Monday, December 31, 2007

Auld Lang Syne

Normally, at the end of each year I would post the many top events that happened to me during the year. But this year, not a lot happened. So I will post the few that did happen that are worth mentioning.

January - My Accident
February - There Is No Excuse Not To Dream...
March - I Am Going To Live In The Estrogen Ocean!
Travelin' North
May - Up, Up and Away... (Part 1)
Taste Just Like Chicken (Part 5)
June - To the Mormon Mobile!
July - I'm All A twitter
Double Trouble
August - iWon!
September - In One Year's Time
Baby Billboards
November - Congratulations!!!

Although this is not much as compared to the two previous years that I have created these list, this year has been the busiest of my life!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!

I tried taking pictures with my camera of the girls in some nice holiday outfits, but my camera was too slow and the batteries that I have would not last long when trying to take many pictures. Luckily, Heidi (Rachel's sister) brought her new camera up with her for the holidays, and was taking pictures on the 22nd and the picture she took (I thought) turned out the best for the girls holiday picture.

So, Merry Christmas from all of us!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

One More "Blurb"

After posting my last blog, I thought of a couple more items that I forgot to originally mention. However, I forgot the second item... So here is one more item to mention.

On Friday, the 21st, I opened my front door to my house for some reason and I looked down to see that the new phone book had arrived. I placed an ad in this phone book and when I went to look at it, I noticed that the 's' in "tonics", was purple, not blue (the picture on the right is shown the way I wanted it to look). It was blue in the proof, but it must have changed color at the printers. Well, as I stated to Rachel, if this ad helps my business, I'll put out more ads in future phone books. But if business is about the same as now, then I am going to call it quits on using the name and all the advertising, and just repair computer and iPods when someone needs me too without the heavy advertising.

Well, I have a special picture for you on Christmas Day, so check back then.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

"Yeah, I read your blurb..." - Corner Gas

Wow! I just found out that a relative from Oregon reads my blog from time to time. That is good to know. : ) Well, I don't have anything extremely exciting to post. I just want to let know of what has been going on these past few days:

Let's see... I am writing this blog downstairs in the kitchen. That's right, I moved my desktop PC downstairs because I was always in need of working on business work while I am watching the girls and I got tired of constantly walking up and down the stairs to see what they were getting fussy about while playing with their toys or to go back down there for something else. Plus, they would always get fussy when they couldn't see anyone in the room. Now I can right around peek around the corner of the food rack to see what's going on and to show them I'm still nearby. Plus, now I do not have have to constantly travel up and down the stairs. Man, that is what I call lazy.

On Monday/Tuesday, I was hired to do my first real iPod repair job on a iPod nano. I was nervous because I had never opened and messed around with one. Luckily, I was able to open it and get the damaged display out of it. I had to order a new one and it arrived today (Saturday), popped it in and it took a while before it was finally working. I was so giddy once I saw a full display on that iPod. So I know that I won't have any problems with repairing them in the future.

Last week into the first of this week, I had not been feeling well. Now that I am better, Rachel finally caught what I had. Luckily, today, her mom and aunt (who are twins) took our twins out to breakfast and took care of them until 3PM. It was so nice to sleep in until noon and to get a few things done around the house without having to try and take care of the girls.

Oh, those of you who are my friends on MySpace, I send you messages stating that I will no longer be checking up on my MySpace profile for messages or to approve comments. So if you need to contact me, you can do so here or by adding me as a friend on Facebook. You can still post comments on my MySpace page, but I'll be checking my FaceBook profile more since you can do more with your friends on FaceBook than you can on MySpace.

Christmas is coming up in a few days, but it doesn't seem like it should be here this soon. Well, Rachel and I, along with the girls, will be here in St. George this year. From what I have been told about past years, we are going to be heading over to Rachel's mother's house on Christmas Eve and then again on Christmas Day. So that is what our plans are for the holidays this year.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Back Up North, For the Holidays (Part II)

(12/9) Since I had been up working on my family's computer the night before, so I was tired the next morning. However, a few weeks before we drove up for our stay, my aunts had planned to hire a photographer and have pictures of everyone taken on my dad's side. Shortly after lunch time, we drove up to my grandparents house and we had the pictures taken. My family, knowing that we wouldn't be up there for the families annual Christmas Eve party, gave gifts to Chloe and Adelyn.

After having a small lunch at my grandparents house after the pictures were taken, we drove back to my parents house and opened up the gifts later that evening that my family got the girls. I would have A LOT more video of the girls opening... I mean, Rachel and I, opening the girls gifts, but -- Well, I was only able to use only 4 1/2 minutes of the 22 minutes (not 29) that was available.

Long story short, after opening presents, I headed over my relatives house to work on their computer. Since I worked on it until 10, I came back the following day to finish working on it. Was able to enjoy some time with the family until some of the programs on my parents computer started to not work. So I was back to work on their computer.

I was able to fix their computer and just in time for bed too. So I never really got to spend much time with my family on this trip. We got up the next day and finished packing the van. We left Salt Lake around 1PM and made it home about 5:30... And that is with a 1/2 hour stop in Beaver to feed the girls. Pretty good timing by my watch. And that was our trip up to Salt Lake (from my point of view).

Since this was the only time we would be able to make it up to Salt Lake for the holidays due to our work schedules, we will be staying here in St. George for the holidays this year.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Back Up North, For the Holidays (Part I)

(12/7) Well, we were able to leave St. George shortly after 1PM on Friday, and made it safely into Nephi shortly after dark. Since I had not ate very much that day, Rachel and I left the girls with my parents and we went to have dinner. After dinner, we came back to my grandmothers house and spent time with the family before we all went to bed.

(12/8) Since the girls would not sleep very well through the night, neither did Rachel. She took care of them and when I woke up, I took care of them so she could get some sleep before the party.

Well, we all went to the party and waited for family members to arrive. Because of the girls, I've never talked to more family (on my mom's side) members in one event in all my life. We ate the party meals while the girls slept. The girls were asleep while Santa talks to the kids, but Ady woke up and I quickly grabbed her to have her sit on Santa's lap. My sister woke up Chloe and brought her over to sit on Santa's lap as well. So during the video, you will see Chloe on the right starting to drift back asleep because she was not fully awake. After Santa, the kids opened up their gifts. Chloe is on the left and Ady is on the right in the video. Then it was the adults turn to play White Elephant. I received a $10 gift card to Wal-Mart.

After the party, we went back to my grandmothers place and packed up our stuff so that we could head up to Salt Lake. By the time we hit Santaquin, the snow was starting to come down hard. So traffic went from the usual 65/75 down to 40MPH. But luckily we feed the girls enough to reach my parents house without them being fussy.

I am currently working on the next video of the girls opening... I mean, Rachel and I, opening the girls presents. So far, the video is 29 minutes. I need to trim it down to 4 to 7 minutes so I can post it on YouTube so everyone can watch it. Check back in a few days to see the video... That is if I am successful in trimming it down to that size.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Heading Up, To Salt Lake City... For the Family Party and Snow

I just wanted to remind everyone that Rachel, the girls and I are heading up to Salt Lake City this weekend (12/7-12/11) for my mom's side of the family Christmas party in Nephi. This will be the only time we are heading up for the holidays since we can not get both this weekend and the time around Christmas off of work. Let me know if you want to see the girls. I will be busy as usual, fixing computers. Now I know how my father-in-law feels. Every time he comes to visit here, he is always doing something to fix something damaged to this house.

If you do not get the title of this blog, I tried to match the rhythm/lyrics to Jimmy Buffett's "Come Monday"... "Heading up, to San Francisco / For the Labor Day weekend show".

Monday, December 3, 2007

What Did She Say...?

Heidi just text messaged me and said she was having "baby withdrawal" and wanted more video of the girls.

