Thursday, August 31, 2006

This Just In...

Here is something I haven't posted in a while. Every 15th and end of the month (or whenever it has to come to it), I will post stuff that I wanted to post here, but it didn't seem like I have enough data to post a full entry about it, or is about something that is coming up in my life or anything that I just wanted to post and just forgot to post when I had the time but ended up forgetting... Hopefully you get the point.

- Apparently, my cousin is getting married on the same day as my sisters race in St. George. Therefore, my family is not going down. However, since I have asked for it off anyways and that Rachel is down there, I still plan on driving down there by myself, but I will have to leave after the wedding and reception. I will leave the night of the 7th, and will not be getting back into Salt Lake until the night of the 11th. Don't worry, at the end of September, or maybe I'll write a blog around that time to remind you that I will be out of town.

- Rachel was originally going to come up here to Salt Lake this weekend (Sept. 1-4), but something in our plans changed and so I decided that it would be easier for me to drive back down there tomorrow night to spend the weekend until Monday night... Therefore, I will not be posting too much. Her mother does have a computer with an internet connection, so I will have to use that so that I can possibly post a blog or two about how things are going...

That is about all for now.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Questions... Answers

"What are your nicknames?" - JoAnna

Before I tell you nickname now, let's go back in time...

My mom use to call me Bud, for some reason. Maybe it was short for buddy... Who knows? Then in elementary school, the guys gave me the nickname "Sharyl?/Sharell?". I hated it and hated to be called it because it sounded like a girls name. Once middle school started, that went away.

This kid I knew from elementary that went to my middle school, called me "Chester". I can't remember why he called me this, but he was the only one to do so. I haven't talked to him much since I stopped working at Dan's back in 1999. I'm pretty sure that if I ran into him again, he would probably call me that.

I never had a nickname throughout high school, but a few years afterwards, I was called "Weezer". I was given a t-shirt that had that spelt across the front of that so that people knew that you liked that music rock group. Well, friends/co-workers of my old roommate
called me that. I used that name for a while, but as time went by, it too went away.

Then, while I was working Food 4 Less on Van Winkle, this girl that I worked with called me "R-Dogg". She called me every once in a while, but she would also call me Ryan as well. I haven't talked to her in a while since she stopped writing back... So let's move on. Then, after I was sent to work out at the Food 4 Less, now Super Saver, in Rose Park, Brian started calling me "Beavis". I still don't know why, but there is probably a story to it. Well, this one has stuck. And there is a funny story to this nickname and how I will respond to it.

I was at Tristyn's work checking out and playing with the new Apple iMac. She just got off of work and found me in back playing on the computer. She called my name, but I never responded. So after a while of saying "Ryan", she said "Beavis", and I turned my head. So if you call me it, I don't mind. Just don't alter it...

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Something Big May Happen...

Just to let all of you know, something big and exciting is possibly going to happen in the next little while. Now, I'm not guaranteeing that something will happen, but something might happen. If it doesn't happen in the next little while, don't worry, it will happen eventually. And when it does in the future, I will let you know that that exciting news, was the big surprise that I am mentioning now.

As for those of you who want to pester me and try to get what may happen out of me, trust me, I will change the subject...

Questions... Answers

"Would you fall in love knowing that the person is leaving?" - JoAnna

Geez, JoAnna! Don't you watch the movies? It happens all the time. jk

When I think of this question, I think of the saying, "'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." - Alfred Lord Tennyson

I am a firm believer of this quote. Why? Sure, there are ex-girlfriends who I don't talk to anymore, but many of them have taught me stuff that I would need to know about relationships, before I go into any future relationship.

And it is not only lessons you learn from this person, but you get memories out of it too. And a person without memories, is no one. ... And you can quote me on the quote there, unquote.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Questions... Answers

"Do you get claustrophobic" - JoAnna

Nope. I don't. Just still afraid of car batteries...

Saturday, August 26, 2006

My Promise

Okay, I promise I will never post another entry like the last two again... You know, posting more information than I should have. If Rachel and I do something together, like....... we go get ice cream or go on a road trip, I see no harm in posting that. But when it comes down to the intimate part of ones relationship, those should be kept private. Yes, I see no harm in either person telling a friend or two some details in private, but not the whole world.

