Friday, June 30, 2006

This Just In...

Every 15th and end of the month, I will post stuff that I wanted to post here, but it didn't seem like I have enough data to post a full entry about it, or is about something that is coming up in my life or anything that I just wanted to post and just forgot to post when I had the time but ended up forgetting... Hopefully you get the point.

- I really updated my sisters web page. Go check it out! However, she want to add another section to the site, so we are going to be working on that possibly later today
- The Napoleon Dynamite Festival is now less than 7 days away! Yesssss....
... Normally, I post stuff here at the end of the month. However, this past month, I have been scrapped for blog entries, so I have posted anything I could.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Knowing Me, Knowing You -- Part III

Well, here we are again with another set of question that you have asked me. Now it is your turn again. Simply copy and paste the questions below onto a word document (Notepad, so you can save it if you don't finish answering all the questions at once) and then paste them into an e-mail and send it to me. I would like to know a little about you as well...

< -- Start -- >
How old were you when you got your first real kiss?

What would you do if you won a million dollars?

How many hours do you spend on the computer (work, home, customers, etc.)?

What are your views on this whole immigration thing that's been going on?

What kind of wedding do you want?

Who is the most annoying person you know?

What are you allergic to?

If you could interview anyone in history, who would it be and why?

What was your favorite TV show as a kid?

Do you have any enemies?

What's your favorite dessert?

What was the worse thing your parents made you eat as a kid?

Do you still have your baby blanket, and if so do you sleep with it? Any stories behind your baby blanket?

What is the last dream you remember having?

What is your earliest memory involving a computer, and explain about it?

If you were stranded on a desert island, what would you want to be with...?

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?

What is your dream career?

Who is your favorite comedian?

Do you believe in the Loch Ness monster?

How many Napoleon Dynamite shirts do you own?

If you found out that you were going to die tomorrow, how would you spend your last day?
< -- End -- >

Now it is my turn...

"Have you ever laughed at a scene during a movie, that no one else laughed at?"

"Name the most disturbing thing you have seen on TV or in a movie, but it was also the funniest thing you have seen as well? Is there a link to it?" (I'll post my answer to this tomorrow.)

"When was the last time you had your cars oil changed? When was the last time you did it yourself?"

"If you could have any super power, what would it be?"

"Before you received your first CD player, you probably owned cassette tapes. Were there any CD's you purchased that you already had the cassettes to after you received the CD player? What about VHS and DVD?"

You can send your answers to me by e-mail, or by using my comments page (probably easier by sending it by e-mail). Remember, this is for fun and I will not post your answers on my blog. This is only between you and I.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

All Around The World

"If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?" - Tristyn

Hawaii! No questions asked, Hawaii. I mean, Hawai'i...

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Five Days of Bliss - III

And now that last part of my 5 days off...

Thursday (6/22):
Tristyn and I had to be up early on Thursday because I had a doctor appointment. Trust me, if I didn't have to go to this appointment, we would have slept in to sleep off the alcohol. After the doctor, we went over to Jamba to get breakfast. While we doing that, we noticed that a F.Y.E. had taken over the old Media Play building. So, we stopped in there and I actually found the third season of Titus-- YES! Now I have a place to go buy music/DVD's instead of Best Buy (unless BB has something you can't get anywhere else). I dropped Tristyn off at her house afterwards so she could clean up and I came back home so I could try messing around with this operating system I had finally finished download. I wanted to have Mac OS X duel-boot on a my computer, but since it was not working, I gave up. I tried to get some sleep, but Tristyn came back over, so we had to head back out again.

Tristyn needed visor clips for her car (the clips that hold the visor to the car so it doesn't move on you when you are driving... those things), so we went over to Pick-N-Pull on 33rd (I was just looking at their site, and they have an entire Neon for $99. I don't know how many parts are left on it though... lol). Since Tristyn needed the parts, she paid the $2 to get me into the wrecking yard since I knew where to look and could find and take them off faster. So, while looking around for her parts, I saw a Neon of my generation with a spoiler. However, someone had rammed into the back of this Neon pretty good. So trying to get this spoiler off would be an adventure. So I thought, "There has to be another Neon around here with a spoiler...?!" Sure enough, the next Neon I found was the exact color as my car and it had a spoiler. I would have taken the trunk lid with the spoiler (so I don't have to worry about where to drill the holes), but it would have taken me too long to deal with wiring the truck back together (on my car) and getting the R/T strips off. Plus, it said 'Dodge' on this lid, minus the 'NEON'. Mine is Plymouth with the 'NEON' logo on it. So I just decided it would be easier and cheaper to just take the spoiler. Tristyn was waiting for me in the main entrance building. So, as soon as I removed the spoiler, I was carrying it like a surfboard. When I saw Tristyn, I did the hand gesture for "Hang Loose".