Luckily for her, last night while Rachel was at work, I took the video camera and started recording the girls doing random things. About a few minutes into this video, Chloe started cooing and something she cooed sounded like basic and understandable English. In case you miss it, I have the video replay that section twice. Enjoy!

Whoops! My Bad

Sorry everyone. I just seen that there were a few errors on my site. I had not posted my blog on my server, although I had written the code for the webpage a few days back. I also noticed that back on November's blog, I did not update it so the arrows that direct you to the previous and following month would be a hyperlink. And to top it off, the latest title in my RSS feed was linking to the wrong web address. Hopefully, everything is now fixed and should be back to normal.

If you ever notice it acting weird or a link not working properly, contact me and let me know. I'll always do my best to quickly get on it.

Oh, and one more thing... To make it easier for me, anyone who wants immediate updates as to when I post something about the girls (like videos), you will have to join twitter and receive the updates on your phone. Twitter makes it so much easier for me to send an update instead of sending text messages to 20 different people. So please join Twitter today!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Twin's Christmas List UPDATED

Rachel wanted me to update the list (hopefully this is all) for the girls.

*Baby Einstein DVDs (cheap box sets at Costco and Wal-Mart)
*Children's books
*Small learning/activity toys and rattles, etc (for teething, learning shapes, colors, numbers / letters, etc)
*1 walker
*1 CD player (small/mini boom box -- electric, not battery) for their room (to play their night time music)
* Clothes for this winter should be 3/6 or 6/9 month sizes. (They have outgrown 0/3 and are growing out of "3 month" sizes. 3/6 should be okay for a little while.) Spring and summer clothes 9/12 months.
* Formula! Nestle Good Start Natural Cultures
* Baby gates ( 3 total - 1 specifically for 'top of stairs'. The model pictured in the link is the design type we would like...)

* BeBe Pod Plus -- 1 red & 1 green (or orange)
* Bright Starts - RRRoaring Fun Play Gym
*A subscription to Twins Magazine

Remember, this is just a list to see what the girls need, not something that they absolutely have to have.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

She Who Laughs Last...

On November 21st, while I was at work, Adelyn laughed for the first time in front of Rachel. Sadly, there were no recording devices around , so this was not caught on tape.

Then while Heidi (Rachel's sister) and I were up watching the girls early this morning, I tickled Chloe just for the heck of it. Well, she laughed for the first time to my knowledge. So I grabbed the video camera and recorded some of her giggles.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Twin's Christmas List

Well, with Black Friday upon us this coming, um... Friday, Rachel and I have been asked by family members what they should get the girls for Christmas. But before I tell you, I want to let you know that Rachel and I have agreed that we both do not need anything, but if you wanted to get us something, to put your gift idea (or the amount you were going to spend on us) towards the girls instead.

Here is a list of things we would like the girls to have:
*Baby Einstein DVDs (cheap box sets at Costco and Wal-Mart)
*Children's books
*Small learning/activity toys and rattles, etc (for teething, learning shapes, colors, numbers / letters, etc)
*1 walker
*1 CD player (small/mini boom box -- electric, not battery) for their room (to play their night time music)

We don't need too many clothes, but if people want to buy clothes:
... Clothes for this winter should be 3/6 or 6/9 month sizes. (They have outgrown 0/3 and are growing out of "3 month" sizes. 3/6 should be okay for a little while.) Spring and summer clothes 9/12 months.

Boring (but needed) gifts -
- Formula! Nestle Good Start Natural Cultures
- Baby gates ( 3 total - 1 specifically for 'top of stairs'. The model pictured in the link is the design type we would like...)

That is pretty much it.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Living and 'Cr'ying in 3/4 Time - Jimmy Buffett

The actual title to that Jimmy Buffett album title is Living and Dying in 3/4 Time.

We had been putting it off, but now that we had a few hours to waste on this Sunday morning, we took video of the girls and posted it here on my blog. I had to trim the video down from 7 1/2 minutes to 5 1/2 minutes so I could upload it onto YouTube. Don't worry, you are not missing anything in the parts that were deleted (The parts that were deleted were mostly parts where the girls were not doing anything worth watching).

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I'm So Boring!

I know, I know. It's been 10 days since I have posted something. Well, since Rachel has gone back to work and that the girls do not get to bed until early morning, we do not get to bed until a little after that. Plus, with us getting to bed so late, we wake up later in the daytime. We then only have a few hours to do a few chores around the house before I have to start taking care of the girls for the night (and repeat). So you can see why I have not posted in a while.

So I have decided to post my Twitters above so if you visit my blog, you can see what I am doing or what the conversation is that I am having with someone. That conversation (the ones with @username) is mostly with Rachel while she is at work. They do not have instant messengers installed, and she can't chat or text on her phone... God bless Twitter!

Oh, in case you have not checked it out, I have updated my main page. It looks less over-crowded and less stressful. Very simple. I like it.

What else can I blog about while I am here. Oh-- We almost had four vehicles in our possession the other night. But luckily we were able to sleep on it and we are going to end up getting rid of the new red car (don't know exactly how just yet) and keep just the van and my Neon. I still need to take a picture of it before we do get rid of it to show everyone what it looks like.

We want to take a video of the girls one of these days and post it here, but like I said above, it's all about timing.

Well, I think that is all for now. Since I am a Stay@Home dad now, I do not get out much, so there is not much for me to go into great detail here. Well, until next time.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I'm This Many!!!

Thanks to this cool little website I discovered a while back, I was able to see exactly how old I am in more ways than in just years... And today I am exactly 10,000 days old!

Well, here's to another 10,000!


I originally posted this on the first blog entry of this month, but then I had to remove it because she had not told some family members yet. So now that she has told them, I am re-posting it!

Last month, my sister Annie was proposed to by her boyfriend Ben. She of course said, "Yes", so it looks like I will have a new brother-in-law soon. I asked when the wedding will take place and she said some time next year (depending on her schooling). I'll let you know more as to what I find out.

Congratulations you two! Check out the size of that rock!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

"Hula Girl[s] At Heart" - Jimmy Buffett

Because we were busy dealing with car issues on Halloween day, we never got around to taking pictures of the girls in their Halloween costumes. So the next day, we had a few moments to put the costumes on them and then take pictures. Here they are... Shake it girls!

"Wait! Come Back.... It's Just Seaweed"

Now that I have calmed down, I realized a few things:

One, I still don't like the new car. I drove it last night for the first time and I can just feel the vibrations in the cars' steering wheel. So we are going to go look at other vehicles... a domestic vehicle, and when we find a nicer vehicle, we will trade this one in. If we can, I want to get a Ford Focus, but we will have to see what we can afford.

Two, I worked yesterday (11/3) from 10AM to 4PM after another shift working the night before, and I was just exhausted later that night. So I do not think I will be able to work at Lin's in the mornings and then come home and watch the girls.

Three, I don't know how many times I have wanted to say, "Yeah, you can see the picture I just took of the girls on my... Oh wait, no you can't". So I know this blog does comes in very handy. So I am back and will post when I can.

Four, since I am not going to work at Lin's in the mornings, I still continue to work on my business whenever I get a new customer.

(Updated on November 5, 2007 @ 20:52 MST)

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's Gonna Be A While

(I know I am posting this on 10/31, but read why below...)

Because Rachel traded in the truck before telling me, and now we have a new vehicle to pay off (including all the other stuff before that we still have to pay off), it will be a while before I will post again. I am now going to have to start working mornings at Lin's and then come home and watch the girls in the evenings while Rachel is at work. And by working mornings, I mean that I have pulled my business for the time being. It also looks like I will have to sell my Neon too.

