Friday, March 31, 2006

Trying Something New

Every 15th (maybe) and end of the month (definitely), I'm going to post stuff that I wanted to post here, but it didn't seem like I have enough data to post a full entry about it, or is about something that is coming up in my life or anything that I just wanted to post and just forgot to post when I had the time but ended up forgetting... Hopefully you get the point. So let's give it a try...

- Check out If you press CTRL-ALT-DEL (Windows XP), and see something running that you don't know what it is, this will most likely tell you what it is and if it is safe...

- I'm still working on posting the pictures for my trip...

- I was not part of the Star Wars production crew. That person was Ryan Church... (I was like, "Wait? What?! -- Rewind", when I was watching the bonus DVD of Episode III.)

- For those of you who don't know me personally, I have been a vegetarian since 1996. However, I have been deciding if I should stop when I get married, so that my future wife and I don't have to debate over what we can both eat... But that is just an idea for now.

- In the past, for the video clips of Annie on KUTV, my grandparents (the ones who record the show first onto VHS then I borrow the tape) have not recorded the days when she was not on. I asked them to now start recording the broadcast anyways, even if she is not on. This will allow anyone to learn tricks and tips that they broadcast.

- Day 1 of my trip down to Moab is posted, however at the moment, it is not Dial-Up friendly. Meaning, the small images you see are not thumbnail size. So if you have dial-up and try to visit that page, it will take you over a half-hour to completely load the page... If you are lucky!

- After I post the Moab pictures (all 148 pictures... ugh!), I plan on changing the way that I post any picture I take, since I do not have the time to sit down (like I use to) and do what I use to do before with hundreds of random photos. In the future, I may only have time to sit down and post a few pictures (for example, 20 photos out of 100) that I feel that should be seen.

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

I Can See! It's Beautiful!

Well, yesterday (Wednesday 3/29) on my day off, I finally went into Target to have my eyes examined because I have been having problems seeing clear after 20 feet and beyond. Well, it turns out that I am near sighted. So, I am now getting rimless glasses to help me with reading or anything else except for working on the computer... Possibly the cause of why I now need glasses.

"What is that? Oh. Oh... That's a cow. Thought that was a stop sign. It's a cow." - Brian Regan

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Monday, March 27, 2006

Angel's PC

This is Tristyn's computer... Nice!

My computer is a custom machine that I built last year. It has an AMD 64 bit 2800+ processor. I don't remember what motherboard I put in it at this time but I know it has a built in 10/100/1000 NIC card and it uses an nVida chipset. It has 1 GB of ram, consisting of 2, 256 sticks. I am using a 120GB hard drive for my main drive, and have a 250GB SATA drive as storage. I have a DVD ROM and a Memorex DVD +/- DL burner. I have installed a Linksys wireless 802.11g network card. I am running Windows XP Pro with SP2. I also am running Office 2003 Pro as well (gotta love Microsoft Retail Access!). I recently upgraded my monitor to a 19" KDS that I got a good deal on. I use a Microsoft Digital Media Pro Keyboard and a Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer 2.0 mouse. I have an HP 2495 PDA that is connected to my computer and an 60GB iPod photo as well. There is a Dazzle 8-in-1 card reader attached to help read all of the SD cards I have for my camera and PDA, and the one 4GB Microdrive I have for my PDA. My camera is an Kodak CX7330, and I have the Kodak printer dock to go with it, so that I can print my own photos.

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

My Computer Desk

This is my computer. I own a HP Pavilion a300n. I have upgraded to 2X512MB sticks of RAM and added two DVD+/-RW's. I have a WD 40GB HdD for the master HdD with Microsoft Windows XP Professional installed (with Office 2003 and FrontPage 2003) and I installed a slave 300GB HdD and installed a 128MB PCI video card. I also have a ATI Multimedia center PCI card to allow me to watch TV on my computer (this is how I get those clips from the VCR/VHS tape onto my computer). I have my PDA and iPod connected to my PC, as well as a Remote Control sensor, which allows me to watch movies (or turn off my computer) from my bed...

My monitor is an LCD 19". I bought it last year for close to $700 (that includes the warranty). Now it is only worth half that...

Although I shouldn't have the side and front panels off, I am constantly doing mod's to it, so I leave them off to the side.

As you can see, I have a few pictures, then there is my Napoleon Dynamite talking figure, an Lego X-Wing fighter behind it and a Star Wars PEZ kit. That is about all the cool stuff I have on my desk worth mentioning...

Although this is what I have written about my desk and computer, you do not have to follow this format. You can write whatever you want to...

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What Does Your Computer Desk Look Like?

Simply take a picture of you computer desk (the desk, computer, monitor, anything around it...) and e-mail it to me, I'll give it its own blog entry space... And, if you know someone who's desk should be shown, feel free to take picture and send it in. Just tell me whether or not the desk belongs to you.

Also, tell me about your computer too. That is if you know what features it has, or the upgrades you have done to it... Don't forget to mention what kind of monitor you have as well if it is something really nice too...

Remember, this is just for fun. There is no contest here... I'll post mine tomorrow, so it will give everyone a chance to send your pictures and information in.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Just A Crazy and Wild Dog

My brother was playing/fighting with my dog the other day when he took this picture. My dog likes to attack and chew your hand if she thinks that it is a threat of some kind. So she was moving her head back and forth to follow his hand movement, and he then took this picture...

