Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Still A Father to Twins...

Yesterday (1/30), we had a little bit of a scare. We thought we had lost one, or possibly both, of the babies. However, Rachel made an appointment to double check the situation and everything turned out okay.

So, to relax and calm your worried minds, we are still expecting twins and everything is still 100% okay.

Since Rachel had an ultrasound to check on the twins, we could see that they were both awake and both of them were being trouble makers (just moving their arms and legs or trying to get comfortable). It's so cool to see your own flesh and blood be these little miracles of life, yet, the only way to see them is by ultrasound. They gave us better pictures of the babies this time. Once again, I still do not have a USB cable yet to hook my scanner up to my computer. I am also waiting for Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate to arrive in the mail. That way, when I install the real version of Windows Vista on a clean slate, I will not have to re-install EVERYTHING all over again.

But don't worry. After my appointment today, and if I am able to walk without any problems or odd looks, I will go out and buy a cable. That way, hopefully soon sometime next month, there will be a blog entry with nothing but baby ultrasounds from the first one up until now!

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

I Need Everyone's Help!

On Wednesday (1/31), I have to go into have one of my catheters removed (Hurray!). However, I would like to ask my doctor some questions about having the catheter removed and about the trip out to San Francisco to have surgery in March. Here is a list of questions I have thought of already:

- Are there any other doctors in Salt Lake that can perform this surgery?
- Can this doctor be flown out to SLC to perform surgery at the U of U?
- If surgery is performed in SF, how long will I have to plan to be out there?
- How long will the surgery take?
- What kind of procedures will this doctor do to fix my problem?
- Where will he cut/make an incision? Will there be scaring or deformities?
- What kind of "side effects" will there be after surgery, if any (Days, Months, Years after surgery)?
- What kind of limitations will there be after the surgery?
- How long will I be in bed after surgery?

There are also some questions I have to ask Workers Comp. For example:

- If I have to fly out to San Francisco for surgery, will Workers Comp pay for my wife's plane ticket since I will be needing medical assistance in the hotel room.
- If my wife does not want to travel out to SF with me because she is expecting, can someone else (ie. family) take her place to assist me after surgery if she does not want to go?

These are the questions I have though of. Right now, I cannot think of any more questions. This is why I am asking you to help me. If this was you in this situation, can think of any questions you would ask the doctor or Workers Comp?

Just e-mail me or click on that "Send Comments" envelope below to send me the questions you think I should ask my doctor and Workers Comp, before Wednesday afternoon. Thanks!

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Questions & Answers - IV

After how many months it has been since July, I finally posted the final question (and my answer) that a couple of you had wrote to me by e-mail. Now it is your turn to answer them...

1. One of your scars... How did you get it?
2. What is on the walls in your room?
3. Do you know what time you were born?
4. What do you miss?
5. What is your most prized possessions?
6. Do you get claustrophobic?
7. Do you get scared in the dark?
8. The last person to make you cry?
9. What is your favorite cologne/perfume?
10. What kind of hair/eye color do you like on the opposite sex?
11. Who is the last person to make you mad?
12. What was the first gift someone ever gave you? (Family does not count)
13. Would you fall in love knowing that the person is leaving?
14. What is the best way to tell someone how much they mean to you?
15. What are your weaknesses?
16. What was your first job?
17. What do you get complimented about most?
18. What would you do if alcohol became illegal?
19. What is your most embarrassing CD on the shelf?
20. If you were another person, would you be friends with you?
21. Have you ever told a secret you swore not to tell?
22. Do looks matter?
23. How do you release anger?
24. What are your nicknames?
25. Favorite thought provoking song?
26. Do you take shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotels?
27. What is your biggest pet peeve?
28. Is it okay for guys to wear pink?
29. What is your favorite scary movie
30. When you were a kid, what did you dress up as for Halloween?
31. What was your first concert you went to?
32. Have you ever cried because you were so happy?
33. What is your next major computer purchase going to be?
34. How many computers have you ever owned, and what OS did each run and when did you own them?
35. What kind of pets did you have? Names and years?
36. What kind of things do you plan on teaching your kids? Values and such.
37. What is your all time favorite joke?