After I paid for the part, we left because we had to go pick up her nieces in Draper. After picking them up, we headed back downtown to the library. Since it was now 4PM, we took State Street home. However, on the way home, we stopped at Jason's and got something to eat. While Tristyn was in ordering, I called the auto body shop where I have take my car in [1] [2] before. I scheduled an appointment to have them install the spoiler. I want them to do it because I am afraid that if I were to drill holes to place the spoiler on the trunk, I would screw up and I would have to pay to have them paint a new/used trunk.

So, after we got Jason's, we took her nieces back to her house to wait for Tristyn's mom to get home from work to watch them. Around 6, she got home and we took off again. When I got back home, I had to lay down for a power nap. After my power nap, Tristyn and I went outside and washed our cars. After I washed mine, I waxed the spoiler >>> and only the top of my car. During the NDF, I plan to use that window marker stuff I just bought on my windows. If I am crazy enough, I may write on the paint of my car too. Relax, we have tested whether or not it will do any damage to the paint ( won't). So if I write on the body of my car, the wax would have just beaded up the marker and it wouldn't do any good. But we will wait to see if I actually write on it.

While Tristyn was vacuuming out her car, I decided to take Snickers for a walk.

And that folks, that was my 5 day vacation away from work... AND I LOVED IT! Just remember, the NDF is coming up in July, so I'll be taking some time off of work there to. Oh, and to let you know, I took my car in on Friday (6/23) to get an estamate as to how much it will cost me to put it in ($80), and to schedule an appointment. I am hoping to have it installed later this week.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Can't We All Just, Get Along?

"Do you have any enemies?" - JoAnna

I know I do, but since time has passed, so I don't know if they are still my enemies or if I am now just considered a nuisance to them...

Seatbelts Do Save Lives

Submitted by: Tristyn Vallejo

[On Friday] night, 6/23/06, my Dad decided to head up to our property up at Strawberry Reservoir. He had planed on leaving late, and ended up doing so. As he was driving though Soldier Creek around 10 PM, some elk came out of the middle of no where. He ended up hitting at least two of them and almost hit another car. He says that he dragged one with his truck for about 100 feet before he finally came to a stop after going over the embankment and ending up in a field, pressing on the breaks the whole time. As you can see from the pictures the truck is most likely totaled. As for my Dad, he came out of this without a single scratch. He says that he told the cop that he did at least two things right: he wore his seat belt and that he does not drink. My mom had to go pick him up from Heber, where they had towed his truck, and bring him back home.

He will tell you that it was the fact that he was wearing his seat belt that saved his life that night. I hope that if you are not one to usually buckle up, this might make you think twice, you never know what might be around the next corner.

Updated on June 27, 2006 @ 12:45 MST

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Five Days of Bliss - II

And now Wednesday's adventure...

Wednesday 6/21:
While talking to JoAnna, she posted this comment/clip on my MySpace page for my birthday. Holy CRAP! That is the hottest strip show I have ever seen. Well the person who posted the video clip, deleted it, so I ended up deleting the comment where the video was posted. However, JoAnna did leave another colorful birthday message on my MySpace page. (Oh wait, I've already talked about comments on my profile from an early blog... Sorry.)

Around 7AM, Snickers (my dog) woke me up to wish me a happy birthday in her own special way... "Get up, I need to go bathroom!". I tried to go back to bed, but I couldn't. Since Tristyn and I had plans together, she headed over to my house around 9AM and we first headed out to pick up my car. Then, we met up at Denny's for breakfast. After breakfast, we went and we both
had new ID's made. Well, I had to re-new my drivers license, she just had a new ID card made. I would post a picture of me from my new card, but it's the temporary card, so not a good quality card. Plus, I don't have my scanner attached to my computer (no more USB ports). If you want to see it, just ask me in person...

After the DMV, we came home and had a small nap. After the nap, we left my house and had to stop at the Wild Oats near my house. The whole time I was in there, I was thinking, "Hippy... Hippy... HIPPY!". Oh, I am so glad I am vegetarian, not vegan. For those of you who know me well enough, can you imagine me being vegan? I don't think I would like hanging out with myself. lol. So, I won't be going back there again.... Unless I'm dragged along for the ride or all of a sudden I have to start eating super healthy.

After Wild Oats, we went to the movies. We went and seen Nacho Libre. It was an okay film. At first, I was hoping it would live up the Napoleon Dynamite excitement. But just like Napoleon Dynamite, the first time you watch it, you are like, "What the heck is this?". But, I think I am going to have to go see it again, so I catch all the parts in it that make sense later... Just like Napoleon Dynamite where you have to watch it again, to have the jokes make sense.

