Monday, September 18, 2006

Snow On The Mountain

If you don't understand the title, I'm using the music lyric, "Smoke on the Water" by Deep Purple.

Well, it looks like it jumped from summer to winter over night. I took this photo on the way to work of the foothills above the Avenues near downtown Salt Lake. I know this is not the best photo, but you have too look at the mountain tops to realize what I'm trying to show you.

Until October...

Until I have an internet connection down in St. George, this is going to be my last blog entry for this month, and for the first little while in October... So I am calling it for this month.

Why? ... Well, I had something already written out (it was bad), I am going to put this the easy way, so I know that you will come back in October and continue reading my blog. I'm getting very stressed out. With everything going on in every aspect of my life, my mind and body is being worn out. So in order to focus more on the important things that I need to do and take care of before I finally pack up and go, I'm going to end the month of September right here.

Be sure to wear your jacket (read the blog below) and don't take rides from strangers! Peace...

See you next month from St. George...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

One Week...

Well, it has actually been more than one week since I have actually sat down and told you what I have done exciting since getting married ... other than then the weekend we were married. Not much has happened, but I'll try to fill you in since you may have noticed my blog has been bare for this month.

That week that Rachel and I were married (Sept. 3-9), I had to gone over to a few relatives homes that live near by and tell them that I got married. Had a big talk with my parents about everything that has happened. I have also been working a lot more, but still not as much as I would like to.

Rachel came up last weekend (Sept. 8-11) to meet and visit with my household family on Friday. On Saturday, she and I took my wedding ring back and exchanged it for ring that is one size smaller and that now fits my finger much better. After that, we then drove up to Peach Days in Brigham City and I showed Rachel what it is now like to be part of my family. Nothing bad, just showed her what we like to do for fun during the summer months. There were a few relatives that were at the car show and I introduced Rachel to them. Turns out, they already knew about me getting married because they found out on my website. They were looking for information about Peach Days online and saw my page with pictures from last years Peach Days event, went to the main page of the photos and saw the link to the pictures for Rachel and my wedding day. It still amazes me who visits this site now.

Well, after looking at only some of the cars (sorry, I forgot my camera in the car when we got up there... So there are no pictures), Rachel and I then drove up to Logan to visit and for me to meet her other sister. We found her place and talked for about an hour before we took off again and I then took Rachel to Mis Amores in Preston, Idaho. After dinner, we drove back to Salt Lake and that was it for that night.

On Sunday, we had family over and visited with them before Rachel and I had to pack up and leave. We decided to go out to Wendover for the night to continue our honeymoon... lol. It was nice, except the room was just too much for us to enjoy in one night. Oh, and no... I played some of the machines, but I did not win anything big like in Mesquite.

On Monday, we drove back home and once arriving back into Salt Lake, we started looking for things we needed on this list we made. We were looking for blank wedding announcement cards so we can mail them to family members around the country so they know that Rachel and I are now married. We figured out what we wanted to write on the cards, but when you are stressing about the lack of time to spend with your wife before she has to head out, things get ugly. Anyways, I finally sent out the letters yesterday. If you want a letter, just e-mail me your address. We have 40 more letters that we can send to people.

I can't remember anything else exciting that has happened this week. I have been bringing empty boxes home from work to pack stuff up that is in my room. I just know that when I get it all down to St. George, more than half of it is going to be given away or thrown away. Don't need that much junk in a small house. I'll keep personal sentimental items, but stuff that I save just because, no need to keep it any more. But I am basically just packing everything up in boxes and I am going to have to go through everything and sort it all out when I get down there. It may take a good while for me to do that.

Oh, in case you haven't checked out the new site, go to to see pictures and the video to our wedding. I know I mentioned something earlier this week, but for those of you who have not seen the site, now is the time. This has been another project I worked on this week. Oh, and the pictures of Before and After the wedding are posted as well.

