Thursday, August 31, 2006

This Just In...

Here is something I haven't posted in a while. Every 15th and end of the month (or whenever it has to come to it), I will post stuff that I wanted to post here, but it didn't seem like I have enough data to post a full entry about it, or is about something that is coming up in my life or anything that I just wanted to post and just forgot to post when I had the time but ended up forgetting... Hopefully you get the point.

- Apparently, my cousin is getting married on the same day as my sisters race in St. George. Therefore, my family is not going down. However, since I have asked for it off anyways and that Rachel is down there, I still plan on driving down there by myself, but I will have to leave after the wedding and reception. I will leave the night of the 7th, and will not be getting back into Salt Lake until the night of the 11th. Don't worry, at the end of September, or maybe I'll write a blog around that time to remind you that I will be out of town.

- Rachel was originally going to come up here to Salt Lake this weekend (Sept. 1-4), but something in our plans changed and so I decided that it would be easier for me to drive back down there tomorrow night to spend the weekend until Monday night... Therefore, I will not be posting too much. Her mother does have a computer with an internet connection, so I will have to use that so that I can possibly post a blog or two about how things are going...

That is about all for now.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Something Big May Happen...

Just to let all of you know, something big and exciting is possibly going to happen in the next little while. Now, I'm not guaranteeing that something will happen, but something might happen. If it doesn't happen in the next little while, don't worry, it will happen eventually. And when it does in the future, I will let you know that that exciting news, was the big surprise that I am mentioning now.

As for those of you who want to pester me and try to get what may happen out of me, trust me, I will change the subject...

Saturday, August 26, 2006

My Promise

Okay, I promise I will never post another entry like the last two again... You know, posting more information than I should have. If Rachel and I do something together, like....... we go get ice cream or go on a road trip, I see no harm in posting that. But when it comes down to the intimate part of ones relationship, those should be kept private. Yes, I see no harm in either person telling a friend or two some details in private, but not the whole world.

After I posted that, I felt I went a little further than I should have, even though she said it was okay that I could post what I did. So I promise I will never do that again. Sorry Rachel, and sorry everyone.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates...

And now, the conclusion of what I did these past few days while I was down in St. George.

...Since we couldn't sleep, we just talked some more, until we just finally fell asleep. After that, we fell asleep until 4PM. There was so much that I wanted to do with Rachel, but couldn't now. But we did do some other stuff that is worth mentioning.

Then, after getting up at 4, we both got up and she made me egg pancakes (delish!!!). After that, we replaced the ceiling fan that was in Rachel's room and then we both got ready and then drove over to her mom's house. But along the way over to the house, we passed her high school and places she worked when I met her 8 years ago. I got to meet her mom (still have to meet her dad, but he lives in Cali). Shortly after, her mom's boyfriend came over and the four of us talked for just a while before Rachel and I left so we could go on our first date. We drove down to Mesquite to go to dinner. Had I known the restaurant in the casino we stopped at was closed, I would have said, "Let's stay and eat here in St. George...". But since I was hungry, we got something to eat at the buffet. How romantic is that? Well, after dinner, I tried to play a few slot games, but I just wasn't in the mood. So, on the way out to head home (her place), I called my home and finally told my parents where I was. LoL. Hey! That is what this blog is for. If I ever disappear and you don't hear from me or know where I am... Check this blog folks.

We drove back to Rachel's house and tried to figure out what to do before she had to go to work. There was not much time before, so we used this book of questions she purchased a while back, and asked each other questions. We just talked and laid there in her bed until she had to get ready for work again. For the first time, I actually enjoy talking to a woman. lol. Well, she finally got ready for work, and since I was all alone once again (sigh), I drove back down to Mesquite to play the slots. Sorry, but I didn't win anything big, let alone win anything while I was down there this time. I did have a beer while I was down there and while drinking it, I realized this fact: Beer, to me, tastes better at room temperature than when cold. It almost taste like it is flat when it's cold. Yuck! Well, since I couldn't drive right away, I thought I would go bowling. Yes, they have a bowling alley next to the casino. I was told that it was a 24-hour bowling alley, but when I got to the front desk the guy said I have enough time to play one game. He explained that it was now only open 24-hours during the weekend. Since I wanted to bowl more than one game, I decided to check out a live band that was playing near the alley instead. It was cool doing that, until two officers came and told these two (wasted) chicks that they had to go. I didn't want to be around if things got out of control. So, I ended up leaving there and just headed back to St. George again.

I stopped at Rachel's house to see if she had anything I use in this special chip/bean dip that I make, before I went out to the store and bought more of it. Since she didn't have anything I needed, I went to Smith's, came back and made dip. Since I always have a little extra than what will fill the container I store it in, I scooped it in a bowl and sat down and watched Forrest Gump. After the movie was over, I finally went to bed around 3 or 4.