Came back home and waited for everyone to get there so we could go to dinner. But before we left for dinner, I got to open my presents. I got this cool card from my brother. He wrote it in 1337 (leet). It took you a while to read if you don't know what to expect. Then my sister gave me a card and a gift card to Jason's Deli... Thanks Annie. My parents gave me some cash plus a ceiling fan to go in my room. I have box fan, but I have to keep trading that off to cool my room off, me off (when I sleep -- It gets so hot during the night for some reason) and to keep my computer cool when it gets hot in my room (which has caused it to restart a couple times)... So I'm hoping the ceiling fan comes in handy.

My family and I (along with my sister's boyfriend and Tristyn) went to Olive Garden because I have never been there. Oh, I had to beg my family not to have them sing to me. I told them I'm having a good day so far, please don't ruin it... So I didn't have to be sang to. Yayyy! Tristyn asked me later if I liked Olive Garden? I said it was okay. I'd go back if I was only invited to go.

After dinner, Tristyn and I went to Fashion Place Mall and to to look for something she needed, but we couldn't find it. So we left and stopped at AutoZone to pick up the part for my car. We came back to my to my place to party! Well, it wasn't a big party. We were going to drink and watch Mystery Science Theater 3000. Remember the watermelon from yesterday? Well, I tried a small bite of it... It was alright at first, but then the vodka just hits you. I had to spit it out before I threw up. The problem was, I over did it on the vodka. So, we just ended up drinking the beers/wine coolers we purchased earlier and ended up watching comedians I downloaded, instead of MST3K. Later on, Tristyn wanted to watch an animation movie. So we watched Shrek. I haven't seen that since it was release to DVD. Later, we talked for about an hour and then went to bed (aka, crashed).

I will finish my story on Tuesday...

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Five Days of Bliss

From Sunday (6/18) to Thursday (6/22), I had 5 days off of work... Except for Tuesday, which I will get to in just a sec. I am not trying to bore you here, I'm just trying to tell you what I did on my days off. Now, I originally wrote this as a whole entry... But it was VERY long. So I have split it into three entries. I'll post what I did on Wednesday tomorrow and what I did on Thursday on 6/27's blog entry.

Sunday 6/18:
Sunday was Father's Day. My family and I went to my grandparents house to celebrate Father's Day by having a barbeque. Since my birthday is very close to (or some times on), we end up celebrating it that day with my family.

Monday 6/19:
I really didn't do anything. I can't remember if I left my house?! ...Wait, I remember why I wanted this day off. I had an appointment with my auto mechanic to have them look something over for me. So I was with out a car. I had to use my mom's truck later in the afternoon to take back a computer to a customer. I had been working on this thing since the beginning of this month. The guy went out of town, but I can't argue with him there. However, I did take a big loss (I didn't make a profit) to working on that computer though. I had to order a part, the part wasn't the problem, so I had to send it back on my dollar. Gosh! Well, I also went to the post office to send back the part I ordered, and then I stopped off at the liquor store to grab some vodka. That's all I did for Monday.

Tuesday 6/20:
(Car was still in the shop, so I borrowed my mom's truck again... in case you were wondering.)

So on Tuesday, I was originally scheduled work from 2 to 8. However, I asked another co-worker if she would like to work it for me? She said she could only work 4-8, I said that is fine, I could just come in the 2 hours. Well, not long after I got there, she showed up and ended up working the other 2 hours for me since I really didn't want to be there. So I went home and mowed my parents lawn.

Remember that vodka I bought? Well, I had been planning to take the vodka and spike a watermelon. But since we had some watermelon that was already cut up, I really didn't want to waste more watermelon when I could use these. So I took a container and put the fruit in it. Then, I poured the vodka over it and placed it in the downstairs fridge.

Later that night, JoAnna was online so we talked for a bit. She told me she wanted to tell me something, but didn't want to tell me since it was [just then] my birthday. However, I think I figured out what it was. I e-mailed her about it, and I haven't heard back since... So I am thinking my theory was right. It I am right, it's cool. Not the end of the world... But who knows, I could be dead wrong.

I will continue my story tomorrow...

(Updated on June 25, 2006 @ 21:49 MST)

Friday, June 23, 2006

"I Don't Sleep, I Dream" - R.E.M.

"What is the last dream you remember having?" - JoAnna

Before I answer that, I'm going to quickly post a Mitch Hedberg joke.

"I hate dreaming. Because when you sleep, you wanna sleep. Dreaming is work, you know - there I am in a comfortable bed, the next thing you know, I have to build a go-kart with my ex-landlord. I want to dream of me watching myself sleep."

The last dream that I can recall was one that I had mentioned some time ago to you JoAnna... And since it was personal, so I don't think I'll be sharing it with the world! LOL. (Don't bother asking me by e-mail or in person, because I will never tell.)