After I posted that, I felt I went a little further than I should have, even though she said it was okay that I could post what I did. So I promise I will never do that again. Sorry Rachel, and sorry everyone.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates...

And now, the conclusion of what I did these past few days while I was down in St. George.

...Since we couldn't sleep, we just talked some more, until we just finally fell asleep. After that, we fell asleep until 4PM. There was so much that I wanted to do with Rachel, but couldn't now. But we did do some other stuff that is worth mentioning.

Then, after getting up at 4, we both got up and she made me egg pancakes (delish!!!). After that, we replaced the ceiling fan that was in Rachel's room and then we both got ready and then drove over to her mom's house. But along the way over to the house, we passed her high school and places she worked when I met her 8 years ago. I got to meet her mom (still have to meet her dad, but he lives in Cali). Shortly after, her mom's boyfriend came over and the four of us talked for just a while before Rachel and I left so we could go on our first date. We drove down to Mesquite to go to dinner. Had I known the restaurant in the casino we stopped at was closed, I would have said, "Let's stay and eat here in St. George...". But since I was hungry, we got something to eat at the buffet. How romantic is that? Well, after dinner, I tried to play a few slot games, but I just wasn't in the mood. So, on the way out to head home (her place), I called my home and finally told my parents where I was. LoL. Hey! That is what this blog is for. If I ever disappear and you don't hear from me or know where I am... Check this blog folks.

We drove back to Rachel's house and tried to figure out what to do before she had to go to work. There was not much time before, so we used this book of questions she purchased a while back, and asked each other questions. We just talked and laid there in her bed until she had to get ready for work again. For the first time, I actually enjoy talking to a woman. lol. Well, she finally got ready for work, and since I was all alone once again (sigh), I drove back down to Mesquite to play the slots. Sorry, but I didn't win anything big, let alone win anything while I was down there this time. I did have a beer while I was down there and while drinking it, I realized this fact: Beer, to me, tastes better at room temperature than when cold. It almost taste like it is flat when it's cold. Yuck! Well, since I couldn't drive right away, I thought I would go bowling. Yes, they have a bowling alley next to the casino. I was told that it was a 24-hour bowling alley, but when I got to the front desk the guy said I have enough time to play one game. He explained that it was now only open 24-hours during the weekend. Since I wanted to bowl more than one game, I decided to check out a live band that was playing near the alley instead. It was cool doing that, until two officers came and told these two (wasted) chicks that they had to go. I didn't want to be around if things got out of control. So, I ended up leaving there and just headed back to St. George again.

I stopped at Rachel's house to see if she had anything I use in this special chip/bean dip that I make, before I went out to the store and bought more of it. Since she didn't have anything I needed, I went to Smith's, came back and made dip. Since I always have a little extra than what will fill the container I store it in, I scooped it in a bowl and sat down and watched Forrest Gump. After the movie was over, I finally went to bed around 3 or 4.

While I was sleeping, Rachel got off work and she came and slept next to me. Oh my God... That is so hot! (That's a Mitch Fatel comedy line) Anyways, I can't remember when we woke up (in the afternoon), but we got up and ate cereal and then watched Revenge of the Nerds. After that, well, we sat on the couch and talked for a while and then decided that it is time that we get ready and to go to lunch before I had to head out. She took me to The Pasta Factory and I ordered the vegetable pasta. I was thinking it would be grain pasta with vegetable flavoring or color to it... No! If you grate a zucchini the long way... this is what they served me. It was okay, but something I won't order again. I wanted real pasta dammit! After lunch, she showed me the St. George's airport-- It's on top of a plateau! How cool is that?

Well, we drove back to her place and I took a couple of pictures of her on her front porch, then one of us together. Not the best self-taken photograph, but there will be a lot more photos of us to come (no, I won't post every single one. What I meant is there will be more taken for our private collection....... And I DON'T mean that either... Gosh!). We said our goodbyes for now and I drove back to Salt Lake. I had to drive though a few thunderstorms, but thinking of her helped make it so the trip didn't seem so very long.

