Sunday, December 31, 2006

TOP TEN 35 of 2006

Last year, I choose to tell you my top 15. But since this was such a busy and exciting year, I thought I would do 35 since so much has happened. I was originally going to post 20, but so much has happened, I couldn't get rid of the good stuff.

35- Explaining Why...?!
34- Where Are the Celebrities?
33- The $159 Hack
32- I Couldn't Wait Any Longer
31- Oh, You Are Leaving Salt Lake, Huh...? Well Here Is A Ticket
30- Good Morning! You Are About To Call In Sick... ~Hot Pocket~
29- I'll Say, "Let It Snow"
28- Napoleon Dynamite Festival 2006 (Pt. 3)
Napoleon Dynamite Festival 2006 (Pt. 2)
Napoleon Dynamite Festival 2006 (Pt. 1)
25- First Page to Pass 100 Hits A Day
24- Bright Light City Gonna Set My Soul / Gonna Set My Soul On Fire
23- ...That's Christmas Tree in German
22- Deck This House!
21- Someone Must Have A Bumper Fetish
20- From This To This...
19- "I Was Cleaning A Dish, I Heard It and I Came Out..." - Dane Cook
18- The Time of My Life!
17- Busy, Busy, Busy, Busy... Busy!
16- Moab 2006, Part 3... Plus Idaho
Moab 2006, Part 2
Moab 2006, Part 1
13- Goodbye Super Saver!!! Whoo Hoo!!!
12- Whoo-Hoo!!!
11- Goodbye Salt Lake
10- Suspended Because of $1
9- I Can See! It's Beautiful!
8- My Fun Weekend
7- Six Years Later... I Was Finally Able To Apologize
6- Yes, It's Official
5- "And After All This Time, You're Still The One I Love..." - Shania Twain
"And Our Lives Are Forever Changed / We Will Never Be the Same" - The Smashing Pumpkins
"Yes, It's Real Love..." - The Beatles
Four Days In Heaven
1- Happy Holidays, From The Sharich's...

There you have it. So until next year...

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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Throughout the Holidays - Part III

(I am going to allow everyone to catch up on what has happened to me recently since I have been too busy to do so. This way, I can start next year with next year's news. So you better have a good 15 minutes to read this...)

Sunday (12/24)
On Sunday morning, I woke up pretty early (5AM, less than 5 hours of sleep). So I got up and headed to Kohl's to buy Rachel a mixer for Christmas. I originally told her that we should just have our rings engraved like we wanted to do after we got married back in September (but we never got around to it because we were dealing with the mess in the basement) and a to get each other a $30 gift. Well, since T.J. was up, he went with me to Kohl's. But they were not open (yet the website said it would be), so we headed over to CompUSA to also buy a iPod for one of her presents. Hey, I love her so much (plus it's going to come in handy after the 5th month of pregnancy)!

After buying the iPod, we headed back over to Kohl's to get the mixer. We came home and my mom was now up. We told her what I just purchased and she comes to tell me that my family had also purchased a mixer for her too. Geez! So instead of returning the mixer already, I wrapped the mixer, as well as the iPod before Rachel woke up. This way, after she opened them on Christmas day, she could choose which one she wanted (mine was white, theirs was black).

Since I had been up late the night before (midnight), and woken up early, I needed to go back to bed to catch up on sleep. After waking up a few hours later, I got up and got ready to go out to return some clothes Rachel purchased online to the store in the Gateway Plaza Mall. Returned the clothes and then headed over to Super Saver to say Hi to everyone and to show them the picture of the twins. It was a good thing I did it then because they were not going to be open this year on Christmas Day like past years. Since it was getting close to 6, I left Super Saver and headed back to my parents house to pick up Rachel so we could head over to my grandparents house for their Christmas Eve party.

We arrived shortly after, we ate dinner, good old spaghetti (oh yeah!) and meatballs (none for me though, thanks). After eating, we started to open presents. We do white elephant, and this year I picked something I shouldn't have. I open the package and first saw a bottle of BBQ sauce. It didn't bother me, but I continue to open my present to find gift certificates to Snider's Brothers Meats. Oh, everyone had a good laugh. Well, my mom "stole" my gift and I took my grandpa's, a Chevron car and a $40 gift card. After gifts, Annie played Christmas tunes with her violin. After she played, I stood up and said that we have a couple more gifts for my grandparents to open.