First, I want you to copy and answer these questions, and then send them back to me so I know a little about you. Second, I need you to start thinking of more questions to send to me to answering. Since I don't get out much (because of the accident), I don't have much to write about. So, whoever replies first with your answers to the questions above, I'll post one of your new questions first... And if you want to, you get to pick which new question you are asking me to answer first.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Questions... Answers

"What kind of things do you plan on teaching your kids? Values and such." - Tristyn

Just so that everyone out there knows, Tristyn asked me this question back in July... WAYYYYY before Rachel and I started talking, dating, getting married and now expecting twins. But now that Rachel and I are expecting, I'll answer it as if she was asking me the question as of right now.

Rachel and I have talked about some of the things that we want for our children. For example, she doesn't want our daughter(s) to have their ears pierced before they are 12 (I think this is the age she said). I disagree with this age and say they should have them done younger, but this is something that she and I will have to debate on at a later date and time. If it was another location on our children's body (tongue, nipples, other areas!!!...) that our daughter(s) (or sons, whatever) would like pierced, I am going to have to say that they will have to wait until they are 18 to do that. I wanted my eyebrow pierced at one time when I was younger (it was the style at the time), but I am so glad that I didn't.

We have agreed that we would like for our kids to participate in summer activities. This way, they are not inside during the summertime wasting it away watching television (like I did to some of my summers).

These are just a couple topics that Rachel and I have talked about, and I am sure that there are MANY more to come that we haven't even thought or talked about. So don't think I am going to let my children run naked in the streets after dark while doing drugs at the age of 10 because we are not watching them. All parents have to read about what to expect in books and talk to their spouse about how they would handle it and debate on what the best solution is if they have different opinions.

One thing I want my children to be is disciplined. Not army style, but just so that they know not to act out in a manner that has other people looking at us like we are bad parents. Sure, there are going to be the "Terrible Two's... Times Two" (lol), but I am talking about when they are older. I want them to know the difference between right and wrong. If you are saying, "Take them to church", that is not the answer. Sure, I am Mormon, but I do not like a lot of the rules they set. I have seen too much to say that they are 100% right. I do agree with most of what they say (50%), but others things, well, I have my own opinion in how things should be done and dealt with.

But since I mentioned drugs up above, that is one thing I will not have come into this house. I have dealt and struggled with it myself, and I do not want to have ANY of my children bring that around here. I mean, yeah, they may sneak off to a party and try it, but if they get hooked (like I did) and I find out about it, they are going to be hating life (more than trying to get off/sober up off of the drugs).

Monday, January 22, 2007

Questions... Answers

"What is your all time favorite joke?" - Tristyn

There are two of them I know of from the top of my head. On this first one, I am telling it the best way I can remember it being told to me. So I maybe adding a little bit more or changing some stuff just so I can tell the joke better... Forgive me, and I am not racist here...

1) A Chinese couple, Mr. and Mrs. Wong, go into the hospital for the delivery of their first child. After a few hours of labor, the child is born. However, when the child comes out he looks more white than Chinese. So shortly after the birth of the child, a confused Mr. Wong goes up to the doctor and says,

"Doctor, Doctor... I think something maybe wrong with my child."
"What is it?" ask the doctor.
"Well, he looks more white than Chinese."
"Okay, I don't see what the problem is here."
"Well, I am Chinese. And Mrs. Wong is Chinese."
"Well, two Wong's don't make a white."

Okay, the next one was told to me by my ex-girlfriend. "How many times does one go into zero?" ... "As many times as it wants to."

Now the last joke that I have for you was told to me just recently by this customer the other day.

50 people are in a diner. All of a sudden Satan bust through the door. This scares everyone and causes them to flee in horror, except for one man. The one man just looks up at Satan and rolls his eyes at him and continues eating. Satan sees this and is furious to see that this man is not afraid of him. So he walks up to the man and says,
"Do you know who I am?"
"Yes, I do", said the man.
"Oh, really. Then who am I?"
"You should know. I've been married to your sister for 40 years now."

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Brand New Day

Well, here we are at new level in greatness!