OH... The end...

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Time of My Life!

I just got back from visiting Rachel down in St. George... and I want to say something: This month, has been the best month of my life!!!

First off, I got to apologize to David at the beginning of this month. Rachel came up to visit me less than a week and a half ago. Then, I asked her out and she says yes. Then I get 3 days off of work, so I decided to go and visit her. Think I'm finished? I say nay nay...

Okay, were do I start? How about Monday afternoon when I left for St. George... I'll spare you the boredom of what I did early in the day. (Hurray!)

I finally was able to leave the Salt Lake valley around 5PM. It was a faster drive than what I thought it would take for me to get down there. And when I saw St. George for the first time (in 14-15 years), it blew me away to see how big it really was (and how fast it is expanding). I always envisioned it a little bigger than Wendover, but not this big! So I got off the exit she told me to take and drove to her house. She gave me a tour of her house (very nice house by the way... LUCKY!). She asked if I was hungry, I said yes, so I made some M&C. Afterwards, I asked her to show me a tour of her room... Trust me, there are stories as to why you have stuff present in your room, so I thought I might as well ask about them now. Well, we began to chat and after two hours of chatting, we decided to go and do something. Around midnight, we finally went upstairs and she saw that she had a missed call from work. Apparently, she was scheduled to work that night (12AM to 8AM)-- Even though she had worked early that day (9AM to 5PM). Blast them! That means, I had to either sit around her house doing nothing while she was at work... Or go down to Mesquite like we had planned. So I dropped her off at work, and I drove down to Mesquite by myself.

So, I drove down to Mesquite like I said I did earlier, and went to play the penny slots the Virgin River casino. Sorry to disappoint you here, but I'm not a high roller. So I was playing this one machine for a long time, then went over to another machine. I lost $20 really quickly there, so I went back over to the machine I was playing at before. Cashed out after about an hour and a half of playing and was heading for the door when a $1 machine caught my eye. I was just going to have them cash out that ticket anyways. I figured, what the hey... I'm going to lose it either way. So I put the ticket in the machine and played a max of $2 a spin. Played and lost some of that until I was at $16 when it hit, 2X-5X-Triple Bars! Jackpot! I won $360 from that machine! Don't believe me, check out the pictures I took with my camera phone. So I cashed out then and there at that machine and cashed the ticket with a cashier. This is the most I have ever won in a casino! So, I cashed out, and decided to check out one of the other 4 casinos in town. So I checked out the Oasis, played $40 over there, lost and decided that was enough excitement for one night.

I then headed back to St. George and got back around 6AM. I had to pick up Rachel at 8AM and since I never meet her roommate, who is a cop, I didn't want to go back to Rachel's place a possibly get tasered since she didn't know what I looked like. So, I parked to the side of a Chevron and I fell asleep for about an hour. I woke at 7 and drove around for 30 minutes. Remind you, I'm dead tired. So I drove over to her work and tried to sleep. But the sun was coming up and so I just laid there and waited for 30 minute till she got off of work. We drove back to her place, but along the way, she told me about this accident that took place in Zion's National Park. It's a sad story about what happened, but the reason I am mentioning it is, well, guess who took that call when it came into 911... that's right! Rachel.

Well, we finally got back to her place and having us being both dead tired from a long night, we both got ready for bed. For some reason, we just laid there because we couldn't sleep. Well, after a while we...

Tune in tomorrow as I continue my story about these past few days down in St. George...

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Annie In the News... Again!

First off, it wasn't on KUTV News. It was a newsletter that was printed in The Daily Utah Chronicle, but I found it on the web at Click here to read it...

By the way, the picture of her does not look like her...

Yes, It's Official

Just so you know, I received her permission to post a blog entry about this, and yes, I allowed her to view this entry before I posted it...

Remember recently how I told you about my friend Rachel who visited me last weekend? Well, for the last few weeks, we have been catching up on each others lives and talking to one another a lot more than we have these past few years.

Well, after talking and flirting ... I asked Rachel if she would like to start dating. And she said yes. I know it's a long distance relationship... But trust me, we are going to be seeing a lot of one another in the time to come. Especially since my work has decided to cut everyone's hours.