Okay, the last dream I remember having (back when I wrote this how long ago) is this. For some reason, I was in a simple country town, except there were barely any houses. Anyways, all I remember is driving and following these two other vehicles, and they kept coming to train crossings. You know, the ones with the giant arm things and have flashing lights. However, every time we came up to one, it would malfunction and start going off even though there was no trains coming in either direction. It's like it knew we were coming and do this purposely. The other cars and I would have to wait for just a few seconds before the giant arm things went back up and we could keep on driving. However, we kept coming to these crossings, one after another, and at each one, the same thing would happen. Well, this dream ended after a while and I can't remember what I dreamt next... I only remember this dream because it kept frustrating me that I had to keep stopping... Especially in my dream!

Now if you will excuse me, I need to get to bed. I have some serious dreaming to do...

Thursday, June 22, 2006


I just want to say thanks to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday, yesterday. As for what I did on my birthday, well, I will be posting what I have done these past 5 days in the next few days. If I have too much to write about, I will split up the entries. But I am hoping I don't have to... Cause I don't want to bore you. Ha!

Oh, two things... First: JoAnna, I had to delete that one video clip from my comments because the person who posted it, deleted it. So it wasn't worth having it posted when you couldn't view it... Dang it! It was a hot video too...

Two, how awesome is this...?

If you don't know who that is, he is a comedian. He was recently seen on Last Comic Standing. He is also the first famous person on my MySpace friends list to post a comment. SWEET!!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What I Think About Turning 26...?

Explaining Why...?!

"Why don't you like your birthday?" - Tristyn

Have you ever had something bad happen near/on a particular day, and when ever that day rolls around, you really don't want to do anything or maybe not talk to anyone...?

Back in November of 2001, I was busted a second time for possession. Well, I never told my parents about it, because I really didn't need to tell them since I could handle it on my own. On June 19th or 20th, 2002, I received a letter in the mail from the courts. However, my dad somehow thought the letter was addressed to him and opened it. That's how they found out about my second offense. My mom said she wanted me out of the house (...yet I'm still here). So that literally ruined my day and my birthday. So, pretty much that entire day, I was like, "Leave me alone and do not talk to me...", and it has stuck with me ever since. I avoided anyone I knew for most of my birthday that year. Well, I did go out later with my friends at the time and met two new people... One is still my friend and the other is my ex-girlfriend.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Chicken McFlurry

"What came first, the chicken or the egg?" - Tristyn

(Surfer's ego...) Like, the egg, buddy. Anyone who was, like, into science knows that. Ha ha... First, there was like, these radical baby dinosaur eggs that were here first, then the almighty chicken McNugget came along, like, millions of years later... Huh-huh... Errr...

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

I just wanted to wish all the dad's out there, Happy Father's Day.

Friday, June 16, 2006

My Favorite Meal

"What's your favorite dessert?" - JoAnna

I actually have a few...

For any event, it has to be Strawberry Short Cake with whipped cream... Mmm-- MMM! As for my birthday cake, it is Boston Cream Pie, the one made specially at Dan's Foods, not Marie Calendar's!!! For some reason, the fake whipped cream topping that MC puts on top and how they put it in a pie shell just ruins the dessert.

However, I do like to get my fresh fruit cup when I order at Jason's deli. And it's always bonus points too when there is pineapple in it... Shibby!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

This Just In...

Every 15th and end of the month, I will post stuff that I wanted to post here, but it didn't seem like I have enough data to post a full entry about it, or is about something that is coming up in my life or anything that I just wanted to post and just forgot to post when I had the time but ended up forgetting... Hopefully you get the point.

- I didn't see this until just now, but look at the picture of Annie on the ledge at Dead Horse Point. Well, not of Annie, but to the left and down a little... I thought she was crazy, but those other people are! I never saw them because I never had glasses at that time.

- I forgot to mention back when I was asked, "If you are single, what are the qualities/specifications you are looking for in a mate?", I forgot to mention one thing. She has to know how to mow lawns... You know, in case I am not feeling well and the lawn needs to be mowed.

- I mentioned that I answer questions on Yahoo! Answers. Here are some of the questions that I have asked:

- "Napoleon Dynamite Festival?"
- "Who here is addicted to Yahoo! Answers?"
- "Have you ever laughed during a movie...?"
- "Can a company get in trouble for not paying employees on time?"
- "Is this normal?"
- "Green light, red light, stop _or_ go...?"
- "What is the name of the beer...?"
- "Why is iTunes doing this?"
- "When I spike a watermelon...?"
- "Musical possibilities?"
- "What are your vacation plans for this summer?"

