that, but it did bring back some good memories from nearly two months ago.

Oh, and speaking about horror movies on my blog entry on the 31sth (yesterday), I could see that they used Freemont Street as to where they filmed the Vegas parts of the film The Stand... Well, before they put that lighted dome over the street.

Well, after leaving Fremont Street, we drove over to the Stardust Hotel and Casino. However, it is right next to CircusCircus. On our honeymoon, while we were walking the strip, we actually walked though there to cool off. I was thinking this place was much further down the strip. So all I did was play a little and then bought a $1 players chip as to say I have something from there.

Then, after leaving Stardust, we decided to go over to her sisters place to relax for a little while before we went to dinner. So Rachel and I were in traffic for a good thirty minutes trying to drive down The Strip. We finally got onto Flamingo Ave. and headed over to her sisters place. Since the three of us were hungry, we decided to go to dinner at Red Lobster. I finally tried crab legs and lobster for the first time in my life. I like the crab legs, but there was not enough meat in them to order it from them again. The lobster, well, it's just over rated. Well, half way through the meal, Heidi's (Rachel's sister) boyfriend got off of work. We went to dinner without him because he had to fast (we would have waited, but that is like eating in front of a homeless person and saying, "Even though it is front of you, you can't have it"). He drove over to Red Lobster and we chatted for a while before we headed back over to their place. So while at their place, I helped work on his computer while Rachel and Heidi chatted about stuff. When we asked what they were talking about, I was like, "La la la la la la la... I'm not listening... La la la la la...". You know, women stuff...

Well, around midnight, we finally headed for home. On the way home, I was thinking about what Rachel and I had talked about while we driving in the car alone earlier. We were starting to get into some serious talking with one another. We never raised our voices, but just got into stuff that probably has been on our minds for a while. Well, on the way home, I realized that it was caused by this new medicine that I am taking. The doctor said that anyone with ADD reacts to this differently than any normal person. It is almost as if I was getting temperamental, but I was not seeing or trying to head that way. It was just happening. So I had to apologize to her, for anything I said earlier that may have upset her. She slept the whole way home because she had to be up early yesterday (Tuesday 10/31) morning. We finally made it home and we just crashed.

And for those of you wondering... No, we did not stop in at Margaritaville. I would have mentioned had we done so. We drove past it while driving on the strip, but we did not go in.

As for when our next fun road trip will be, who knows? We have driven up to Salt Lake and down to Vegas on such short notice that I don't have time to sit down and tell you that we are going to do stuff like that. But if something big were to happen, I'll try to let you know. And the next big road trip that I can think of is when we plan to drive up to Salt Lake on Christmas Eve... Oh, and my mothers family Christmas party in Nephi, we will be going to that too in December.

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Questions... Answers

"What is your favorite scary movie?" - JoAnna

To tell you the truth, I'm not much of a scary movie person. I prefer comedies or anything else over horror movies. However, from the horror movies that I have seen, the one that I would say that is my favorite would have to be Stephen King's The Stand. Thank goodness they released this to DVD, because I would originally have to watch it on VHS.

However, the all-time horror movie that scared the **** out of me, and still does, is Stephen King's IT. I only saw this when it was on TV and I was only 10- Holy crap!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Questions... Answers

"When you were a kid, what did you dress up as for Halloween?" - JoAnna

Let's see... I do remember some stuff that I have dressed up as when I was older, but as for going back further when I was younger, I am trying to remember stuff that I was dressed up as when Rachel and I were looking though my family photo album before I moved down here.

In the pictures I have been a cowboy, this grim reaper looking character, Dracula... and that is pretty much all I remember from those pictures. I remember when I was a little older, I dressed up as a baseball player (for two years in a row... Hey, I was into baseball back then). But the dress up in costume phase was when I was just in elementary school.

Later, when I was in middle school, I just went out trick-o-treating once or twice as myself-- no costume. There may have been dances during high school where you could where a costume, but I only went to one dance (in high school) and it was just a regular dance. How I got on the topic of dances, I don't know... lol.

