Thursday, May 31, 2007

Back To Normal

Well, after five and a half months, I am tube free! Yesterday (5/30), my doctor took out the catheter that was in me since my surgery. It took a while to get use to it being out, but the only part I am going to miss about having a catheter in me is that I could go whenever I needed to. Now I have to stop doing what I am doing and go, like before the accident.

Also, as of yesterday, I now have an internet connection! Oh, it is so nice to not have to try to find someone's open Wi-Fi. I can get online anytime I want to now.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Taste Just Like Chicken

Because I took sleeping medicines the night before, I was able to get a good nights sleep. So when I awoke the next morning (5/12), it wasn't long before the nurses started doing their rounds. Around 8AM, Dr. McAninch (the doctor who performed my surgery) and his assistants stopped in my room to do a follow up on me and to make sure things are okay.

Around 9AM, they brought me my breakfast and I ate it all (except for the bacon-- I have always hated bacon). Shortly after, my stomach started to ache because I ate my breakfast, and because I have not been able to get up and move around. Plus, never eat half a box of Dots while in the hospital (it builds and can back you up). Luckily, Annie had arrived at the hospital. So the nurse requested that I now get up and walk around the hallways on my level of the hospital. I got up and walked towards the window that allows you to view San Francisco out towards the Golden Gate Bridge. Then we headed back to my room to rest because (even though it was good to walk around for the first time in a day and a half) I was starting to get tired (plus my knees started to get ache).

After my little walk through the hallways of the hospital, I laid back down in my hospital bed and just played with my PDA and listened to music. Since it was now lunch time, the lady who brings everyone their meals brought mine to me. Ate pretty much everything and soon afterwards, I was exhausted that I dozed off and took a nap.

I awoke shortly before dinner was to arrive, and my nurse had me use this breathing device that you put your mouth on the mouthpiece and then you suck air into your lungs to “exercise” and expand the lungs since laying in bed can cause your lungs to weaken. She wanted me to do this at least 10 times a day. Well, it being 7PM, it was now dinnertime. Since they still didn’t understand the term “vegetarian”, they brought me teriyaki chicken. Since the other items they brought me for my dinner was not enough to fill me up and to hold me though the night, I ate the chicken. Yes, I really ate it and Annie was my witness.

Well, now that it was getting late, Annie wanted to get back to the hotel before it was too dangerous to get back. So after she left, I entertained myself by playing poker and Suduko, and by also doing my breathing exercises.

Shortly after Annie left, the IV that was in my left hand, started to hurt (as if no liquids were not getting though). I can’t remember how, but I convinced my nurse that I did not need my IV any more and she removed it. Well, that was a relief to have that out because I would not have to call a nurse to detach me if I wanted to get up and move around. Since I was now free, I tried to go bathroom. Since I could feel the pain down there, I couldn’t go. So I laid back down in my bed and played my games.

Before I was to go to bed, the new nurse that would be checking on me during the night brought in a bag to help keep me hydrated and a liquid antibiotic to hook into my IV. Since I had no IV needle in my hand, and it was important that I have this stuff in me, she had to place a new one in. But since my left hand was sore, I had her place it in my right hand. While she was doing that, I could hear “BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!” and other noised outside. I thought there was a music concert going on in the park that was near by, but it turns out it was fireworks. By the time I sat up enough to see the fireworks, it was over… Dang! I believe Annie said she got a few pictures of the fireworks, but I could be mistaken. Well, the nurse placed IV in my hand and got the fluids going for me. She then gave me night medicines and I played my games until I fell asleep. But I didn't stay asleep for very long...

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Still Writing... And Waiting...

I am still writing my entries of my trip to San Francisco, it's just that I have been busy these past couple of days. Plus, even though I was suppose to have internet by now, the company I signed up with can not get a signal to our home... So I have to go with someone else. So until I have a connection, I'll keep working on the entries of my trip.

As for the free lunch at Jason's that I mentioned earlier, I only received one request to join. So I am going to tell the company who would have paid for the free lunch that not enough people wanted to come.

