Monday, April 30, 2007

Questions... Answers

"When do you guys get to come to S.L.C.?" - Sheila

We are now planning to come up June 8th through the 10th. That way, Rachel can have a baby shower up in Salt Lake with my family.

As for what she has on the registry, I don't think she is finished with it yet... Let me see if it is available online...................... Yep! It is up and you are able to view/purchase the items Rachel has chosen for our twins. But remember, I don't know if she is finished with the registry yet. So if you decide to go ahead and buy something from the registry, Rachel could change her mind on that item. That is, until I too, know that it is official. So for now, if I were you, I would just browse the registry to see what she has chosen so you can get an idea as to what she wants.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Questions... Answers

"What's the plan when the babies come?" - Sheila

Chaos! Just total chaos! I have a strong hunch that it may feel like it for the first few days/weeks/months.... years... But after that, we will be getting the hang of things.

Heck! It feels like that right now... The chaos part. However, we are currently getting the babies room ready by having me patch the holes in the wall and painting the closet right now. Since the closet is painted, I have to purchase the closet shelves from the store so we can get the mess out of the room and into the closet so I can start painting the room itself and the bathroom too. It's a mess in there, and Ginger is (was) proof of that. I was still wanting to paint more, but I had nothing to paint at the moment. So I painted the dog's back. (lol) Don't worry, I painted the wall/dog on Sunday and you can barely see any paint on her now since she has been (constantly) shedding her winter coat.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

I Love That Movie...

Right now, as I type this, my internet is down.............. Again!

So tomorrow, we are going call another ISP and then call to cancel the service we have now with Charter... I mean Orange... I mean Baja. The reason why I keep saying that is that when I moved here, the ISP I signed up with was Charter. They then changed their name to Orange Broadband. Due to a French company with the same name, they now changed it to Baja. Since the merge from Orange to Baja, my internet has been down more often. So, adios Baja!

Anyways, the reason why I am telling you this is that because I may not respond to some of your e-mails or post a blog entry until I have another internet connection.

As for the story about the title for this blog entry... On Friday, Rachel and I were planning to go see a movie since we both had the day off of work. She went upstairs to use the computer to see what was playing in local theaters, and then came back downstairs. She said, "The only thing playing is The Internet is Down." ... Oh boy! I can't wait for the sequel-- The Internet is Down Again.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

"If we have a baby shower will you come?" - Sheila

Of course I will... The question is, am I invited? Just kidding. The real question is (from what I am asking in my own mind), will Rachel want to drive up to Salt Lake with me so that there will be a baby shower. I'm pretty sure she will, but you never know what can happen and if she will not be comfortable sitting for a long time in the coming months.

I want her to have a baby shower up there. But for right now, I am more worried about my surgery date that is coming up than the shower. But if things turn out okay and I heal faster than what I am expecting, I see no problem coming up there for a shower.

And if you wanted to know, we are going with a yellow duck theme for the girls.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I Don't Know Why...

On Sunday, I signed up for a Gmail account yesterday, hoping to fix the problem of me sending mail from Outlook. Since it didn't help (much), I still have the address. So if you would like to send me mail to this address, you are welcome to...

Monday, April 16, 2007

Ever Wonder...?

Have you ever wondered how much bandwidth you are using with your internet connection? Some ISP's (like Comcast) limit you to a certain amount each month. If you go over repeatedly, they can cut off your internet service for a full year. So before that happens, try using one of these programs that I found out about from DL.TV.

For most current Windows users, you can try NetStat Live. For people like me who are using Vista, try NetMeter. Since I can not use NetStat, I have to say that NetMeter is quite good. Both programs are free in price and from spyware. However, NetStat requires you to fill out a very simple survey form with the company who makes it (this is as far as I got while trying to install the program).

As for NetMeter, it can show me how much I am using at the moment, or you can right-click the display box to view greater details such as Daily, Weekly and Monthly stats.

In the picture on the right, I have Azureus open and I am trading bit torrent files with other computer users, so that is why it looks like a graph chart of the stock market.

As for when I installed the program and when I took the screen shot, it had been less than 4 hours and that total download (TDL) size to people who don't understand... Is about the size of one movie to fit onto my iPod, or about 4 1/2 music albums that have been ripped into my computer. Goes to show you that when you watch videos on YouTube or even from my site, it can really add up.

Oh, one more thing. If you would like the program to start up when your computer does, don't forget to drop the shortcut link it places on the desktop into the Startup folder... Start> All Programs> Startup.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Don't Forget!

Don't forget that your taxes are due tomorrow Tuesday. The government gave us an extra couple of days because today is a Sunday.

And yes, that is Willie Nelson as Uncle Sam. I took this screen shot from Sublime: Stories, Tales, Lies & Exaggerations.

(Updated on April 16, 2007 @ 07:54 MST)

Questions... Answers

"What names have you talked about?" - Sheila

Oh, let's see... I bought a baby names book, but I have not looked through it as much as I use to since the accident.

