Sunday, April 30, 2006

This Just In...

Every 15th and end of the month, I will post stuff that I wanted to post here, but it didn't seem like I have enough data to post a full entry about it, or is about something that is coming up in my life or anything that I just wanted to post and just forgot to post when I had the time but ended up forgetting... Hopefully you get the point.

- You may have noticed that I have links to other web pages that are entries on Wikipedia. However, there were pages that I had to start/create because no one had done so before. Here are the pages/entries I have had to start because there was nothing about them:

Napoleon Dynamite Festival
Zack Ward
Trevor Snarr
Super Saver

- Back in February, JoAnna asked me if I had any phobias. Although this is not a phobia, it is something I fear... Car batteries. This is one reason I do not like to work on my car, or any other car, when it involves working on, near or around the battery. I nearly did fatal damage (twice in one day) to my battery and to myself about a year ago while I was working on my car.

- Annie was recently interviewed by Utah Sports Magazine about her being sponsored by KUTV and running in the SL Marathon in June. I have no idea when the article should be printed, but it should be in the next or following issue. I will post an entry about the article when I receive a copy of the issue. But I want you guys to go buy an issue. I noticed it at my work, so I know it can be found (except in other states...).

- Let me repeat myself: DO NOT, call me "Doctor Beavis". It annoys me for some reason. You call me that, I will not be respond to Beavis, when you call me Beavis.

- Update: As you read earlier, I bought Milo a new iPod Nano because I messed his up. Well, a few days after I gave him the new one, I then retrieved the new iPod box from Milo and I took it and the damaged iPod to Wal-Mart. Before I went in there, I was originally trying to see if they would trade the whole thing (opened box and damaged iPod) for a new one (unopened box and new iPod) so I could take it back to CompUSA to get my money back. Well, they only let me switch the damaged iPod for a new one, but made me keep the old box. Hey, at least this iPod works and I feel that I didn't waste my money on nothing. (And yes, I have learned my lesson...................................................................................................... For now.)

- I recently found out that since Albertson's sold themselves (that sounds wrong and dirty) to Cerberus, I found out that their spokesperson is former Vice President Dan Quayle. ...Crap! If they can't get spokespeople right, then we are doomed!

- For those of you who have a My Space account, you may have noticed that I have placed a couple of things on the bulletin board. Well, sometimes, they will be doubled. This is not intentional. It's just that when I go to post something, it doesn't show up. So I wait the 5 minutes (or even longer), and the posting is not up. So I try reposting again. Then, it may or may not work. But know, this is not intentional...

Friday, April 28, 2006

I Couldn't Wait Any Longer

Well, I finally did it. I caved in and purchased the new video iPod just a few minutes ago. Right now, it is in the dock recharging and uploading my music AND videos... He he he... I'm giddy. I didn't know I was going to get one today. It was just a random, "Fine, let's go get it" sort of deal.

Oh goodie, I can see how those news clips that I have posted on Annie's KUTV site look?
Plus, all the other video clips I have posted here on my blog.

Finally, I can now watch Napoleon Dynamite and any other movie I convert, on my iPod. Do you want to know the sad thing about that movie? I had ND already converted to be uploaded about a week ago. ........What? I wanted to be prepared and to test out that software that converts the movies. Now I have to convert all the Star Wars movies and see if I can do Lost and Titus... SWEET! But dang it! It takes around 3 hours to convert one movie... Well, I better get started.

Oh, and if anyone is still interested, I'm still trying to sell my 4G iPod. Tell you guys what? Since many of you guys like to read my blog, I'll give you a break. If you write me, tell me you want it, and mention you saw this on my blog, I'll drop the price down to $200! Plus all the music that I am offering and the AppleCare! If you are still interested, let me know... Otherwise, in about a month, I am going to put it up for sale on eBay... (Oh, if you live elsewhere other than in the SL valley, you'll have to pay for the shipping...) I finally sold it...

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bon of a Sitch!

Yesterday (4/26), when I got in my car to go to work, this is the first thing I noticed when I sat down.

Well, thanks to the a55h013, or in this case, a55h0135 (because it takes one person to drive the vehicle and one to throw the rock that did the damage), I now have to add "Replace windshield" to my things to do on my day off (tomorrow) because these idiots were dropped on there heads... repeatedly, when they were children.

In case you are wondering, I had my car parked on the street. I only pulled it onto the driveway to take the picture.

Happy Birthday Paul

Hey everyone, it's my father Paul's birthday today! If you know or see them, be sure to wish him a Happy Birthday!!!

Monday, April 17, 2006

The $159 Hack

Recently, I took Milo's (a co-worker) iPod Nano to reformat it for him. Well, while I had it, I thought, "I wonder if I could use this program I found to make it so that I can put videos on a Nano"?

Well, I found the software and tried installing it onto the iPod. Well, something when wrong after the iPod rebooted, because all it did was either show a bunch of error coding when starting up or it will start up like it the day you bought it. However, after you restart it from turning it off or reconnecting it to the computer, it once again shows the error codes or does the fresh restart all over again. Plus, when you connect it, it sees the device, but it can't make the full connection to see it as a iPod. It just see a device is connected. So, this little adventure that I wanted to try, ended up costing me $159, God dammit!

So I have now had and/or purchased the following iPods:

- Apple+HP iPod 20GB (3G)
- Apple+HP iPod 30GB (3G)
- Apple iPod 30GB (4G)
- Apple iPod 60GB (4G)*
- Apple iPod Shuffle 512MB
- Apple iPod 4GB mini (2G)
- Apple iPod 1GB nano

* I still have this one...