I am also catching up on my podcast like I was hoping to do while in Frisco. On TWiT, they mention a hilarious video of Will Farrell and his daughter as The Landlord. If you haven't watched it, you have to... You pay now!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Why Should I

(5/11) We set the alarm clock to wake us up at 4:45AM. Since I showered the night before, I got dressed and went down to use the computer while Annie was getting ready. I checked my many e-mail accounts and posted those blogs. Went back up to the room and called front desk to call us a cab since Annie was now ready and because it was time for us to leave. We waited for just a few minutes before the front desk called our room back and said the cab was here. We walked down the stairs since the elevator was broken. Hopped in the cab and told him our destination.

While driving, he took us up a steep road that still uses bricks instead of concrete or asphalt. He dropped us off in front of the hospital and we checked in at the waiting area. I don't recall waiting very long before my name was called, along with a couple other people who were waiting, to head to a different level of the hospital to get ready for surgery and to wait for my doctor to arrive. We waited about 30+ minutes before my doctor finally arrived. The anesthesiologist arrived and started to prep me for surgery (I.V., etc.). They made me drink about an ounce of very sour liquid to help knock me out. I don't remember much after drinking that, except for them wheeling my gurney into the surgery room and just looking up at the operation room lights while dazed......

(I have to let you know, that what I mentioned above, is to the best of what I can recall. Besides being drugged, I was also nervous before surgery.)

...I awoke up (around noontime) to me vomiting. I found out later that I was wheeled in around 10AM. But since the drugs they used to knock me out for surgery were still in my body, all I remember is hearing what was going on around me. Whenever I wanted to talk, I remembered trying to force myself to talk, but I couldn't. Whatever drugs they used were very strong because while I was going in and out of consciousness, I had very odd dreams... Things you would never normally think of or dream in your lifetime... Unless you do drugs, which I advise not to do.

Since the drugs that were causing me to be nauseated, they tried giving me other drugs to help, but nothing would work until they finally gave me something else in the buttocks. Immediately after that shot, I started to feel much better. I still had the pain from the incision, but they gave me morphine for that. Man, that burns for about a minute when that is injected through the I.V. Oh, a little tip for everyone out there. Every time I started to be nauseated, the nurses would tear open a small pad that has alcohol on it, and waved it in front of my nose. It seem to help calm my stomach from being queasy.

Since I was feeling better and could keep my eyes open longer now, I lifted up the sheets to see what damage had been done. I couldn't see the incision right then, but I could sure feel it.

The nurse who was helping me in the recovery room, grabbed my iPod that was in my backpack which was stored under my gurney. That helped me while I was waiting for them to take me to my room. While waiting, Annie quickly stopped by to say hi. Since she couldn't stay in the recovery room, she went out venturing to the park and other places near by.

While waiting, I was starving since I had nothing to eat since midnight. They brought me water and crackers to munch on while I waited. Finally around 5PM, they took me up to my room and since I had my cell phone with me, I text messaged Annie and told her what room I was in. She arrived shortly and sat there with me while the nurses did their thing.

The room I was given was one that you have to share with another person. The person I had to share the room with, Mr. Ho, has some (non-airborne) disease with a side effect that made it so he could barely eat what was given to him during mealtime. Every so often, he would cough and then you would immediately hear him throw up. Delicious! Thank God, I had my iPod on and the volume cranked up so that I would not have to listen, and get nauseous myself, to that every single time. Annie on the other hand would be sitting there reading her book that she brought with her and would have to hear him.

Well, here is the part that might shock many of you if I have not told you already. While I was in the recovery room, I told the nurses three times that I was a vegetarian. Now that it was around 7PM, dinner was finally arriving to people in their rooms. Well, guess what the main course was? Salisbury steak! Since I was starving, I ate it, as well as everything else on my tray. I didn't want to have to send Annie out to go get me something to eat. Plus, if I didn't eat everything, I knew I would wake up in the middle of the night starving. So, after 10 1/2 years...