On Friday afternoon (1/19), Rachel and I drove down to Las Vegas so that we could pick up my new computer parts to build my new PC. Very long story short, the Las Vegas CompUSA store has lost my business. After picking up the parts, we met up with Rachel's sister and boyfriend to have dinner with them at T.G.I. Friday's (Fridays on a Friday?!). After dinner, we were able to return the mixer my parents bought Rachel for Christmas. Since we didn't have my mom's credit card that she used to pay for the mixer, we had to take a gift card instead. Great!

After exchanging the mixer, we headed home. After arriving home, Rachel headed straight for bed (she had to be up early Saturday morning for work) while I unloaded the computer parts from my car and brought them inside. I started to put the computer together and by the time I had to take the temporary covers off of the computer case where the CD/DVD-Rom go, they were not cooperating with me. So, I decided to call it a night before I got frustrated at the computer, which is not good, because I tend to break something when I get frustrated like this.

I started working on it again after I woke up on Saturday and was able to finally get Windows Vista to install. I have to tell you something. Every time they release a new version of Windows, the time it takes to install it gets shorter and shorter. It took about 30 minutes before Vista was up and running. Just a heads up to anyone planning on installing Windows Vista within the next two weeks, you may want to have a few good hours to play around with this thing so that you know where they have put everything.

But now that I am using Vista, it has spoiled me. I can never go back to XP. I now see XP as the way I looked at Windows 2000 when I was using XP. I will say this about Vista: It looks like it is really secure, but then again, I'm sure someone will find a way to crack it. One nice (yet very annoying) secure feature is a pop-up from "Windows Defender" that turns the background to a light-black and ask for Administrator privileges (even if your user account is set at Administrator) whenever you want to install/remove/delete a file/program...

I have run into a few problems so far, and that involves installing certain programs that were written for XP and earlier versions of Windows. But on a select few, there is a way to get around this by telling the program to run in an earlier environment-like version of Windows. Oh, and if you buy MS Vista Ultimate (and if you have the capable hardware) you are able to run interface called Aero. It looks very cool, but just to warn you... It may give you that feeling of vertigo if you watch it too much when you minimize folders or open windows. Blech! The picture on the right shows one of the effects that Aero does. The left side of Documents folder can be seen through the Start menu, when normally it will appear in a solid form. Pretty cool, huh? If you have a program that can not handle Aero (like iTunes), Windows turns off Aero and has everything displayed in a normal display.

On the far right, where you see the temp, clock and picture, these are called Gadgets (as Apple and Yahoo! would call them Widgets). There are not that many Gadgets out there (as compared to the 1000+ of Widgets) since not too many people have the ability to run Vista or this RC1 (Release Candidate 1) of Vista.

The menu bar at the bottom of the picture is a program I used with XP. It's called YZ'dock and was the inspiration for Apple's dock they released in the past few versions of Mac OS X. Just a warning if you want to try to install this program, it's not your basic and easy click-the-file-to-install-the-program program. You have to manually place it in Program Files. Plus, this was one of the programs that I had problems with getting it to work properly in Vista.

Since I have my own personal user profile for me, I have one for Rachel as well. So when I want to switch users, it doesn't take very long as it would in other versions of Windows. Another feature is when it shuts down, it does a fade-out to then show the Turning Off Your Computer feature... Which it does not take to long to turn off either.

For anyone who does not understand any of this, just know that Windows Vista will blow you away! It's too bad that many of us (like I had to) will have to go out and buy brand new computers to run this version of Windows. If you want to see if your computer will be able to run Windows Vista, visit and run this file from Microsoft.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It's Fun To Be An Expecting Father...

Yesterday, Rachel had a doctors appointment to have a specialist, who flies in once a month from Salt Lake to St. George to check on expecting mothers who are expecting twins or multiples, check on Rachel.

So, because I missed the first baby check-up appointment because I had to work a morning shift, and the second appointment because I was in bed because of my accident, I was finally able (and healthy enough) to go along with Rachel this time to have an ultrasound of the babies.

