Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Arg!!! This Is The House For Me

For the last two weeks, the city of St. George held it's Parade of Homes. Since Rachel wanted to go, I bought tickets for the two of us because I thought it would be fun to see what I like and dislike when it comes to the interior of different styles of homes.

Since this was the first time I have ever done this, I was just expecting to look at different homes and that would be it. But one house this year had everyone talking. The upstairs of the house looked just like a normal expensive home, except the basement had this Pirates of the Caribbean theme designed to be a play area for kids. There was a trampoline and a rock climbing area as well. As something fun for the kids to get to the play area, instead of using the stairs, there was a 6 foot slide that made it appear as if you were sliding out of a giant skulls mouth.

Right next to the slide was a bathroom, completely remodeled to have that Pirate theme. There was a helm from a ship and the sink was a treasure chest.

I thought it was cool what they did, but Rachel didn't care for it too much. And since everyone was talking about it, and enjoyed it, and she didn't, I had to bug her and say that I wanted that house (even though I knew they went over the top with it). lol

Saturday, February 24, 2007

What Happens When...?

What happens when you do not have to go into work as much, start up your own business and don't have any place for any equipment?

You redo your closet! Well, that is what I did, or have been doing for the last 6 days. And not too long ago, I just finished it (well, what I can do to it.)

In picture one, you can see where the old closet was connected to the wall. Why I never took a picture before I tore it out, I don't know. I do this all the time. By the time I think of doing a before and after photo, it's too late.

Picture two, you can see that there are not holes or noticeable indents, because those were spackled and sponged (instead of sanding the spackle) away. So now all you can see is a newly painted wall. Plus, a new shelving-system for paper work or whatever.

The last picture, is the final project. I was originally going to have four selves on the left, but since I decided to drop the top clothes shelf down a few inches, that changed my plan.

Before this project, I changed the guts in one of the toilets upstairs and replaced all the facets in each bathroom.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

There Is No Excuse Not To Dream...

That is very good advice. Too bad it was written on the inside wrapper of a Dove Milk Chocolate piece.

For the past two and half years, this has been my dream.... to make tech-tonics.com an actual business. Well, today, I went out and made that dream come true!

I had to first register the business name tech-tonics.com with the state of Utah. Then I had to go register with the city of St. George that tech-tonics.com will be an actual business and to get a business license. So it could take 30 days before I receive the actual business license in the mail. But before I receive or I am approved for any business license, I may have someone do an inspection of our home to make things are okay with me running this business from our home. (If you want to know what kind of things I have to follow, have fun reading... Read Title 3, all of Chapter 7)

Funny thing was, I could have had it registered back on Friday (2/16) had I left the house much earlier. Instead, Rachel and I started to do a lot of work in the backyard, something that we have been putting off for a while. By the time I realized that we should hurry and get ready to head down to register for a business license before they closed at 5 PM, it was already 3:30 PM. So we both got ready... Well, I did. I actually was dressed nicely (nice dress shirt and jeans-- Shocking, I know!).

We first stopped off at the City of St. George Business License Department (next to Rachel's work) and found out that we had to register the name of the business first before getting a business license. So on the way to the Utah State Tax Commission to register the name, Rachel called to see if we could do it online. They said, Yes we could... But looking at the form, it makes you look dumb. I wanted to get down there Friday before 5 so that we could hurry and do it, but the guy there said he was leaving before they normally close because he had things to do. Jerk.

Anyways, tech-tonics.com is now an actual business...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I (HEART) San Francisco

Well, for the past week since my last doctors visit, I have noticed a slight change in my urine flow. Then, starting Sunday (2/11), as soon as I got off of work, I was in pain when I went to the bathroom. So I called the doctor yesterday (2/13) and scheduled an appointment for today (2/14). I went in and my doctor scoped my ... penis. Trust me, if you are feeling uncomfortable reading this, imagine being me trying to write this. But I am not only writing this so you know what is going on. I am also writing this because my memory is not that wonderful right now and I like to keep things in order (timeline).

Any hoo, he had to send a small medical scope down into my penis to check where the scaring was occurring. I thought I was going to be in pain, but it didn't hurt at all as compared to having a catheter removed or having the superpubic replaced. He said that he could see that there was just a small opening near the scaring, enough for urine to get through. So this means Rachel and I are going to have to drive out to San Francisco to allow me to have surgery.

As for some of my questions I posted a while back, here are a few of the answers to some of those questions:

- Are there any other doctors in Salt Lake that can perform this surgery?
... (From what my doctor told me...) This doctor in SF had done MANY surgeries, so it would be wise to go see him.

- If surgery is performed in SF, how long will I have to plan to be out there?
... About a week. But since I have never met Rachel's fathers side of the family, we are planning to be out there a little longer. As for when we are going out there, it will be soon, but the exact date is unknown (My doctor has to contact this doctor in SF to schedule a surgery date and then has to contact Workers Comp.).