I also had to buy a new cell phone this week because I had a stress temper the other night and I threw my old one. Someone I know ticked me off and I couldn't take it anymore. Well, because of my temper, I'm out $100 and all my pictures, phone number and text are lost on that old phone... Unless they can transfer, somehow, all the data off that phone onto the new phone...? So anyone reading this, make sure you e-mail me your phone numbers if you would like me to stay in contact with you after I move. I may have your info already, but just in case... yeah... Better safe than sorry.

And that is all I have been up to. I'm still packing, and will be until I am ready to leave. So please bare with me as my blog remains boring for the time being. If you have something to help make my blog interesting, send it my way... I will post it.

Well, off to bed have a busy day of...... packing more stuff up before I head off to work this evening.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

"Come Monday" - Jimmy Buffett

I'm sure that some of you have some questions about Rachel and I doing what we did. Well, I have posted below as many questions as I can think of, many of which I have already been asked by people in the flesh. If you have a question that is not posted or answered, find the link below in this blog entry that says "e-mail me", click it and end me your question or questions. I'll be glad to post them in a future blog entry.

Who, When and Where were you married?
- I married Rachel McBride on September 2, 2006. We were married in Las Vegas, NV at a small chapel called Sweetheart's Chapel. Our witnesses were Rachel's youngest sister Heidi, and her boyfriend Joshua.

How long have you known her? Where/How did you meet each other?
- Rachel and I have known each other for 8 years now. We meet each other on the internet 8 years ago, back when we were seniors in high school. We dated for a while back then, but never officially met back then. We finally met face to face back in 2003.

So where are the two of you going to live?
- St. George, Utah.

So when are you moving down there?
- My last day of work will be around the first of October, so after that I will be loading up the U-Haul on next day and be on my way.

Were you saying that you were going to go back to school???
- Yes, I was planning on going back to school at the SLCC this winter or this coming spring, but things have now changed. However, there are two colleges down there to get an education. I will eventually go back as soon as I know that we can afford it.

Do you have a job ready for when you move down there?
- No I do not. Before the thought of getting married occurred, I was planning on leaving my job (that I have now in Salt Lake) pretty soon anyways and finding something better. So, after my two-weeks are up (my last day will be September 30th), I plan on using up my vacation hours that I have earned, to help pay the bills while I look for a new job...

What is the address to where you are moving to?
- Sorry, but I am not going to post that information here on the blog openly. If I know you really well, contact me and ask me for the address. It's nice to receive a letter in the mail.

Is, and any other website you own going to be pulled, taken down or removed?
- No. As long as I pay Yahoo! for my server space, all the websites will remain up. So, if you personally know me here in Salt Lake and would like to see what I am up to while living in St. George, you are welcome to visit this site whenever you wish. However, now being a married man, I will try to limit my blog entries (as well as computer usage time) so I can spend more time with my beautiful wife Rachel. Now, the only way I would pull, is if we were really low on financial funds, but I hope I never see the day when I have to tell everyone that I am pulling the site. You have to do what you have to do. But like I said before, all the sites will remain up after I move.

Is this blog going to go away or stop?
- No. I will continue to work on my blog, but A) around the time that I move down there, I may not have an internet connection until a later date. So if you don't hear from me right away at first, it's because of that reason. B) Now that I am married, the blog may slow down a bit because I did this blog in the first place because I had a lot of free time of my hands when I was single. Now that I am married, life and things as I know it are going to change, and me having free/spare time is one of those things. But I promise to keep this blog up so you know what I am up to, and to know that I have finally made it in life...

Do you love her?
- You better believe I do... She is my world. She makes me want to be a better person, even though she says I am perfect. We get along great and we can talk for hours about nothing... which can be helpful since we are now starting to grow older (lol). I know that we are meant to be with one another... (Deep sigh...)

Is there a web site for the two of you?
- You better believe it! We registered the web address on Sunday. We registered "" since "" was already taken. So check it out...