Sure, there have been jobs (like the one I am at now) where they allow you to dress up, but I don't have the confidence to dress up and then try to explain to everyone why I thought I should have dressed up as.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Questions... Answers

"How do you release anger?" - JoAnna

By doing this... writing code. Talking to people. Hanging up on them if I am getting upset with them (that really does helps) when I can not figure out what to say next (especially if they are not listening to me). By talking to my wife (that is a big plus right there). Listening to upbeat music (Sublime, The Beatles, Jimmy Buffett, etc...) and especially any comedy that I have (even if I have heard it a million times before) on my iPod. Watching a certain movie... Want to guess which one? .................. Napoleon Dynamite? Sometimes, but that is not where I was headed. I love to watch the classic movie American Graffiti. Well, actually, any movie that I have not seen in a while that I have enjoyed, I will watch those too.

I also release anger by driving around and listening to music. Well, I use to up in Salt Lake. Here in St. George, the only place far enough to drive to is Mesquite. If I drive out there, then I will want to play. And if I play, I lose my money. Not good. But since there are no freeways to get to places much faster here, you have to drive any street to get there. So, by the time you get there, it somewhat has the same effect as driving State Street in Salt Lake.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Uh, No Thanks!

Rachel sent me this picture of this convenient store that was robbed the other night somewhere over in Colorado (if I remember the story right). What happened to appropriate convenient store names like 7-11 or Gulp N' Blo?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Questions... Answers

"Do looks matter?" - JoAnna

If Michael Jackson can get some... I ----- I really don't want to picture that --- But if he can get some, I guess not.

Actually and truthfully, there are more than looks to worry about. You have the person on the inside (mental), as well as the person on the outside (physical). If you can't get past either one, then it will not work (that is, if you wanted to date/marry them).

"He's become a punch line. He has! To any joke you want. If you forget the punch line of a joke, all you have to say is 'Michael Jackson'. ... Two Jews walk into a bar... Michael Jackson. ............ Why did the chicken cross the road... Michael Jackson. ............... And so the farmer brought his daughter to the dinner table ... Michael Jackson. It works for f***** anything!" - Lewis Black

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Mr. Murooka... HELP!

Okay, since sometime last week (let's say, since Monday the 16th) I have supposedly been able to have an internet connection. But for some odd reason, I was not being able to connect. The first time, it was because of something outside not being properly connected. After about an hour, it disconnected. So I tried calling the tech line... but they were no use. So I went back into the cable company building and scheduled an appointment to have someone come out again. Well, the night before they were suppose to come out and fix it, it starts working again. I get home later that day that the guy was suppose to come out, and it is not working again. Sigh.

So after Rachel and I got back from driving up to Salt Lake this weekend (like I said, I couldn't post anything since my internet was down), I decided to go buy a new co-ax cable and try that. And, viola! So I now have the internet and if anyone wants to write me e-mail or post comments on my MySpace page (so I can check it and approve the comments right away), and you can even chat with me if I have done all my chores around the house and there is nothing to do.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Questions... Answers

"Favorite thought provoking song?" - JoAnna

I'm hoping you mean, "song that brings back memories", because that is where I am going with this.

There are a few of them. The first one that popped into my head while writing this was a song from the late 90's band Aqua. No, not the "Barbie Girl" song that got them into the music mainstream, but track 5 (Yes! I have the album) called "Doctor Jones". Well, I was making hemp necklaces or wrist bracelets one time with this group of people. Since I was, and still am, the kind of person to not speak up until I know what everyone is talking about or that it is okay for me to talk, I wasn't talking. Well, these two people there started talking about about music and asked if they have heard that "Doctor Jones" song before. No one had and then I just started singing a few lines of the song out to them. They started laughing because they were like, "Oh, so, you do talk."

