Monday, July 31, 2006

Double Happy Birthday, Rachel!

Why double? Well, last year, it totally slipped my mind about her birthday and posting it here on my blog. I'm SORRY Rachel! So this year, I'm sending her a Double Happy Birthday. If anyone wants to, you can wish her a Happy Birthday too...

Sunday, July 30, 2006

First Page to Pass 100 Hits A Day

I was just looking at the stats of my web pages immediately after posting the blog entry below, and this is the first time any one of my pages have passed 100 hits a day. It is my Napoleon Dynamite site and it actually got 102 hits yesterday... (Almost like the temperature here in Salt Lake.)

It's been getting a lot of hits because (I just found out who did it) the mother/webmaster of Brian Demke's site posted stuff on Craig's List to help save the Napoleon Dynamite Festival. On each thing she listed, it has a link to my Napoleon site. She has been posting things on Craig's List since the crowd dropped from 6000 in 2005 to only 500 this year, and the Preston Chamber of Commerce is thinking of not holding another festival for 2007. So we are trying to help convince the C. of C. to hold another festival. If you want to vote, click on the "Cast Your Vote" link near the bottom of my ND site.

Questions... Answers

Tristyn, I am finally answering one of your questions, so shoosh!

"How many computers have you ever owned, and what [Operating System] did each run and when did you own them?" - Tristyn

Before I begin, all of the computers I have owned to date were/are desktop computers. I have never owned a laptop/notebook computer... yet. Okay, let's see. There was our first family computer back in, I believe 1987-88 when we got it. I am not 100% positive on this, but I believe it used MS-DOS (version unknown). It was not any version of Windows because we had no mouse and you had to use commands to function the darn thing. It lasted until 1998.

The second computer (the first computer I ever bought) was my old friend Dave's Apple Macintosh LC. It was a used computer, but it still was helpful. The OS that computer was running was System 6.0.7 to 7.5.5 according to this site. It still works today, but since I have no use for it, it just sits in my closet.

The third computer we had was a PC from AT&T, which we bought from my old friend Steve. It ran Windows 95 on it. I paid half and my mom paid half for it. I ended up giving my half away to my mom because I needed food money when I was living at Santa Fe. This was the first computer we had to have the internet on it. We had it for a while before the video card on it crashed.

Forth computer we had was one that my parents bought for my sister back in 2002 to help her with her homework for schooling. It had Windows 98SE on it. I ended up taking over it and using it more than she did. Around December of 2003, I was attacked by a virus and was unable to use it. So...

The fifth computer I bought was brand spanking new and it is the one I still use today (right now). It is an HP Pavilion a300n and it came with Windows XP Home Edition (SP1). Since then I have added more hardware and have maxed out everything I can on this baby. I now run Windows XP Professional Edition (SP2) on it.

While I had this new computer, my parents were still using the fourth computer (the Windows 98SE machine, because I reinstalled it after learning how to do that) until the power supply went out on it. We couldn't find and replace the power supply on it. So, since I was one using it while my HP was off having it's motherboard replaced, I chipped in and paid half for their new one... a Compaq Presario. It came with and it is still using the OEM version of Windows XP Home Edition.

This girl I use to work with at Super Saver (before she left) sold me her old Compaq Presario. This makes number six. I don't know what OS it had on it. She sold it to me because the computer was infected with the Chernobyl virus and wouldn't boot (the AV disc I used to scan the computer when I got it told me it was this virus). So, I wiped the drive and install any OS I need to test software or hardware with this computer. I still use this computer when I need to do testing, or when something is wrong with this computer, or someone needs to use my computer to use the internet because my families computer that they have now, the Compaq, is across the house and it is not receiving a internet signal.

As for my next computer it depends on a couple of things... First, I have to wait until August 7th for the WWDC to take place because Apple will be unveiling their new operating system, Mac OS X (10.5). The rumor sites say that it will be able to support dual booting without any problems (it may not need Boot Camp). Meaning, it will be able to boot both Mac OS X (10.5) and Microsoft Windows XP. If this is true, I then plan on buying a MacBook or MacBook Pro as soon as I finish paying off my iPod (and find out/fix whatever is causing that noise in my car).