- I totally forgot about this! While Tristyn and I were riding on TRAX to the Gateway for the Marathon on the 3rd of this month, there was this lady in front of us using her mascara on her hair! You know, like it was a dye or a brush or something...?! I recorded a short video of her doing this, but while trying to edit things on my camera, I accidentally deleted it. : (

- I am really getting to the point right now where I want to go the NDF alone... JoAnna can't make it this year, so I ended up letting Tristyn come along. And speaking of, I am probably going to take my computer system and monitor up there with me. Although I will not have internet connection, I may need something to do now that the festival has been pushed to just the 8th, not 7th & 8th. But I will wait and see until the week of the festival.

- About one of the questions above, about the watermelon, I want to spike a watermelon to celebrate my birthday.

- Not a whole lot to post today. Lately, since I don't have something fun to post (not related to me, something to entertain your guys as well), I have just been posting anything and everything that I can.... Maybe at the end of this month, I'll have something cool to post.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

For the Love of the Game

Last Monday (6/5), my cousin had an article in the Salt Lake Tribune about a recent golf game he won. However, I would normally post a link to article, but since they only have articles online for 14 days, I decided to copy and paste it here instead.

Johnson Hits Jackpot
By Jay Drew

Holladay's Zach Johnson, a former Southern Utah University golfer, won the 36-hole event with an 11-under-par 133.

It was Johnson's last amateur tournament, because he will turn pro shortly and move to Las Vegas.

Former Southern Utah University golfer Zach Johnson will move to Las Vegas today and turn professional in a couple of weeks. He might have some unexpected help with the packing.

The state's other top amateurs will be glad to see him go.

Johnson, 23, won the last amateur golf tournament he hopes he will ever play in - his fifth win on the Utah amateur golf circuit in the last two months - on Sunday, taking the Richard C. Kramer Salt Lake City Amateur by a stroke over New Jersey move-in Dan Horner and reigning State Am champ Michael McRae.

Johnson, who graduated from Cottonwood High and lives in Holladay, shot a 2-under 70 at Bonneville Golf Course on Sunday to go with Saturday's 63 that gave him the first-round lead by a shot over Horner.

"It's definitely a good tournament to win," he said. "Besides the State Amateur, this is the one you definitely want to win."

What a way to go out.

Johnson increased his lead in his first two holes Sunday, lost it dramatically, then regained it with one majestic 40-foot putt and held on with two routine pars.

"Actually," he said, "there was no holding on. It was choking and then making a comeback. I didn't have time to hold on."

Johnson's lead looked safe for most of the front nine, but he made a triple bogey on the par-3 ninth to fall to 7-under (Bonneville's nines were reversed this year, except for No. 1 and No. 10) and had time at the turn to learn that Horner had finished at 10-under.

"That's when I knew I had to kick it in gear," he said.

A 6-foot par putt on No. 10 kept him from falling apart, he said, and birdies on 11 and 12 put him back in contention.

On 16, a 520-yard par-5, he hit the center of the green with a 6-iron from 200 yards, then sunk the slightly bending 40 footer.

"I would say that was the putt that did it," he said. "If that misses the hole, I got 6 to 8 feet coming back for birdie. . . . Truthfully, I wanted to lag up and hit a tap-in birdie and try to get another birdie on [17 or 18]."

He didn't have to, though, thanks to the eagle, and was able to par out to record his biggest - and last- accomplishment as an amateur.

"It's pretty sweet to go out with a win," he said.

Johnson is moving to Las Vegas so he can play on the Butch Harmon Tour, a second-year series of 10 events and a tour championship, all on Las Vegas-area golf courses. He's engaged to be married this fall.

Zach Johnson celebrates after an eagle on the 16th hole
put him in position to win the Salt Lake City Amateur.

(Danny Chan La/The Salt Lake Tribune)

Off The Island

"If you were stranded on a desert island, what would you want to be with...?" - Tristyn

My iPod, something to keep the iPod charged, and food... I could go without a woman, because I now have a video iPod!!! Oops! I've said too much as it is. I'M JUST KIDDING! I don't have porn on my iPod. If you don't believe me, ask to see the Movie list on my iPod. Although, the day I bought it, that thought did cross my mind...

The reason I don't have porn on there is because at the moment, I am currently trying to get episodes of MST3K and Titus.... and anything else I can think of (television wise) onto my iPod. But it takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours to convert a single movie file into the right format so I can upload it onto my iPod.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Upcoming Road Trips

Many of you know I am looking forward to this years road trip to the 2006 Napoleon Dynamite Festival in July. However, I have found out about some more road trips that I will be doing this year as well.

First, Brian originally asked me if I wanted to go to a rave at the Little Sahara Sand Dunes this Saturday. Since time flew by and I forgot to ask for that day off, I can't go. So Brian, if you are going, have fun dude.