Why are the wedding photos not up yet?
- I have been very busy with work, my personal life, my family life and my time with Rachel, and trying to tie up any loose ends while up here in Salt Lake. But do not worry; the pictures will be up soon. I have decided to post them on the web address above instead of on my Photo's page here (well, for the time being). As for the photos that I took before and after the wedding, I will post those on the photos page.

What about your fascination with Napoleon Dynamite? Are you going to drive from St. George to visit Preston anymore?
- LoL. I still like the movie, but like everyone else in life; I enjoy it, but I don't spend my whole life revolving around a movie. I only posted my Napoleon Dynamite site so people from far away could see the famous locations of Preston and look at pictures from the fun times I had up at both of the Napoleon Dynamite Festivals. ... "Will I drive up there?" ...Probably not. From St. George to Preston, that is 411 miles. Right now, Rachel and I only plan on driving up to Salt Lake to visit family as much as we can. I don't have any ambition right now to drive up to SLC, then later while we are in Salt Lake to up and go to Idaho on the whim. However, Rachel does have a family member in Logan, so if we go and visit her, who knows...? But for now, I've had my fun, and it's time to give that a rest.

Like I said before, if you have a question, feel free to ask me... Someone may be wondering the exact same question.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Sorry, folks. It has been a very busy weekend. I have been introducing family members to Rachel, and spending some personal time with Rachel as well. That is why I have not posted anything like I promise. I am writing this to let you know that I am alive and to let you know that I will sit down later tonight at work on posting the wedding pictures (as well as before and after pictures).

As for those questions I promised to post today, I decided to hold of on posting because today is 5th anniversary of 9/11. So I thought it would be nice to honor today by waiting at least one day. Also about the questions, I need to work on them some more before I post them tomorrow.

So I will see you later. Peace!

Friday, September 8, 2006

"And After All This Time, You're Still The One I Love..." - Shania Twain

Part four of four...

Well, the next morning, early Sunday morning, I was awoken by something and I found my phone saying that it had a message that I had to upload to view. It was from my bank, and the message was not successfully coming through. So I was panicked, thinking I had already run out of money in my bank account... Well, I later found out (on Monday afternoon) that something I was charged for on Friday was refunded back into my account (the reason for the text message), and then it was charged back out from my account again... Gosh!

I was able to get back to sleep and then we both woke up around 10AM. We got ready to go back out on the town to get something to eat for breakfast, even thought it was noon. We found an IHOP, gave our name and waited for a few minutes to be seated. Once we had been seated, we had to wait at least an hour to get our food. OH! And while we were waiting, it just kept getting hotter and hotter in the building, and they did not turn on the AC or a single fan to help circulate air throughout the building... Oy! So if you ever visit the IHOP on The Strip, go before 11AM, before the sun starts really coming though the windows...

After breakfast, we traveled for 30 minutes south in Rachel's truck along The Strip, only to travel one block-- That is how busy it was this past weekend, because of it being Labor Day Weekend. So I pull into and parked in the CircusCircus covered parking lot. Yay! Shade! We walked through CircusCircus and checked out a few gift shops to buy some souvenirs for my other family members. After finding a few souvenirs for them (and a cool one for us), we walked to the front of the building and then walked onto The Strip. We walked south for a block, checking out other hotel/casinos/gift shops. We finally found where to get one of those long drink bottles with slush drink in it... I've always wanted one of those (next time, I'm going to get one with something added to it). After walking in the heat for more than an hour, we were ready to call it a day in Vegas. So, we walked back to CircusCircus and got back in the truck. Before we could head home, we had to find a gas station so we could make it home. Found one near the freeway off/on ramp exit, and filled up the truck. After doing that, we drove home listening to the CD I made for Rachel.