However, if this is rumor is proven false, I will have to build my next PC or buy a notebook PC because my HP that I own now, will not handle Microsoft Windows Vista. This stinks because my HP is less than 3 years old, and it can't handle it.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Questions... Answers

"Do you take shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotels?" - JoAnna

It really depends on three things and on my mood at the moment. One, since I paid for the room, I believe I should. Two, only if I used the bottle, I'll take it because they will just end up throwing it away because they can not reuse it. Sometimes, I'll take them even if I don't use them while I was there. It all depends on my mood. Three, no, because I forgot a baggy to place them in because I don't want them leaking all over my stuff on the way home if they break open.

However, when I went up to the Napoleon Dynamite Festival, at Plaza Motel, this was the first time I had ever seen this. They have a 3-in-1 (shampoo, conditioner and soap) in one those hand dispensers hanging in the shower area. You know what I am talking about, the ones you would normally see in the bathroom for hand soap dispensers. It was one of those, but with this 3-in-1 soap in it. That was pretty clever money and soap saving technique.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Done and Posted!!!!

For the past couple of days, I have been working on my photos page. Just a few minutes ago, I finished posting the latest event, which was on the 24th, out at the Great Salt Lake with Tristyn and Brian. I still have to post Titles (the caption you get when you hover your mouse pointer over the thumbnail) to 9 more photo pages. But who knows, the time you read this, I may have them up and posted. But don't take that as a promise... I'm only saying. But in the mean time, check out the photos. If there are no Titles, check back next week.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Where's Ryan?

For anyone who reads my blog daily, I apologize for not posting a lot of blog entries lately. You have to understand that my work is not the smartest business right now. We are picking up more business ( especially in the evening when it starts to become cooler due to the temperature) and they have not hired any new cashiers. Errrr.... So by the time I come home from work, I am exhausted. I get some food in me, check my e-mails and other stuff, and then head off to bed. If I am not doing that, I am ALWAYS helping someone else do something. Sadly, this cycle repeats itself a lot.

So don't think I have forgotten about you guys...

Monday, July 24, 2006

Questions... Answers

"What is on the walls in your room?" - JoAnna

My walls huh? Besides paint huh? Let's see... If you were looking downward into my room, starting clockwise at my door, there is a Napoleon Dynamite wall calendar on the back of my door. Then I have this flyer that I have framed. I was passing many of these flyers out last year at the 2005 Napoleon Dynamite Festival. A couple of local actors sign that, so that is why it is framed. Above that is my X-Files analog clock. Then I have a Van Gogh painting... Actually it's a framed poster of "Jardin A Arles" (Garden in Bloom, Arles).

Then, hanging on the wall is a wood structure designed to hold golf balls with logos on them. I have had this thing for years, and it's not even full. Well, I buy one golf ball with a logo every year or two... No biggie. Since this is on my wall, I consider the things sitting on top part of the wall to. There are multiple shot glasses and empty beer bottles with the word "Sublime" on them, as well as other alcohol related products. And in those Sublime beer bottles, are different colored M&M's you can't get anymore (i.e. White, Pink, Purple...). Well, if the state of Utah ever has an earthquake, the items on top will wake me up (or knock me unconscious) because they are not secured down...

To the right of that golf ball holder is a LOST wall calendar. Then to the right of that is a poster of a Dodge Neon SRT-4 that Brian gave me some time ago.

Then, on the left closet door, are pictures of music (and some television). I have pictures of Bob Marley, Garbage, Kid Rock, Britney Spears, Eminem and Sublime. There are a couple of printed pictures of South Park. I hung those thing up years ago and haven't taken them down. Then, on the top ledges of the my closet doors, are license plates that I have had on the last two cars that I have owned. Yes, I said two cars, even though there are 5 different plates.

