Thursday, November 30, 2006

How Sweet Is This?!

After this years Napoleon Dynamite Festival, because of the very low turn out (400-500 people compared to the 6000 people in 2005), I was thinking that was it for the festivals in Preston.

Well, I kept in touch with Marilyn Demke (mother of Brian Demke, ND impersonator) since this years festival and she has been pushing Preston's Chamber of Commerce to hold another festival when they were planning on not to hold another festival in 2007.

Well, it turns out she pushed hard enough and she sent me an e-mail on Tuesday stating that Preston has decided to hold another festival come next July 6th & 7th... Yesssss!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

...That's Christmas Tree in German

On Monday night, early Tuesday morning, Rachel and I decided to put up our Christmas tree. It's a plastic tree that Rachel received from her mother this year since her mother decided that it was time that she would purchase a brand new one. However, while working on sprucing it up and making it look like it had not been in a box and matted down (to make it look more like a real tree), my hands started itching. I knew it was from the tree, but I thought that from the previous years of dust settling on it and that is what was causing me to itch. You know, no biggie. Just wash my hands off and continue to work on the tree.

However, about 30 to 45 minutes into doing this, I guess I had rubbed and touched around my eyes. This started to cause my eyes to become red (bloodshot), very irritated and started to sting. Normally, I can just wash around my eyes with water to get whatever I had touched or came in contact with, off of my skin, and to make it so things do not get worse. That did not help me this time. So by the time I finally told Rachel I was going to take a shower, I looked like I had been smoking marijuana and maybe a little crack too because my eyes were beyond bloodshot and around my eyes were so red and started to look swollen.

I took some Benadryl and headed for the shower. After coming out, I remember hearing (at an earlier date) that Rachel's mom had a cat awhile back. [Note: Cats are on the top list of things I am very allergic to.] I didn't know if it had been before, during or after the Christmas tree had been set up. Come to find out that she had the cat during the holidays and that the cat may have crawled in and around the inside of the tree. Hence, this is why I had the allergic reaction.

I have cleaned out some dusty computers in my time and had a much smaller reaction than this, but because this one was so bad, I basically had to go lay down in bed with a cool wash cloth over my eyes because I could not open my eyes long enough to focus on anything else.

Well, while I was laying down, listening to my iPod since there was nothing else to do while I was wide awake in bed, Rachel finished up with what she could do early this morning. After she woke up from sleeping, she finished up on putting the lights and other decorations in our living room.

The funny thing is, I guess I had an allergic reaction to a real tree many years ago (so says my mother), so we have always had a fake tree at my parents house throughout the years. Rachel bought a real 3 foot tree to see if I would have a reaction to it (which I have not) because she prefers real over fake (I do too, but that is in another area... lol), yet I ended up having a reaction to the fake tree instead.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Deck This House!

Although I have placed Christmas lights on my parents and grandparents houses in the past years, this is the first time that I have placed Christmas lights on my very own first house. Oh sure, I placed lights on the railings at Santa Fe (for those of you who don't know, I lived in an apartment from September to December 2000), but this is something completely different.

The first picture is the picture I took around 3PM on Sunday afternoon (along with Rachel to the right cleaning out the bushes), and picture on the bottom is what the lights look like at dusk. I started placing the lights up at the opposite side corner (which is not seen) all the way around to the half-way mark on the house, which is the part you see it lit in the bottom picture. I have Tuesday off, so I feel like it, and I am not too busy, I may try to finish placing the lights all the way around the roof of the house.

Rachel had lights strung up in the backyards along the house and fence. I just tore them down tonight so I can put new ones up when I finish putting up the lights on the house on Tuesday.

I originally wanted to post this entry on Sunday night, but the internet is down at my place. So here I am at the library, posting this there.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

I Just Wanted to Say...

I just want to say thanks for:
...another fun year on this blog. Oh, and thanks for replying to my previous blog-- I will keep it going...

...the support from everyone for Rachel and my choice to join hands in marriage... health, even though I don't know how I have made it through 10 years of being a vegetarian this coming December...

...all my family and friends (and pets too) -- You make me who I am...

...everything I take for granted in life... beautiful wife Rachel.

Monday, November 20, 2006

One Too Many Trees

Well, we finally did something Rachel has wanted to do. Just kidding. We have done things she has wanted to do, but this is something bigger. We went to the Jubilee of Trees here in St. George.

