Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Questions... Answers

"What is your favorite scary movie?" - JoAnna

To tell you the truth, I'm not much of a scary movie person. I prefer comedies or anything else over horror movies. However, from the horror movies that I have seen, the one that I would say that is my favorite would have to be Stephen King's The Stand. Thank goodness they released this to DVD, because I would originally have to watch it on VHS.

However, the all-time horror movie that scared the **** out of me, and still does, is Stephen King's IT. I only saw this when it was on TV and I was only 10- Holy crap!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Questions... Answers

"When you were a kid, what did you dress up as for Halloween?" - JoAnna

Let's see... I do remember some stuff that I have dressed up as when I was older, but as for going back further when I was younger, I am trying to remember stuff that I was dressed up as when Rachel and I were looking though my family photo album before I moved down here.

In the pictures I have been a cowboy, this grim reaper looking character, Dracula... and that is pretty much all I remember from those pictures. I remember when I was a little older, I dressed up as a baseball player (for two years in a row... Hey, I was into baseball back then). But the dress up in costume phase was when I was just in elementary school.

Later, when I was in middle school, I just went out trick-o-treating once or twice as myself-- no costume. There may have been dances during high school where you could where a costume, but I only went to one dance (in high school) and it was just a regular dance. How I got on the topic of dances, I don't know... lol.

Sure, there have been jobs (like the one I am at now) where they allow you to dress up, but I don't have the confidence to dress up and then try to explain to everyone why I thought I should have dressed up as.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Questions... Answers

"How do you release anger?" - JoAnna

By doing this... writing code. Talking to people. Hanging up on them if I am getting upset with them (that really does helps) when I can not figure out what to say next (especially if they are not listening to me). By talking to my wife (that is a big plus right there). Listening to upbeat music (Sublime, The Beatles, Jimmy Buffett, etc...) and especially any comedy that I have (even if I have heard it a million times before) on my iPod. Watching a certain movie... Want to guess which one? .................. Napoleon Dynamite? Sometimes, but that is not where I was headed. I love to watch the classic movie American Graffiti. Well, actually, any movie that I have not seen in a while that I have enjoyed, I will watch those too.

I also release anger by driving around and listening to music. Well, I use to up in Salt Lake. Here in St. George, the only place far enough to drive to is Mesquite. If I drive out there, then I will want to play. And if I play, I lose my money. Not good. But since there are no freeways to get to places much faster here, you have to drive any street to get there. So, by the time you get there, it somewhat has the same effect as driving State Street in Salt Lake.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Uh, No Thanks!

Rachel sent me this picture of this convenient store that was robbed the other night somewhere over in Colorado (if I remember the story right). What happened to appropriate convenient store names like 7-11 or Gulp N' Blo?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Questions... Answers

"Do looks matter?" - JoAnna

If Michael Jackson can get some... I ----- I really don't want to picture that --- But if he can get some, I guess not.

Actually and truthfully, there are more than looks to worry about. You have the person on the inside (mental), as well as the person on the outside (physical). If you can't get past either one, then it will not work (that is, if you wanted to date/marry them).

"He's become a punch line. He has! To any joke you want. If you forget the punch line of a joke, all you have to say is 'Michael Jackson'. ... Two Jews walk into a bar... Michael Jackson. ............ Why did the chicken cross the road... Michael Jackson. ............... And so the farmer brought his daughter to the dinner table ... Michael Jackson. It works for f***** anything!" - Lewis Black

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Mr. Murooka... HELP!

Okay, since sometime last week (let's say, since Monday the 16th) I have supposedly been able to have an internet connection. But for some odd reason, I was not being able to connect. The first time, it was because of something outside not being properly connected. After about an hour, it disconnected. So I tried calling the tech line... but they were no use. So I went back into the cable company building and scheduled an appointment to have someone come out again. Well, the night before they were suppose to come out and fix it, it starts working again. I get home later that day that the guy was suppose to come out, and it is not working again. Sigh.

So after Rachel and I got back from driving up to Salt Lake this weekend (like I said, I couldn't post anything since my internet was down), I decided to go buy a new co-ax cable and try that. And, viola! So I now have the internet and if anyone wants to write me e-mail or post comments on my MySpace page (so I can check it and approve the comments right away), and you can even chat with me if I have done all my chores around the house and there is nothing to do.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Questions... Answers

"Favorite thought provoking song?" - JoAnna

I'm hoping you mean, "song that brings back memories", because that is where I am going with this.