You can still see what I am up to by following my Twitter's (automatically posted above, but they do disappear on this page and on Twitter after so long... so check back constantly!), but I do not think I will have time to post any new blog entries, pictures or videos for a good long while. Plus, until we can catch up money wise, I do not think we will be able to drive up to Salt Lake for a while-- This may includes Christmas parties.

If I don't post a blog entry before or on Thanksgiving... Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

3 Months Old

Now that the girls have passed the 3 month mark as of last Friday (10/26), we are no longer counting their age in weeks, but by months. And since I have not posted anything in a while, I thought it would be nice to post the girls in their "3 month old" video.

So here it is, the video of the girls at 3 months old...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"He's Done!" - Mater

After.... I don't know how long, I am finally done with my iPod repair and service website. Now I just wait for the iPods to start coming in...

You can check it out by going to the new www domain:

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sunday, Blessing Sunday

On Sunday (10/14), we had the girls blessed at church. Afterwards, we had a small brunch-like-meal at our home with just the family. We took lots of pictures, and I have posted them on my Photos page. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Creating A Mosaic

(If at any time you have problems trying to follow my instructions, you can watch the video of how I was told about this program and how to use this program on episode #197 of DL.TV. Remember, I am just telling you the basics of creating a simple picture. If you want to do more, you will have to do a little adventuring on your own...)

Okay, first, you will need to download and install Andrea Mosaic on your PC or Mac. Second, you will need to find the picture that you want to convert, then copy and paste it on your desktop just incase (that is my rule of thumb, just in case something happens to that file you are working on, you will not alter the original). Third, find all the personal pictures that you want to use for the mini pictures to make up the mosaic. The more, the better.

Start the program. (Step 1 on the program) Click on "Find Tiles" and then click on "Create Collection". I've created a new folder on the desktop and copied and then pasted all the many scattered photos through out my computer's hard drives into this New Folder. In this collection, I have taken all of the pictures that we have taken of the girls (536 of them), and pasted them in this folder. You can just use the original folder you store your photos in if you want to. After pressing "Create Collection", find the folder that has all the pictures in it that you want to use. The program will create a single file for the program inside of that folder to use to create your customized picture. You can give this special file any title name you want... "My Pictures" or "Baby Pictures", etc. Once you press Save, you will notice at the bottom of the program, a status of the program doing it's job (This may take time depending on how fast your computer is). Once it reaches 100%, click the OK, and then the Close.

Next, you will need to set how many mini pictures (entitled Step 2) this program will use (width x length) in the second and third box. You can use any calculations you want to, but for this demo, I wrote in 60 and 80. This made a calculation above these numbers (4800). You can go higher, but this can cause the program to take longer to convert your picture or pictures. The number setting below, I will leave this for you to mess around with.

Step 3, find the picture on your computer that you want the program to make into a mosaic. "Add Image", find the picture and then "Open".

Step 4, once you have chosen your picture to convert, click "Create the Mosaic's" button. This can take anywhere from 10 minutes up to a few hours, depending on how fast your computer is... And this is my result. I took all the pictures of the twins to create a mosaic of Rachel and my first picture as a couple back in 2006.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I Know, I Know...

I know that I promised you that next time I posted a blog, I was going to show you how to make those Mosaic pictures. Since getting back home from Salt Lake, I have not had any personal time to begin explaining how to do that. But I will, don't worry.

Rachel wanted me to post a new video and a picture of the girls on my blog...

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Back Up North

Just a reminder, Rachel, the twins and I, are going to be up in Salt Lake this weekend. So if you want to get a hold of me while I am up there, just call or text my cell.

When I come back next week, I'll show you how to make a Photo Mosaic. Click on the picture below to see what photos (the first 1000 pictures that are in my 4000+ picture collection) were used to make up the one picture below. Beware, those with up internet connection, it may take a while to view the larger picture because it such a large picture/file.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

2 Months Old

Since it has been a while, we thought it would be nice to record some more video of the girls since they are now 2 months old (66 days old), and post it on the web. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Slowly, But Surely

Well, these past two weeks have been interesting.

(September 9th) As you probably know, Rachel and I exchanged vows on September 2nd of last year. One thing we did not look into before we got married, was that we were getting married during the Labor Day holiday weekend. So now that we made the one year mark (and the years to come), we decided to wait one week after our first anniversary to celebrate. We decided to go back to Vegas to see a show for our anniversary.

However, with twins, this would not be an easy task. Luckily, Rachel's sister still lives in Vegas and was more than glad to watch the girls while we went out for a few hours. Without having to worry about bringing 1 1/2 month old children (at the time) to a show, we were able to go see Tournament of Kings at the Excalibur. If you have never seen this show, I recommend it because you really get involved with the show.

Well, after the show, we walked over to New York New York, then over to MGM Grand. After just looking around, we tried to walk to Margaritaville, but it was too far (plus, it was getting late). So we picked up the girls and then headed home.

(September 18th) Right before I was to head to work, Rachel put a blanket on the floor and put both girls on their tummies. Both are growing strong enough to lift their heads up for short amounts of time before they put them back down as if they were asleep. I was coming down from the computer room when we noticed Adelyn roll from tummy onto her back. She has not done this trick again since then.

(September 19-23) Before, during and after Rachel's pregnancy, her gallbladder had been bothering her. So last week, she had surgery (outpatient) to have it removed. We were expecting her to be down the first day, and be hopefully back to normal (at least 80%) the next day. With twins, it took until this Sunday (9/23), 4 days later. As of me writing this, she is still taking her meds as prescribed by the doctor, but she is doing and looking much better than she did a day or two after surgery.

(September 24) Two fortnights ago (that would be 2 X two weeks= one month), I bid and won a used iMac off of eBay (this is my Christmas gift). Well, yesterday it finally arrived while I was sleeping (around 10AM). Since the seller forgot to ship the keyboard and mouse with the computer, I had to run and buy one from Best Buy. I've had little time to sit down and explore what this computer has to offer. One thing that I have heard about, but didn't think came with Mac OS X is the ability to load/view pictures in iPhoto, and to then have those pictures published in an actual hard/soft cover book. I plan to have one done up of the weekend Rachel and I were married (all the photos) and of the 7 days of/after the girls were born.

(September 26) I had the day off, so I thought I would try something with my Macintosh by taking it apart. Well, while I was screwing it back together, something in my back went out and that left me laying on my office floor in pain while Adelyn laid content in her bouncer chair. Talk about one heavy screw. Lift with your legs, not your back. Well, since I pulled something in my back, that meant I could not go to the girls doctor appointment. Both girls now weigh over ten pounds. But luckily, Rachel and I both still have enough pain meds from both our surgeries. So I have been loopy most of today, but we did get some stuff done. It might be a day or two before my back is back to normal.

Well, there you go. Some of the things I have been up to. I never realized that after the girls were born, my blog would be so bare. Well, thank goodness for those questions that I have been posting. You can also follow me on Twitter, for things happening at the moment.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Question of the Week - September 20, 2007

Every week, St. George's local newspaper, The Spectrum, sends to all the homes a weekly mini-newspaper called, "Dixie Weekly News". Each week, they ask random people coming out of Harmon's a question and post some of the responses in this weekly mini-newspaper. Since I have been slacking on posting blog entries like I use to (since the girls have been born), I thought this would help fill the giant gaps of nothingness...

This weeks question: "As we close the book on summer, what was memorable to you about Summer 2007?"

The birth of my twin girls! Oh, and finally getting the super pubic out of me. It was nice to have it (bathroom wise), but it was not fun to have it rub up against something and hurt like hell.