One of the trees that was being auctioned was one that was created by Rachel's mothers work (Dixie Regional Medical Center Nursery). Yes, the life size children's play house next to it was also auctioned off with the tree. Rachel says, according to her mother, it was auctioned off for over $10,000.

And if you look closely at the picture below, the tree to the left was the Star Wars tree. Yes, that is Yoda on top (lol).

Friday, November 17, 2006

Should I Go On...?

Quick question... Is anyone still reading this blog?

I need to know if it is worth it to write my blog anymore. I know I have a counter at the bottom, but that is page view counter, it doesn't tell me who is actually visiting this site. I do love writing this blog, but if no one is visiting, it's not worth my time. I need at least 5 people (yes, small number) to actually contact me and tell me that you still read this.

I'll give this thing a few days before I give my final decision.

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

I Was Cleaning A Dish, I Heard It and I Came Out..." - Dane Cook

Actually, here is the story.

I had just got off of work and was on my way to Wal-Mart to get some hooks for our bedroom. I'm pulling up to the intersection of Sunset Blvd. and Dixie Dr., right next to my work. I'm heading east and barely pull up to the intersection when I hear *BOOM*. I look over at the middle of the intersection and I see that this small truck that was trying to turn left, had hit a car that was going straight. So I get out my cell phone and dial 911. As I'm doing this, I think I better pull over because we are probably going to be needing assistance here. But as I am trying to turn out of traffic, the accident truck takes off and I just booked it through the intersection even though the light was still red on me. Yes, I made sure the coast was clear. Another truck who saw this also took off after the truck, but thanks to my cars' speed, I was able to pass the truck chasing the accident truck and was able to keep up with the accident truck. Had the other truck tried to follow the accident truck, the guy could have gotten away.

So, the guy who was in the truck that was just in the accident was trying to ditch me by going around in circles through out neighborhood nearby and by turning out his headlights. Still, my car kept up and I was able to catch up to him before he finally got out of his truck and took off on foot. When he got out of his truck and took off, he was heading towards my vehicle and so for my safety, I drove forward a little bit before I realized what he was doing. So I backed up and tried to see if I could see him. But I couldn't.

Well, the guy left his truck there and I had to stay there so when the officers arrived, they could get my statement and could take it from there. Turns out the vehicle was not registered and the guy got away. So the vehicle was going to be impounded. I asked about the other person and they said they were okay, but the vehicle was unable to move or start.

That was my Saturday night... Fun, huh?

Date Night

After how long, especially of how long since Rachel and I have been married, we finally went bowling early Saturday morning down in Mesquite, Nevada. We both enjoy bowling and we have never been able to go bowling together at the local bowling alley near our house because we both work evenings.

Well, we didn't plan on going down there to go bowling ahead of time. I was counting down my register and it hit me that Mesquite has 24-hour bowling on weekends, we should go out and do that instead of sitting around and watch another episode of LOST (something we have been doing recently). Since she was okay with that and when we both arrived home from work around 12:30AM, we got ready and then headed down there. On the way down Rachel was playing with my iPod. I've been wanting to get her one, but I knew she wouldn't enjoy it like I would. However, after she was able to listen to music of hers that I was able to rip into my computer (from her damaged CD's) and then upload them onto my iPod, she was able to listen to them for the first time in years. So she fell in love with the iPod. Sweet!

We played three games while down there and it was really fun. Rachel is a good bowler too. Sorry, but I forgot to bring my camera or camera phone inside until it was too late, so there are no pictures of this event.

After bowling, we went to the Chuck Wagon restaurant to get something to eat. We were in there for over an hour before we were finally handed our check. After our meal, I tried my luck at a couple of slots. But once again, I didn't get lucky like that one night I was playing there. After walking away after playing $15, Rachel and I headed and arrived back home around 5AM.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Bright Light City Gonna Set My Soul / Gonna Set My Soul On Fire

On Monday, after my dentist appointment that I had scheduled from last week, since Rachel and I had it off we decided to drive down to Las Vegas. We drove down for a couple of reasons.

First, Saturday was our 8 week anniversary since getting married, so we originally planned to drive to Mesquite and have dinner, go bowling and maybe go see a movie that night. However, she forgot and took a job babysitting an officers 7-month old child. They paid her by giving her a gift card to Red Lobster, so I thought we could go to the one in Vegas. To tell you the truth, it was okay that she forgot because I have not been feeling well lately and needed to go see a doctor as soon as I got off of work on Saturday evening. I'm starting to feel better encase you were wondering. So it was kind of a good thing that we didn't go down to Mesquite on Saturday night in the first place. And don't worry, I'm not mad at her because she forgot, but rather glad that things turned out like they did.