Speaking of accident. The lady who was doing the ultrasound on Rachel at this check-up, was the same person who did the ultrasound on me on the day of my accident. Oh, and she was not the specialist that was flown down here... Different person. If I knew what this ladies title as a doctor is called, trust me, I would be calling her that title here.

Sorry, back to my story. The doctor was scanning Rachel and was checking on "Baby B". She had the ultrasound in close enough for her to check the heart beat when we saw it move it's little arm. Rachel and I have agreed that this baby will be the trouble maker. lol

Trust me, I would have a posted the ultrasound photograph of the twins on here that was taken yesterday, but for some reason I am unable to find my USB cable that connects to my old scanner. Until I find it, you'll have to picture (in your mind) twins in an ultrasound. Mom, do you know if you happened to see it or do you know where you put it when you were cleaning my den when I was in bed because of my accident?

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Questions... Answers

"What is your next major computer purchase going to be?" - Tristyn

Funny you should ask...

Well, I know I have been going on about wanting an Apple Macintosh. However, since I need one that will be able to handle Microsoft Vista for any future repairs that have Vista installed on the customers computer, I will have to go with another PC. Plus, with twins on the way, I really can't afford a $1,000+ Apple/PC computer right away.

So, Tristyn told me about and then offered me the deal she was offered from Intel. She is required to take quizzes for her work by major computer software and hardware companies in order to stay up-to-date with the latest technology and products. So, in return, she is offered free or discounted products by companies as their way of saying "Thanks".

Well, right before Christmas, she told me of this excellent package deal she is being offered from Intel. She would have ordered it for herself, but with two computers already, and like what most of us have-- Bills; she couldn't purchase it. I finally told her last week to go ahead and order it for me (with my own money) because this computer I am using now, is starting to have problems and becoming slower. Don't worry, I asked for Rachel's approval if I could buy this computer package deal and she said "Yes" because she too, is starting to hate this computer we use now.

So this is what the package includes:

- Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E6300
- Intel® Desktop Motherboard DG965WHMKR (...Meh, it's a motherboard)
- RC1 of Microsoft Vista Ultimate (the highest version available to the public) and the official version when it is released this month.

In the e-mail stating the process order, it says that this package can be ordered for $900.00. But, they gave it to her for less than $250.00! Geez, my computer that I am using now cost me $500, and it is not as nice and fast as this computer. Then again, I had to pay for the case and other parts to come with this computer I am using now.

(I originally wrote the top section of this blog entry before the package had arrived to my house...)

Now that the Motherboard, Processor and DVD of Windows have arrived (on the 2nd, the day before my accident), it turns out that I will be required to purchase another computer case, RAM and need to exchange some hard drives (TAP replacement at CompUSA) for the latest model of hard drives. It may cost me a little bit more, but A) it won't cost me that much more; B) it will cost much less than if I was to go out and buy one already preassembled with lower specs; C) it will be one serious and powerful machine!

Now that I have answered your question, I hope you will excuse me. I have to go yell at the neighbor kids. They are being very noisy outside and Rachel is trying to take a nap!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My Accident

Okay, I am now going to talk about my accident that happened last Wednesday, January 3rd. Just to warn you now, I am going to be using medical terms, and gory descriptions about what happened. I will try to keep it to a minimum, but if you get nauseous by even the thought of... blood, per say. Then I really think you should skip this entry and read another entry.

Please also remember that this event happened over a week ago. Since then, time has passed by so fast that has made it so I can not remember every single event, or when an event occurred. I will do my best to keep it all in line, but if it seems like something (in a timeline form) does not make sense, this would be the reason why.

Okay, here we go...

On January 3rd, I arrived to work at 7 AM and was keeping busy since I had already been there the night before. Around 8:30 AM, I had to use one of those giant movable stair ladders (about 15 feet tall) to grab a couple of items from the very top shelf in the warehouse section in the back of my work. After hopping back onto the top part of the stair case ladder, I grabbed the product and was on my way back down to place it on the 6-wheeler at the level ground. However, I must have taken a wrong step, took an extra step or misjudged where the next step was and the next thing I (guess I) remember I was trying to grab the hand rail and ended up with my legs in-between the stud that holds the railings on the stairway. Just so you know, the point from when I grabbed the product, to impact, is a blur to me. I'm sort of glad too, or else had I remembered it, I would probably be waking up in a nightmare style wake every night.