LOL! Even though you asked about only one song, I have to tell you this story. Another song is that song by Elton John called "Bennie And The Jets". I was talking to Rachel not too long ago, before we were married, and I was looking on the E-Center's website about information about when the IHL hockey season started because she wants to go to a hockey game. Anyways, I noticed that Elton John was coming to concert and I said it in an excited and jokingly way, that he is coming to concert and that I just have to go see him. She said "O-kay....", and I said that I was just joking and that I only like one song of his. She asked which one and I told her. So as time went by, we started talking to one another more and more, and I just would text her by phone "B-b-bennie and the Jets". Later, I e-mailed her the song and it got stuck in her head and when we started dating, she said that we should make that our song... I said, "Uh, hold on. Let me see what he is saying in the song before we make that our song", because the only thing you can understand him singing is the "B-b-bennie and the Jets" part. After checking the lyrics online, and not being able to understand what he was trying to sing about, I said, "No way is that going to be our song. Let's keep looking". But later, the song that we both have enjoyed enough to call our song (although we have not made it official) is a song from The Beatles called "Real Love". It's on their Anthology 2 album.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Looking For My Lost Shaker of Salt...

Well, it has been over one week since I have moved down to St. George (and six weeks since I have been married). I am still getting use to it down here, but there are some things that are going to take me a while to get use to. For example, where I lived at in Salt Lake, I use to be able to drive and with in a short time, I was on the freeway to go where ever I go when I needed to go great distances away. Here, I have to take the main roads to where ever it is I want to go. But don't worry, hopefully in a month or two, I'll be use to doing that.

I still don't have an internet connection, but I will very soon (if they can get it working right). I guess it's been kind of nice NOT to have internet. I have been busy getting the small, yet important stuff, done. Like what? Well, I finally got a job last week. It's at a grocery store near by my house called Lin's, so I could walk to it if I needed to. It may not be a glamorous job, or it may not pay top dollar like at Super Saver, but it will help bring in some money while I continue to look for something better after the holidays or sometime into the next year (that is if things don't appear to be working out at this job).

What have I been up to? Well, on Thursday, I found out that Rachel and I were going to join other family members (of hers) for dinner down in Las Vegas. We were originally going to head down on Friday night to have dinner that night, but there was a change in plans and we ended up going down on Saturday night. We first went to dinner at the Olive Garden. Then afterwards Rachel and I went to Margaritaville with one of her sisters. Bit of advice, only have the 5 O'clock Hurricane if you don't plan on driving later. Thank goodness I ate earlier or it would have hit me a lot harder. We were originally planning on checking out The Fremont Street Experience, but by the time we were done with Margaritaville, it was close to 11PM (12 AM MST). Since we were not staying the night in Vegas, we had to head home before both of us fell asleep. I drove half way and Rachel drove the other half way home... but we made it. Next time, if we stay longer, I'm not going to take chances and we will end up staying the night.

Hopefully I'll have an internet connection by the end of this week (if there is a loving God!), that way you can read more blog entries here and that I will be able to reply to anyone who e-mails me. Until next time, peace!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Questions... Answers

"What is your biggest pet peeve?" - JoAnna

Oh, this is perfect... I was just asking Rachel this the other night. Although there is more than one, and the list has grown from the couple that I told her. I know will continue to grow after I post this, but let's take a look at things that make me tick...

- People who do not signal when merging into another lane;

- People with expired license plates;

- People who say they are computer illiterate (I know you are illiterate, why else would you be coming to me in the first place);

- People who are into Goth. That is so late-1990's! And wipe that white **** off of your face. You look like you should be pretending that you are stuck in a box. ... Better yet, let's place you in a real box and beat it with a metal pole.

- Or people who get into a fad or a trend because everyone else is. (I'm guilty of this...) But it is best to be yourself;

- People who come to this country and don't learn one word of F***ING ENGLISH!!! And expect us to learn their native language instead. I say, Nay Nay!

- Over population... It's done by people who don't love the person they are with, are/were on alcohol/drugs and don't even bother using contraceptives. Which leads to...

- People who use WIC or Food Stamp cards! Get a f***ing job (half of them...) or go get yourself fixed!

- People who have forgotten their money when they are paying for their groceries;

- Especially if they wanted to pay with Food Stamp or credit card (I have to void everything and then ring up their stuff again when they return. BAH!)