Since my dad was on call, he was paged and so my family left just in time around the party was ending. So before midnight, I was manually working on HTML code to post on both Rachel and my MySpace bulletins to tell everyone that we are expecting. After posting the bulletins after midnight, I finally went to bed.

Monday (12/25)
I can't remember if I woke up myself, or if I was woken up by someone else, but what ever the case was, we started to open presents. Rachel and I shared gifts that were given to us by my family. Normally, this would have made me mad if I was kid. But since I am now an adult, it doesn't bother me because I was happier giving and watching her open her gifts.

My brother received a printer/scanner/coffee machine (just kidding on the last thing) and just so he could start doing damage right away, I started hooking up the printer and installed the software. Well, my family made breakfast and shortly after I got showered and dressed. Then, so in order to get Rachel home in time before she had to be to work, we left Salt Lake around 10AM. Pulled into St. George around 2:30PM and since we had a little time to spare, we stopped off at her mom's to see everyone. We headed home; she got ready for work while I unpacked. I tried to clean/straighten up the house while she was at work, but around 6PM I crashed. I wanted to take a small nap, but was woken to the sound of Rachel getting home. Still tired, she and I just went to bed.

And that was my... our holiday.

Tuesday (12/26)
We were awoken to the carpet company calling, saying that they needed our address and that they would be over soon. We got up and Rachel started to choose the songs she wanted on her iPod while the carpet man did his job. Around 2PM, I had to leave for work and didn't get home until 10PM. Rachel's mother and one of her sister's came over to help move stuff back downstairs while I was at work, so we now have space again. Oh, earlier in the day, when the guy was installing the new carpet, the cable company was working on making it possible so we could now watch Cable TV. SWEET!

Wednesday (12/27)
I had Wednesday off, so I did chores while Rachel was at work. Since my car has been covered in salt from traveling to and from Salt Lake twice, I finally took my car to be washed. While I was drying it off (around 10PM), I heard, "Help! Help!" At first, I thought Ginger (our dog) was attacking someone nearby since she was out running around. Turns out, some jerk mugged someone walking home from Lin's. I got a description of the vehicle, and the guy who was attacked (who lives in our complex) got a description of the attacker. He called 911 and I later got to talk to Rachel (lol). Well, after talking to the officer and filling out a statement, I drove over to my work and had them find the receipt of what this guy bought. We found it and grabbed the stuff the guy got away with. I was going to pay for it (around $12 in groceries), but my work said they would do it as a donation since the guy is a regular shopper. I drove home and then walked over to his place and gave him the stuff.

Thursday (12/28)
On Thursday morning, I woke up and shortly after, a detective called me to tell me he spotted a vehicle that matched my description. So I got ready and he picked me up to see if it was the vehicle. It wasn't, so he dropped me back off. Rachel and I then drove over to Lowe's to get a new closet rack since our other one is now in the complex's garbage bin. Got back in time to get ready for work.

After getting off of work, I was suppose to head straight home because Rachel's father (my father-in-law) was in town. But as I am getting in my car, he pulls up with Rachel's sister (they spent the afternoon/evening together). Shook his hand and called him "Sir". He said that I didn't need to call him that. LoL.

Drove back home and talked with him and Rachel's sister for a little while. Then Rachel started asking me by text message what make the suspect's car was. So I went online really quick and saw a match with the MAZDA5. So I took a screenshot and quickly (yet crapfully) drew what the sticker/custom paint job looked like on this vehicle. I e-mailed that to her and she was showing everyone at her work. Everyone thought I was so awesome for doing this. LoL.

Well, I had to get to bed because I had to be up at 6AM to be to work at 7AM.

Friday (12/29)
I went to work and came home to see that Rachel's dad had removed the cabinets above the stove and was in the process of installing the microwave that Rachel and I received as a wedding gift. Sweet!

Since I was hungry from working, I heated up a meal that Rachel made the other day and started to write yesterday's blog and all of this blog, up until the last sentence (I'm starting to write this part of the entry now on Saturday). So, finally exhausted from a long day, I went downstairs and took a power nap while Rachel and her dad went to Lowe's. Rachel came back and started to get ready for work before someone she had talked to earlier called and said that they would work for her. So Rachel had the evening off and so we decided to go to dinner with her dad and her sister. (For those of you trying to keep track, she has two sisters. The one in town is going to school up north and the other lives in Las Vegas.)