I know I have said this to Rachel, but did you know that St. George to Las Vegas (one way) is the same distance as Salt Lake to Preston, Idaho (one way)? To Las Vegas, it seems that you arrive there much faster because you don't have to drive slowly through a small town (Logan, UT) to get to the place you want to get to. Anyways, we arrived home in the early part of Sunday evening and we both just crashed from (driving and heat) exhaustion. After a couple hours of rest, we woke up and Rachel made us dinner. I still need to make her dinner one of these nights... We sat down, ate dinner and watched a movie. After that, we got ready for bed.

On Monday morning, we woke up and Rachel made me those egg pancakes again. Those are really good! After breakfast, we got ready to go visit Rachel's mom. So we drove over to her mom's house, told her the good news and we showed her the pictures that were on the CD. After viewing the pictures, her mom and Rachel called a few people to tell them the good news. After the phone calls, we all drove over to Rachel's grandmothers house and told the news. We told her and she was in shock for a little bit. We sat down and talked to her grandmother about what our plans are in the coming weeks, before she had to get up and leave to go to lunch with some friends. So, after we said goodbye, Rachel and I drove over and returned most of the stuff (socks, tie, etc.) I bought from Wal-Mart the other night, mainly because I didn't use any of it like I was planning on to. Stopped at Walgreens, did the same thing, and then went to Rachel's house before I had to leave. I'll spare you the details about how we just laid there holding one another while we waited for my laundry to finish drying (lol)... Well, after my clothes were dry, I packed up my stuff and loaded up my car. I kissed my wife goodbye for the time being, and headed home. You don't know how badly I wanted to turn back, but I know that if I did do that, it would have been even harder for her to deal with me leaving later that evening if I did something like that.

So I drove home with the window down (because I still do not have A/C) and listened to Jimmy Buffett (lol) most of the way home. Around Nephi, once again, I was stuck in traffic for about 30 minutes. I finally made it home and that is when I finally told my parents. They were upset at first, but since there is nothing we can do now to change any of this, it's slowly sinking in. I know that one day that they will know I did okay when Rachel and I celebrate our 1st, 2nd ... 25th (actually, any) wedding anniversary. Rachel and I may have done things differently than what most normal people do, but we are not normal, and I know that she and I will have the greatest time of our lives...

Well, that was my wedding weekend. I'm still working on posting pictures, and coming up soon next week, there will be a few answers to the questions that you may be pondering. But since today is Friday, Rachel is coming up for the weekend later tonight. We have plans to do stuff together, so I may post one of the questions I had you ask me earlier, but that is to let you know that I am still here and so that I know that you will check the site. So the big Q&A entry will be sometime next week. Until then... Peace out!

Thursday, September 7, 2006

The Video...

Like I promised you, here is the video of Rachel and I getting married. And yes, I have her permission to post this video on here.

This video is just shy of 11 minutes in length, so make sure you have some time to sit and watch it... Oh, and turn your volume down REALLY low before you start to watch it. When the video starts, then you can slowly turn it up... You'll see why when you watch it.

I haven't watched this compressed version, so if there is anything wrong with it, please let me know ASAP! You may notice some short pauses while the audio is still going, but that is normal... Peace!

(WMV / 652 seconds / 3663 KB) (Right-click here to download the video clip)

"And Our Lives Are Forever Changed / We Will Never Be the Same" - The Smashing Pumpkins

Part three... Saturday, 5PM to Midnight

After getting something to eat at Margaritaville, we drove back to the motel room where we both got cleaned up and ready to head to the chapel. However, I forgot my dress shoes. I left they by the front door at her house so I wouldn't forget them... errr, me. So... I had to wear the basic shoes I had been wearing all day as my dress shoes. Nice, huh? We found the place, and for those of you interested, it's called Sweetheart's Chapel. Very small place, but it was nice for what we wanted to pay for a small wedding. We were scheduled to start the wedding at 8PM, but we invited Rachel's sister and her boyfriend to the wedding, so they could be our witnesses. They were a running a little late, but I guess it was a good thing that they were running late too. Because, had we started on time, the video of the ceremony would have had the sounds of sirens going by in the back ground. That wouldn't have been good.