There are a few of them. The first one that popped into my head while writing this was a song from the late 90's band Aqua. No, not the "Barbie Girl" song that got them into the music mainstream, but track 5 (Yes! I have the album) called "Doctor Jones". Well, I was making hemp necklaces or wrist bracelets one time with this group of people. Since I was, and still am, the kind of person to not speak up until I know what everyone is talking about or that it is okay for me to talk, I wasn't talking. Well, these two people there started talking about about music and asked if they have heard that "Doctor Jones" song before. No one had and then I just started singing a few lines of the song out to them. They started laughing because they were like, "Oh, so, you do talk."

LOL! Even though you asked about only one song, I have to tell you this story. Another song is that song by Elton John called "Bennie And The Jets". I was talking to Rachel not too long ago, before we were married, and I was looking on the E-Center's website about information about when the IHL hockey season started because she wants to go to a hockey game. Anyways, I noticed that Elton John was coming to concert and I said it in an excited and jokingly way, that he is coming to concert and that I just have to go see him. She said "O-kay....", and I said that I was just joking and that I only like one song of his. She asked which one and I told her. So as time went by, we started talking to one another more and more, and I just would text her by phone "B-b-bennie and the Jets". Later, I e-mailed her the song and it got stuck in her head and when we started dating, she said that we should make that our song... I said, "Uh, hold on. Let me see what he is saying in the song before we make that our song", because the only thing you can understand him singing is the "B-b-bennie and the Jets" part. After checking the lyrics online, and not being able to understand what he was trying to sing about, I said, "No way is that going to be our song. Let's keep looking". But later, the song that we both have enjoyed enough to call our song (although we have not made it official) is a song from The Beatles called "Real Love". It's on their Anthology 2 album.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Looking For My Lost Shaker of Salt...

Well, it has been over one week since I have moved down to St. George (and six weeks since I have been married). I am still getting use to it down here, but there are some things that are going to take me a while to get use to. For example, where I lived at in Salt Lake, I use to be able to drive and with in a short time, I was on the freeway to go where ever I go when I needed to go great distances away. Here, I have to take the main roads to where ever it is I want to go. But don't worry, hopefully in a month or two, I'll be use to doing that.

I still don't have an internet connection, but I will very soon (if they can get it working right). I guess it's been kind of nice NOT to have internet. I have been busy getting the small, yet important stuff, done. Like what? Well, I finally got a job last week. It's at a grocery store near by my house called Lin's, so I could walk to it if I needed to. It may not be a glamorous job, or it may not pay top dollar like at Super Saver, but it will help bring in some money while I continue to look for something better after the holidays or sometime into the next year (that is if things don't appear to be working out at this job).

What have I been up to? Well, on Thursday, I found out that Rachel and I were going to join other family members (of hers) for dinner down in Las Vegas. We were originally going to head down on Friday night to have dinner that night, but there was a change in plans and we ended up going down on Saturday night. We first went to dinner at the Olive Garden. Then afterwards Rachel and I went to Margaritaville with one of her sisters. Bit of advice, only have the 5 O'clock Hurricane if you don't plan on driving later. Thank goodness I ate earlier or it would have hit me a lot harder. We were originally planning on checking out The Fremont Street Experience, but by the time we were done with Margaritaville, it was close to 11PM (12 AM MST). Since we were not staying the night in Vegas, we had to head home before both of us fell asleep. I drove half way and Rachel drove the other half way home... but we made it. Next time, if we stay longer, I'm not going to take chances and we will end up staying the night.

Hopefully I'll have an internet connection by the end of this week (if there is a loving God!), that way you can read more blog entries here and that I will be able to reply to anyone who e-mails me. Until next time, peace!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Questions... Answers

"What is your biggest pet peeve?" - JoAnna

Oh, this is perfect... I was just asking Rachel this the other night. Although there is more than one, and the list has grown from the couple that I told her. I know will continue to grow after I post this, but let's take a look at things that make me tick...

- People who do not signal when merging into another lane;

- People with expired license plates;

- People who say they are computer illiterate (I know you are illiterate, why else would you be coming to me in the first place);

- People who are into Goth. That is so late-1990's! And wipe that white **** off of your face. You look like you should be pretending that you are stuck in a box. ... Better yet, let's place you in a real box and beat it with a metal pole.