Have a fun, clean and interesting question that you could ask anyone you went up to, send it to me and I'll be glad to post it here and answer it as well.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Question of the Week - September 14, 2007

Every week, St. George's local newspaper, The Spectrum, sends to all the homes a weekly mini-newspaper called, "Dixie Weekly News". Each week, they ask random people coming out of Harmon's a question and post some of the responses in this weekly mini-newspaper. Since I have been slacking on posting blog entries like I use to (since the girls have been born), I thought this would help fill the giant gaps of nothingness...

This weeks question: "Do you go to rodeos, and what do you like about them?"
History/Background of this question.... "The Annual Lions Dixie Roundup Rodeo is coming to St. George -- for the 73rd time!"

The last rodeo I saw was back in 1993 or 1994, with Annie and Jessica. It was interesting, but the only way I would go see another one again is when my girls get a little older (5+), just to show them what my mom's side of the family is into when the Ute Stampede comes around each July. What I like about them? Well, they do have other (side) acts in the rodeo besides the main act of cattle-roppin', bull riding and saddle bronco riding. Oh, and getting to sit there with a cooler with drinks, candy and eating nachos... Now that is the right way to enjoy a good time!

Have a fun, clean and interesting question that you could ask anyone you went up to, send it to me and I'll be glad to post it here and answer it as well.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Baby Billboards

Last week, for those of you following me on Twitter, I said that I was having some custom t-shirts made up for me (two of them for me in my size), one for Rachel and one for each one of the girls, with my business info on them.

I was able to pick the shirts up yesterday (9/11) and once I got home from work, and when Rachel got home with the girls from their grandma's, I took pictures of the girls in their new shirts. It's a good thing I took them off after I took the pictures. Chloe made a mess all over her and the couch.

That is Adelyn on the top, Chloe in the middle, and the image on the bottom is of the shirts.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Question of the Week - September 7, 2007

Every week, St. George's local newspaper, The Spectrum, sends to all the homes a weekly mini-newspaper called, "Dixie Weekly News". Each week, they ask random people coming out of Harmon's a question and post some of the responses in this weekly mini-newspaper. Since I have been slacking on posting blog entries like I use to (since the girls have been born), I thought this would help fill the giant gaps of nothingness...

This weeks question: "With the election coming up, what's on your mind about your community?"

I do not know if other counties in Utah, or the US, are having elections for city councilman or whatever, but apparently in St. George, we are.

But the one thing I wish they would have around here is recycling centers or have multiple drop off bins like they do up in Salt Lake. They do have a giant plant or factory.... something, near the Blvd freeway exit (#8), but I do not want to drive all the way over there just to drop off plastics (plus I do not know if they charge to take in my recyclables). They do have paper recycling bins in a lot of the supermarket parking lots, but no plastic or aluminum or other things that can be recycled. With the population growing like it is, they are going to need something like that here soon, or the landfills will be filling up fast and the beauty of Dixie will be covered by multiple landfills.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

40 Days Old

Today, the girls are 40 days old. So, we thought it would be nice to record some more video of the girls while they were awake, and post it on the web. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

In One Year's Time

Today, Rachel and I are celebrating our one year wedding anniversary. In that one year time, we have found out were expecting, then we found out we were expecting twins. Shortly after, we had to deal with Workers Comp for 6 months. For some reason, during those 6 months after my accident, time flew by so fast that right now I still have to say, "Wow, it's been a year?!"

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Lately, I have been doing some serious thinking about starting to repair iPods, along side my computer repair business. Well, there was just one small thing that I was missing to make this a reality... An Apple Macintosh to connect the iPods that people have and connect to their Macs to.

Well, early this morning, I placed a bid on a used iMac G3. Someone outbid my original bid later on, but I bid another price to stay on top. So, not too long ago, the auction ended. The only bad thing is the price for the shipping. But hey, it beats paying over a thousand dollars for a new iMac.

The reason I bid on this particular item, is not just because it has a blue shell, but because it has all the right system requirements and software requirements that I need to make sure that when I connect an iPod to this computer, it will see the iPod... hopefully.

So now that I am doing this iPod repair, I have searched to find that I am the only one in town to repair iPods. And yesss.... I can repair them. As for pricing or how I am going to charge people is a different problem. That is why (at the moment) I have only announced on my business website that will be starting to repair them in the future, not right now.

And yes, I will have it so that if you live else where in Utah or the USA, and you need something replaced or upgraded (like a 100GB hard drive) to your iPods, you can ship them to me. I know this will help in generating more business.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just A Few Updates

I know I have not posted much this month, but there are a few quick things I would like to tell you about.

- Earlier this month, when I said I posted new pictures taken by Heidi of the girls... Well, the page was up, but I forgot to update the main Photos page. My bad! Don't worry, the page has been updated and just for safe keepings, here is a direct link to the page just in case you have not seen the pictures.
- My parents, brother and my Grandma Jarrett came down this past weekend (8/24-8/26) to visit with us. Instead of going back with everyone else on Sunday, my mom is staying here with us to help us out. This coming weekend (8/31-9/2), my dad and brother are coming back down with my other grandparents from Salt Lake. I still have yet to have my sister come down and see the girls.
- Rachel and I are working on custom made birth announcements (Using Microsoft Paint and Digital Image) to have printed at Walgreens and then to mail to everyone. We just have to have them printed, find envelopes to place them in and then to also find all the addresses of family members and friends we are going to send them to. So, sometime next week, expect to receive a letter in the mail from us. If you do not receive them next week, then plan for the following week.
- As you can see (77x42), I have placed the GIF ads I had up over a year ago. I have placed them on this main blog page and on the main Photos page. ...And yes, those numbers in the beginning of this sentence are suppose to be there.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Question of the Week - August 23rd, 2007

Every week, St. George's local newspaper, The Spectrum, sends to all the homes a weekly mini-newspaper called, "Dixie Weekly News". Each week, they ask random people coming out of Harmon's a question and post some of the responses in this weekly mini-newspaper. Since I have been slacking on posting blog entries like I use to (since the girls have been born), I thought this would help fill the giant gaps of nothingness...

This weeks question: "If you returned to do high school over, what would you do differently?"

Well, ditching my classes would be out of the question, I would study more, and I would actually turn in my assignments. Oh, and I would actually interact with people instead of being the shy one, like I was back then. How I actually graduated from high school, I still don't know how I did it.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Like Father, Like Daughters...

Rachel took this picture the other day when the three of us were still sleeping.

Oh, interesting fact here. Had the girls gone the full 40-week term, they would have been scheduled to have been born yesterday (8/21).

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Three Weeks Old

With the girls now being three weeks old and each weighing 6 lbs. 12 oz., I thought that we would shoot some video and post it on the web of what they look like now and how they are acting. Enjoy!

Updated on August 23, 2007 @ 22:18 MST

Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Lot More Pictures!

I have posted a lot more pictures of the girls, taken by their Aunt Heidi last week. I posted them two days ago as an Easter Egg and let anyone following me on Twitter know that they were up. Now you can check them out too.

Monday, August 6, 2007

We're Jammin'!

I was reading in one of the free baby magazines that Rachel received about music and how it helps your child in many areas. One of the albums they just happened to list was Bob Marley's Legend (because the rhythmic beat in music helps the child, and you know Bob Marley). Well guess who has that album...? Guess who's listening to it right now...?

It seems to be helping since I just placed those speakers in there. Don't worry, the volume is at a reasonable level. Plus, the speakers appear to be working better then the ear bud/head phones that we had in there (away from the girls reach). The second I started to play the music, they both stopped fussing and as I write this and watch them with the baby monitor, they are in the same position when I started the music. Finally, some peace and music!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Where Did We Come Up With Their Names?

Although this has not been asked to me personally (possibly to Rachel, but not me), I thought it would be interesting to have you know, "Where and how did we come up with their names?"