You have to remember, I live with a strict (well, not as much as he use to) father. At my age now, I understand why he didn't want us to cover our wall with crap. So I give him credit for helping me not making my room not look so trashy (the floor is a my own fault). Remember those Napoleon Dynamite posters I purchased at the State Fair (for those of you who remember). Well, after how many months, I finally went out and purchased a frame. Now I need to find a spot to hang this poster.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Questions... Answers

"What was your first job?" - JoAnna

My first job was probably doing chores like every kid and then mowing lawns...

But my first job that dealt with paying taxes when it came time to getting paid, was at a bowling alley. I won't say which one, but it is close by to my house and is still there today. It was a cool job because at the time I really liked to bowl, and the employees got to bowl at a really low price. Let's see... what did my jobs include (you are probably wondering...)? Well, Monday through Friday, when I worked (after school), I was the person to clean up the place, make sure it was ready for evening league bowlers by cleaning the bathrooms, straightening up the players area and stripping the oil off of the lane with this special broom (that was designed for doing that). I remember having to replace the cooking oil in the fryer every Thursday. And if you let the water get too hot in that thing while cleaning (because I wasn't paying attention), the thing would over flow with hot water and the knob to turn it off was under the waterfall of hot water. So I would have to grab a towel, cover my arm and turn it off... lol. Memories. On Sunday's, I was the person that worked in the back. Just sitting back there. If a bowling ball didn't return, I had to check which lane it was and see what was blocking it from coming back. 99% of the time, a pin was in the way. It was a cool job, but it only lasted from June to October or November of 1996.

But because of this job, this is where I had my first smoke (cigarette) and I learned to respect the people who work at these places. It's not an easy business to run, but it sure can be can be fun. So in case you ever go bowling with me, and you start goofing off... First off, I take the game seriously, because you have to concentrate. Second, if you are goofing around, you will see me get mad because I know how it feels to be the one who has to clean up after people who don't even have half a brain.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Another Celebrity Writes Me

I recently asked Emily Tyndall (who played Trisha on Napoleon Dynamite) to be one of my friends on MySpace... Well, not only did she add me, she wrote me... Twice! Check out what she wrote.

If you haven't seen my latest profile image, click here... And yes, she has two MySpace accounts.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


I've finally finished posting all my pictures and videos for my trip to the 2006 Napoleon Dynamite. Check them out here, here and here...

Now I have to start working on posting the personal pictures from the trip on my Photos page. I also have to post pictures from my little trip down to the Ute Stampede. Oh, I'm going to still be busy for a while... But I found way to shorten my time on posting pictures, so they should be up A LOT FASTER than the way I was doing it before... Thank God!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Questions... Answers

I was asked this question on my birthday (June 21st), look how long it has taken me to post it.

"What was the most exciting game you've ever played?" - Tristyn

What I am about to tell you, I don't encourage it. However, if you ever get the chance to ever do this without any authority figures around... I say go for it.

Back in 2001 when I use to do marijuana ("I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to, too." - Mitch Hedberg), I had a friend who worked graveyard security for Fashion Place Mall. That means, we got to play around on the property when other people couldn't... Man, that was cool. I actually got to walk around on the roof of the mall one night... But that is a story not worth hearing...

Anyways, one night my friend, and another friend that hung out with us, and I, got high... (yes, while he was on the job. lol). We ended up playing hide 'n seek while high... But instead of the kids version where you run around and try to tag the next person, we used our cars. There were no rules, just hide and then drive around to try to find the other person. The part that freaked me out the most was wondering if while playing this little game, if an actual cop would stop in the parking log and bust us. But none ever passed by... But I was still paranoid at the time.

All I can say is, if you ever do this, A) I'm not responsible if you try this; B) you better have auto insurance; C) you better have a good explanation if you get into an accident and/or busted; and D) you better have food/liquids in your car because you get hungry while driving while intoxicated... And that just ruins the game right there if you don't have any of those 4 items... especially the food part.

If you are asking, "Ryan, what about a game that anyone can play (while sober)"? Well, I would have to say ice hockey. I got the chance to play it during gym in middle school. I like it because it is sport where you have to learn how to walk on ice using blades, and control the puck with a stick... Now that takes skills.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Even When Extremely Stressed Out...