Friday, March 24, 2006

Happy Birthday Annie

Hey everyone, it's my sister Annie's birthday today! If you know or see her, be sure to wish her a Happy Birthday!!!

I hope you enjoy your present... I registered the domain address, This will redirect you to So if you missed yesterdays news clips of what happened down in Moab, here is your chance to see them. Remember, I am still working on the web page. However, with both our schedules, it's rare that we get to see one another... But we will get around to working on it together one day.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Moab 2006, Part 3... Plus Idaho

Before I start telling you about Sunday and Monday, I had something funny happen to me last night (3/21) while I was at work. A couple came through my line and said that they had a random question for me. I thought they were going to ask me something about computers, but it turns out that their question was, "Were you in Moab this weekend?" It turns out that we crossed paths in one of the parks. The wife knew me, but she couldn't pin-point where she new me from. They finally figured out that they remember me from where I work. Another way they remembered me is because of my nametag. If anyone has not seen it, I have "" printed on it. I thought that this was a funny little story to tell. Well, on with the story...

Sunday, 3/19
On Sunday morning, it wasn't that adventurous as the other two days before. However, we did get up and go to breakfast, and then we once again headed back out to Hole 'N the Rock. I think that is something you are only meant to stop in and see only once in your life.

After that, we drove up the canyon that Annie ran down from in the race. She showed us where she started from (X number of feet from the starting line). Pretty much after that, we all headed home. It was a nice drive home until we hit Price. The area around there, it was starting to snow again. When I started driving into the snow, I was wishing I was back in Moab and that area because there was not a single drop of snow. It was really nice.

Since it started to snow really bad when I finally got home, Tristyn and I decided to wait until Monday (3/20) to head up to Idaho. So, since we didn't head up to Idaho, Tristyn mentioned that they were having a sale on a motherboard and CPU (as I mentioned earlier). We stopped at her work so I could buy that. But since I was so tired from driving home from Moab, I really didn't want to put it together. Let the record state that I did not want to work on or put together a computer. So I ended up doing nothing really on Sunday night.

Monday, 3/20
So on Monday, Tristyn and I finally drove up to Idaho. After dealing with 3 accidents and traffic most of the way up, by the time we finally got up there (5PM), the only cool thing we could do was to go see Dolly (the llama that played Tina in Napoleon Dynamite) and to go bowling at Pop N' Pins. On my second game, I tied my all-time high score of 187. Then on the third game, I finally bowled my all-time high game score of 204. Yessss! I guess all your wildest dreams do come true in Preston. We then stopped at La Tienda really quick to grab some lotto tickets and then stopped to get a couple of strawberry shakes at Big J's. Then we headed home.

And that folks, was my vacation... Now to start working on the pictures page of my trip. Give me about a month or less...

Well, my next vacation won't be until July. I'm trying to see if I can afford to go down to California. If not, I still plan on going to the Napoleon Dynamite Festival.

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Moab 2006, Part 2

Saturday, 3/18

Well, on Saturday morning, after I woke up and opened the curtains to the room, I noticed that there was school bus after school bus taking all the runners up to the starting line. We later found out there were over 4000 runners. And to give you an idea of how small the roads were up in the canyon where they were starting, try driving up any canyon with only one lane each direction and then try finding a spot for a bus to turn around. Then imagine over 4000 runners jam packed in that small area...

Well, after my dad took my sister to the location where the buses were picking up the runners, then we went and had breakfast. We then walked along some of Moab's Main Street to check out some of the little souvenir shops to help pass the time before we had to head back to the motel (which was right next to mile marker number 12 of 13.1) to watch some of the runners pass by before Annie passed by. I was going to film her passing by with my digital camera, but since I didn't get the camera up in time, I was only was able to take [3] pictures of her. After she passed by, most of my family (and I) hurried and hoped in our truck and tried to get to the finish line. But since many of the runners were running by the motel exit, we had to find the biggest opening spot we could and just floor it out of there.

We made it down to the finish line before she arrived, but trying to find a spot near the finish line was a joke. However, I found one when I had to duck down in between two people and use my grandfather's video camera to film her crossing the finish line. Since his camera took a while after starting up to finally start recording (when I noticed her coming), I was only able to record her crossing the finish line... I hope. Doesn't look like that day was my day with video cameras.

Well, she passed the line just a little over 2 hours. Really not bad for 13.1 miles. With the shape I am in now, I would have given up after the first or second mile, lol. After crossing the line, she caught her breath and then went over to talk to Channel 2 (which you will see on Thursday). While she was talking to them, my family thought it would be funny to yell, "Go Annie!!!" and "Yay, Annie!!!" while she was giving her interview. I overheard that she turned to us and gave them the "Shh" sign, lol.

Well, we drove back to the motel and had a small lunch. Afterwards, we then drove back through Arches National Park again to see the other half of the park we missed the night before. After the little hiking adventures we had there, we tried to drive out to Hole 'N the Rock, about 7 miles south of Moab to take a tour of that. But by the time we got there, they had just closed down for the night. So, we decided to go and have dinner. If you ever visit Moab, I recommend eating at a place called, ZAX. It's an Italian restaurant. Very good food. After dinner, went back to the motel, watched a little G4, and then went to bed...

Tune in later for another adventure of, "My Trip This Weekend"...

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