- People who cheat or flirt when they are married;

- Not having things go the way I want them too, when in my head things would have gone flawless...

- People who have two or more computers (Yes, I said it!!!), use both/all of them and don't get outside to enjoy the real world.

- People who say they hate Napoleon Dynamite... We know who the idiots/non-geniuses are now. (We are lucky these people can tie their own shoes...)

- People who do not like to take a risk once in-a-great-while...

- People who say that drugs are a bad thing, when they have never done one in their life!

- People who are flakes;

- People who come from California (or from some other state) to Utah and say they hate it here. Well, sorry that you have to be clean while you are here... Oh, and sorry about it not being so polluted like your home town.

- People who wear new baseball hats and don't bother to take the size sticker off... Just because it is cool for the moment. That is not cool-- It only shows how small your head is, which says you have a small brain... which means you are dumb.

- People who have a wad a money, but the idea to buy a wallet to put it in, has not crossed their mind.

- People who scan their photos, and then upload the whole thing to MySpace without editing out all the white dead area that was scanned along with the photo. It's called MS Paint or Photoshop!!! Learn how to use it!

- People on MySpace who decorate their profiles, but don't know **** about HTML coding to make it not look so crappy! Especially those things that appear in the top-left hand corner. If you have to post glittery or GIF (movable pictures) on your MySpace page........... GRRR!!! I won't even go there...

- Anyone who does not realize that the belt they put food/groceries on, will actually move to the cashier (unless there is a sign stating that the belt is broken). You do not need to keep pushing or moving stuff closer to the cashier. It only makes you look like you have 3 brain cells and you are trying to play Beat the Clock.

- Or people who put the stuff on the belt, and then start to hand you the stuff to scan...

- People who pick up the house phone and start dialing without listening for a dial tone. Anyone who has done this to me, knows I will start yelling.

- People who try to talk to you about something you know very well, like they pretend to know that they are that smart too... For example, "Yeah, I tried to download music to my iPod and it wouldn't work"... Of course it won't work you fool. It's UPLOAD, not download!!!

- People who come through my line and when I ask them "How they are doing?", they either go off on this long story that goes nowhere (which is usually a life story, sad to say)... or they say anything other then Good or Fine... ............ Sorry, I am not your psychologist, and how the heck to do you start a quick conversation with an answer like that. Next time, try saying, "Fine", even if you are not. You will get out of there faster because the cashier will be in a better mood to help you out faster.

- Men who buy very nice cars... Doesn't matter what age you are-- We get it, okay. Your penis does not work and/or you can not perform! Buy a bumper sticker that says that and you can save literally tens of thousands of dollars. Errrr! That would show your other brain works too!

- White men who shave their heads bald, and black/Latino men who wear baseball caps. It's suppose to be the other way around!!!

- People who want me to keep the promise(s) I made them, even though the moment has passed for me to do it, and there is no way I can now do it. (Some will get what this one is about, some will not.)

- People who talk in the middle of a TV show, movie or an act/performance. If you or I don't get it... There is a reason for this. Then, when you or I have to try to explain what I/you don't get, I miss the next set up and it ruins that story/joke as well.

- Yes people! We all know that all the machines that take your Credit/debit and other kinds of cards are all the same.

...And the biggest one of all:
- People who say, "Ryan, you love me, right?" ... Instantly, I respond, "What do you want?" Because it's pretty obvious that you need a favor. Anyone who now tries to use this on me, because I have now told you, will just get a reply of "**** you!"

I know that there a lot more, but trying to remember all of them when they happen or when they pop in my head, and then trying to remember to write them down or enter them in here is not an easy task.

Updated on October 24, 2006 @ 00:42 MST

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Oh, You Are Leaving Salt Lake, Huh...? Well Here Is A Ticket

That is right! Before I even reached 106th South, near the South Town Mall, I was pulled over for doing 83 in a 65. Stupid cop. Well, he placed it on the ticket as 74 so it will be a lower fine. Bah!!!