Second, now that Annie has been running marathons this year, she has been invited to participate in the St. George Marathon and will possibly run in the Las Vegas Marathon.
If I go with, this will be the first time I get to gamble in Vegas, baby! The last time I was in Vegas was when we had a lay-over from our (my family and I) flight from Phoenix to Salt Lake. I was only 18 at the time... My God, has it been that long!

Brian also wants to go to San Francisco, CA. I don't know when, but I asked him if I could come to when he goes. He said yeah (at the time), but who knows, he may end up going alone or not going at all...

Now that I have added St. George and Las Vegas to my list on my Photos page, you should see the list for this year alone.

Also, I might be staying home around the time of the Ute Stampede this year. If Snickers is too far in the pregnancy, I plan on staying home with her. Who knows, we will see when the time comes as to what happens.

Thursday, June 8, 2006

I Don't Eat Greens... I Smoke Them! (...not)

"What was the worse thing your parents made you eat as a kid?" - JoAnna

I don't recall anything bad that they wanted me to eat. I mean, all kids won't eat their vegetables when they are young. But that is normal. Oh, by the way... Eating carrots to help you see better.... That's a lie-- LOOK AT ME NOW!!! Gosh!

But to give you an idea as the worse thing I ate when I was young would have to be rainbow trout. Now, I want to state for the record that my parents did not make me eat it, I wanted to eat it... I was curious.

I think I was 9-12 (in that age range) and my family was up camping. My uncles had prepared the fish that I think we all caught the day before. However, after eating it, the taste of the fish lingered in my mouth for more than half that day. I wouldn't even swallow because it tasted so bad. And what made it worse was that we went driving and I couldn't spit, so I had to keep that stuff building up for more than an hour. Gross, I know...

Try this for an experiment. Try to not swallow your saliva. You notice yourself doing it naturally. But try doing this for an hour. You find yourself holding the saliva in your mouth, while your body HAS to make that swallowing motion...

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Just Keep Ripping, You'll Be Alright!

"Why do you like giving people sh!t?" - Tristyn

Because it so easy, wussy...

Actually, I slowly picked this trait up from watching Mystery Science Theater 3000. How they would riff on anything they were watching. That is why (90% of the time) I always have something comical to come back with towards something you just said...

I don't do it to offend or upset people, I do it to try to get a laugh out of you. But if it upsets you, try coming back at me with something better. By that time, I usually have nothing to come back with because I'm shocked that you were able to come back at my come back...

I Got To Be On The News!

Alright, so maybe I didn't get to talk face to face with an actual reporter, but at least I was seen on the news for a split second.

I just added the last batch of videos yesterday (until we get a copy of that one week we forgot to record) to the KUTV section on Annie's web page (Week 22). And while I was watching it, I noticed that they showed the crossover ledge that Tristyn and I were standing on when Annie crossed the finish line at the SLC Marathon. This shows you how high up were were, and how crappy the quality my camera is when it comes to recording. So from now on, I'm taking the camcorder with me when it comes to events like this!

If you click on the picture, you can see where I was. I placed a red circle around us.

If you want to see any of the news clips, visit Annie's webpage.

Monday, June 5, 2006

My Fun Weekend

Sorry I kept you guys waiting, but you'll understand in just a few moments as to why I was so tired to sit down and focus on writing about my weekend.

Friday (6/2):
On Friday, Tristyn came over to my house and waited while I got ready. After we left, we actually went to breakfast at Denny's. That beats McDonald's any day. After eating breakfast, we headed out to BCI to get a copy of my criminal record so I knew whether or not I was able to apply to get my records expunged, or if I would have to wait another 2 years. I gave them my paper work to look up my record. I only had to wait about 15 minutes to find out I have two misdemeanors. That means, I am able to get my record expunged now or very soon. I told them to go ahead and send my request to be expunged. The state has to see if I have been doing okay before they give the thumbs up. So, I will find out in a few weeks.

After that, we filled up the car with gas and were on our way up to Idaho. We ran into road construction so many times, it wasn't funny. They are still working on the road up between Franklin and Preston. They started working on that back in 2003 (according to the comments on the ND DVD).

Our first stop in Preston was the Chamber of Commerce to talk to the lady in charge there. I asked her if it would be alright if while during the festival that I park my car on State Street with a banner on my car advertising my ND web page. She doesn't mind the banner, but she told me that there is a two hour limit for parking on State Street. She then told me that most of the events will be held at the runners track (the one used in the movie), so I plan on designing and having a banner made for my car, and then parking in the best spot possible at the event. After we left the C.o.C., we headed back south to La Tienda to get lottery tickets and then over to Big J's for lunch. After lunch, headed back home, but not before stopping off at my work to get my schedule.

Since we had to be up early the next day, we decided to call it a night. But since my body (and mind) wouldn't let me fall asleep, I was up until 1 or 2 in the morning watching Mystery Science Theater. I finally fell asleep and...