Well, as many of you may know, we have had the name Chloe picked out for the longest time. The only thing was, when people asked, "So, have you come up with another name yet?", we would jokingly reply, "Chloe, and Chloe's sister". Until the Saturday or Sunday after their births, we really had nothing official for another name.

Rachel and I have been talking about different names, and whether or not we wanted to name them after my grandmothers, Maxine and Ada (as per Rachel's request). But However, a few weeks before they were born, I was thinking, let's take out the letters in both Rachel and my name (Ryan) that are in our last name (Sharich). For example:


So all we have left are the letters, E L Y N. The first name I could think of at the time (and can only think of) was Lyne (pronounced, Lynn). But it was pointed out that the way that it is spelt, makes it pronounceable like the word "line.

Well, since Rachel wanted to use my grandmother Ada's name somehow as our daughters names, I was thinking, what about Adalyne (Add-A-Line), but I wanted it to sound more like is was spelt how it is now, Adelyn (Add-A-Lynn).

So the night before they wanted us to fill out the official paper work for their names, Rachel and I wrote down the names we wanted to possibly use. We came up with were: Adalynn, Adelyn, Adalyne, Jessica (my half-sisters name), Pearl (the month of June birth stone), Bonnie (Rachel's grandmother's name), Marie (my mom and sister's middle name), Elizabeth. After talking about it, we decided to use Adelyn Marie and Chloe Maxine, but we call Adelyn "Ady" for short.

And there you have it...

Thursday, August 2, 2007

"Boom! 3.5 On A Belly-Button Wrap-Up! That Is A New State Record" - Brian Regan

After many much moosen time that I have been allowed to be on the computer while family is here to help with the babies during the day time, all the photos are up on my Photos page. I have added captions to help you know what is going on in some of the pictures. Just hover your mouse pointer over the thumbnails.

Then while Rachel was talking to her dad, she had the idea of taking some video and posting it on the web so everyone (who does not live nearby and who has not yet seen the babies) can view the girls move around, instead of seeing what they are like by looking at all the many photos. So here you go...

UPDATE: (8/4) Both Rachel and I goofed in that video of our girls below... We called each kid by the other child's name. So Chloe (awake) is on the left, and Adelyn (asleep) is on the right. The original video has now been deleted and was replaced with this video.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Happy Birthday!!!

I just wanted to wish Rachel, my beautiful wife and mother of my two gorgeous twin girls, a Happy Birthday. I know I am posting this a little late in the afternoon, but this is the first time that the girls are asleep in their rockers and I am able to get some more Photo pages worked upon. As of me typing this, I have only updated the page where the twins were born. There are 6 more pages that I am creating. So please be patient as I work on them. I'll post an update here (and on Twitter) when those photo pages are finished.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

A is for Adelyn, B is for Babies, and C is for Chloe

I just wanted to update everyone who reads this. First, we did name the babies. Baby A is Adelyn Marie, and Baby B is Chloe Maxine.

Second, everyone is home now. We made it home a little after 1PM on Sunday (7/29) afternoon.

Third, Rachel and I are still trying to get the girls on a schedule here, but it's kind of hard with twins. So, trying to do anything normal (i.e., Sleep, shower, eat) is even harder to do right now. Right now (as I type this), luckily, Rachel's mother and two sisters are over helping hold the babies. So that is why I am updating this.

Forth, I just want to let everyone also know that there are more pictures to post, but it will be a while before I get a chance to do that. Plus, for a few weeks, this blog may look bare. I will do my best to update you on how things are going. But because of lack of sleep, I am going to take up any offer to sleep when I can instead of post blog updates. I will still Twitter when I can... So join Twitter today! If you need instructions on how to set up your Twitter account, e-mail me and ask for the little instruction manual I wrote up (before the girls were born).

Last, I want to THANK EVERYONE for their support during this time. I know we couldn't do it without anyone.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Just So You Know...

For those of you who have signed up with twitter, you were rewarded earlier today with good news. There will be more good news Thursday (8/26), but to only those who are following me...

Double Trouble

First, if it appears my spelling or form of sentence is off, forgive me. I have been up since 5:30 this morning and I am very tired.

Second, the why I wanted to have people sign up with Twitter is because right after the babies were born, I didn't want to have to find every number in my phone book in my phone. I wanted to send one text and go back to tending the girls...

Who were born today, July 26th, 2007. Baby A was born at 8:41AM and Baby B was born at 8:42AM. They both have dark brown hair, the cutest faces, long finger nails and big feet (just like their dad, lol).

I wanted to write more about what happened today, but I am trying to do this, post the pictures of what I have taken so far, eat, and get a few things together so I can spend the night at the hospital so I can help Rachel. Just know the girls are doing okay and that they are in the room with us. They did not have to go into the NICU area, because they are both fine.

I'll try to update in a few days, but for right now, you are welcome to view the pictures.
UPDATE: The main page to direct you to the different picture pages has been update. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Posted on July 27, 2007 @ 21:54 MST

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Better Video of the Twins Moving

Here is a much better video of the girl moving around in Rachel's stomach. They start moving around, around the 35/36 second mark.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Yellow Fever

Today, I was bored after waking up. So, while I was surfing the web, I created an image from The Simpson's Movie website, as to what I would look like in the Simpson's universe. Yes, this is how I waste my time when I am bored...

The only thing I had difficulty finding was the right nose for my avatar. The one I chose was the one closest to what I have. But other than that, the detail is stunning!

Plus, if you did not see it, visit the main page of my site to see a Simpson themed page.

Friday, July 20, 2007

The New Phone Book is Here! The New Phone Book is Here!

Yesterday, while I was out front pulling out weeds out of our flower bed, I was listening to my iPod when I noticed someone behind me at our neighbors house. I turned around to see him drop off a phone book on their front porch. I was like, "Oh, sweet!"

So I stopped working in the garden and brought the copy that was handed to me in the house. I told Rachel to get the video camera to record my actions, but I looked very stupid and I couldn't match that of the great Steve Martin. But at least I was very excited when the new phone book arrived!

Monday, July 16, 2007

"I Will Have-- THE CHICKEN!" - Dave Chappelle

I totally forgot about this picture until Rachel reminded me about it. The day that we had the sticker placed on the van, was also the day that I completed working on putting together our new BBQ grill.

While I was out barbecuing, I noticed a small frog in our flower bed (the one behind me in the picture). Don't worry, we didn't cook or harm it. We actually tried putting it in water, but it hopped out and hopped away.

But the grill works fine and that chicken I was able to cook up was delicious!

Just A Few More Days Now

Depending on how you count backwards on a calendar to an event, Rachel and I have less than 17 days left of freedom until the girls are born.

It's kind of funny too. We will be watching AFV or Funniest Pets & People, and I see kids doing stuff I know that our girls will do when they start to get older. So I just can not help but laugh my butt off.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

This Just In-- The Babies Are Moving Below

I originally wanted to post this on Tuesday (7/10), but YouTube took it's sweet time converting the video for their site. Well, I checked last night to see if it was up, and it was, but it already had 30+ views. LoL.

What happened was that Rachel was eating something and she had the plate setting on her stomach. All of a sudden it started to move because the girls were kicking or moving around inside. So I grabbed my video camera and started filming. It cuts off the end part, but Rachel started to laugh.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Let The Mobile Advertising Begin

You saw earlier this month as to what our van will look like once the window sticker was placed on it...

Well, I just dropped off the van early this morning (8AM) and I just arrived home now and took a few pictures of the final project. I am hoping this helps pick up some more business.

The only difference from the picture that I posted below is that word "BYTE" was changed to a simpler looking 'Byte'.

Burning Ring of (Forest) Fire

While walking over to another board members house last night, I could see the fire flames coming up and over the mountain tops at Black Rock Gulch (in Arizona). According to The Spectrum (our local newspaper), that is twenty miles away from St. George.