So, on Monday afternoon, I plan on heading down to visit her for a few days. That means, there will be no blog entries on Tuesday and Wednesday. Yes, there is a computer down that I can get to... But I'm not going down there to blog. I'm going to be with her and spend as much time as I can with her.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Questions... Answers

"What's your favorite time of day?" - Tristyn

It is when I get to be at or come home and play on the computer or do something that isn't related to work (Super Saver).

If you are looking for a specific time, I would have to say around the time the sun sets. You get to see so many beautiful colors in such a small amount of time.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Questions... Answers

"What is the best way to tell someone how much they mean to you?" - JoAnna

Um, by telling them flat out. If you don't, then who knows. (I'm taking this as if it is someone you like...) That person may feel the same way about towards you. If it is something good, and the other person feels the same way... Alright, things are going to be good. But if you tell them, and they freak out... I'm sorry, but it was not meant to last or it wouldn't have lasted very long in the first place.

If it is a friend or family member, tell them. Like me, I like to know how much I mean to people, even if I am being a little shit some days.

And if you need a little help on telling that special person how much they mean to you, you can always get the help from your good friend, Jack Daniels.... I'm going to call him right now...

(dial tone... touchpad.... ringing...)

It's ringing........................... Uh, Mrs. Daniels.... M-MRS. DANIELS! IS JACK THERE?! ... Oh no! Oh no! (Click) Poor old Jack. Always playing with that wheat thrasher!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Questions... Answers

"Who is the last person to make you mad?" - JoAnna

This is a toughie... I don't get mad, and when I do, I tend to shake it off.

Okay, I thought of it, who was the last person to make me mad. It's even making me mad as I think about it...

It was this old hag that was coming through my line at my work. First off, she start to complain that I didn't help her put her groceries up on the belt. Well, sorry bitch... I mean, ma'am, but this is a place where you do it yourself. If you need help, just ask, we will be glad to assist you. But she started complaining about that, then as I'm ringing her stuff up, she starts to bag it. She then continues to complain that I didn't help her bag her stuff. Once again, had you asked me, I would have been glad to have helped you. But no, she had to go on complaining to me that I had to call my manager over. As she is complaining to my manager, she is still bagging. Instead of using the button to make the belt move the groceries down to her, she is walking to the end of the belt (near me) to grab the items. I was not going to be helpful and push the kneepad near me to help her out after all this. So while she is complaining, I started to do the "Nah nah nah nah nah" look to my manager to mock her nagging... She saw that and said, "Oh shut up you little s***". LoL!

After she started calling me things, I said, "That is it". I held my hands up and walked away. My manager finished the order. But had I remembered (and I wish I had at the time), I would have locked the register and said I'm not coming out to unlock it until that bitch apologizes for saying what she said. But instead, my manager finished the order.

Well, she paid and she left. I don't know if she has ever returned, but I doubt it, and I hope she is fucking dead!!! You heard me.

However, she paid by check. On the back of the check (where the person/company is suppose to endorse it), she wrote in that section stating that I was the worst customer service she has ever seen (YES!!!). Had I been there, I would have said, you need to write the check over because
we will not take this, and the banks will not take it like this.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

White On White

Before I get into my weekend, I hope you like my title for this entry...

Well, on Saturday, Snickers woke my butt up at 4AM (she needed to go...). Since I could not get back to bed, I was definitely up for the day. And with 4 hours of sleep from when I went to sleep the night before... you can say this was not going to be a good. So around 9:45AM, Tristyn shows up at my house instead of calling me, and so I had to get ready and then we went to breakfast at Village Inn. Afterwards, we hurried and did a few errands before we headed up to Park City. Like what? Well, stop at two libraries... return the keyboard I just bought (didn't like it), stop at her house...

After all that fun stuff, we headed on up to Park City. I'm doing the best I can to remember everything that happened, but at the time I was tired as can be. But we instantly found my dad, mom, brother and both aunts. They just happened to be walking up Main Street and were within a hundred feet of where we came onto Main Street to go get something to eat. My mom told us where my dad and uncle's cars were parked (at the very bottom of the street) and so we decided to start walking down to there. But on the way down, I thought I spotted my dad's car. I was about to open the door to get sun block out of the back seat, but something told me to check the license plate. It did not match his plates. This car looked very similar, but when you start to look and study it... It was not the same car.