So we started the ceremony around 8:10 or 8:15. I don't know how long the ceremony lasted, because since I was so nervous, time stood still. Then, when it came time for the exchanging of the rings, the minister accidentally gave me my ring to put on her finger, and vice versa. Oops! Well, after we exchanged our vows, gave each other a passionate kiss as husband and wife, and as soon as the minister and photographer left the room, I was like, "Hurry, lets switch them". So we did and it felt better to know that we had the right rings on each others hand.

Well, after the photographer took all the pictures (which are posted here), he set up his laptop and two chairs for us to sit down and let us look and choose the pictures we wanted. Our package that we paid for, we were given 4 photos. But since we were the last couple to tie the knot that night, the owner of the chapel wanted to get out of there so she could go home (she said she lived 45 minutes away). Normally, any picture after the original 4 that we were suppose to get in the package is $20 each. So, since he didn't want to argue with her, he said that would give us all the pictures he had taken for $200. That's the price of 10 additional photos, wherein, here he took 57 photos. The chapel owner figured it out on a calculator to see how much we would have paid for all of the pictures at $20 a pop and she said it would have cost us $1300! (NOTE: It would have cost us $1060, not $1300.) Not arguing, I took that deal, because who wants just 4 pictures of their wedding day?

Well, we took our pictures and the video, marriage certificate and anything else we brought with us to the chapel back to Rachel's truck. We told Rachel's sister and boyfriend that we would like them to join us for drinks at the Hard Rock Casino. Since we didn't know where Hard Rock was, we had them lead the way since they live in Vegas. When we got there, we found a parking spot on level 2 and they found one on 4. They met us back at level 2, and when we opened the doors to enter the building, guess who was playing over the PA? ... SUBLIME! I was loving this moment. I just got married to a very, very, very... beautiful woman, and my favorite music band was playing on the over head radio... It couldn't get better, right? I say Nay nay...

About half way from the parking garage doors to the casino/lounge where we ordered drinks, I found the holy grail of Sublime memorabilia. The only picture that really came out of that was the one with Rachel and I (thank goodness for sisters taking pictures). (If you think this was it for the good news, double nay nay...)

After sitting, talking and sipping drinks for about an hour, we got up and left the lounge. Both us guys tried our lucks on the slots. As for me, I placed one dollar in a $1 machine, and won $5... So I immediately cashed out and claimed my money. Can't get a better story than saying you won money on your wedding day. lol. We then stopped in the gift shop and I picked up a few souvenirs for me and my bro (as for the other family members, don't worry... I didn't forget about them).

We said our goodbye's to Rachel's sister and boyfriend (for now), told them thank you for coming to our wedding and having some drinks with us, and then Rachel and I drove back to our room. That entire moment for the drive back to the motel, will be etched in my brain forever... It was one of those perfect moments that you don't want to end....... (Sigh)

Coming up next... The Honeymoon!

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Wednesday, September 6, 2006

"Yes, It's Real Love..." - The Beatles

Now part two, with what happened this past weekend....


We woke up around 10AM and got ready to leave for a little vacation (even thought I was already on vacation). We were heading down to Las Vegas. And by those two words, and if you have probably guessed by now... Yes, it's true; Rachel and I were planning to elope.

Patience, I know you may have questions, but please let me finish my story. I will get to questions at a later time...