I would like Ryan to be the middle name to one of my, hope to have, boys. Rachel, would like to use the name Mac in or as a name, such as MacCormick/Cormac or just plain old Mac. But I told her that I can not go with MacCormic/Cormac because the street that JoAnna use to live on while living here in Salt Lake is McCormick Way. The name Mac, reminds me of an Apple Macintosh.

We have talked about one boy name and one girl name, but this is still not official. For the girl, we like the name "Chloe" (spelling may change at a later date). For the boy (before we found out), Rachel mentioned "Zander" as a name. At first, I was like, "No, because it reminds me of Zoolander". Since she has been pushing me to name our son that, it is starting to work. However, since I know it is short for "Alexander", I would like to give our son the full title of Alexander on his birth certificate, and to just call him Zander for short.

But don't worry, everyone is giving us ideas for names. Some good, some that would make you think, "What are they on?!" But if you have any ideas for names, feel free to e-mail me.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Things That Go Bump...

Just a short second ago, I was on my computer printing more business cards when Rachel called me down to the TV room where she was at. She said she felt one of the babies from the outside. So I came downstairs and had my hand against her stomach when less than a minute later, I too, felt the baby bump her arm or leg against Rachel's stomach. That was so cool!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Let's Play "Ketch"-Up

I know I have not been posting much lately, but let me list a few things that I have been up to.

I am now a temporary board member of the Dixie Sunshine Village Association. I was originally on the ballot to be be voted onto the board by the home owners on March 24th. However, there were not enough votes to conduct a successful voting percentage that is required by the rules, so we have to have another short "meeting" where the home owners vote again and that is all that will be conducted.

Rachel and I went around and painted the red curbs with the words "No Parking Fire Lane". So, if anyone now is seen parked in the red zone, they can be ticketed by the police.

I also went around and painted "Visitor" on the curbs in each visitor parking stall. So now, I volunteer to walk around once each night (or rarely on days) to write down license plates of vehicles and if I see that they have been parked in a visitor spot for two nights, I leave a note on their vehicle letting them know that if they are a resident (and/or this is a third+ vehicle), they need to park it on the street. If they are a visitor, and they will be staying longer than three days, they need to get a parking pass. I love doing this job. I'm just waiting for the day when I set of someone's car alarm or have a conflict with the owner. Oh well.

Since I know when the surgery date is, which is May 11th, I have gone back to work for 4 hours a day. It's all I can handle in standing up. I have gotten so use to sitting or laying. That is why I hope my business takes off so I don't have to stand while I am working.

Speaking of business, I received the artist recreation of my YellowBook ads, and this is what the quarter page ad will look like. (PS- The phone number will be all numerals...)

I would have posted this a few days ago, but because of the stupid internet service that I use, I have only had about 4 hours of service in the past three days. I've called and asked them to have someone schedule a time to come fix the problem, but I have still heard nothing from them. So, I don't know when I will post this, but I am going to be changing services ASAP! Stupid Charter... I mean, stupid Orange Broadband... I mean, stupid Baha!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Yours Truly!

Just a second ago, I remembered that I posted some of my pictures of the two iPods that I have owned on the website So when I arrived at the site, I clicked on "The iLounge Galleries", then "iPods around the World". When it arrived at that page, guess whose picture was chosen to represent "The Americas"...? Yours truly (yes, my picture!), of the Napoleon Dynamite house! LoL!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

What's Going On...

Remember below how I said that if I upset anyone lately, that I apologize? Well, I was thinking because that things have got so out of hand lately with me that I would need to go to anger management. But then it came to me that the reason I got so upset was because my stress level was so high, I knew anger management wasn't the answer.

So I would like everyone to know that I am looking into getting some help with those programs that they offer through mostly everyone's work. With the twins coming, I do not want to act this way again in front of them or Rachel, ever again. As to when I will go and how it turns out, I will let you know in the time to come.

How to tell you are stressed (my point of view):
- You are eating Tums (or taking another medicine to heal ulcers and/or stomach problems) as if they are candy;
- You blow your nose and see a brighter color (about once or more a day);
- You go off on something so small that before you would have waved it off like it was nothing;
- The people around you that you love (and vice versa) start to get stressed as well because they are afraid for many reasons...

"Are You There, God?"

I saw this video clip from Robot Chicken that was posted You Tube about a giraffe that is sinking in quicksand, and while sinking he goes through the five stages of death. It was very hilarious.

Then at work (before my accident), I saw that we were selling plastic figurines/toys of safari animals and one of them caught my eye... the giraffe. So, since there was no white sand/dirt around here, I had to use what was available to try and make Rachel laugh.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

To Everyone

I would like to tell everyone who reads this, everyone who knows me, and anyone that has heard of me…

I am sorry if I have mistreated you in a way lately that may seem unacceptable and unfairly. I have been under great stress lately, and I have been taking it out on some people who shouldn’t have even deserved it.

If I have made you upset, said or done anything that is unfair, please believe me, I am very and truly sorry.