... Well, once my AppleCare is no longer helpful to the iPod I have now, I plan on purchasing the new video iPod. But that will not be until next year.

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter Everyone

Just wanted to tell everyone, Happy Easter. If you are not Christian (or in that area), I apologize... But we have to remember what is this day is about: You get to behead chocolate bunnies! Whoo-hoo!

If you are wondering where I got this clip from, its from one of my favorite TV shows, Mystery Science Theater 3000. I know this clip may be lame, but you have to understand the show to understand why I like it.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

This Just In...

Every 15th and end of the month, I will post stuff that I wanted to post here, but it didn't seem like I have enough data to post a full entry about it, or is about something that is coming up in my life or anything that I just wanted to post and just forgot to post when I had the time but ended up forgetting... Hopefully you get the point.

- Props to Geri for having a killer party on the 2nd. Sorry I left early (4AM), but I am the kind of person to not stay very long at parties... Even family parties.

- Well, it looks like I am going to the Napoleon Dynamite Festival alone this year. JoAnna can't make it... Thanks to her work. Those cheese eatin' surrender monkeys! (JoAnna, if you can somehow sneak away, you are still invited.)

- Ever since my work has now required the checkers to check a persons ID when they want to use a credit card, I have noticed that 1 in 50 people don't even realize (or have not attempted to have it corrected) that their name is spelt wrong on either their drivers license or credit card.

- Annie and I are finally (yet slowly) sitting down and working on her web page together.

- Because I now have my glasses and I can see much better, I want to go back down to Moab (and around that area) again to see what I really missed.

- I will be heading back up to Idaho between the 22nd and 26th (hopefully) of this month. If anyone wants anything, let me know beforehand...

- For those of you who have not checked out my sisters site in a while (since or before April 13th), I have changed the main picture to her page. The main page is the big picture, so I sliced it into five photos (you can't tell, huh?) for people with dial up. Then when you visit the other pages, the picture is only the top three slices.

- I have just looked at the map of the course Annie has to run in June. Let's just say, the distance they want her to run, I drive that to and from work... And, good lord! I just saw on the map that they have to do a lap around Sugar House Park........... I- I- I can barely do that walking!!! (Which I have never even tried... and I do walk my dog there.)

- Very interesting article to read: CEOs say how you treat a waiter can predict a lot about character. Be sure to read the 32 items on the left hand side of the page. (Oh, and make sure you have about 5-15 minutes to actually ready this... it takes a while, but well worth it!)

Friday, April 14, 2006

Welcome Home, to Utah's 115th Maintenance Company!

Submitted by: Tristyn

I would just like to say welcome home to my cousin John who has been proudly serving our country in Iraq for the past 15 months. His company came home without loosing one man. I am proud to say that I was able to make it to the airport to see him come home. We are glad to have you all back home safely! We missed you and we love you very much!

Sunday, April 9, 2006

Happy Birthday Jo

Hey everyone, it's JoAnna (Escobar's) birthday today! If you know or see her, be sure to wish her a Happy Birthday!!!

Saturday, April 8, 2006

Should It Stay or Should It Go?

Well, I now have my glasses. Target Optical (where I got my glasses) called me yesterday (4/7) and left a message saying my glasses were ready to be picked up. So I went in and picked them up and wore them out of the store (redneck trait) which felt odd. When I got in my car, I looked out the windshield and jokingly asked myself, "When did this state get mountains?". It was just that they always appeared as a blur to me (Note: the mountains I was looking when I said this were the ones near downtown Salt Lake). When I was driving home, I was looking at the mountains (the ones near Big Cottonwood Canyon) and noticed I could see all the trees and they were crystal clear. The so-called smog around mountains was gone. Now I know it was just my eyesight causing this so-called smog...

As I write this, the only question that now remains about me having these glasses is, whether or not I should shave my goatee. I mean, when I have my glasses off, they make me look older and in my opinion, a little bad-ass (tougher, meaner)... But that is just me (lol). Then, when I put them on, I look like a freak with the goatee. Then, I cover my chin with my hand (while the glass are on), I look like I should be in one of the ads that they show someone wearing glasses... Or like I should be in a college or something... You get the point.

This is where you come in and get to vote: Should I shave it... or should it stay? Click here to cast your vote! Simply tell me, "Keep it!" or "Shave it!". I'll post the results here on Monday. (If you need help deciding, simply click on the picture and then move a couple of fingers over the chin... Sorry for the picture, but you try taking a picture of yourself in a semi-dark room.)

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Saturday, April 1, 2006

April Fool's

I am hoping I didn't piss anyone off...

I hope you enjoyed my little April Fool's joke that I did to two of my web pages (the main page to and my blog page...). In case you missed it, I had it set so that all the links on the main page of Ryan, link right back to the main page. And for those that have my blog page bookmarked, I had that set to jump right back to the main page as well.

Just for your sake, you didn't miss anything major or exciting on my blog. As you can see below, I did not post a entry and I put everything back to normal around 14:30 (2:30PM MST)...

I was trying to find a way to convert my web page code so that it would display it backwards. I remember years ago that there was one web page that did this, but it is no longer available. So that is why I did it like this....

I was also debating on whether or not I should turn off the counter... But, I showed me how many times it viewed my main web page. By the time I changed everything back I had 48 hits to the main page...