- How long will the surgery take?
... Not that long. I will have to stay in bed over night to have them check on me. Then 3 days after the surgery, I will have a check up to make sure things are okay before we leave.

- Where will he cut/make an incision? Will there be scaring or deformities?
... Underneath... Way, underneath, if you catch my drift.

- What kind of limitations will there be after the surgery?
... After surgery, there will be another catheter in place. That will be in for 3 weeks after surgery

- How long will I be in bed after surgery?
... Not too long, and hopefully not like last time (6 days in bed).

If you have any questions that I may not have posted, or you want a better understanding of what is going to happen, give me a call or contact me by e-mail.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

It's Still In...

I just got home from my doctors appointment in which he replaced the superpubic (the one below my belly button). Plus, I got some answers to some of the questions that I had written down (thanks dad for being the only one to write in and send me some more questions).

Let's see... Arrived at the doctors office and he had me lay down on the bed. He disconnected the superpubic from the travel bag that I had connect to my leg so that he could place a thin wire down in through the superpubic so that after he had taken the old superpubic out and then placed the new superpubic back in my stomach, it could follow a trail and go back in without causing problems or bending and not going in all the way. Well, the wire was pinching in my bladder as it was traveling inside of me because it was an outside object in an area where it shouldn't be. Well, it was only pinching while it was going in. He then drained the liquid inside the balloon that was inside of me so that the old superpubic would slide out. Just as it was out, I just felt this small tug just as the superpubic completely came out of my stomach.

He pulled the old superpubic the distance of the wire (which was a good 3 or 4 feet long) to get it off and to then throw it away. While he was trying to place the new catheter on the end tip of wire, the wire that was down in my stomach came out. Once I felt it came out, I looked down and thought "Oh Sh**! Don't tell me that we are going to have go into surgery." Luckily we didn't have to. He just placed the wire back in through my stomach (with that pleasant feeling of pinching again) without any problems and then slid the new superpubic down the wire into my bladder, and refilled the balloon with the special liquid. However, since the pain from the pinching was causing me to hold my breath and to look away, I didn't feel/see him finish up. I saw him walk away from me and I looked down and saw that it was all over. Phew!

Since he was done, I started to get things cleaned up on me so that we could leave soon. But before Rachel and I left the office, we asked a few of the questions I had printed...

Luckily, nature did it's job in repairing what was damaged and since I am able to urinate with out any major problems, things look okay. This means, it looks like the trip to San Francisco to have surgery will not be needed (Sorry Annie!). However, he says to keep an eye on things and if I notice that the flow of urine is slowing down to nothing but drips (instead of a normal stream), then it means that it is still scarring over inside and surgery will then be needed. But right now, I'm keeping my fingers crossed because I really do not want to go through surgery.

What else did he say, let's check the paper we wrote stuff on... Oh, next month from today, I will have to go back in to have the catheter replaced again and to have a scope placed down on in to see how things are really going-- JOY! He also said that I am able to go back to work. Well, my "vacation" is now officially over. I took the paper (which was on an Rx) that he gave me to give to my work and I am scheduled to be a cashier this coming Sunday and Tuesday for just a couple of hours each day to see how I can handle things.

If you have any questions about something I may have not mentioned, contact me by e-mail or by phone, and I'll post them here as soon as I can. I want everyone to know how I am doing. Well, I have to go now. Rachel's sister is heading back home to LV and I thought I would go with her (separate vehicles) to TAP replace one of my hard drives at CompUSA. .........OH! SOB!!! The Henderson store is out of what I need, but the LV store has it in stock-- NOOooooo!!!! (Crying) Oh, this is going to be very fun-- NOT! Peace out.

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Thursday, February 1, 2007

You're Out!

Yesterday (1/31), I went to the doctor to have the main catheter removed. I'm letting everyone know that with this thing out, I can finally get around much easier (especially in and out of vehicles). Oh, it's so nice!

To give you a feel for what it felt like when it was coming out (for those of you who have never had the honor of having a catheter). Imaging having to go the bathroom really badly, but you have to hold it. When you are finally able to go, it feels like what you have been holding, is coming out all at once and very slowly... Or another way to look at it, is it feels like you have a kidney stone (which I have never had) coming right though you without any problems.

Once the catheter is out (from a males P.O.V.), it felt like I had to go, even though I no liquids in me.

But don't worry. I'm not trying to scare you here. If you ever have to have a catheter, know that they are safe. When it is time for them to come out, it takes less than 10 seconds and all you have afterwards is that feeling of needing to go bathroom (because you haven't gone naturally for some time now).

As for the other catheter (the one below my belly button), that one is still in me to relieve pressure and so that I can slowly get the natural feeling of going again. I have to go in next week (2/7) to have it removed and I plan on asking him those questions.