...I can still find something so simple with humor in it.

I was driving home the other night when I saw this. It's the Gold's Gym on Van Winkle. I didn't want to drive back to take a picture that night. So, just a few minutes ago while I was out driving around, I pulled into the parking lot and took a picture. No, the "L" hasn't been filled or darkened... The lighting has burnt out on the "L". Plus, I have a cheap camera phone, so that is why it looks like it has been filled or darkened.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Catching Up...

Let me catch you up really quick for what happened this last week.

Thursday (7/13). I took my dog in to have an x-ray to see if she is pregnant or not... She is not. So, looks like we will have to try again later.

As for the weekend, I just got back from my grandparents down in Nephi, Utah. I spent the night Friday night, so that is why there was no blog entry. If you are looking for pictures, as of the moment, you are going to have to wait... I'm still working on posting pictures to my Napoleon Dynamite website. (Who knows, if you are reading this entry a month after I have posted it, the pictures could be up.)

On Friday evening, I had to drop a computer off at a customers house before I headed down to Nephi. After I did that, it was a long hot ride down there because I have no A/C in my car. And imagine bringing a dog with you, because that is what I did... I brought Snickers down with me.

I got down there just in time to see the man jump out of the plane with the American flag on him (you'll see it in the pictures) and into the rodeo stadium. However, the first thing I noticed when I pulled up to the house was my grandfathers barn. Earlier in June, a powerful gust of wind (or winds) came by and tore this thing apart. So I walked down to it and took pictures of what was left of it (>>>). Well, after taking pictures, my sister, her boyfriend, my brother and I walked over to the carnival. We walked around before my brother decided he wanted to go on one of the rides. No one else would go with him, so I said I would. We went on that ride, and afterwords, the three of them played a water game (shoot water into a clowns mouth). Since there was nothing else that looked like fun to do at the carnival, my brother and I walked back to my grandparents house. A little while after we got home, I went to bed. Sorry if I seem like I am leaving stuff out. It's just that I don't want to bore you guys. I'm just telling you the fun stuff I did, and that I can remember.

Saturday I woke up and found out that Annie had ran a 5K that Nephi was having. She came first in her class. Way to go Annie! Around 10AM, I went over to the car show with the dog. Since it was so hot outside, she was panting and I decided to take her back to my grandparents house. When I got back, since I hadn't had enough sleep the night before, I tried to take a nap. But since there were kids down there that wanted to play with the dog, they kept coming into the room and kept trying to get her to come out. This kept waking me up and I had to tell them she doesn't want to do anything (well, that is, anything to do with them, and without me). So they finally let us be... Well, just for the nap portion. Later that afternoon and evening, where ever I went, the dog followed. And where ever the dog went, the kids followed. Ugh... I could tell she did not like it one bit having those kids around. Okay, I am the same way too.

Well, around 3PM, I took my mom back over to the car show and got there as they were handing out awards. I got there just in time to see my uncle win "People's Choice". I went back to my grandparents house and just sat around in the front yard waiting for everyone in my family to show up for the dinner we were going to have there. To help pass the time, I swatted flies that were buzzing around the house. That is pretty much all the fun I could think of. I didn't want to watch TV because you go on vacations to get away from that stuff.

After everyone showed up and ate dinner, we then waited for the man to jump out of the plane again. Those that needed to go to the rodeo left a little early. So, those left at the house talked for the time being. Once he jumped out and landed, that was when everyone got up and either headed over to the carnival or headed home. Me, since I didn't want to take the dog over to carnival again like last year (you can't do anything when you have a dog on a leash), I decided to head home. I listened to this Lewis Black book of his that is on tape (or in this case, on CD, and now on my iPod). I'm still listening to it...

Sorry if it took a few days for me to post this, but I have been very busy these past few weeks. And I don't want it to, but it may stay the same with me being so busy, or it may get worse for just a short while. So if you notice that things slow down on here, you now know why. I'll try to keep you updated on what goes on, but it maybe a while before I get around to it. Peace!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

My Questions... My Answers...