We found his car, at the very bottom of the street like they had told us, and I got to put on sun block. Afterwords, we found an internet cafe near where my dad was parked, and I was able to purchase a bottle of Bawls. That did help. After drinking that, we started to walk up Main Street to check out the cars. Don't worry, I'll have the pictures up by Wednesday, so you can check out the cars too...

After checking out cars, I had to go sit down on the chairs near my dad's car, because I was still so tired. So we were there for a little while. We got up, and took a few more pictures of cars, but from this bridge. We then started to head back up the street because we were going to head over to the Alpine Slides after I bought some chocolate from RMCF. But someone (not me) wasn't feeling well, and so we had to get something to eat. So we went to The Red Banjo and had a slice of pizza each. As we were heading to where we parked, my dad got a hold of me and said that some relatives that were just at the car show, called and said that it was storming like mad in Salt Lake, and that it was flooded near their house. So instead of going to the Alpine Slide, we decided to call it a day in Park City and drive home.

The whole time we were up there, it was cloudy, yet still sunny. As we got to the freeway (I-80), it started sprinkling, and then pouring! So we had to take it slow on the way home. About 5 miles from the Parley's Canyon entrance, there were about 10 cars pulled off onto the emergency side. Apparently a truck lost control, hit a side barrier and flew 20 feet into a ditch near the mountain side. We didn't stop, there was already enough people there to help. We would have just gotten in the way. We continued driving and got back home. We let the dog out and checked my basement because of what happened lasted time... But it wasn't flooded at all. Outside, it looked as if the storm didn't even touch our house. So we got lucky this time. A few minutes after getting home, my mom called and asked if we made it home okay. I said yes, and she told me that they shut down the freeway. Most likely from that accident we saw.

Now that we were back home, there was nothing to do. So around 7PM, Tristyn finally let me take a nap. She woke my butt up around 8PM and I really don't remember what we did. However, around 10 or 10:30, she went home because Rachel was close to my house.

Well, since the maps that Rachel printed made a mistake on where she was suppose to go, I drove down and met her at Dan's. We came back to my house and got ready for bed since she spent how long driving up here and since I had been up since 4AM that morning. Then we talked for a bit....... then we later feel asleep since we were both so tired.

(I know I have written a lot about Saturday, so I will try to keep the remainder of this entry as short as I can...)

On Sunday, Rachel and I woke up around 10, got ready and went to breakfast at Village Inn (again). After that, we stopped at my work so I could show her the dungeon where I work at. Since there wasn't anything better to do, we drove up to Preston, Idaho. My family and I needed new lotto tickets, so why the heck not. Plus, I could give her the quick tour of Preston. That's all we could do up there since 99% of the stores/restaurants were closed. So we drove back to Salt Lake ... ordered a pizza and watched Napoleon Dynamite and a Lewis Black DVD I have. After that, we got ready for bed since it was now after midnight...

That is pretty much my weekend. Rachel left and headed home about an hour before I had to get ready for work. Man, I can't wait for October!

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Monday, August 14, 2006

Still Busy...

Don't think that I forgot to tell you about this weekend. I am still hanging out and having a blast with Rachel right now. She is actually letting me play on the computer so I can get my 'fix' since I have not been on it very much since yesterday. Oh my God... That's so hot!

Well, as soon as I get home from work later... today, I'll sit down and start writing about what I did this weekend. Peace!

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Questions... Answers

"What do you miss?" - JoAnna

I miss the way things use to be... But if things never changed, who knew I would like the things I do like now a days. So in a way, I'm glad that it is good some things change, yet glad that some things remain and don't change.

If you are asking, "Like what?", think of the way you were and some of the things that you did for fun, say........ 5, 10 years ago. Do you still do those things now, or do you do a little of those things, or has your life done a 180?