- Or people who get into a fad or a trend because everyone else is. (I'm guilty of this...) But it is best to be yourself;

- People who come to this country and don't learn one word of F***ING ENGLISH!!! And expect us to learn their native language instead. I say, Nay Nay!

- Over population... It's done by people who don't love the person they are with, are/were on alcohol/drugs and don't even bother using contraceptives. Which leads to...

- People who use WIC or Food Stamp cards! Get a f***ing job (half of them...) or go get yourself fixed!

- People who have forgotten their money when they are paying for their groceries;

- Especially if they wanted to pay with Food Stamp or credit card (I have to void everything and then ring up their stuff again when they return. BAH!)

- People who cheat or flirt when they are married;

- Not having things go the way I want them too, when in my head things would have gone flawless...

- People who have two or more computers (Yes, I said it!!!), use both/all of them and don't get outside to enjoy the real world.

- People who say they hate Napoleon Dynamite... We know who the idiots/non-geniuses are now. (We are lucky these people can tie their own shoes...)

- People who do not like to take a risk once in-a-great-while...

- People who say that drugs are a bad thing, when they have never done one in their life!

- People who are flakes;

- People who come from California (or from some other state) to Utah and say they hate it here. Well, sorry that you have to be clean while you are here... Oh, and sorry about it not being so polluted like your home town.

- People who wear new baseball hats and don't bother to take the size sticker off... Just because it is cool for the moment. That is not cool-- It only shows how small your head is, which says you have a small brain... which means you are dumb.

- People who have a wad a money, but the idea to buy a wallet to put it in, has not crossed their mind.

- People who scan their photos, and then upload the whole thing to MySpace without editing out all the white dead area that was scanned along with the photo. It's called MS Paint or Photoshop!!! Learn how to use it!

- People on MySpace who decorate their profiles, but don't know **** about HTML coding to make it not look so crappy! Especially those things that appear in the top-left hand corner. If you have to post glittery or GIF (movable pictures) on your MySpace page........... GRRR!!! I won't even go there...

- Anyone who does not realize that the belt they put food/groceries on, will actually move to the cashier (unless there is a sign stating that the belt is broken). You do not need to keep pushing or moving stuff closer to the cashier. It only makes you look like you have 3 brain cells and you are trying to play Beat the Clock.

- Or people who put the stuff on the belt, and then start to hand you the stuff to scan...

- People who pick up the house phone and start dialing without listening for a dial tone. Anyone who has done this to me, knows I will start yelling.

- People who try to talk to you about something you know very well, like they pretend to know that they are that smart too... For example, "Yeah, I tried to download music to my iPod and it wouldn't work"... Of course it won't work you fool. It's UPLOAD, not download!!!

- People who come through my line and when I ask them "How they are doing?", they either go off on this long story that goes nowhere (which is usually a life story, sad to say)... or they say anything other then Good or Fine... ............ Sorry, I am not your psychologist, and how the heck to do you start a quick conversation with an answer like that. Next time, try saying, "Fine", even if you are not. You will get out of there faster because the cashier will be in a better mood to help you out faster.

- Men who buy very nice cars... Doesn't matter what age you are-- We get it, okay. Your penis does not work and/or you can not perform! Buy a bumper sticker that says that and you can save literally tens of thousands of dollars. Errrr! That would show your other brain works too!

- White men who shave their heads bald, and black/Latino men who wear baseball caps. It's suppose to be the other way around!!!

- People who want me to keep the promise(s) I made them, even though the moment has passed for me to do it, and there is no way I can now do it. (Some will get what this one is about, some will not.)

- People who talk in the middle of a TV show, movie or an act/performance. If you or I don't get it... There is a reason for this. Then, when you or I have to try to explain what I/you don't get, I miss the next set up and it ruins that story/joke as well.

- Yes people! We all know that all the machines that take your Credit/debit and other kinds of cards are all the same.

...And the biggest one of all:
- People who say, "Ryan, you love me, right?" ... Instantly, I respond, "What do you want?" Because it's pretty obvious that you need a favor. Anyone who now tries to use this on me, because I have now told you, will just get a reply of "**** you!"