"Have you ever laughed at a scene during a movie, that no one else laughed at?"

Yes, twice. The first time was when I was in Phoenix, AZ back in 1998. My family and I were on vacation, in case you were wondering. However, The X Files: The Movie had just come out and I was a fan of the TV series, so I wanted to go see it. Well, Scully is explaining to Mulder that she is being relocated to Salt Lake City. I started chuckling to myself. I'm sure some people were looking at me like, "What the heck is he laughing about...?" (If you don't get it, I live in Salt Lake...)

The second time was in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. I took my brother to see it, but it was not a full house when we finally got around to seeing it. It was in the bar where Obi-Wan is explaining to Anakin that he "feels like he is going to be the death of him". If you have ever seen Episode IV: A New Hope, you will know why I laughed at this... I laughed harder because no one else got it in the theater.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Napoleon Dynamite Festival 2006 (Pt. 3)

And now part 3 of my vacation...

On Sunday morning, Tristyn and I got up and ready to head home. After dropping off the key at the front desk, we headed to Burger King to have breakfast. Since BK was in the same building as a gas station, I bought some lotto tickets with the remaining $11 that I had. Well, I not only did I win my money back, I won enough that it covered my breakfast. How sweet is that? After breakfast, we stopped at La Tienda to exchange any tickets that Tristyn had won between breakfast and stopping.

The ride home was the same, except that this time we got off around the Riverdale exit and headed up through the canyon towards Wyoming. There really is nothing cool to write about, about the drive up there. There is nothing but farms and mountains.

When we got up to Evanston, we drove to the next exit at the end of town. From there, we drove from the end of town in through town and to the basic first exit, where the fireworks are. We wanted to see if there was any firework shop at the end of town that was better. We found one shop, but it didn't look all that pleasing. So we ended up buying $150 worth at Phantom Fireworks. After buying fireworks, we stopped and had lunch at the restaurant that is in the same building at Flying J's. After that, we got some "stuff" for other people, and then we headed back home.

Once again, there is nothing cool to write about for the ride home from Evanston to Salt Lake. Nothing but farms and mountains.

And that, was my vacation...

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Suspended Because of $1

A while back at my work, the employees were given papers to sign, stating that we are suppose to pay for the stuff before we eat. There were other rules that we were suppose to sign and follow (which I did). Well, I never signed that purchasing of food section.

Everyone at my work knows I ALWAYS pay for what I eat during my shift, at the end of my shift. I hate multiple transactions on my bank card, and I don't want cash back because I will waste it on stuff I really don't need. Well, apparently, after who knows how long I have been doing this for, my boss calls me into his office and tells me that they are probably going to consider what I ate today, a burrito and a Snickers bar (less than $1), as theft. Because of their precious one dollar, they have suspended me for a week.
Plus, he tried to accuse me of taking a Gatorade that I purchased more than a week ago, and brought from home. So, from now on out, I will purchase my food elsewhere, and if they say I stole it, I'll say you better prove it.

And also, because some cashiers at my work have been taking WIC checks that are either, A) have no signature; B) signature is in the wrong spot; C) the amount is written wrong on the check or; D) the check was taken between the wrong dates... They are going to start firing people. So it looks like I better find another job anyways because there will be no one left because it appears to me, they are trying to run the store into the ground.

Well, this gives me a week to look for (and possibly find) another job, and to also get those pictures up on my sites.

Napoleon Dynamite Festival 2006 (Pt. 2)

And now the chilling conclusion of, "What I Did In Idaho?!...". As for what I did on Sunday, I think I have written too much for Saturday, so I will post that tomorrow.