I can't remember who called who, but I talked to Rachel and my parents after I was finished eating. Then, Annie and I tried to watch the Jazz game. But since the Jazz were being slaughtered, Annie decided to head back to the hotel for the night. I just watched movies on my iPod, took my medicines and crashed for the night.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Out on the Dock of the Bay...

(Note: When I say the Downtown San Francisco area, I am talking about the area where the cable car track ends right near Powell St. and Market St.)

I awoke Thursday morning (5/10) to find that Annie had awoke earlier and went to the gym to exercise in our hotel. It wasn't long before she came back to the room while I was getting ready. After leaving the hotel, we started to walk along 7th, up to Market Street, to head over to the downtown area. But when we arrived at 7th and Market, we noticed that there were tents set up the long walkway in front of the City Hall, selling items and trinkets. We decided to check it out, but since most of the items being sold were used items from/used in different countries, we decided to keep on walking. Well, there was one thing I would have bought for the twins, but one alone was very expensive. I can't remember if it was a bib or a 'one-sie', but it said, "B is for Bob" along with a picture of Bob Marley. It was cute, but not something I would be willing to pay $16 for, especially when it is something that would be destroyed by food spit-up, or worse. If it was a bib, I can make my own, thank you very much. Afterthe tents, we walked more towards the City Hall to take pictures of the many marble statues/monuments.

After taking pictures, we continued onwards to the downtown area. Once there, Annie wanted to go shopping for some perfume. So while I was waiting for her outside, I video taped the cable car conductors turning a cable car around. I will post the video when I know that I have a working internet connection. After waiting for a couple of minutes, I decided to walk up the street to a Walgreen's to get a bottle of water and some "oat-ass bars" (as Rachel calls them). After Annie was done shopping, we walked up to Union Square to look at the many collections of art that multiple art dealers had put on display and for sale. I would have bought this one photograph that I liked very much, but I wanted a smaller version of the large version I saw. But when I found the smaller version, the artist had not exposed the photograph long enough to match the quality, darkness and beauty I saw in the big version, so I passed.

About this time, it was becoming lunch time. Right next to Union Square is Macy's, and located on the top floor is a restaurant called The Cheesecake Factory. This is a place Annie wanted to eat at while we were there. Since I had no objections, this is where we had lunch. It's pretty good food, but I couldn't finish mine. So I placed mine in a to-go container and saved it for dinner later that night.

After lunch, I wanted to check out CompUSA since it was nearby. I wanted to buy a new Pocket PC (PDA) that would allow me to get online while I was stuck in bed after surgery. But the only one they had was one that was on display. Since I wanted one that was brand new and had not been messed up by people playing with it earlier, I so passed on buying it. After leaving CompUSA, we decided there was nothing left for us to do in the downtown area, so we decided to hop on the cable car and head back over to the piers. We hopped on one of the cable cars that drops you off in front of Fisherman's Wharf.

After getting off the cable car, we stopped at a few shops along the way to look for a jacket for Annie. The one she brought from home wasn't cutting it, and she needed something warmer. While looking for a jacket, we went in this one shop that I remember and enjoyed the last time I was in San Francisco. I ended up buying a couple of 'one-sies' that say "San Francisco" for the twins, as well as some chocolate for Rachel. Annie bought a few things too and then we continued on to Fisherman's Wharf. Since there was not a whole lot to do near there, we walked over to Pier 39. We checked out the shops along there, but since everything being sold in each shop had 'airport prices', we really didn't buy anything... Well, we did buy 'linner' (lunch/dinner) at La Salsa.