Saturday (6/3):
Tristyn called and woke my tired butt up around 8AM. Got ready and drove over to Tristyn's house to pick her up. We left my car at the TRAX station because I didn't want to try to deal with traffic up at the Gateway. So we took TRAX downtown, but because the course of the race ran across on 4th South, the train stopped there and let everyone off. We crossed the street by foot and waited for another train to come from the University TRAX Line.

We took the new train up to the end of the line, The Delta Center. Then walked into the Gateway and saw all the excitement going on. We arrived at 10AM. I noticed my mom called while I was on the train, but when I kept trying to call her back, she didn't answer. Well, around 10:30, she finally answered. She, my dad and brother had left earlier in the morning to stop and cheer her on at three different locations along the way of the marathon course. When I finally got a hold of my mom, she said that it would be around 30 minutes to an hour before she finally arrived at the Gateway. I wanted to get better shot with the video of her passing the finish line, so we went to the crossway on the second level.

After she passed the finish line, I just booked it towards the finish line because I wanted to congratulate her. Well, after she had talked to the news, she decided she had enough and wanted to go home. I don't blame her, and you will see on the pictures page as to why she wanted to go home (...her feet). However, since Tristyn and I took TRAX, we stayed around a bit longer and decided to have lunch at the food court. Afterwards, we then stopped in at the Apple store and messed around with an iMac and PhotoBooth. We took some pictures of us and then decided to head home. On the way home, I was was almost dazing off. But since it was not quiet enough, my mind would not let me fall asleep. So as soon as we got home, we checked out the pictures and then crashed for an hour.

After we woke up, we were trying to decide what to do for the evening. But since I was still so tired, I really didn't want to do anything. Later on, Annie then offered the two extra tickets she had to the awards ceremony at the Gallivan Plaza to Tristyn and I. Since we had nothing better to do, we decided to go. We had to hurry and stop at Jason's and grab something to eat because we had not ate anything since lunch. As we waited for TRAX, Annie was telling us about the race and all the stuff she experienced along the way. I'll see if she will sit down and write a blog entry of her experience for everyone to read. I could do it myself, but I know I would seriously screw up her words and stories. Or Annie, if you are reading this, would you mind telling your experience during the marathon?

We all got onto TRAX and then got off at 3rd South. It was fun, except for the fact that Tristyn wouldn't let me have a beer... Gosh! Annie talked to, I believe her name is, Joyce. She was another sponsored runner from KUTV. While Annie was talking to her, Tristyn and I walked around and checked out the opening band that was playing. I tried to get their name, but I couldn't remember it. Well the ceremonies then began and we sat down and watched as they handed out the awards. After that, we walked around some more before the main band started playing. Tommy Castro Band. They are a blues/rock band from California. If I read right on the SLC Marathon website (a few days before the marathon), they have played on SNL. I would post some video clips of the band playing, but many of you may not be interested. So, it would be a waste. But if you are interested, check out their site for downloads. After listening to a few songs, and trying to record them next to the speaker, we decided to head back home. We got back on TRAX, but we knew something wasn't right when it started to head east towards the U of U. So we got back off near the downtown library and waited for another train to take us back to the station we were just at. After we got back to the Gallivan Plaza station, we made sure we were getting on a southbound train, and headed home.

Now you can see why I was exhausted from two days... And I hope you can understand all of this. As I write this, it is now...... 2:46 AM. So I am feeling a little tired right now (my head is resting on my knee) and everything may not make perfect sense. If you spot something that doesn't make sense, just either send a comment in to me or wait until I read this entry again after I wake up... Night!

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Saturday, June 3, 2006

Please Be Patient

Yes, I will tell you what I did these two days that I had off of work (Friday, 6/2 and Saturday, 6/3) in just a few days. It's just that I have had very little sleep in these past few days and have been very busy too. Plus, I have to work on posting so many pictures, and update many web pages, I don't even know where to begin because my mind is tired too. ...Oh, and continue to do the work I need to do around the house and at my job.

As for now, I will just continue to post the questions you guys have asked me, along with my answers to those questions, until I have finished doing what I need to do... So just check back just like you normally do. Thanks!

Blue Screen of Death

"If you found out that you were going to die tomorrow, how would you spend your last day?" - Tristyn

I probably would tie all loose ends, if I had any blogs to post, I would hurry and post them... Um... Geez, what can you do? I guess, made sure everyone knows that I want to be a donor, and after donating any part that can be used, that I want to be cremated.

I don't know, I really haven't thought about it. I guess, if I had to go, then it's my time and I have no other choice but to accept it and to go gently into that good night.

Friday, June 2, 2006

Go! Annie! Go!

I am now posting this blog entry a day early. But at 6:45 AM tomorrow (6/3), Annie will be up at the starting line at the George S. Eccles Olympic Legacy Bridge ready to start the 26.2 mile marathon.