To give you an example, I have been talking to my friend Rachel a lot more lately, and I asked her what does she remember about me when we met 8 years ago. She said that I was really into music and into sitcoms (I actually wanted to write a TV show because I thought most of the shows sucked... Most still do). Well, I still listen to music (hence, the iPod... and you need music, it's a healthy and natural drug), but I barely watch TV with an actual television set. I spend most of my time either working or playing with or on the computers. And if there is a TV show I do watch, it is one that I have downloaded from bit torrent.


Yesterday, which totally went right over my head for some reason... Was the 2 year anniversary of Without it, this page probably would not exist, as well as my other sites...

So, if you have a piece of cake somewhere in your house (preferably in the kitchen area)... or you would like to go buy a mini-cake or pastry item, you can celebrate with me.

I would have posted this entry yesterday, but by the time I remembered and would have posted something, I was actually already on my way to work... But hey, at least I am posting now!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Questions... Answers

"What is your favorite cologne / perfume?" - JoAnna

My favorite cologne for men is Tommy [Hilfiger] for Men. It is the kind I wear and have worn for many years because I can't find anything else that smells as good. I'm not looking to replace it, mainly because I still like to wear it... But if anyone out there knows of something that smells very similar to it, let me know...

As for what the ladies wear... My all time favorite perfume has to be Victoria's Secret Love Spell. But before I go any further, there are two things I have to mention now... First, JoAnna took me into a Victoria's Secret when we were checking out the mall last summer while she was in town. Not only did I feel like I shouldn't be in there, like I was a pervert or something... I happened to noticed that there are many and different varieties of this perfume/lotion. I thought there was only one bottle, like my cologne, to this perfume. Nope! So I don't know what specific kind it is that I really like, mainly because they all do smell the same to me.

Second, this perfume turns me on. But it only works on women I like (or whom I think is attractive). If you are not someone I like, then it won't work... Sorry, I don't make the rules. (That was a joke there) Plus, for those of you who really want to know, e-mail me or ask me in person why I like this perfume so much. It involves a memory, and then you will totally understand why it turns me on.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Busy Weekend Coming Up

Okay, here are my plans for what's going down for this weekend...

On Saturday, Tristyn and I are going to be heading up to Park City to go to the NUMOA IMAFS car show. ....Oh for the love of... It stands for, Northern Utah Mustang Owners Association / Intermountain Mustang and All Ford Stampede.

Later on (late) Saturday evening, my good friend Rachel will be coming into town. So her and I will be hanging out on Saturday evening and most of Sunday. I asked her what she wants to do, she didn't know, so I asked her if she wants to go up to Idaho. She said that sounds like a plan. So there is a good chance that I maybe going up there. So if you want anything from Idaho, I'm not going to be calling and asking you-- You have to contact me and tell me what you want! If we don't go, I'll let you know later what we did... that is if she comes up and we find something exciting to go out and do.

Questions... Answers

"Do you know what time you were born?" - JoAnna

Yes I do. But due to security reasons, I'll just say that I was born in the morning.


"What is your most prized possessions?" - JoAnna

No, not my computer. Although I do have important data in my computer, most of it can be backed up or easily recreated... It is my mind and the memories that it holds, and my family and friends.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Questions... Answers

"Do you get scared in the dark?" - JoAnna

While sleeping... No, I don't. I actually prefer to have all the lights out when I sleep. I will sometimes have a cow if my closet lights are on...

If like the power goes out, or like, while camping? It maybe a little creepy, but I can still handle it. Remember how I mention that the power went off a while back. I was more worried about what to do, rather than worry about what "could be lurking in the shadows".

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Questions... Answers

"What was the first gift someone ever gave you? (Family does not count)" - JoAnna

I really do not remember what was my first gift, like starting at birth to who knows... My mind really can not go that far back.

Actually, I do remember something that I received on my 8th birthday (... In a way, I guess this story will answer your question). My friend gave me a couple of those "choose your own adventure books"... You read a few pages, then at the bottom, if you want something to happen, go to page X. If you want something else to happen, go to page Y. While I was opening the present, my friend told me not to look at the wrapping paper. Come to find on the wrapping was a sticker from the place he bought them from. They had place them on there so they knew where they purchased the books from. Not a very smart business. Well, the place, if it is the one I am thinking about, closed not too long ago... So, yeah.