On Saturday (7/8), things didn't start off too good for me. After I woke up, I started to develop a small headache. So I took some Advil to make it go away. A few minutes later, I was praying to the porcelain God... aka: the toilet. I don't know if it was the fact that I never ate something before I started drinking the night before, or if I took the Advil on an empty stomach, but I "prayed" three times that morning. The worse part was, I couldn't go eat breakfast (and I couldn't get pictures of that event as well-- dang!). I laid down while sleeping in my car trying not to, um, "pray", while I let Tristyn run in and grab something to eat at the fire station. They were cooking breakfast there, for anyone who showed up for the festival. She brought back and tried to get me to eat a single pancake, but something about pancakes while not sick... Still make you not want to eat them. Well, they do to me. So being sick, made things not so pleasant.

Since the first major event was still an hour and a half away, she brought me back to the motel room (thank goodness we were staying another night) and I finally came around to feeling a little better after laying on a heating pad and drinking some water. Well, around 10AM, Tristyn helped me get up so I wouldn't miss anything and be mad at myself later on. We got to the first event, the Tetherball Tournament, and found out that VFX (a radio station located in Northern Utah) was helping host the Napoleon Dynamite Festival. Also, The Today Show was there as well interviewing people (I was not one of those people).

While the tetherball tournament was going on, they had the FFA Milk Tasting Contest going on as well. Not too many people got to try that, I think that was for show only... Oh well.

Before everyone left the tetherball tournament at the track and field, Tristyn and I left and headed over to the next event: the Tater Tot Eating Contest. Since we arrived at Big J's early (where they were holding the event), we thought we would check out other stuff going on on State Street. We walked over to the building where they filmed the Rex Kwon Do scene. I was hoping he (Patrick Zook, the previous owner of the Dojo and the one with the gun in Napoleon Dynamite) would do his skit like he did last year, the re-enactment of the "Break the Wrist and Walk Away", but he didn't this year. After that, we finished walking down and then back up State Street. We bought a few souvenirs and had some local actors who were in the movie sign some pictures. We then walked back to Big J's just in time to get videos of them chowing down a pound of tots. Yum! Since that made me a little hungry (since I didn't have much in my stomach), we got some tots and apple turnover. Since the Tater Tot Eating Contest lasted no longer than 20 minutes, we had some time before the next event. So we walked over to the Uncle Rico van since it was near Big J's. After getting a few pictures and a video of the van, we walked back to my car so we could drive back to the track and field for the Football Throwing Contest.

Everyone else arrived before we did, but that was okay, they hadn't started yet. We sat down on the benches and watched them do this event. I was thinking of doing a late entry, but I know I don't have the arm. Maybe next year (if there is another festival next year). Plus, I would have to throw it more than a hundred feet (which I am sure I could... I'll have to see if I can one of these days at a football field or somewhere). It looks easy from where you are sitting, but doing it is another story. After that, we left the track and field again and drove back to State Street for the Sweet Bike - Roller Blade Contest.

I drove back to State Street and parked in front of the Chamber of Commerce. Since there was time again to wander around State Street before the next event, we decided to do so. I got a few more pictures/autographs of local actor. The kid who played the bully, Bracken Johnson, did not look like he wanted to be there at all. But since I have autographs, I now have to get a picture frame or (as Tristyn suggested) a "shadow box". Now, instead of driving down to the spot (less than a 1000 feet away from the Commerce), we decided to walk to the next event. As we were walking, an officer stopped in the middle of the intersection, and told the people driving to go either left or right, but not straight. Had we been driving, I wouldn't have been able to stay parked on State Street were the event was taking place. So, the next event was the Sweet Bike - Roller Blade Contest. I took a couple of cool pictures and a couple of videos of this event.

The next event, Look A-Like - Impersonation - Moonboot Dance Contest (with Happy Hands Club Performances) was not for another hour. So, Tristyn and I went back to the room and got something to eat. After about 45 minutes had passed, we then drove back over to the high school and I once again parked in front (near the entrance doors) so every one could see my car. Hey, so far, it's working... I'm getting double the amount of page views on my website! Well, the next event was not as exciting as the other stuff. It was hot inside because there were more people inside the auditorium, compared to the night before, and it was day time... so bring on the heat from the sun from that. Plus, I bought raffle tickets earlier in the day and I wanted to see if I won anything... but I didn't. They had the Happy Hands Club perform in-between the other things they had going on in this event. As soon as they said, see you later, everyone got up and wanted to get out of there. When you went out, it was cooler outside then it was inside.