Anyone who has the day off on Saturday or has a moment to kill, stop by The Gateway to help cheer everyone who is running. But make sure you plan ahead. If you do come out to help cheer on the runners (or just to shop), please find another way to get there. Meaning, don't take your car because it will be very over-crowded. So please take TRAX or the bus instead. The runners should be crossing the line most likely after 11AM.

I will be there, of course (I asked for this Saturday off like 4 months ago!), cheering for my sister (and other runners) and taking pictures for her and my webpage. I'll work as fast as I can to post all the pictures that I can, but please be patient until then. I'll let you know when I am done posting the pictures.

Oh, and Annie.... Good Luck! I know you can do it...

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Release Me

(5/13) I was only able to get about 4 hours of sleep before my roommate started moaning because he was in pain, and the nurses were not responding to button you push when you need a nurse or assistance. So I pushed my "Nurse Button" and someone came in and I told them that he (my roommate) needed help. They got him whatever he needed, but I was now awake. So I tried to watch/listen to Napoleon Dynamite a couple of times to try and help me get back to sleep, but that didn't help. So I played my games until around 6AM when my incision started to hurt. So I called my nurse and told her that I was in pain, and she brought me a Vicodin. I should have called them much earlier on that because that helped me relax enough to let me sleep for an hour or two.

Around 8AM, my dad called and asked how I was doing and to make sure things were okay. I then talked to my mom and wished her a "Happy Mother's Day". Around 9AM, I received the breakfast that I got to choose from a menu the day before. So I was happy for once on what I was fed. I ate, and once breakfast was over with, Dr. McAninch stopped by once more to make sure things went okay. I told him the incision started to hurt earlier, but he looked and said everything looked fine.

I forgot to mention this earlier in the blog entry about the day of surgery... I don't know what the doctors did, but after the surgery, my 'juevos' and (whistle) were just black and blue. Not the entire thing area, just about 60-70% of the area. It's like that area had been in a cock fight [rim shot]. Lol

I can't remember when Annie arrived, but I know by now in this part of the story, she was at the hospital with me. While she waited, she brought a book with her on this trip so she had something to read.

But it was now lunch time, and once again, I was happy to eat something I got to pick out. Well, after lunch, my nurse made me get up and walk around the hallways again. Once we were done with the walk, they had one more antibiotic to have me take in before I was to be discharged. So they let it drip and we both sat there and waited (I was in my bed, Annie was in a chair) for the antibiotic to finish. Once that was done, we waited for her to finish up the paperwork to allow me to be discharged, and for the prescriptions to be written.

Well, I was officially discharged and I was leaving level 14, or as I call it, "The Death Floor". Every time I did my walks, I would look in the rooms of the other patients, and they were either sleeping or looking like they were ready to die (even if they were not there to die). My nurse even said that it was quite nice to have a patient who could sit up on their own and who wasn't always in constant need of something.

They brought a wheelchair around for me to help get me to the main level so we could wait for the cab. We didn't even have to wait long before the cab driver arrived at the hospital. He took us back to the hotel, where I walked in the lobby looking like I had been horseback riding for days. Got back to the room, and shortly after, was successful in going the bathroom. That hurt!

Since I was unable to get a good night sleep before, I crashed and awoke when I was hungry. So we ordered a pizza and had it delivered to the room. We watched the Jazz/Warriors game (Jazz won), and I then took a shower since I had not had one in almost 2 1/2 days. I don't remember much after watching the game, so I must have played my games and then went to bed.

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Memories Are Made Of These

"Do you still have your baby blanket, and if so do you sleep with it? Any stories behind your baby blanket?" - JoAnna

I don't have my baby blanket in my room.... I don't even know if we still have it. I'll be sad if it is gone. Dang it! Now I am going to go look for it!

I FOUND IT!!! You should have seen the smile on my face when I found it. (lol) Now that you have me paranoid about it. I need to put it in a box or somewhere safe. As for the stories part, I can't recall any. To my knowledge, I wasn't one of those that used my blanket as security blanket. And no, I do not sleep with it.

Now, since I can't describe what's on the blanket, I simply took a picture of it for you.

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Gift of Life: Annie Sharich

Yesterday (5/31), after I got home from work, Annie shortly after did too. She showed me a copy of the new June/July 2006 issue of Utah Sports Magazine. She is pictured on page 22 with four other people that were interviewed, and her article is on page 29. I won't post what was she said on her article because I want you guys to go out and buy a copy of the magazine. I will post later on what was said, but for now, I would prefer you read the magazine. Go on.... GO BUY IT! (If you live in another state, you'll just have to wait or order a copy of the issue from their website.) You can find the magazine at any grocery store along the Wasatch Front... Even where I work.