Well, I am now in St. George. Things are going well for those of you wondering. Let's see what else I can tell you. Oh, in case you are wondering, I am at the library writing this blog. I haven't used the computers in the library for YEARS!! So I only have a short time to write this entry before my time frame on the computer expires.

Today is Tuesday, and so far, Rachel and I have accomplished a lot of things in the two and a half days that we have been together while down here. I've unpacked all that I can. The other stuff that I need to unpack is my computer stuff. I waiting to place that in the room upstairs. It's too crowded in our bedroom for a computer desk and other stuff. Monday afternoon, my parents came up from Mesquite (where they were staying while they were down here) to take us shopping at Costco. That helped us out in purchasing a few bulk items that we needed. Then, later that evening, Rachel's mother, grandmother (and later her aunt who arrived after desert) had dinner with my folks, as well as Rachel and I. (Sorry if anything is misspelled or grammar or anything, but I am writing this blog the hard way. I'll fix things later when we get an internet connection at my house.)

On Monday, Rachel and I went and received our new drivers license. My parents were going to meet us at Rachel and my house before they headed back home, but since we were waiting at the Drivers license building for so long, they called and said that they were just going to head back. Well, after getting our drivers licenses', we later visited her mom's house so I could use the internet there to fill out job applications online. After that, we went to Target and purchased new clothes for me. Rachel, I bet, is still excited that we have new clothes for me. lol.

Today, I stopped off at a grocery store near our house and it looks like I have a job there. I'm going to keep looking, but if nothing better is offered, then I will take it for now. I have some other things to do today with Rachel before we call it a day. So I am going to end this entry for today here.

So, please know that I am doing okay and that things are going great down here. I'm still learning my way around here (it's
definitely not like Salt Lake) and still trying to learn the lingo... For example, instead of saying 1st South like you would in Salt Lake, it's 100 South here... (Shudder). So that is going to be a hard habit to break.

Until next time, hit me up to let me know how you are doing too... and Peace out!

Sunday, October 8, 2006

Goodbye Salt Lake

After 26 years as my hometown, I must bid farewell to Salt Lake City.

"Time flies when you're having fun..." - OMC

To everyone, I will never forget you. Heck, most of you I know from here are on my MySpace profile (so hopefully I will not lose contact with you). And for those of you wondering, yes, I will be back to visit my family that live here in Salt Lake. As for when ... who knows? Most likely around the holidays.

Everyone is welcome to stop in and say Hi to me if you are ever in or passing by St. George. Just give me a heads up incase I am scheduled to work or I am out and about with Rachel... (You can tell me you will be in town by e-mail for the moment. That is, until I get a cell phone in the future.)

My next blog entry could be either later today, tomorrow, in a few days
or sometime next week. It all depends on when I get settled and when I get to a computer with a connection.


Saturday, October 7, 2006

Goodbye Super Saver!!! Whoo Hoo!!!

Well, yesterday was my last day at work. Yes, it was sad to know that I will never be working there again, but I guess it's a good thing because I do need to move on. To also point out, this is the first job where I have given and worked my two-weeks.

Well, around 8:30 PM, my manager told me to come pick up my cash loan from her in the office instead of her bringing it to me (like they normally do). So I fell for it and come to find out she and a few other employees had a cake for me. And as for the bottom picture, that is just a pose. We found a knife, plates and forks later on. That is just way too much icing for me to take in. Ugh!

I had another blog entry ready to be posted for today, but this came up and I thought I would share. I'll post it after I get settled in St. George.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Questions... Answers

"What's your favorite day of the week?" - Tristyn

Frankly, it's any day that I don't have to go into work, or to be called into work. These are the days that I get my chores or things on my To Do list done.

If you want a specific day (Sunday, Monday, etc...) I really don't have a favorite day. They all blend together anyways in the long run. If I had a steady job where I worked 5 days in a row, say Monday through Friday, and had Saturday and Sunday off... Those would be my favorite days. But I don't have a schedule like that now, so I don't have to worry about it too much.