Since my groin had smacked the pole because of impact, I was automatically starting to feel the pain. It didn't knock the wind out of me, but because it hurt so bad, I couldn't scream or say "Ow!". Also after impact, I realized that I had just had a serious fall and needed to see if there was any bleeding or there was any external damage that required bandaging. I slowly moved my left leg up so I could scoot up and over so I could continue walking down the remaining 5 feet to the ground floor. I hobbled to bathroom (which was very close by) and check around the area of impact. I noticed a bruise on my right leg on the inner thigh, but no major cuts or blood. After this, I felt like I needed to go the bathroom. So I sat down and gritted my teeth as I tried to go. After I started to go, I looked down and noticed that I had urinated nothing but blood.

I now knew things had gone from a just a bruise to internal damage. So I packed the front of my underwear with lots of toilet paper, zipped up my work pants and walked to the front of the store in pain. When I reached the customer service booth, I had to lean against the stand that holds the newspapers and asked one of my managers "to have someone take me to the ER since I just had an accident".

One of the courtesy clerks (aka: baggers) drove me to the ER at Dixie Regional Medical Center. On the way to the hospital, I called Rachel and explained what had happened to me and asked her to meet me at the hospital. He pulled up to the drive up part of the ER and went in to explain the situation and then brought out a wheelchair for me to get inside easier. Got inside and started to fill out some of the paperwork while I was in the half-room that is used to evaluate people, like what had happened to me. I didn't have to wait very long before Rachel showed up and was back there with me so that we could let my co-worker get back to work.

By the time they gave me my own personal room, it was just a little after 9 AM. When they had me change from work clothes into a hospital gown, the toilet paper in my underwear was soaked and so we just ended up throwing those pair away. Not going to have to deal with washing those, I have plenty more. They examined me to see if there were any cuts that they could fix right there, but since there was none, they had to now work on seeing what was wrong with me internally. I believe the first thing they did was give me a ultrasound of my "juevos". Then they took me to see if I had cracked/damaged my pelvis by taking an x-ray.

The next test was to see what was torn inside. So I had to have a small tube inserted in my "hoo-hoo" to inject a liquid that would be picked up when they were taking an x-ray of pelvis area. They detected that I had torn my urethra, but the question was, how torn was it? So they called in a specialist to come over and to do surgery on that area. They gave me anesthesia to knock me out and then the one doctor had to use a special camera/tube to go in my penis to see what was damaged. He seen that I had literally "shredded" my urethra from the fall/accident, he had to make an incision right below my belly button to insert another tube to connect the urethra that connects from my bladder to other end so that this could fix and heal the problem.

So there is now a catheter tube coming out my penis. Also, in order to relive pressure off of the bladder, there is what is called a "super pubic" coming out of where he made that cut right below my belly button. I woke up in a new room, which is where I ended staying in for the night. Rachel, her mother and her father were my only visitors... mainly since I still don't have any close friends down here.

On Thursdays (1/4), I was told that I could be released from the hospital at anytime I wanted to. So I text messaged Rachel and told her to come over between 10AM and noon. She came over, helped me get dressed and then nurse gave us medical supplies and instructions on how to use the supplies. Rachel took me home and helped me get into bed. For the next 4/5 days, I would spend nearly 23 hours a day in our bed (the time I was out of it was when I was able to take a shower).

Rachel and I had tickets to go see Brian Regan this past Saturday up in Salt Lake, but since there was no way we could go see him, Rachel sent the tickets up to my parents in the mail over night so that my sister, her boyfriend and my brother could go see him. My parents made it down to St. George on (I believe) Friday night and helped clean up around our house since Rachel is expecting and I was unable to do anything but get food and medicines in me.