I know that there a lot more, but trying to remember all of them when they happen or when they pop in my head, and then trying to remember to write them down or enter them in here is not an easy task.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Oh, You Are Leaving Salt Lake, Huh...? Well Here Is A Ticket

That is right! Before I even reached 106th South, near the South Town Mall, I was pulled over for doing 83 in a 65. Stupid cop. Well, he placed it on the ticket as 74 so it will be a lower fine. Bah!!!

Well, I am now in St. George. Things are going well for those of you wondering. Let's see what else I can tell you. Oh, in case you are wondering, I am at the library writing this blog. I haven't used the computers in the library for YEARS!! So I only have a short time to write this entry before my time frame on the computer expires.

Today is Tuesday, and so far, Rachel and I have accomplished a lot of things in the two and a half days that we have been together while down here. I've unpacked all that I can. The other stuff that I need to unpack is my computer stuff. I waiting to place that in the room upstairs. It's too crowded in our bedroom for a computer desk and other stuff. Monday afternoon, my parents came up from Mesquite (where they were staying while they were down here) to take us shopping at Costco. That helped us out in purchasing a few bulk items that we needed. Then, later that evening, Rachel's mother, grandmother (and later her aunt who arrived after desert) had dinner with my folks, as well as Rachel and I. (Sorry if anything is misspelled or grammar or anything, but I am writing this blog the hard way. I'll fix things later when we get an internet connection at my house.)

On Monday, Rachel and I went and received our new drivers license. My parents were going to meet us at Rachel and my house before they headed back home, but since we were waiting at the Drivers license building for so long, they called and said that they were just going to head back. Well, after getting our drivers licenses', we later visited her mom's house so I could use the internet there to fill out job applications online. After that, we went to Target and purchased new clothes for me. Rachel, I bet, is still excited that we have new clothes for me. lol.

Today, I stopped off at a grocery store near our house and it looks like I have a job there. I'm going to keep looking, but if nothing better is offered, then I will take it for now. I have some other things to do today with Rachel before we call it a day. So I am going to end this entry for today here.

So, please know that I am doing okay and that things are going great down here. I'm still learning my way around here (it's
definitely not like Salt Lake) and still trying to learn the lingo... For example, instead of saying 1st South like you would in Salt Lake, it's 100 South here... (Shudder). So that is going to be a hard habit to break.

Until next time, hit me up to let me know how you are doing too... and Peace out!

Sunday, October 8, 2006

Goodbye Salt Lake

After 26 years as my hometown, I must bid farewell to Salt Lake City.

"Time flies when you're having fun..." - OMC

To everyone, I will never forget you. Heck, most of you I know from here are on my MySpace profile (so hopefully I will not lose contact with you). And for those of you wondering, yes, I will be back to visit my family that live here in Salt Lake. As for when ... who knows? Most likely around the holidays.

Everyone is welcome to stop in and say Hi to me if you are ever in or passing by St. George. Just give me a heads up incase I am scheduled to work or I am out and about with Rachel... (You can tell me you will be in town by e-mail for the moment. That is, until I get a cell phone in the future.)

My next blog entry could be either later today, tomorrow, in a few days
or sometime next week. It all depends on when I get settled and when I get to a computer with a connection.


Saturday, October 7, 2006

Goodbye Super Saver!!! Whoo Hoo!!!

Well, yesterday was my last day at work. Yes, it was sad to know that I will never be working there again, but I guess it's a good thing because I do need to move on. To also point out, this is the first job where I have given and worked my two-weeks.

Well, around 8:30 PM, my manager told me to come pick up my cash loan from her in the office instead of her bringing it to me (like they normally do). So I fell for it and come to find out she and a few other employees had a cake for me. And as for the bottom picture, that is just a pose. We found a knife, plates and forks later on. That is just way too much icing for me to take in. Ugh!

I had another blog entry ready to be posted for today, but this came up and I thought I would share. I'll post it after I get settled in St. George.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Questions... Answers

"What's your favorite day of the week?" - Tristyn

Frankly, it's any day that I don't have to go into work, or to be called into work. These are the days that I get my chores or things on my To Do list done.

If you want a specific day (Sunday, Monday, etc...) I really don't have a favorite day. They all blend together anyways in the long run. If I had a steady job where I worked 5 days in a row, say Monday through Friday, and had Saturday and Sunday off... Those would be my favorite days. But I don't have a schedule like that now, so I don't have to worry about it too much.