While I was sleeping, Rachel got off work and she came and slept next to me. Oh my God... That is so hot! (That's a Mitch Fatel comedy line) Anyways, I can't remember when we woke up (in the afternoon), but we got up and ate cereal and then watched Revenge of the Nerds. After that, well, we sat on the couch and talked for a while and then decided that it is time that we get ready and to go to lunch before I had to head out. She took me to The Pasta Factory and I ordered the vegetable pasta. I was thinking it would be grain pasta with vegetable flavoring or color to it... No! If you grate a zucchini the long way... this is what they served me. It was okay, but something I won't order again. I wanted real pasta dammit! After lunch, she showed me the St. George's airport-- It's on top of a plateau! How cool is that?

Well, we drove back to her place and I took a couple of pictures of her on her front porch, then one of us together.

Not the best self-taken photograph, but there will be a lot more photos of us to come (no, I won't post every single one. What I meant is there will be more taken for our private collection....... And I DON'T mean that either... Gosh!). We said our goodbyes for now and I drove back to Salt Lake. I had to drive though a few thunderstorms, but thinking of her helped make it so the trip didn't seem so very long.

OH... The end...

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Time of My Life!

I just got back from visiting Rachel down in St. George... and I want to say something: This month, has been the best month of my life!!!

First off, I got to apologize to David at the beginning of this month. Rachel came up to visit me less than a week and a half ago. Then, I asked her out and she says yes. Then I get 3 days off of work, so I decided to go and visit her. Think I'm finished? I say nay nay...

Okay, were do I start? How about Monday afternoon when I left for St. George... I'll spare you the boredom of what I did early in the day. (Hurray!)

I finally was able to leave the Salt Lake valley around 5PM. It was a faster drive than what I thought it would take for me to get down there. And when I saw St. George for the first time (in 14-15 years), it blew me away to see how big it really was (and how fast it is expanding). I always envisioned it a little bigger than Wendover, but not this big! So I got off the exit she told me to take and drove to her house. She gave me a tour of her house (very nice house by the way... LUCKY!). She asked if I was hungry, I said yes, so I made some M&C. Afterwards, I asked her to show me a tour of her room... Trust me, there are stories as to why you have stuff present in your room, so I thought I might as well ask about them now. Well, we began to chat and after two hours of chatting, we decided to go and do something. Around midnight, we finally went upstairs and she saw that she had a missed call from work. Apparently, she was scheduled to work that night (12AM to 8AM)-- Even though she had worked early that day (9AM to 5PM). Blast them! That means, I had to either sit around her house doing nothing while she was at work... Or go down to Mesquite like we had planned. So I dropped her off at work, and I drove down to Mesquite by myself.

So, I drove down to Mesquite like I said I did earlier, and went to play the penny slots the Virgin River casino. Sorry to disappoint you here, but I'm not a high roller. So I was playing this one machine for a long time, then went over to another machine. I lost $20 really quickly there, so I went back over to the machine I was playing at before. Cashed out after about an hour and a half of playing and was heading for the door when a $1 machine caught my eye. I was just going to have them cash out that ticket anyways. I figured, what the hey... I'm going to lose it either way. So I put the ticket in the machine and played a max of $2 a spin. Played and lost some of that until I was at $16 when it hit, 2X-5X-Triple Bars! Jackpot! I won $360 from that machine! Don't believe me, check out the pictures I took with my camera phone.

So I cashed out then and there at that machine and cashed the ticket with a cashier. This is the most I have ever won in a casino! So, I cashed out, and decided to check out one of the other 4 casinos in town. So I checked out the Oasis, played $40 over there, lost and decided that was enough excitement for one night.

I then headed back to St. George and got back around 6AM. I had to pick up Rachel at 8AM and since I never meet her roommate, who is a cop, I didn't want to go back to Rachel's place a possibly get tasered since she didn't know what I looked like. So, I parked to the side of a Chevron and I fell asleep for about an hour. I woke at 7 and drove around for 30 minutes. Remind you, I'm dead tired. So I drove over to her work and tried to sleep. But the sun was coming up and so I just laid there and waited for 30 minute till she got off of work. We drove back to her place, but along the way, she told me about this accident that took place in Zion's National Park. It's a sad story about what happened, but the reason I am mentioning it is, well, guess who took that call when it came into 911... that's right! Rachel.

Well, we finally got back to her place and having us being both dead tired from a long night, we both got ready for bed. For some reason, we just laid there because we couldn't sleep. Well, after a while we...

Tune in tomorrow as I continue my story about these past few days down in St. George...

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Annie In the News... Again!

First off, it wasn't on KUTV News. It was a newsletter that was printed in The Daily Utah Chronicle, but I found it on the web at Click here to read it...

By the way, the picture of her does not look like her...

Yes, It's Official

Just so you know, I received her permission to post a blog entry about this, and yes, I allowed her to view this entry before I posted it...