Okay, so before we drove from St. George to Vegas, we had to stop and exchange the size of my ring, and the width of both our rings so we could have them engraved at a later date. Then, after we finally arriving in Vegas, we found our motel, the "HoJo" (Howard Johnson). Since it was still too early to check in to our room, we decided to go and get our marriage license. We had to wait in line for about an hour and a half because there were many other couples already there waiting to get their licenses too. It's a good thing we did this now in September, not around St. Valentine's Day. Oh, a word of advice before I move on... If you decide to elope or get married in Vegas, I really recommend picking your chapel or church before you get your license. The chapels hire people to approach you and see if you have a place that you are getting married at, and they pester you like pop-up ads on a computer. The whole time, I'm thinking of the Chappelle's Show clip where he is imagining what the internet would be if it were a real place. Then later, he punches a couple of guys and says, "Spam blocker, bitch!". That is what I wanted to do to these guys... But it was my wedding day, and I didn't want my fiancé using our wedding money to be bailing me out of jail, so I didn't. lol

After waiting in line, we finally got our license and then headed back to the motel to check in. We were able to check in and we unpacked our stuff. By this time from traveling, waiting in line and unpacking, we were hungry. I suggested Wendy's, but we couldn't find one while heading north along Las Vegas Blvd. ("The Strip"). So I turned around and headed south along The Strip and it took us so freaking long because of the traffic and that people crossing the streets were taking their sweet time. Very frustrating! Half way into The Strip, Rachel pointed out a Margaritaville that was built into The Flamingo. I'm a Jimmy Buffett fan, so I had to. We found a place to park and walked over to Margaritaville. We reserved a table with our name, and then were looking at stuff in the gift shop. Our little buzzer thing started going off, so I never was able to purchase any souvenirs from there. I will have to do it next time we visit Vegas. We both ordered a "Cheeseburger in Paradise" and shared a margarita. Oh boy, did we feel the tequila. Luckily, we sobered up (lol) and after lunch, headed back to the room. === Oh!!! If any of you out there got a text message from me around 5 or 6 PM (depending on where you live), it's because it was 5 o'clock (5PM) in Margaritaville, and that song "It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere" came on...

Coming up next, what happened right before, during and after the wedding...

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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Four Days In Heaven

Where do I begin with this blog entry? How about this-- I'll let you know that there are going to be some questions on your mind by the time you finish reading these next few entries. I'll do my best to answer a few, but if I don't answer what you are thinking, send me the question or questions and I'll do my best to answer them here. I'm purposely leaving some details out on today's entry, but you will see why I did that in the next entry. For those of you who already know... Shhhh, or pretend you don't know.

Okay, Friday afternoon...

Rachel and I had plans for her to come up to my house this past weekend (9/1-9/4) to go out to Wendover. However, those plans were changed and instead of not seeing each other for another week, I decided to go down to St. George for the weekend to visit her. While we were talking earlier in the week about these plans, something got thrown into the plans, and this was the big news that I mentioned late last month.

Okay, back to my story. So I ended up driving down to her place for the weekend. This weekend, I proposed to Rachel and she said "Yes".

To celebrate, we went out to dinner at The Pizza Factory. Not romantic, but very simple and nice. I recommend just the bread sticks and marinara sauce to dip the sticks in, you will get filled up on those alone...

After dinner, we had to get a few things from Wal-Mart that I forgot to bring down. After that, we took the long way to her home. Then once getting to her home, since we were both so exhausted from such a busy and exciting day, we decided to call it a day and soon fell asleep.

Saturday... Well, I'll save Saturday's story for another day's entry...

PS- If you want to see what the code looks like (the one in the picture) in a web browser, you can create it yourself. First, click on the picture to see what the poster board says. Second, open Notepad. Write everything that is in code, just like in the picture, in Notepad. Fourth, save that file as "propose.html" and save it to your desktop. View your desktop and find that file, click it an open it. Very simple but creative... Oh, and yes, this is what I deal with every time I write a web page or blog entry. That in the picture is very very simple code, I go beyond that...

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Monday, September 4, 2006

I'm Still in St. George At the Moment...

I'm still in St. George right now as I write this. I couldn't get to a computer while I have been down here, so please wait until I get back home and catch up on my life up there before I sit down and write about my crazy and wild adventures that I had while here. Thanks for checking back on this site, but give me a couple of days before I post what I want to say. Peace out!