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Questions... Answers

"What would you do if alcohol became illegal?" - JoAnna

Prohibition? Pbbt! They tried that in the movies and it didn't work! (Homer Simpson)

I was actually reading about Prohibition on Wikipedia a while back, and if I read right, it actually caused more crime when the US banned alcohol than it did before when it was legal. But thank goodness for the 21st Amendment, it blocks the act of the 18th Amendment... which banned alcohol, which makes it now perfectly legal for everyone to enjoy a beer or two at a ball game.

...What? I read. You thought I was only into computers... Pbbt!

Monday, October 2, 2006

Questions... Answers

"What do you get complimented about most?" - JoAnna

I guess it would have to that I have good computer hacking and repair skills.

Also, apparently someone special that I know, has been complimenting me about another skill in another area... Yesssss! (lol)

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Quick Catch Up...

Let's see... First off, thanks to anyone who came back to this site to check on things, or to see if I had actually written anything. It was kind of nice not stressing out over what to write about while trying to get ready for the big move. So, what can I tell you to catch you up about what has happened while I was away from the blog.

- I canceled the URL, 'slcblogger.com'. So it's 'ryansharich.com' from now on... or the long version 'ryan.tech-tonics.com';

- Rachel came up from 22nd to the 25th.

- Rachel and I bought a new mattress on that Saturday (23rd) which my parents agreed to help pay some of as their gift to us. Then on Sunday morning (24th) my grandparents surprised both Rachel and I by saying that they are going to buy us a new kitchen oven! Both aunts on my dad's side are going in on a new microwave as our wedding gift. How sweet is that?

- I got to talk to my new father-in-law over the phone when he came up for Heidi's (my sister-in-law) birthday on Monday the 25th. There is a good chance that I will finally get to meet him face to face sometime in mid October.

- I took Rachel to Hard Rock Cafe here in Salt Lake on Sunday (24th) night. We ordered nachos and... well, for those of you who have seen Napoleon Dynamite, you know that scene where Uncle Rico and Kip are at Big J's and the first thing that happens to Uncle Rico is fry sauce falls on his arm. He then looks around to make sure that no one saw this, then wipes it off with napkin... Okay, well, while bringing a nacho chip to my mouth, something fell off of the nacho and onto my arm. So, I did the first thing that came to mind, I looked back and forth to make sure no one saw this and then wiped it off with a napkin. Rachel saw this and started to laugh and then I started to laugh because she knew where this was from. So then she starts folding her arms like she was flexing like Uncle Rico was doing afterwards in the movie. We just kept laughing and couldn't stop. If you can't picture this in your mind, or I haven't showed you what I did (by reenacting it), I guess it would have had to of been one of those things that you had to of been there to of seen to make it funny...

- For those of you wondering and those that keep asking, my last day at work is the 6th (that is this Friday). As for if there will be a party or something...? I really don't know. It depends on when I get off of work and if I am in the mood.

- My family bought Rachel and I a photo album. So on Sunday (24th) she and I placed all the wedding pictures we had printed at Walgreen's in the book (because our Kodak printer dock wouldn't print them). Later Monday evening, we were able to print the before and after pictures on my parents new printer dock.

- I packed up most of my stuff that was in my room that I need to pack up before Rachel came up this last time. The other stuff (my clothes, computer stuff, computer desk and anything else) will be packed up on Saturday (October 7th).

- My phone will be turned off Monday night... So those of you trying to call me, my number will no longer be in service. If you want my new number to my own personal cell phone when I move down to St. George, wait a month. I want to at least know I have a job before I go out and spend money on something that I could afford by then. So if you want to contact me, you can do so by the contact page on this website, MySpace or by e-mail.

- Rachel decided to come up again this weekend (9/29-10/1) before the big move. It's really hard when you are newlyweds and you are apart for such a long time. I guess we didn't see this part being so hard for us before we got married. But it's all good. I have one more week of work and then I am off to St. George.

... Remember, after I move down there on the 8th, it may be a while before I post something again. It may take one day to a couple of weeks before the precious cable internet is activated. That is, if we do go ahead and order an internet package.

Good Morning! You Are About To Call In Sick... ~Hot Pocket~

On Saturday night, I was able to go see and meet Jim Gaffigan at Kingsbury Hall. Tristyn and I bought tickets a few months before Rachel and I started talking again and way before we even thought about getting married...