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Questions... Answers

"What would you do if alcohol became illegal?" - JoAnna

Prohibition? Pbbt! They tried that in the movies and it didn't work! (Homer Simpson)

I was actually reading about Prohibition on Wikipedia a while back, and if I read right, it actually caused more crime when the US banned alcohol than it did before when it was legal. But thank goodness for the 21st Amendment, it blocks the act of the 18th Amendment... which banned alcohol, which makes it now perfectly legal for everyone to enjoy a beer or two at a ball game.

...What? I read. You thought I was only into computers... Pbbt!

Monday, October 2, 2006

Questions... Answers

"What do you get complimented about most?" - JoAnna

I guess it would have to that I have good computer hacking and repair skills.

Also, apparently someone special that I know, has been complimenting me about another skill in another area... Yesssss! (lol)

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Quick Catch Up...

Let's see... First off, thanks to anyone who came back to this site to check on things, or to see if I had actually written anything. It was kind of nice not stressing out over what to write about while trying to get ready for the big move. So, what can I tell you to catch you up about what has happened while I was away from the blog.

- I canceled the URL, ''. So it's '' from now on... or the long version '';

- Rachel came up from 22nd to the 25th.

- Rachel and I bought a new mattress on that Saturday (23rd) which my parents agreed to help pay some of as their gift to us. Then on Sunday morning (24th) my grandparents surprised both Rachel and I by saying that they are going to buy us a new kitchen oven! Both aunts on my dad's side are going in on a new microwave as our wedding gift. How sweet is that?

- I got to talk to my new father-in-law over the phone when he came up for Heidi's (my sister-in-law) birthday on Monday the 25th. There is a good chance that I will finally get to meet him face to face sometime in mid October.

- I took Rachel to Hard Rock Cafe here in Salt Lake on Sunday (24th) night. We ordered nachos and... well, for those of you who have seen Napoleon Dynamite, you know that scene where Uncle Rico and Kip are at Big J's and the first thing that happens to Uncle Rico is fry sauce falls on his arm. He then looks around to make sure that no one saw this, then wipes it off with napkin... Okay, well, while bringing a nacho chip to my mouth, something fell off of the nacho and onto my arm. So, I did the first thing that came to mind, I looked back and forth to make sure no one saw this and then wiped it off with a napkin. Rachel saw this and started to laugh and then I started to laugh because she knew where this was from. So then she starts folding her arms like she was flexing like Uncle Rico was doing afterwards in the movie. We just kept laughing and couldn't stop. If you can't picture this in your mind, or I haven't showed you what I did (by reenacting it), I guess it would have had to of been one of those things that you had to of been there to of seen to make it funny...

- For those of you wondering and those that keep asking, my last day at work is the 6th (that is this Friday). As for if there will be a party or something...? I really don't know. It depends on when I get off of work and if I am in the mood.

- My family bought Rachel and I a photo album. So on Sunday (24th) she and I placed all the wedding pictures we had printed at Walgreen's in the book (because our Kodak printer dock wouldn't print them). Later Monday evening, we were able to print the before and after pictures on my parents new printer dock.

- I packed up most of my stuff that was in my room that I need to pack up before Rachel came up this last time. The other stuff (my clothes, computer stuff, computer desk and anything else) will be packed up on Saturday (October 7th).

- My phone will be turned off Monday night... So those of you trying to call me, my number will no longer be in service. If you want my new number to my own personal cell phone when I move down to St. George, wait a month. I want to at least know I have a job before I go out and spend money on something that I could afford by then. So if you want to contact me, you can do so by the contact page on this website, MySpace or by e-mail.

- Rachel decided to come up again this weekend (9/29-10/1) before the big move. It's really hard when you are newlyweds and you are apart for such a long time. I guess we didn't see this part being so hard for us before we got married. But it's all good. I have one more week of work and then I am off to St. George.

... Remember, after I move down there on the 8th, it may be a while before I post something again. It may take one day to a couple of weeks before the precious cable internet is activated. That is, if we do go ahead and order an internet package.