Since we still had time to venture before it got dusk (not dark, dusk), we were going to head over to the Palace of Fine Arts. But to get over there, we had to hop on the bus that we got off of the day before near Ghirardelli Square. While walking in that direction, we stopped at a few more shops to look for a jacket, but she still didn't see any that she liked. So we then stood on the opposite sidewalk that the Bushman was on and I video taped him scaring a passerby. I'll post this video as well when I have a better internet connection. We continued on to Ghirardelli Square and stopped in the Ghirardelli gift shop. Annie wanted to buy a set of chocolates for someone. We left Ghirardelli and was heading up to the bus stop, when I told Annie that I was exhausted and since it was getting dusk, it would be best to just call it a day. So we walked back over to the cable car near Fisherman's Wharf because Annie decided to buy a jacket that she saw earlier at one of the shops nearby. After buying the jacket, we then hopped on the cable car and headed back to our hotel.

About a block from our hotel, Annie saw a small market and wanted me to see if there was food in there that I would eat while I was laying in bed after the surgery. You know, so when I would want something to eat/drink, she would not have to travel very far to get it and then waste time traveling getting back to the hotel. This place did have a lot of the stuff I will eat since I am a picky eater. This store would do.

We got back at the hotel and since I was hungry, I re-heated my lunch leftovers. After finishing that up, I emptied out my entire backpack and then packed up every that I would need or come in handy while I was at the hospital.

After packing, I decided to take a shower. The hospital gave me, the day before, some anti-bacterial soap to wash myself with so areas near the incision would not get infected after surgery. So I hopped in the shower, poured the soap on a wash cloth because they said this soap was thinner than regular soap. Come to find out that this soap was red, and because I used a white wash cloth, it dyed the towel pink. Lol.

After getting out of the shower and drying off, I called Rachel, told her about my day and I listened to all the excitement she was having with her mom and sister. While I was talking to Rachel, I decided to walk down to the lobby to use the internet. There were two computers, but one of them was broken. Yes, I would have looked at it to fix it, but I didn't want the hotel yelling at me for trying to look at it without asking. Now, since someone else was using the working computer, I kept talking to Rachel. After 20 minutes, I got fed up with waiting and went back upstairs to the room. The reason I got upset was that there was a sign as you walk in the computer room that reads, "Please limit your computer use to 10 minutes when others are waiting." Since this lady that was using the computer was... unaware, of the sign, I ended up planning on using the computer before I went to the hospital in the early morning.

I don't remember anything after coming back to the room, so I must have been so tired that I went straight to bed...

(Updated on June 4, 2007 @ 11:10 MST)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

What Happens In San Francisco...

On Wednesday (5/9), we woke up and decided that it was best that we get a different room that had two beds instead of just one. That way, after my surgery, I could have room to lay all my electronic gadgets and anything medical next to me and still have room to lay down without feeling scrunched for room.

I went down to the lobby and said we were suppose to have a room with two beds (which we were, in the original plans), and to see if we could also get a room with a refrigerator and a microwave while we were at it. We were able to get a room with two beds, but the room didn't come with refrigerator. As for the microwave, that was an extra $10 a day. Well, it sure did come in handy. Since we didn't get a refrigerator, we had to improvise. I took the liner out of one of the garbage cans in the room and placed a grocery sack, along with ice, inside. Hey, it worked...

We packed our stuff up again and moved it into our new room, and then took off to do a little shopping downtown before we had to meet with the anesthesiologist and the doctor who would be performing the surgery. While walking to the downtown area, I ate my breakfast that I purchased at this deli that was along the way. Since we needed to take the bus to the hospital, we purchased a couple of bus/cable car passes.

We both checked out a couple of stores before Annie did some serious shopping at a place called H&M. While she was in there, I wandered around taking pictures and checking out other shops that would interest me.

After about 45 minutes, I met Annie in front of H&M and we walked to a bus stop. Took the bus (MUNI) to the main hospital where they asked me about some personal questions and double checked some medical background information to make sure I would be okay during and after the surgery. After that meeting, we both grabbed some lunch at the hospital cafeteria. Now that is some seriously good food! After lunch we headed to a different building to meet the doctor who would be performing the surgery. His office had a heck of a view of the city, so we were taking pictures from the waiting room before we were to meet him (I'll post these pics when I can...). When I was called to meet the doctor, his assistant was asked to take a couple of X-rays of the area where they would be performing surgery. After taking the X-rays, he told us what they would do during to me surgery and that he also wanted me to be on an antibiotic before surgery.