We went to dinner and then afterwards, I drove over to Best Buy alone (I had to use my gift card) and then over to Walmart, while the three of them went over to Hollywood Video and picked out some movies. We met back here and started to watch Arthur. After the movie, Rachel's sister went home (back to her mom's) while Rachel, her dad and I, stayed up and talked for a bit before calling it a night.

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Friday, December 29, 2006

Throughout the Holidays - Part II

On Saturday (12/23), Rachel and I finally woke up and left around 2PM. I originally wanted to be out of St. George by noon, but what can you do?

We finally made it to Nephi around 5:30 so that we could tell my grandparents the good news. We talked with them for about 30 minutes (catching up on life) before we finally told them that we are expecting twins. After that, we headed back out. But we stopped in Payson to fill up on gas and to get a few things at Wal-Mart. My mom called but I never answered so I called her back. She called to tell me that the family was heading up to my other grandparents house to make strudel. So plans had changed from how I originally was going to tell my family. We would have to wait to tell them after we left from making strudel.

Back on the road again, we finally made it into Salt Lake and then stopped into CompUSA to pick up the license plate frames Tristyn helped me order from FastSign. They said, "My grandkids are cuter than yours...". After arriving to my parents' house, Rachel quickly wrapped the two pictures and license plate frame. We then headed up to make strudel, but left around 10PM. We finally had my mom open her birthday presents.

Sorry about Snickers barking in the video, but it has been a while since I have been around her to remember that she will react like that. LoL.

We then gave my parents their Christmas gift, Norton AntiVirus 2007, so I could start working on installing it before we left Salt Lake. It was a good thing I started to install it then because it took me a good while before it was finally installed. They didn't make it easy to install this year without having to jump through hoops to get it going.

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Throughout the Holidays - Part I

On Friday (12/22), I had to be to work at 7AM. This stunk because I had just arrived home from work on Thursday at 10PM. So not only was I tired from little sleep, I was exhausted that day because this was the weekend before Christmas and aisle 4 (the cooking aisle) was constantly running out of things. So by the time I finally got of work, I went home and I took an hour nap. I was only able to take an hour long nap because Rachel and I were supposed to be at her mother's house for her Holiday family party/dinner. So after only sleeping for an hour, I woke up, dressed nicely and headed over there just in time to start eating. Normally, I would have eaten something small before I go anywhere, but I am so glad I didn't this time.

The appetizer was clam chowder (or as Rachel said one time and what we have called it ever since, "Cham Clowder"). Normally, I am full after eating a bowl of any soup, but that was just the beginning. The main course was tilapia, rice pilaf and green beans. By this time of finishing the fish and rice, I couldn't take any more. But oh no, here comes dessert. I was almost crying (pretending to) because I couldn't eat anymore. Next was a desert called bumbleberry pie and ice cream. I was only able to eat a little bit of this because I was so full from the meal. Had I only had one dish, not both, I could have finished this dessert.

After dessert, we sat around talking because we were waiting for Heidi and Josh (Rachel's sister and her boyfriend) to get into town. Apparently trying to get out of Las Vegas (where they live) wasn't an easy task as they thought it would be this time. So they finally arrived and we were going to let them eat now since they got here. But also, Rachel's grandmother and aunt came to this dinner and they were going to head out since the remainder of the party was for the children now.

We told them to hang on a second because we want Rachel's mom to open her gift before they left. You can watch the video now... Oh! Watch it on the smallest window you can. I was really nervous and so my hands were shaking while I was recording with my digital camera. So if you watch it with a large window or full screen, you may get motion sickness.

So after all the excitement had calmed down, we finally let Josh and Heidi eat. After they ate, we finally got to open presents. I received a mousepad (except mine says "Las Vegas" on it, not "Orlando" as pictured in this link) and a hoodie from Margaritaville and a $25 gift card to Best Buy. After opening presents, we played a couple rounds of Scattergories and then we called it a night because it was 11PM.

Part II will be posted in a couple of days. I am finally going to meet my father-in-law for the first time and so I will be busy helping him get Rachel and my closet back area together.

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Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Holidays, From The Sharich's...

