Monday, July 31, 2006

Double Happy Birthday, Rachel!

Why double? Well, last year, it totally slipped my mind about her birthday and posting it here on my blog. I'm SORRY Rachel! So this year, I'm sending her a Double Happy Birthday. If anyone wants to, you can wish her a Happy Birthday too...

Sunday, July 30, 2006

First Page to Pass 100 Hits A Day

I was just looking at the stats of my web pages immediately after posting the blog entry below, and this is the first time any one of my pages have passed 100 hits a day. It is my Napoleon Dynamite site and it actually got 102 hits yesterday... (Almost like the temperature here in Salt Lake.)

It's been getting a lot of hits because (I just found out who did it) the mother/webmaster of Brian Demke's site posted stuff on Craig's List to help save the Napoleon Dynamite Festival. On each thing she listed, it has a link to my Napoleon site. She has been posting things on Craig's List since the crowd dropped from 6000 in 2005 to only 500 this year, and the Preston Chamber of Commerce is thinking of not holding another festival for 2007. So we are trying to help convince the C. of C. to hold another festival. If you want to vote, click on the "Cast Your Vote" link near the bottom of my ND site.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Where's Ryan?

For anyone who reads my blog daily, I apologize for not posting a lot of blog entries lately. You have to understand that my work is not the smartest business right now. We are picking up more business ( especially in the evening when it starts to become cooler due to the temperature) and they have not hired any new cashiers. Errrr.... So by the time I come home from work, I am exhausted. I get some food in me, check my e-mails and other stuff, and then head off to bed. If I am not doing that, I am ALWAYS helping someone else do something. Sadly, this cycle repeats itself a lot.

So don't think I have forgotten about you guys...

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Another Celebrity Writes Me

I recently asked Emily Tyndall (who played Trisha on Napoleon Dynamite) to be one of my friends on MySpace... Well, not only did she add me, she wrote me... Twice! Check out what she wrote.

If you haven't seen my latest profile image, click here... And yes, she has two MySpace accounts.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Even When Extremely Stressed Out...

...I can still find something so simple with humor in it.

I was driving home the other night when I saw this. It's the Gold's Gym on Van Winkle. I didn't want to drive back to take a picture that night. So, just a few minutes ago while I was out driving around, I pulled into the parking lot and took a picture. No, the "L" hasn't been filled or darkened... The lighting has burnt out on the "L". Plus, I have a cheap camera phone, so that is why it looks like it has been filled or darkened.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Catching Up...

Let me catch you up really quick for what happened this last week.

Thursday (7/13). I took my dog in to have an x-ray to see if she is pregnant or not... She is not. So, looks like we will have to try again later.

As for the weekend, I just got back from my grandparents down in Nephi, Utah. I spent the night Friday night, so that is why there was no blog entry. If you are looking for pictures, as of the moment, you are going to have to wait... I'm still working on posting pictures to my Napoleon Dynamite website. (Who knows, if you are reading this entry a month after I have posted it, the pictures could be up.)

On Friday evening, I had to drop a computer off at a customers house before I headed down to Nephi. After I did that, it was a long hot ride down there because I have no A/C in my car. And imagine bringing a dog with you, because that is what I did... I brought Snickers down with me.

I got down there just in time to see the man jump out of the plane with the American flag on him (you'll see it in the pictures) and into the rodeo stadium.

However, the first thing I noticed when I pulled up to the house was my grandfathers barn. Earlier in June, a powerful gust of wind (or winds) came by and tore this thing apart. So I walked down to it and took pictures of what was left of it.

Well, after taking pictures, my sister, her boyfriend, my brother and I walked over to the carnival. We walked around before my brother decided he wanted to go on one of the rides. No one else would go with him, so I said I would. We went on that ride, and afterwords, the three of them played a water game (shoot water into a clowns mouth). Since there was nothing else that looked like fun to do at the carnival, my brother and I walked back to my grandparents house. A little while after we got home, I went to bed. Sorry if I seem like I am leaving stuff out. It's just that I don't want to bore you guys. I'm just telling you the fun stuff I did, and that I can remember.

Saturday I woke up and found out that Annie had ran a 5K that Nephi was having. She came first in her class. Way to go Annie! Around 10AM, I went over to the car show with the dog. Since it was so hot outside, she was panting and I decided to take her back to my grandparents house. When I got back, since I hadn't had enough sleep the night before, I tried to take a nap. But since there were kids down there that wanted to play with the dog, they kept coming into the room and kept trying to get her to come out. This kept waking me up and I had to tell them she doesn't want to do anything (well, that is, anything to do with them, and without me). So they finally let us be... Well, just for the nap portion. Later that afternoon and evening, where ever I went, the dog followed. And where ever the dog went, the kids followed. Ugh... I could tell she did not like it one bit having those kids around. Okay, I am the same way too.

Well, around 3PM, I took my mom back over to the car show and got there as they were handing out awards. I got there just in time to see my uncle win "People's Choice".

I went back to my grandparents house and just sat around in the front yard waiting for everyone in my family to show up for the dinner we were going to have there. To help pass the time, I swatted flies that were buzzing around the house. That is pretty much all the fun I could think of. I didn't want to watch TV because you go on vacations to get away from that stuff.

After everyone showed up and ate dinner, we then waited for the man to jump out of the plane again. Those that needed to go to the rodeo left a little early. So, those left at the house talked for the time being. Once he jumped out and landed, that was when everyone got up and either headed over to the carnival or headed home. Me, since I didn't want to take the dog over to carnival again like last year (you can't do anything when you have a dog on a leash), I decided to head home. I listened to this Lewis Black book of his that is on tape (or in this case, on CD, and now on my iPod). I'm still listening to it...

Sorry if it took a few days for me to post this, but I have been very busy these past few weeks. And I don't want it to, but it may stay the same with me being so busy, or it may get worse for just a short while. So if you notice that things slow down on here, you now know why. I'll try to keep you updated on what goes on, but it maybe a while before I get around to it. Peace!