Since we had prescription to fill, we were headed to Walgreen's nearby when we saw two prison guards escorting an inmate across the street. Annie wanted a quick humorous picture of her and the inmate in the far background, but before I could get the camera ready, they started to escort the prisoner across the street. So we continued to walk on to Walgreen's, got the prescription filled, and since Haight-Ashbury was near by, we decided to check that out.

Haight-Ashbury is definitely something to see, but since it is a popular sight to see, there are nothing to see except for stores and small shops. So we continued to walk on to catch the bus to see Mel's Drive-In... The one used in American Graffiti. Arrived at the dinner, but this one (since there were more than one in SF) that I thought was the one used in the movie, just turned out not to be the one in movie. Since it was too late in the evening to take a bus back the way we came, we decided to continue onwards to Ghirardelli Square. From there, I bought a jacket because it was quite chilly and windy there.

Since it was around dinner time, we each grabbed a bowl of "cham clowder" and ate it next to the Fisherman's Wharf sign. (Note: Even though Fisherman's Wharf is from Pier 35 to 41, when I mention FW, I am only talking about Pier 39... where the sign is located). After eating, we walked over to Safeway to buy some real groceries since we didn't think there was grocery store or mini mart nearby our hotel (there was, but that story is coming up later). Oh, by the way... Yes, I did buy Rice-A-Roni like I wanted to. I packed my backpack with as much groceries as I could and then we headed over to get on the cable car near Fisherman's Wharf, which would take us back (close-by) to our hotel. Even though it was not even 7PM, the scary stuff (homeless people) were coming out to play, and our hotel was in the downtown area... Not something you want to mess around with by walking around freely at night.

We made it back to the hotel safely and we started to watch the Jazz/Warriors game since Annie's boyfriend called her, while we were on the cable car, and told her everything that had happened in this game so far. Annie really got into watching the game more than me, but since I missed Rachel, I called and talked to her. Told her, basically everything I mentioned above, she told me about her day and then we said good night. I went back into the room to find out that the basketball game had gone into overtime. We finished watching the game and then watched some random stuff before we called it a night.

So many of the things that we wanted to do while in San Francisco that we thought was going to take two days to do, we ended up doing in one afternoon...

(Updated on May 30, 2007 @ 00:25 MST)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Up, Up and Away...

Hey everyone. I am about to start telling you about my trip to San Francisco. But before I begin, you will have to remember a couple of things about how I am writing this:

First, I am writing every single blog entry of what happened out there on my PDA, so it may it may be a while before the entire trip is posted. I can not sit at my computer desk very long without it starting to hurt were the stitches are located. Plus, the only way I am able to get online is that I am picking up someone elses internet signal. It is not a powerful signal, so until I have my new ISP, I'll post them whenever I can.

Second, because of the pain medicines they had me on before, and the new ones they have me on right now, I may not remember everything the way it exactly happened because my memory is not 100% there. But I wrote down the important stuff on my PDA each day so it would help me remember more details. If something does not make sense, write me and I'll do my best to fix it.

Also, as for the photographs that I took while in Frisco, you'll have to wait for a few weeks before I can actually sit down at my computer desk to post them on my Photos page.

D-Qwon: "Alright then, let's get started..."

On Tuesday (5/8) afternoon, Annie made it down to St. George before Rachel was off of work. So we waited until Rachel made it home so I could say 'Goodbye'. It was going to be a whole week until I was able to see her again.

After saying 'Goodbye', Annie and I filled up on gas and headed to Las Vegas. We hit rush hour traffic as we drove into Vegas, but we made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare. Trying to figure out how long it will take to do drive to certain places, but having to calculate that time with time zones... It's not fun.