The second reason we drove down to Las Vegas is because that I read the headline in the SL Tribune on Sunday that after 48 years the Stardust Hotel and Casino would be closing (as of today 11/1). So we thought we would check it out before they closed it up for good to build the next/new casino in its place. But before we stopped at Stardust, I told Rachel that I had a surprise for her when we got into Las Vegas. I told her this when she got home from baby sitting Saturday night. So she was telling everyone that I had a surprise for her and she could not figure out what it was. Well, as you can see in the picture, she enjoys In-N-Out Burger, so I took her there as her surprise.

Well, she and a butt-load of other people enjoy this place too because I mean this place was packed! I was able to eat some French fries as my lunch/meal, because as you can see in this picture from Wikipedia, they don't have a very big menu. But the fries were really good since they were freshly cut and then cooked instead of the basic frozen and then cooked brands that other fast foods prepare.

After lunch, we tried to find the Sahara Ave. on the back streets instead of trying to get back onto the freeway and get off the Sahara Ave. freeway exit. Well, after driving much further north and then west than what I was planning, I decided to head back east towards I-15 and drive south until we got to the exit. We found the CompUSA and another In-N-Out burger joint. So the next time we need to go to CompUSA in Vegas, we can stop at this In-N-Out burger instead of driving all over again.

After CompUSA, we drove over to Fremont Street. However, since it was still daytime (not quite evening/dusk), they never put on a show. So the next time that we visit Vegas in the evening, some time in the future, we will have to check it out again. On the way to and from Fremont Street, we had to pass the chapel where Rachel and I were married. It was kind of odd doing that, but it did bring back some good memories from nearly two months ago.

Oh, and speaking about horror movies on my blog entry on the 31sth (yesterday), I could see that they used Freemont Street as to where they filmed the Vegas parts of the film The Stand... Well, before they put that lighted dome over the street.

Well, after leaving Fremont Street, we drove over to the Stardust Hotel and Casino. However, it is right next to CircusCircus. On our honeymoon, while we were walking the strip, we actually walked though there to cool off. I was thinking this place was much further down the strip. So all I did was play a little and then bought a $1 players chip as to say I have something from there.

Then, after leaving Stardust, we decided to go over to her sisters place to relax for a little while before we went to dinner. So Rachel and I were in traffic for a good thirty minutes trying to drive down The Strip. We finally got onto Flamingo Ave. and headed over to her sisters place. Since the three of us were hungry, we decided to go to dinner at Red Lobster. I finally tried crab legs and lobster for the first time in my life. I like the crab legs, but there was not enough meat in them to order it from them again. The lobster, well, it's just over rated. Well, half way through the meal, Heidi's (Rachel's sister) boyfriend got off of work. We went to dinner without him because he had to fast (we would have waited, but that is like eating in front of a homeless person and saying, "Even though it is front of you, you can't have it"). He drove over to Red Lobster and we chatted for a while before we headed back over to their place. So while at their place, I helped work on his computer while Rachel and Heidi chatted about stuff. When we asked what they were talking about, I was like, "La la la la la la la... I'm not listening... La la la la la...". You know, women stuff...

Well, around midnight, we finally headed for home. On the way home, I was thinking about what Rachel and I had talked about while we driving in the car alone earlier. We were starting to get into some serious talking with one another. We never raised our voices, but just got into stuff that probably has been on our minds for a while. Well, on the way home, I realized that it was caused by this new medicine that I am taking. The doctor said that anyone with ADD reacts to this differently than any normal person. It is almost as if I was getting temperamental, but I was not seeing or trying to head that way. It was just happening. So I had to apologize to her, for anything I said earlier that may have upset her. She slept the whole way home because she had to be up early yesterday (Tuesday 10/31) morning. We finally made it home and we just crashed.

And for those of you wondering... No, we did not stop in at Margaritaville. I would have mentioned had we done so. We drove past it while driving on the strip, but we did not go in.

As for when our next fun road trip will be, who knows? We have driven up to Salt Lake and down to Vegas on such short notice that I don't have time to sit down and tell you that we are going to do stuff like that. But if something big were to happen, I'll try to let you know. And the next big road trip that I can think of is when we plan to drive up to Salt Lake on Christmas Eve... Oh, and my mothers family Christmas party in Nephi, we will be going to that too in December.

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