Are you ready for your gift?

On 12th of this month, Rachel took a "quiz" and it came up positive. That means Rachel and I are going to be parents.

The day we found out (and the week after), we may have told some of you that we were expecting (like co-workers), but not all of you (family members). This was because that if you knew a family member to either of us, we didn't want to tell them until just recently... You know, as a very big Christmas surprise. So please don't take it personally if we didn't tell you as soon as we found out. Plus, do you know how hard it is to pretend to your parents/family that nothing is going on? Very hard.

I hope you enjoyed your gift... Now here is your bonus Christmas gift...

On Tuesday, the 19th (the day after the flooding in our basement), Rachel went in to have an ultrasound of the baby (because she was not feeling well). After her doctor visit, she came into my work and showed me the picture of the scan and said "This is a baby..." (circling with her finger the black oval on the left). I said, "Awww....". Then she added, "...And this is a baby" (circling with her finger the black oval on the right). I looked up at her with such surprise. It turns out that in the scan that we are expecting twins. Can you believe this???!!!

As soon as she told me this, I was showing everyone at my work the picture of the ultrasound. Having a baby is a normal thing to me because anyone who can... can. But to find out that you are having twins... 1 in 32.

Well, as for when the babies are due, we have been told August 7th or 8th, 2007. However, Rachel and I believe that it will be a later date, mid to late August. When we were planning on only having one child, we were going to wait until the child was born to find out the sex of the child. Now that we are expecting twins, we have agreed that we are going to need to know so that we can get things set up around here (clothes, accessories, etc.)

As for our "Two-Year" plan so I could go back to school. Well, I've waited this long to go back to school since I graduated high school, I don't think that college will be going away in the next few years. But I do plan on going back, even if I have to wait a couple more years.

Oh yeah, Happy Holidays from all of us...

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy, Busy... Busy!

That title is supposed to be said in the way of "For The Love Of Money" by the O'Jays. The opening lyrics go, "Money, Money, Money, Money... Money!"

Anyways, about our flooding ordeal...

On Monday, as you read below/earlier, Rachel came inside to find the house flooded. Luckily, a co-worker of hers (who just had the exact same problem happen at his residence not too long ago) came over immediately after she discovered the mess and helped Rachel find the waters shut-off lever under our house. Rachel and I (as I was told by someone...) originally thought that in order to turn off our water, we had to turn off the water to 20+ homes as well. But anyways, they shut off the water and so that meant we had no running water for the time being. Just like the power going out at my parents' house, you never realize how much you rely on running water when you really need it.

After shutting off the water and calling me, she called the disaster company to come over and see about the damages. After calling them, she called and hired a plumber to come out the next day as well to find and fix the pipe. Well, (as I wrote below) I was thinking that Monday was Tuesday and that the next day (Wednesday), I had to be up by 6 AM to be to work by 7. Oops! However, we did have to be up before 8AM Tuesday morning to move furniture upstairs so they could do what ever they needed to do downstairs.

The disaster company sent someone over and he said it was a good thing that we sucked up most of the water. He also said that we are going to need to replace the carpet and padding underneath. However, since we have a $1,000 deductible on our house insurance for any occurrence like this, Rachel and I have decided that it would be wise not to get the insurance company involved in paying for this. This is because it may cost less than that $1,000 deductible to pay for new carpet and anything else to finally fix this mess. And since we are going to be re-placing the carpet to our room, Rachel wants to just replacing the carpet to the stair way down to our room as well.

The plumber came over Tuesday morning as well (while the disaster company guy was doing his job), found and then fixed the broken pipe. So right now we have a small hole in our closet ceiling so that he could get access to that pipe.

So, since Tuesday morning, we have had giant fans constantly running downstairs to dry the carpet and the area/wall where the pipe burst. We have also moved everything (except our bed and the box frame) from our bedroom to the main or top level of our house. Right now, I have the drawers to our dressers surrounding me in the computer room/den. Luckily, on Sunday, we decided to the clean out the other bedroom that is upstairs and set up the bed that Rachel had before we got a new one after we got married. So we have been sleeping on the bed for two nights now. I can't wait to get this whole mess taken care of and the house put back to normal. Oy!

I'll Say, "Let It Snow"

Remember how I said it started snowing the other night but nothing stuck to the ground long enough so we could see it? (Around our house, I mean...)