So, I have been in bed since Monday and was finally strong enough to go upstairs to watch a movie. Oh yeah, I already mentioned this to you earlier. Well, now that it is Wednesday night, I am able to walk around the house, get my own food, do a few chores... just as long as I have the bags that connect and collect my body waste (#1) where ever I go. I just got back from the doctor who did the surgery on me, and he removed the surgical staples near the "super pubic" and also said that I am still going to need to go to San Francisco to have surgery to have me heal completely, but that will not be until March. As for when I get my tubes out, the main catheter will come out in about 3 weeks. In order to relieve any type of pressure, the "super pubic" will be in longer. Hey, just as long as I am able to heal, I am willing to do whatever is needed to get the job done. Oh, as for when I go back to work, I may go back for a little while in February, but will have to stop once again in March for surgery. Then, I will be going back for good in April (says my doctor) after I have healed and I am able to lift a minimum weight limit.

Everyone who has sent their "best wishes" or have helped me in any way possible, I say Thank You. I also want to give a very big THANK YOU to Rachel, who has not had any fun doing this, but she did it anyways. Thank You sweetie, I love you so very much and I owe you big time.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

"It's Just A Flesh Wound..." Black Knight (Monty Python and the Holy Grail)

Once again, I am using my PDA to write this blog entry since it is easier to do it lying down, then to sit at the computer desk for a longer period of time to write these things out.

Anyways, the point I am trying to make here is two things;

1) I am doing much better from my last entry. I am able to walk around without the feeling of nausea or crucial pain. Rachel made me get up yesterday (1/8) to go upstairs to lie on the couch and to watch a movie... That beats lying on a bed that I have been laying on since Thursday (1/4) for almost 23+ hours a day.

Also, I am having the staples and one of the two catheters, (or possibly both -- which is unlikely), taken out tomorrow (1/10). Woo-hoo!

2) I have heard from a few of you that the video files that I uploaded of my mom and grandmother reacting to the news of Rachel and I expecting twins, do not work.

This is true, and I can't explain why. The original videos that I created for you to watch, work perfectly fine on my PC. However, after uploading them to my server (where my webpage is stored) and trying to download these videos back onto my computer (as you did yourself), it said there was an error... ?!?!?! So, I am trying something else here. Instead of having them in a QuickTime movie format, I placed the two videos on my server as a Windows Media Video format. So far, the videos seem to work. This means you will have to watch them with Windows Media Player, not QuickTime.

I have fixed those two previous blog entries so they will play the new videos. Plus, instead of you having to go looking for the videos once again, below are the links to my mothers reaction which took place on December 23rd...

...And my grandmothers’ reaction that took place on Christmas Eve.

Sorry it took me so long to fix this, but I didn't know about the problem until after my accident. I'm lucky that I am feeling better to fix this problem now, or else you would have probably had to have waited much longer had I done more damage to myself.

As for the details of what happened in the accident... Patience. I can only do so much without getting tired. But I promise you that I will post what happened in a later entry.

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Sunday, January 7, 2007

I'm Doing Okay

Hey everyone, Ryan here. I'm posting this blog really quickly to let everyone know why I haven't posted in a few days and to let you know that I am doing okay.

What happened? On Wednesday morning (1/3), not even two hours into work, I had an accident that caused me to tear something really important inside. So that means that I am going to be out of work for a while. Plus, if my injury are not healed like the doctors hope on Wednesday (1/10), I am going to have to go to San Francisco in two months for more surgery.

Anyways, know that I am alive and that I am healing. Also, since I am stuck in bed 23 1/2 hours in the day time, know that I won't be posting for about another two weeks.

Oh, BIG thank you to everyone who has helped me survive these past few days and to everyone who has thought about me.

Peace Out,

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Questions... Answers

"Is it okay for guys to wear pink?" - JoAnna

Yes... since there is no law saying you can't. But for some reason, it just does not look right. I don't know why, but it is as if and when men wear it, it does not go with or look good with anything else they wear.

As for whether or not a pink shirt looks good on Elvis... Well, he was a good singer, but this doesn't match his style.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Years

Well, it's the start of the new year, which means it's time to begin anew. Since I had a very good year last year, I wish you the very best for this year. All that I ask from you is that you pray for me for this year... and for the rest of my life!

Tristyn sent me this picture in an e-mail, and since I was desperate for a New Years picture, so here you go... lol