So after walking back to my place, I grabbed my digital camera and my tri-pod (since I have shaky hands and I had to expose the picture more) and took the picture you see on the right.

Monday, July 9, 2007

I'm All A Twitter

For those of you who do not have time to read this blog, I now have a blog provided by twitter, on twitter and on my main page. Now you can see what I am doing every so often (ex. "I'm off to work", or "Just took the dog for a walk"), instead of waiting around for something cool to happen in my life that I can sit down and write about in a blog entry (eg. "Rachel and I bought a new mini van").

I'm still trying to figure out how to get it so that I can send updates to twitter from my phone, as well as other things that anyone can do on twitter... So please be patient as I try to figure this thing out.

Saturday, July 7, 2007


I'm sorry if I have not posted anything in the past few days, but not a lot has happened around here. Just dealing with Association crap and lawsuit (can't say more than that... But luckily it does not involve me personally). Now I see why they call it an "association"... It's a pain in the 'ASS'(ociation).

We (the south-west part of Utah) have been hit by a scorching heat wave this summer. Already Wikipedia is outdated on the Utah entry (as I write this). It says the high in there for the state of Utah was 117 back in 1985. Well, it made it up to a record high 118 (or so I heard on the news) near the Utah/Arizona border. And because of such high temperatures, there was a fire near the Black Rock mountain top area. I was able to see it from where we park our vehicles.

Other than those two things, Rachel is still dealing with a couple of kidney stones, and with the twins. Hopefully after the twins are born, we can do what ever it takes to get those stones out. But she is doing good. The girls are responding (moving/kicking) to my voice, which is really cool.

And as for Ginger (who is looking up at me right now), well... We love Ginger. lol. I'm getting closer to teaching her to roll over, but she still has not figured out the command "roll over" without the motions of moving the treat around the back of her head (the way you teach a dog to roll over).

Monday, July 2, 2007

What Do You Think?

For the past couple of weeks, I have been having a local sign shop create a see-through sticker for the back of the van. I had to create a rough draft to give them an idea of what I wanted the sticker to look like and then they gave me back their first rough draft of what it would look like. It looked very plain and boring, plus a few other things needed to be fixed. So I returned with the what I would like fixed, and they just called not too long ago and said that the 2nd rough draft was ready to look at. Since I do not have my scanner hooked up, I took a picture of the picture (below) to give you an idea of what it will look like. They fixed the blue "s" (it was black before they fixed it), added the quote that I came up with, Service That Doesn't Byte, and then placed the green part that starts from the bottom and fades out as it travels to the top of the window. Everyone that I have shown it to, including me, says that they like it...

So, what do you think? I actually want to hear your opinion.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

To Plant? Or Not To Plant? This Was Not Our Decision.

Last year, my sister-in-law visited our home the day when I was putting up the Christmas lights to cook some bread using raw pumpkin. I can not remember the whole story, but we ended up tossing some or all of the remaining pumpkin in the composting bin. Well, we forgot to throw away the seeds and this spring Rachel used some of the compost in her planter boxes.

Well all of a sudden, in two of the three planter boxes, the same kind of plant started sprouting up all over. We couldn't figure it out at first, but then we realized what kind of seed was growing once we pulled out the baby plant. In the long run, we let two of them grow into pumpkin plants and one of them produced the only pumpkin in the bunch. Not a prize winner, but worth mentioning.

Funny story: Did you know that baby yellow squash plants look the same as baby pumpkin plants? Long story short, Rachel had to go buy new baby yellow squash plants to plant.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Just To Let You Know...

Rachel has decided that August 1st is the day that she wants the twins to be born. The 37-week mark is on July 31 (her birthday), and the doctor says that they really do not need to be in longer since they are twins. So, we have agreed that August 1st is the day the twins will be born (unless they come early).

So, if you want to come on down around that time, you are more than welcome to. However, since the guest room is now the babies room, we really have no room to house anyone... Unless you don't mind sleeping next to a dog. If you treat her nice, she will give you kisses.

Monday, June 25, 2007

I'm Going to Bed

After a month and a half, I finally sat down to create the page to post my photos that I took while in San Francisco back in May. For some reason, the little thumbnail pictures are big in file size and are causing the two pages a while to load. Even if you have DSL or Cable internet, it may take a while for the thumbnails to finally download. Check out the pictures.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Thank You Everyone

I just wanted to say Thank You to everyone who sent me a Birthday e-mail, greeting card or took the time to wish me a Happy Birthday by phone. I appreciated it. For those of you wish to send us regular USPS mail in the future and you want it here on a certain day, I guess you better send it two or three days in advance. I received the cards on the 22nd. But the thought that you still sent me something still counts. : )

What did I do for my birthday? Nothing really. I'm serious. With Rachel being required by her doctors to bed rest, we never went out to dinner. The only thing we went to do together is to go to a doctor appointment. That is about it. Oh, I was able to sell some of my used CD's, had Rachel's sister help me move some furniture from my mother-in-laws house over here for the babies room (which is almost done!).

But with this last week being kind of hectic and stressful, I pushed myself on the 20th to finish things so I would be able to relax on my birthday... Which is exactly what I did.

Don't Make Me Come In There!

I have let Ginger, Rachel and my dog, sit in the passenger seat a couple of times when I have gone places in our new minivan. Last night, after coming back from dropping Rachel's sister off at their mom's house, I let Ginger sit in the seat with her head out the window down. But when I went to go walk around to open the passenger door to let her out, she kept doing this...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

"Hope It's Chocolate, For Me!" - Jim Gaffigan

Well, another year has passed from my last birthday, except a **** load has happened in this past year. It's amazing what can happen in 365 days! Now that I think about it, this has been the best year (6/21/06-6/20/07) of my life.

Well, like this and every year, enjoy the first day of summer.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

As Promised...

As I mentioned and promised you last month, here are the videos clips of the cable car conductors turning around a cable car and of the Bushman. Now that I have an actual internet connection, I am able to post the videos on my website without any problems...

Don't forget, I am still working on getting the pictures of my trip up, but look how long it has taken me to post these videos...

Oh yeah. Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Getting Closer... But Still Not The Real Thing

It seems that my PC is turning more and more into a Mac. How? Well the other day, Apple released the Beta version of Safari for the PC. Safari is the web browser for Apple Macintosh as Internet Explorer/Firefox is to the PC. So far, the only thing I have found wrong with this is that there is no Tab function (where you click a link with your scrolling button on the mouse). Plus, the font on any webpage almost appears blurry.

Besides Safari, I still have and use the Y'z Dock, iTunes, QuickTime, the wallpaper from a Mac... If I wanted, I could install Widgets from Yahoo! to make it appear as if it is a Mac, but those things were annoying when I had that installed.

But for those of you who want to install Safari... You are more than welcome to, but I have read that there is already a Zero-Day Exploit. Meaning, someone has already found something wrong with it and if you visit a web page, it can ruin your computer.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

To the Mormon Mobile!

As I say that, "To the Mormon Mobile!", I see afterwards a CTR shield come spinning up to the TV screen just like the old Batman logo did in the '60s TV series.

Well, on Thursday, we made it up to Salt Lake in Rachel's truck with only a few pit stops along the way. Didn't do much on Thursday, except work on my parents computer.

Friday, all I remember is first dealing with association stuff when we woke up. Later, Rachel wanted a manicure for the baby shower. I went along and just watched my video podcast that I have on my iPod. Then later that night, my family and I went to dinner for my birthday at the place my mom wanted to go. So I really am just calling that dinner.

Saturday was the day of the baby shower that my mother was hosting for Rachel. We received a lot of stuff, yet we still have another baby shower being held on the 30th down here in St. George. For the time being, we thought we were going to have to leave some of the items up in Salt Lake until my parents came down for a visit.