Since the covered parking area next to the airport was completely full, we had to park in the economy parking. After parking, we hopped on the shuttle that dropped us off at the airport. Checked in our luggage and before we went through security, I wanted a Red Bull. I'm sad to say that I actually paid just a little over $4 for one Red Bull! After going through the security gate, we grabbed us something to eat since we knew it would be very late by the time we arrived in SF.

After eating, we walked to our boarding gate and waited for over an hour and a half before our flight was ready to be boarded. Due to heightened security, they had to do a few random bag checks and pat downs to the passengers as we boarded the plane. Guess who was one of those people to be searched? Yep! Yours truly.

The fight took off and landed in San Francisco safely. We thought there would be a shuttle provided by our hotel to take us to our hotel, but we found out shortly after that there was not one and we would have to pay for a shuttle instead.

We were the first group of people in the van to be dropped off at their location first. We checked in and went to our room to go to bed. Our room had a single king sized bed, and since I was too tired to go say, "Um, our room was suppose to have two beds...", we just used that room for the night.

Since I forgot to pack ear plugs and melatonin, around 2 or 3 AM, I heard someone outside (within the hotel room range...) yelling and then I believe I heard glass break. I was like, "Great...!". I finally got to bed shortly afterwards because we had a busy day ahead of us.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm Back!

That's right, I'm back home... Safe and sound. Everything went okay during surgery and afterwards. Annie took, and Rachel has been taking, excellent care of me since I got out of surgery. I have a lot to tell you, but I will have to post my adventures at a later time. Can't sit up-right very long, even on my inflatable doughnut. Mmm... Inflatable doughnut... jk

But yeah, I'm doing great. And thanks to everyone who called, e-mailed or sent text messages to make sure I was okay. Peace out!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Mother's Day... Early

Since I will probably be in the hospital on Sunday or that I will be laying in bed at the hotel, I have to post this now. This is a hilarious video from BaratsAndBereta that was posted on YouTube and it's meant for Mother's Day. Click here to watch it...

Well... Here It Goes

Well, it is now 5:10 AM here, and I didn't know about the computer they have to use for guest until last night. I just wanted to say Thank You to everyone who has called, wrote or text messaged me about my surgery. I know I'll be fine and I'll seeing you in a few hours. Peace!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Just To Let Ya Know...

Okay, there are a few things that I want to tell you before they happen:

#1, I am writing this while my internet is down yet again. Yes. I know, I know. I still have Baja, but this past Saturday (4/28) I went to another ISP and signed up for their service. Since their tech crew is booked until after I have already left for surgery, I told them to plan on coming over to my place to set up my wireless antenna on the 15th. So, as soon as I have a connection to post this entry today, this will probably be my last blog entry (unless something very important must be told, and I can use someone elses internet) until I arrive in San Francisco. I am calling Baja during their business hours and telling them that I will be canceling my service with them.

#2, It will now be exactly one week today before I leave, with my sister Annie, from Las Vegas to San Francisco on the 8th and be returning on the 15th.

So far (before the surgery/while we are in SF), she wants to visit a couple of shops that she likes to visit while she is in SF. As for me, I would like to visit Haight/Ashbury and to possibly visit Alamo Square. Oh, there are a couple of places near the piers that I would like to eat at again. For those of you who don't know, I visited SF in 2004 with my family and I saw most of the tourist attractions of SF back then.

So what I have told you above, is to let you know that I will post as much as I can from the 8th until the 10th (if the place I am staying at has an internet connection), but on the 11th (the day of surgery) until I get the strength to post a new entry or my or my new ISP is active, this blog may look as if I have abandoned it. But remember, after my surgery, I will need as much rest as I can get. I will write entries on my PDA and when I get the strength in the future to post them, I will do so.

If you are wondering (or will now be wondering) about my business, I already have that taken care of. I have a link on the website and if someone calls, I will have a message explaining that I will not be doing any repairs until the 27th. That will be the 3 week mark from the surgery and around the date I hope that I will be able to get back to work.

Well, until the 8th... Peace out! ............... (Who's internet Wi-Fi connection I am using... Thank YOU!!! -- Whoo-hoo!)