With the festival now over, what could we do? Since the Uncle Rico van was still parked in the same spot, we drove over and took some pictures of me in the van. >>>

Since it was close to 7PM, Tristyn and I were starting to getting hungry. So, we decided to go get something to eat for dinner. They mentioned on the DVD commentaries on Napoleon Dynamite that they ate at a Mexican restaurant in Preston called Mís Amores, and that it was really good. So I mentioned this place to Tristyn and she said that it sounded fine. So we went there and ate dinner. Let me tell you something people.......... The actors/actress of ND were right! It was delicious!!! I'm craving it right now. If you ever go up there, you have to stop in and eat there. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

After dinner, we drove over to the store to buy stuff to put on our newly applied sunburns. Tristyn was burnt the worse, but that's what you get for not wearing a regular t-shirt while in the sun!!! You heard me Tristyn. For the rest of the night, we took it pretty easy. We watched television in the motel room and later on, Tristyn wanted a fresh strawberry shake from Big J's. So I ran over there and got us each one. After Tristyn later fell asleep, I went outside and wiped all the window paint off my car. I came back into the room and fell asleep.

Tune in tomorrow for part 3 of, "What Goes On In Wyoming, Stays In Wyoming..."

Monday, July 10, 2006

Napoleon Dynamite Festival 2006 (Pt. 1)

This blog entry is part 1 of 2, for Friday, July 7th

Let's see, where do I begin? First off, I have a lot to do in catching up... I have to write my blog entries about this trip and I have to begin posting pictures for both my Photos page and my ND page. So if I seem busy or frustrated, that is why...

Friday (7/7) started off a little differently. Since I was doing A LOT of last minute tasks before I left for Idaho, I fell asleep on Thursday evening a little early. I woke up Friday morning around 4AM instead of 8 or 9AM like I originally wanted to. Oh well, it let me play on the computer for a few hours before I woke Tristyn up. Since we were both up early, this meant we could leave for Idaho much earlier than we had originally planned. We first stopped at Denny's (once again) for breakfast. Then, on the way up to Idaho, my breakfast took over and gave me really bad heartburn. The Tums I was sucking on (shut up, dirty minders...) was not helping any, but I kept eating more Tums to keep the problem at bay. Tristyn wanted to get some cash out of an ATM, so we stopped in Smithfield, Utah to do that. While she did that, I decided now would be the perfect time to use one of the window markers to write my web address on the back window. Oh, on Thursday, one of my many tasks that I did was to remove the business sticker from back window. So just incase you were wondering...

I told Tristyn that I had a surprise for her on the way up. The surprise, to stop off at the Pepperidge Farm factory that we have passed every time we have driven to and from Idaho. I was thinking that they would have a tour. Nope, they only had a thrift store to sell products they make. I bought some cookies because they did not have a large supply of stuff when we went in.

After Pepperidge Farm, we drove into Preston and stopped at the Chamber of Commerce. It's sad when people know you in a town you don't live in. We picked up our wrist bands that would allow us watch the events (which was pointless... all but two events were outside.)

After that, we drove over to the local grocery store and grabbed some medicine to help my heart burn, which helped. After that, we went and checked into the Plaza Motel. They too, know me (mainly from last year). Since I take it that Jon Heder couldn't make it (the actor that played Napoleon Dynamite-- The city of Preston was trying to get him to visit this year for the festival), we got the room he stayed in while filming the movie. It was cool, they actually have a poster of the movie over the bed (lol). We lugged our stuff in the room and then took a nap. After waking up an hour later, we got up and drove over to the pizza place that is right next to Big J's Burger in Preston. After lunch, we drove over to Pop 'N Pins and bowled a couple of games.