Monday, August 7, 2006

7% Idiot... And, Um.... Something-Percent Genius

I know my blog has been boring these past few days, but here is something fun for you to go and do...

I found this test (that is posted on the right) at the bottom of's site. It took me to the Idiot Test website where I took the test, got my results and I posted them here. However, if you don't want to take the Idiot Test, there are a few more test that you can take. So give it a whirl...

Oh, and for those of you reaching for the calculators... It's 93% Genius.

Dr. Seuss For Geeks

JoAnna sent me this e-mail, and since most of you who read this blog are hackers, I thought you might like it. Thank you JoAnna!

Dr. Seuss Explains Computers

If a packet hits a pocket on a socket on a port, and the bus is interrupted as a very last resort, and the address of the memory makes your floppy disk abort, then the socket packet pocket has an error to report.

If your cursor finds a menu item followed by a dash, and the double-clicking icon puts your window in the trash, and your data is corrupted 'cause the index doesn't hash, then your situation's hopeless and your system's gonna crash!

If the label on the cable on the table at your house, says the network is connected to the button on your mouse, but your packets want to tunnel on another protocol, that's repeatedly rejected by the printer down the hall, and your screen is all distorted by the side effects of gauss, so your icons in the window are as wavy as a souse, then you may as well reboot, and go out with a bang, because as sure as I'm a poet, the sucker's gonna hang!

When the copy of your floppy's getting sloppy on the disk, and the microcode instructions cause unnecessary risk, then you have to flash your memory, and you'll want to RAM your ROM. Quickly turn off the computer and be sure to tell your mom.

Sunday, August 6, 2006

Questions... Answers

"What kind of hair/eye color do you like on the opposite sex?" - JoAnna

Since you can't change the color on eyes (except with special contacts, which is only cool for Halloween), I really don't care what eye color they have. Just as long as they match, or look the same shade (lol). But if you want a specific color... I'll say blue. Cause blue calms you down (well, it does me), and I like looking at a girls eyes when talking to them... So you do the math.

As for hair, as long as it is a natural color, or looks natural, I really don't care what color it is. I don't like people (anymore) who dye their hair extreme colors (i.e., pink, blue, green, etc...) to make it stand out. They only want attention. If they want attention, they are going to get it... In the wrong kind of way. Yes, I know, I have dyed my hair purple (and green for St. Patrick's Day) in the past, but your really couldn't tell it was dyed purple since my hair was already dark, and you could only tell if you went in close. But those days of extremeness are way over. If you are in your 20's+, and still dye your hair like that... You have some issues that you need to either have a therapist help you with, or have shock treatment. But once again, if you want me to pick a color, I would have to choose (in this order): Red, blonde, brown, black. If I forgot one, I apologize. But red hair... Oh my God, that's so sexy.....

Saturday, August 5, 2006

Questions... Answers

"What's your favorite season?" - Tristyn

If I am talking to someone, I'll say summer to move the conversation along...

But after thinking about this question now, I don't have a particular favorite season, I have a favorite time section of year. Don't worry, I'll feed you baby birds...

I don't like the start and middle part of spring because my allergies act up and I don't like the later part of summer because it gets too hot. So my favorite time is from the end of spring (beginning of May) until the first part of summer (end of June) when the temperature is just right.

I can also say from the end of August to the beginning of October... But since everything is dying (i.e. trees, plants) and it also reminds me of going back to school... No. No flippin' way.

Friday, August 4, 2006

Questions... Answers

"One of your scars, how did you get it?" - JoAnna

You know how I got this scar on my chin... You are trying to lead me into this story, aren't you? Sorry, but for those who don't know how I got it... It's a secret. Sorry.

However, there are other scars I do have from other things I can tell you about. When I was 3, I think, I was playing on my tricycle and it tipped over and the back of my head hit the corner of a brick wall. I remember riding in my dad's Ranchero on the way to the hospital trying to look at pictures, even though it was pitch dark in the car.