Then on Sunday, Rachel, my family and I, went out to visit the newly built IKEA in Draper. If you have never been inside of one, bring good walking shoes and be sure to eat/drink something before you go. I don't want to get into full details as to why I did not like it, it is just something you will have to experience for yourself.

Before we headed up to Salt Lake, Steve, a friend from high school, found me on MySpace and we started talking again. We have not talked in 7 years because I did something dumb. Yes, I know, I have done a lot of dumb things in my lifetime. But we agreed to meet up while Rachel and I were in SLC. I finally got a hold of him and we met up on Sunday night after him and his family got back from a barbeque. He wanted to meet Rachel, but my mother took her out shopping for a few good hours before hand and that made her tired, so she never was able to meet Steve in person. So we started talking about what we have both been up to and talked about some of the crazy stuff we did during and after high school. After a couple of hours, we called it a night because he had to be up earlier the next day for work.

On Monday, Rachel and I started to pack up the baby items, to make sure they would fit in the back of the truck. Well, we had other plans to take care of before we were to head back to St. George, so we headed out to do them before it was to late. We had to stop at CompUSA use up the gift card that I had on ink. We then headed over to the State Surplus near the Utah State Prison to see if they had any vehicles to purchase so we could fit the twins and all the baggage/strollers they will be needing. My dad met us over there to check out any vehicle we had our eye on. Long story short, we purchased a used 2000 Plymouth Grand Voyager. That is why you may hear me say, "To the Mormon Mobile!". Now that we had an extra vehicle, I changed the oil in it when we got it back to my parents house and then we packed half in one vehicle and half in the other. By 6PM we were on our way back to St. George.

We made it home around 11:30PM and Rachel's sister helped us unpack. All the gifts that we received are still sitting in the TV room as I write this, because we are still working on getting the babies room back together. Since getting back though, I have been able to get a lot done, but still have a little ways to go before it is done.

Sorry it has taken me until today to post this, but Rachel and I have been busy registering the vehicle and trying to get a loan for it. Plus, dealing with all the association stuff that has been going on. I swear, I am going to have grey hair by the time I am 30...

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Having Fun!

Rachel and I are having fun for once. There are still some people in my parents house from the baby shower and hopefully soon, we will be heading up to Bountiful to go to the car show.

There are some things that I will tell you about as to what we have done and what we will do when I get back to St. George. Rachel made a good point as well: The next time that she and I will be up here, we will be bringing the babies up with us... As a family. : )

Hope you are enjoying your weekend, see you in a few days.

All The Other Good Titles Have Been Used

I just wanted to remind everyone that Rachel and I will be heading up to Salt Lake tomorrow (6/7) for Rachel's Baby Shower. As for when we are heading back, that could be Sunday or Monday... We haven't decided.

Monday, June 4, 2007

May 14th & 15th

(Since nothing very exciting happened the last two days while in San Francisco, I'll skim through what is worth mentioning.)

Since I never wrote down what happened on May 14th, all I remember is that I was lying in the hotel bed 90% of the time. However, I would get up out of bed to walk in circles in the hotel room. This was the only exercise I could get without leaving the room. I would also get up to reheat the pizza I had the night before and to take the two showers I was required (by my doctor) to take daily.

I also remember having Annie walking over to Walgreen's to try and get the medications that the hospital required me to take. But they couldn't get a hold of workers comp to confirm that they would pay for it. Well, since the pharmacy could never get a hold of Workers Comp, I had to do without the needed medicines for a day.

While Annie was walking to and from the pharmacy, she told me of how some homeless men would come up and ask her if they could pay her to hang out for just an hour. Talk about your friends in low places. She also told me of how she saw in one of the alleys while she was walking by, that a homeless man just started shooting up. It's sad that these people’s lives have ended up like this.

On the 15th, we had to be up early so we could be to the airport early so in case we had troubles with me getting though security with a wheelchair or other reasons, we wouldn't miss our flight and get home in time. We were told by the hotel, since they arranged to have a shuttle van come pick us up, to be downstairs by 6AM. So we took all our stuff down to the lobby, checked out of our room and sat around for 10 minutes before the shuttle arrived. The drive to the airport, to me, seemed to be very gloomy because it was foggy outside and none of the other passengers in the van didn't seem to be awake.

We arrived at the airport and Annie went inside to ask to have someone to bring a wheelchair outside for me. She checked in our luggage and then headed over to the security area. They do a thorough and more secure check on people in wheelchairs then they do with people walking through the normal security area. Well, after making it through security and to our gate, we sat at our gate and waited for our boarding time. Since I never got a good nights rest the night before, because I was excited to get back home and to see Rachel, I remember sitting there and just wanting to fall asleep... But I couldn't because the people next to us were talking like they had a few drinks (even though they had not)-- Loud and annoying!

We boarded the plane and then took off. I tried to listen to music on my iPod, but the plane was much louder than other plane trips I have been on. Well, we made it to Las Vegas on time and then headed downstairs to the baggage claim area. Since I was sitting in a wheelchair, it would be best for me to wait by the doors instead of getting in travelers ways near that area. So while Annie was grabbing our luggage, I called Rachel and played around with the wheelchair a bit. That was fun.

Annie found our luggage and we headed to the doors to get on the shuttle to take us over to where we parked the car. Loaded up our luggage, paid our parking fee and then headed back north. I was hoping we would be in St. George by noon to 12:30PM, but we didn't arrive until after 1PM. Rachel was outside waiting for us by her truck when we pulled in. We took my stuff inside and took it easy. Ginger was very excited to see me because she was whining and (sigh) went #1 on the floor. Geez! She has been good and has not done that in months.

While I was taking a shower, Annie took off to head back to Salt Lake because she wanted to make it back in time to be in class since her new classes had just started. Well, I laid down and Rachel went to have Walgreen's fill up my meds. I had been in and out of sleep before Rachel got back home and once she was home to lay down with me, I just crashed. It was good to be home.

Now that it has been almost a month since getting back, I wanted to let you know that things are okay. My doctor here in St. George took out the catheter that was in place since SF, CA, and I have not had any troubles since. It is weird to have to stop doing what ever it is I am doing and go bathroom, but that is life. I still have the stitches where they made the incision, but they are the kind that dissolve. Right now, I am on an anti-biotic to prevent any infection, and besides a little bit of swelling that I still have on a certain body part (not THAT kind of "swelling", lol), things look like they will be back to normal. I still am taking it easy right now and trying to prevent doing any constant lifting or running, but I am getting by.

If you have any questions about my surgery or my trip that I never mentioned, e-mail them to me and I'll be glad to answer them.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Why You So Sweaty?

Just to give you an idea of what I have been up to or how busy I have been since getting back from San Francisco, here is a list:

1) Taking care of Rachel;
2) Cleaning the house;
3) Trying to run my business (still no customers since April);
4) Constantly working on the DSV website;
5) Painting "53" on both sides of the dog (Don't worry, Rachel washed it out);
6) Painting the babies room (still looks like a mess in there);
7) Reading the two rough drafts of DSV's new CC&R's and looking for mistakes;
8) Dealing with having no internet for short periods of time... But not as bad as before.
9) Being nominated and elected the new President of Dixie Sunshine Village!

So if I don't call you, please don't take it personally and simply choose one of these reasons above.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Back To Normal

Well, after five and a half months, I am tube free! Yesterday (5/30), my doctor took out the catheter that was in me since my surgery. It took a while to get use to it being out, but the only part I am going to miss about having a catheter in me is that I could go whenever I needed to. Now I have to stop doing what I am doing and go, like before the accident.