After bowling, we drove over to the high school. Apparently the Happy Hands Club was putting on a show that evening. Since I wanted to be at all the events, we went to that one as well. I'd say, less than 50 people showed up for that. But they put on an incredible show, no matter how many people showed up. After that, I noticed my digital camera's flash card was already low. I used it to not only take pictures, but to take movies of the Happy Hands performances. So Tristyn and I decided to run to Best Buy in Logan, Utah and buy a couple of 1GB flash cards. After purchasing that, we drove back to Idaho and stopped at La Tienda to get Tristyn some lotto tickets and wine coolers. We drove back to the room and partied...

Tristyn only had one wine cooler. I had two and a 24oz. Budweiser, yet she fell asleep first. I tried to get to sleep, but I couldn't. Not without a movie playing (like I do here at home). So I watched the last 30 minutes of Napoleon Dynamite on my iPod, yet I couldn't fall asleep. So I let it play the MP3 version (I had this converted before I bought the video iPod...) and within a few minutes, I was fast asleep....

Well, that is all for what happened on Friday. I will post what happened on Saturday (7/8) and Sunday (7/9), on Wednesday (7/12)

I'll end today with a little Napoleon humor for you here... KIP: "Peace out..."

(Updated on July 10, 2006 @ 13:30 MST)

Sunday, July 9, 2006

I'm Back, That's Who

I just got back from Idaho for any reading this. Holy crap! I have a lot to tell you about the trip, but I will save it for a future blog entry. As for pictures/videos that I took with my camera, I took more than 500+ pictures and video. Since all of the videos I took are bigger than 5MB in size (the max size my host server will allow in a singe file upload), I will have to upload them to YouTube so anyone who wants to view them, can... As for all the pictures that I took, plus another 500+ that Tristyn too, I will not be uploading all of them. I have decided to only post 100 to 200 pictures max. Many of the the pictures that we took inside the auditorium (where it was dark) turned out to be blurry or didn't turn out at all.

Oh, and if you read this before Monday morning (7/10), watch The Today Show on NBC. They had a film crew and a reporter up at the festival interviewing people. So who knows? You may hopefully see me wandering around in the background, or a stock footage of my car and how we wrote on the windows.

Friday, July 7, 2006

Two Things... One of Them Big!!!

First, I am heading up to Idaho later today for the 2006 Napoleon Dynamite Festival. So that means I will not be posting a blog entry until Sunday afternoon or evening. I will be leaving Preston on Sunday morning/afternoon, and on the way home, Tristyn and I are going to be driving through Ogden on up into Evanston, Wyoming for fireworks. Then after that, we will be heading home.

Second, does anyone want to guess what happened here on my blog one year ago today? ... That's right. I started writing my blog one year ago today.

Geez. It's been one year. When I started out, I didn't know how to write, or what to exactly write about. That is why most of the entries sucked or seem so boring compared to now. Plus, I wrote my blog as if the Pope might read it. But now, **** it, I tell it like it is! Well, I still try to keep the language down, but you know that when I am mad I literally go off in an entry. If you want to take a trip down memory lane with me, start reading...

Thursday, July 6, 2006

My Questions... My Answers...

"When was the last time you had your cars oil changed? When was the last time you did it yourself?"

I think it was back in May. I know my mileage is 164K+, so when it reaches 165K, it will have to be changed. And you better believe I change it myself.

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

It's Official!

It's now been proven as a fact! I am officially...

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July, everybody...

Monday, July 3, 2006

My Questions... My Answers...

"If you could have any super power, what would it be?"

I guess my super power would allow me to be invisible. I really haven't thought about this since I know it will never come true. So I don't focus on this question/subject a lot, lol.

Saturday, July 1, 2006

Dune Buggies! Whoo-Hoo!

Sorry to spoil the fun, but this entry does not mention anything about dune buggies... except for that. (If you are wondering where I got this quote from, it's from Titus).

Happy Birthday to me... This is what my birthday money went to, my new spoiler for my car and the installation of the spoiler. I took it in on Thursday (6/29), but since I had other stuff all ready to post for yesterday (6/30), I decided to post it today.