Then when I was 17, around Spring Break, I was working on my car. I while I tried to slip a part from the wheel area to where it connects, it slipped and cut my finger. If you ask me, I'll show you where the scar is. I know this is more than one... But m'eh!

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Thursday, August 3, 2006

I'm using SharePoint right now to write this blog entry. But you can't tell, can you? Nope...

With SharePoint, there really is not a big difference in change. Maybe a few new colors and menus here or there, but if you move, remove or uncheck a few things, you can have it looking and acting just like FrontPage 2003. The only thing I don't like, is when you click on a table to enter new or to edit old text, it highlights the table that you are or were working in/on. With FrontPage, it never did that. So that is something that will take some time to get use to. If you are confused, a table for example, where it says below the date posted, blank area, send comments and a blank area... those are each placed in four separate tables to make it appear everything is perfectly aligned.

And the thing that made me mad about SharePoint, is that there was no Preview button. I used this all the time with FrontPage. It makes it so that you can see what the page is going to look like when it is posted on the web. With SharePoint, I have to keep pressing F12 to preview it and it takes a while because it has to start up Firefox to view the file.

As for Office, I pretty much use Office for Outlook and Word only. Maybe the occasional usage of Excel or PowerPoint, but that is very rare. Instead of upgrading, I should have had it so both 2003 and 2007 were on the same computer. That way, if I wanted to, I don't have to uninstall 2007 and reinstall Office 2003... but oh well. Outlook, when you are reading e-mail, there is no real big difference. Like I said before, just a few colors. When you click on Calendar, you get what appears in the second picture. It looks so much different from before.

Okay, f* that... I'm now back to using FrontPage. It took me so long to write what is written up above.

Excel, eh... No big difference in change, that I can tell. Word, that is the one that I noticed a big difference in (look at picture). I remember there was a ruler on the side and on top... but no more. You can turn that on... but you have to know where to do that. To find how to do that, you have to find the help menu... Good luck.

Also in Word, when you click on Home, Layout, Page Layout and the other menus atop, it treats them as a tab instead of a drop-down menu. I just found how to turn on rulers, but it's a pain in the butt because you have to use the Help menu... That is if you can find that. And if you want some of the drop down menu options like before, you click the round Microsoft button in the top-left hand corner. Geez louise!

But the thing is, now that I have finished writing this entry (which has taken me much longer than it normally would have), I have already uninstalled Office 2007 and re-installed Office 2003. I have also uninstalled SharePoint. But the main reason that it made me want to go back to the old versions is that Outlook and SharePoint, were hogging a lot of memory. And when I was using both... Holy crap!

So, if you would like to use this newer version of Office, unless you have a computer that can handle Microsoft Windows Vista without any problems, I'd say stay away from 2007 and continue to use the version of Office that you are using now... If any.

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

More Software to Test

Microsoft is allowing certain people to test the Microsoft Office 2007 Beta program. So I am going to test Office 2007 and SharePoint 2007. SharePoint is the new program that was originally called FrontPage (the program that I use to write these pages). So if I like it, I will sticking with it. If I don't, then you will know because I will write another entry about it and be bitching about it...

Yay! It's Installed

My birthday present that I got back in June, the ceiling fan, is finally installed. My dad finally hooked it up this last week and it has definitely been keeping me cool during the nights. Now that I have this fan, I don't have to have my box fan cranked at low an having it sound like a plane taking off.

In the picture on the right, the light is much more bright. That is why you can barely see what else is in the room.

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Six Years Later... I Was Finally Able To Apologize

Nearly six years after I said something that I regretted saying, I finally got to apologize to David the other night. I was at doing my shopping at Wal-Mart on early Monday (7/31) morning. I thought it was him when I first saw him, but I didn't want to say something in case it wasn't him. Well, he called my name and we got to talking. The first thing I said to him when we got to talking was my apology. It may have not come out the way I wanted it to (I stuttered because I was nervous), but I did it. But after that, we got to talking and he seems to be doing fine. I'm not going to tell everyone what we talked about, I just wanted to tell everyone that things look like they are changing for the good. ... Karma.

The next person I need to apologize to is an ex-girlfriend who I know I hurt... That's going to be fun because I'll need to track her down first and two tanks of gas to do it.