Well, when Rachel and I were getting up to move stuff upstairs Tuesday morning, she let the dog out front and saw this. This is proof that it does snow down here in St. George.

Monday, December 18, 2006


I started my first day as Grocery today. It is much busier than being a cashier. But that is not where I am headed with this story...

Around 4PM, Rachel calls my work and says, "We have a problem here." Apparently (my theory here), since it has been so cold outside for St. George, one of the pipes in or outside (mostly inside somehow) burst. So, half of our bedroom and all of the bathroom and laundry room was flooded. So after she called, I went up to the front of the store and rented a Rug Doctor so that Rachel could stop by and pick it up to start sucking up water.

I just got home from a busy day (people wanting this and that... GRRR!!!) and now I have to deal with this mess. She has sucked up most of the water, but I need to carry all of our dresser drawers upstairs since they (the insurance) is going to most likely pay for new carpet and carpet padding underneath.

As for what is to about to happen, I will let you know in the future. But this may not get completely taken care up until after Christmas. And with us heading up to Salt Lake on Saturday, do you see why I don't like the holidays.

I want to go-over what I have wrote above and possibly add more or add a photo, but since I have to be back at work at 7AM tomorrow morning, I need to get as much as I can carried upstairs.

A Pleasant Evening

Yesterday (Sunday), evening, Rachel's sister, mom, aunt and grandmother, were planning on seeing the Southern Utah Heritage Choir perform at the Dixie State College. They invited Rachel and I to come along, so we did. It was alright, but had I gone with someone other than Rachel, I would have been bored out of my mind (because I am not into seeing that stuff).

Around half way through the performance, this lady was singing a solo piece and was sounding really terrible to both Rachel and I (she could sing high parts, but sometimes the note were just off a little). Every so often, Rachel would squeeze my hand in a gesture of "pain" and every time she would do that, I would start laughing. I told her that had she kept doing that, I would have eventually got us or myself into trouble.

Well, after that was over, Rachel and I, went over to her mother's house to have hot chocolate with her mom and her sister. We stayed and talked for a few hours before we finally got around to leaving.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

It's Snowing!!!

Okay, if I were still living in Salt Lake, this would not be very big news (unless you were the 10 O'clock news and you had footage of people who had slid off the road...)... But I am now in St. George and according to Rachel, this is the first time it has snowed since she was in high school (um... 8 to 10 years ago).

My manager walked into the store and said that it was snowing, so all the cashiers ran outside to see it snow flakes come down every so often. Then by the time I got off of work and while Rachel and I were getting something to eat and Alberto's (YUM!), it was snowing even harder. She says it was hail, but trust me hun, that was snow. It was not ice form, it was still soft and would melt very easily...

Oh, for the love of-- Someone from up in Salt Lake, back me up here!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Some-thin, Some-thin...

First, like I said last week, Rachel and I drove up to Nephi/Salt Lake so we could go to my mom's family Christmas party.

We had to leave early Friday morning because I had a doctor appointment that afternoon. After the doctor appointment, Rachel and I went over to T-Mobile and purchased new phones. I guess you can call this our big Christmas gift.

After that, we drove back to my parents house to visit with my mom (since she just got off of work) before my family drove down to Nephi that night. After they left, we ordered pizza and had our dinner. Since someone in Salt Lake wanted their oil changed... I won't say who.... Oh, who am I kidding. She doesn't read this blog anymore. Since Tristyn needed her oil changed, I did that in exchange for all her music that she has (mostly country) to copy/paste to one of my hard drives.

Well, since I woke up around 5AM Friday morning (was not feeling well), Rachel made me lay down around 11PM and I just crashed.

Rachel then woke me up around 8AM on Saturday morning. We drove back down to Nephi so we could help out with getting the party ready. Around noon, the party started and both Rachel and I got a bunch of "Congrats", but the big embarrassing part was after we ate lunch and open presents, they made Rachel and I stand in front of everyone and made me introduce her to my family. I mean, I can handle crowds, especially a family crowd, I just have to know what to say or else my mouth/throat gets dry (just like in job interviews).

Anyways, we drove back that night after the party and then headed back home on Sunday afternoon. However, from Nephi to a little north of Cedar City, we had to drive through a crazy snow storm. Not fun at all.