Remember recently how I told you about my friend Rachel who visited me last weekend? Well, for the last few weeks, we have been catching up on each others lives and talking to one another a lot more than we have these past few years.

Well, after talking and flirting ... I asked Rachel if she would like to start dating. And she said yes. I know it's a long distance relationship... But trust me, we are going to be seeing a lot of one another in the time to come. Especially since my work has decided to cut everyone's hours.

So, on Monday afternoon, I plan on heading down to visit her for a few days. That means, there will be no blog entries on Tuesday and Wednesday. Yes, there is a computer down that I can get to... But I'm not going down there to blog. I'm going to be with her and spend as much time as I can with her.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

White On White

Before I get into my weekend, I hope you like my title for this entry...

Well, on Saturday, Snickers woke my butt up at 4AM (she needed to go...). Since I could not get back to bed, I was definitely up for the day. And with 4 hours of sleep from when I went to sleep the night before... you can say this was not going to be a good. So around 9:45AM, Tristyn shows up at my house instead of calling me, and so I had to get ready and then we went to breakfast at Village Inn. Afterwards, we hurried and did a few errands before we headed up to Park City. Like what? Well, stop at two libraries... return the keyboard I just bought (didn't like it), stop at her house...

After all that fun stuff, we headed on up to Park City. I'm doing the best I can to remember everything that happened, but at the time I was tired as can be. But we instantly found my dad, mom, brother and both aunts. They just happened to be walking up Main Street and were within a hundred feet of where we came onto Main Street to go get something to eat. My mom told us where my dad and uncle's cars were parked (at the very bottom of the street) and so we decided to start walking down to there. But on the way down, I thought I spotted my dad's car. I was about to open the door to get sun block out of the back seat, but something told me to check the license plate. It did not match his plates. This car looked very similar, but when you start to look and study it... It was not the same car.

We found his car, at the very bottom of the street like they had told us, and I got to put on sun block. After words, we found an internet cafe near where my dad was parked, and I was able to purchase a bottle of Bawls. That did help. After drinking that, we started to walk up Main Street to check out the cars. Don't worry, I'll have the pictures up by Wednesday, so you can check out the cars too...

After checking out cars, I had to go sit down on the chairs near my dad's car, because I was still so tired. So we were there for a little while. We got up, and took a few more pictures of cars, but from this bridge. We then started to head back up the street because we were going to head over to the Alpine Slides after I bought some chocolate from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. But someone (not me) wasn't feeling well, and so we had to get something to eat. So we went to The Red Banjo and had a slice of pizza each. As we were heading to where we parked, my dad got a hold of me and said that some relatives that were just at the car show, called and said that it was storming like mad in Salt Lake, and that it was flooded near their house. So instead of going to the Alpine Slide, we decided to call it a day in Park City and drive home.

The whole time we were up there, it was cloudy, yet still sunny. As we got to the freeway (I-80), it started sprinkling, and then pouring! So we had to take it slow on the way home. About 5 miles from the Parley's Canyon entrance, there were about 10 cars pulled off onto the emergency side. Apparently a truck lost control, hit a side barrier and flew 20 feet into a ditch near the mountain side. We didn't stop, there was already enough people there to help. We would have just gotten in the way. We continued driving and got back home. We let the dog out and checked my basement because of what happened lasted time... But it wasn't flooded at all. Outside, it looked as if the storm didn't even touch our house. So we got lucky this time. A few minutes after getting home, my mom called and asked if we made it home okay. I said yes, and she told me that they shut down the freeway. Most likely from that accident we saw.

Now that we were back home, there was nothing to do. So around 7PM, Tristyn finally let me take a nap. She woke my butt up around 8PM and I really don't remember what we did. However, around 10 or 10:30, she went home because Rachel was close to my house.

Well, since the maps that Rachel printed made a mistake on where she was suppose to go, I drove down and met her at Dan's. We came back to my house and got ready for bed since she spent how long driving up here and since I had been up since 4AM that morning. Then we talked for a bit....... then we later feel asleep since we were both so tired.

(I know I have written a lot about Saturday, so I will try to keep the remainder of this entry as short as I can...)

On Sunday, Rachel and I woke up around 10, got ready and went to breakfast at Village Inn (again). After that, we stopped at my work so I could show her the dungeon where I work at. Since there wasn't anything better to do, we drove up to Preston, Idaho. My family and I needed new lotto tickets, so why the heck not. Plus, I could give her the quick tour of Preston. That's all we could do up there since 99% of the stores/restaurants were closed. So we drove back to Salt Lake ... ordered a pizza and watched Napoleon Dynamite and a Lewis Black DVD I have. After that, we got ready for bed since it was now after midnight...

That is pretty much my weekend. Rachel left and headed home about an hour before I had to get ready for work. Man, I can't wait for October!

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