Also, as of yesterday, I now have an internet connection! Oh, it is so nice to not have to try to find someone's open Wi-Fi. I can get online anytime I want to now.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Taste Just Like Chicken

Because I took sleeping medicines the night before, I was able to get a good nights sleep. So when I awoke the next morning (5/12), it wasn't long before the nurses started doing their rounds. Around 8AM, Dr. McAninch (the doctor who performed my surgery) and his assistants stopped in my room to do a follow up on me and to make sure things are okay.

Around 9AM, they brought me my breakfast and I ate it all (except for the bacon-- I have always hated bacon). Shortly after, my stomach started to ache because I ate my breakfast, and because I have not been able to get up and move around. Plus, never eat half a box of Dots while in the hospital (it builds and can back you up). Luckily, Annie had arrived at the hospital. So the nurse requested that I now get up and walk around the hallways on my level of the hospital. I got up and walked towards the window that allows you to view San Francisco out towards the Golden Gate Bridge. Then we headed back to my room to rest because (even though it was good to walk around for the first time in a day and a half) I was starting to get tired (plus my knees started to get ache).

After my little walk through the hallways of the hospital, I laid back down in my hospital bed and just played with my PDA and listened to music. Since it was now lunch time, the lady who brings everyone their meals brought mine to me. Ate pretty much everything and soon afterwards, I was exhausted that I dozed off and took a nap.

I awoke shortly before dinner was to arrive, and my nurse had me use this breathing device that you put your mouth on the mouthpiece and then you suck air into your lungs to “exercise” and expand the lungs since laying in bed can cause your lungs to weaken. She wanted me to do this at least 10 times a day. Well, it being 7PM, it was now dinnertime. Since they still didn’t understand the term “vegetarian”, they brought me teriyaki chicken. Since the other items they brought me for my dinner was not enough to fill me up and to hold me though the night, I ate the chicken. Yes, I really ate it and Annie was my witness.

Well, now that it was getting late, Annie wanted to get back to the hotel before it was too dangerous to get back. So after she left, I entertained myself by playing poker and Suduko, and by also doing my breathing exercises.

Shortly after Annie left, the IV that was in my left hand, started to hurt (as if no liquids were not getting though). I can’t remember how, but I convinced my nurse that I did not need my IV any more and she removed it. Well, that was a relief to have that out because I would not have to call a nurse to detach me if I wanted to get up and move around. Since I was now free, I tried to go bathroom. Since I could feel the pain down there, I couldn’t go. So I laid back down in my bed and played my games.

Before I was to go to bed, the new nurse that would be checking on me during the night brought in a bag to help keep me hydrated and a liquid antibiotic to hook into my IV. Since I had no IV needle in my hand, and it was important that I have this stuff in me, she had to place a new one in. But since my left hand was sore, I had her place it in my right hand. While she was doing that, I could hear “BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!” and other noised outside. I thought there was a music concert going on in the park that was near by, but it turns out it was fireworks. By the time I sat up enough to see the fireworks, it was over… Dang! I believe Annie said she got a few pictures of the fireworks, but I could be mistaken. Well, the nurse placed IV in my hand and got the fluids going for me. She then gave me night medicines and I played my games until I fell asleep. But I didn't stay asleep for very long...

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Still Writing... And Waiting...

I am still writing my entries of my trip to San Francisco, it's just that I have been busy these past couple of days. Plus, even though I was suppose to have internet by now, the company I signed up with can not get a signal to our home... So I have to go with someone else. So until I have a connection, I'll keep working on the entries of my trip.

As for the free lunch at Jason's that I mentioned earlier, I only received one request to join. So I am going to tell the company who would have paid for the free lunch that not enough people wanted to come.

I am also catching up on my podcast like I was hoping to do while in Frisco. On TWiT, they mention a hilarious video of Will Farrell and his daughter as The Landlord. If you haven't watched it, you have to... You pay now!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Why Should I

(5/11) We set the alarm clock to wake us up at 4:45AM. Since I showered the night before, I got dressed and went down to use the computer while Annie was getting ready. I checked my many e-mail accounts and posted those blogs. Went back up to the room and called front desk to call us a cab since Annie was now ready and because it was time for us to leave. We waited for just a few minutes before the front desk called our room back and said the cab was here. We walked down the stairs since the elevator was broken. Hopped in the cab and told him our destination.

While driving, he took us up a steep road that still uses bricks instead of concrete or asphalt. He dropped us off in front of the hospital and we checked in at the waiting area. I don't recall waiting very long before my name was called, along with a couple other people who were waiting, to head to a different level of the hospital to get ready for surgery and to wait for my doctor to arrive. We waited about 30+ minutes before my doctor finally arrived. The anesthesiologist arrived and started to prep me for surgery (I.V., etc.). They made me drink about an ounce of very sour liquid to help knock me out. I don't remember much after drinking that, except for them wheeling my gurney into the surgery room and just looking up at the operation room lights while dazed......

(I have to let you know, that what I mentioned above, is to the best of what I can recall. Besides being drugged, I was also nervous before surgery.)

...I awoke up (around noontime) to me vomiting. I found out later that I was wheeled in around 10AM. But since the drugs they used to knock me out for surgery were still in my body, all I remember is hearing what was going on around me. Whenever I wanted to talk, I remembered trying to force myself to talk, but I couldn't. Whatever drugs they used were very strong because while I was going in and out of consciousness, I had very odd dreams... Things you would never normally think of or dream in your lifetime... Unless you do drugs, which I advise not to do.

Since the drugs that were causing me to be nauseated, they tried giving me other drugs to help, but nothing would work until they finally gave me something else in the buttocks. Immediately after that shot, I started to feel much better. I still had the pain from the incision, but they gave me morphine for that. Man, that burns for about a minute when that is injected through the I.V. Oh, a little tip for everyone out there. Every time I started to be nauseated, the nurses would tear open a small pad that has alcohol on it, and waved it in front of my nose. It seem to help calm my stomach from being queasy.

Since I was feeling better and could keep my eyes open longer now, I lifted up the sheets to see what damage had been done. I couldn't see the incision right then, but I could sure feel it.

The nurse who was helping me in the recovery room, grabbed my iPod that was in my backpack which was stored under my gurney. That helped me while I was waiting for them to take me to my room. While waiting, Annie quickly stopped by to say hi. Since she couldn't stay in the recovery room, she went out venturing to the park and other places near by.

While waiting, I was starving since I had nothing to eat since midnight. They brought me water and crackers to munch on while I waited. Finally around 5PM, they took me up to my room and since I had my cell phone with me, I text messaged Annie and told her what room I was in. She arrived shortly and sat there with me while the nurses did their thing.

The room I was given was one that you have to share with another person. The person I had to share the room with, Mr. Ho, has some (non-airborne) disease with a side effect that made it so he could barely eat what was given to him during mealtime. Every so often, he would cough and then you would immediately hear him throw up. Delicious! Thank God, I had my iPod on and the volume cranked up so that I would not have to listen, and get nauseous myself, to that every single time. Annie on the other hand would be sitting there reading her book that she brought with her and would have to hear him.

Well, here is the part that might shock many of you if I have not told you already. While I was in the recovery room, I told the nurses three times that I was a vegetarian. Now that it was around 7PM, dinner was finally arriving to people in their rooms. Well, guess what the main course was? Salisbury steak! Since I was starving, I ate it, as well as everything else on my tray. I didn't want to have to send Annie out to go get me something to eat. Plus, if I didn't eat everything, I knew I would wake up in the middle of the night starving. So, after 10 1/2 years...

I can't remember who called who, but I talked to Rachel and my parents after I was finished eating. Then, Annie and I tried to watch the Jazz game. But since the Jazz were being slaughtered, Annie decided to head back to the hotel for the night. I just watched movies on my iPod, took my medicines and crashed for the night.