Friday, June 29, 2007

Just To Let You Know...

Rachel has decided that August 1st is the day that she wants the twins to be born. The 37-week mark is on July 31 (her birthday), and the doctor says that they really do not need to be in longer since they are twins. So, we have agreed that August 1st is the day the twins will be born (unless they come early).

So, if you want to come on down around that time, you are more than welcome to. However, since the guest room is now the babies room, we really have no room to house anyone... Unless you don't mind sleeping next to a dog. If you treat her nice, she will give you kisses.

Monday, June 25, 2007

I'm Going to Bed

After a month and a half, I finally sat down to create the page to post my photos that I took while in San Francisco back in May. For some reason, the little thumbnail pictures are big in file size and are causing the two pages a while to load. Even if you have DSL or Cable internet, it may take a while for the thumbnails to finally download. Check out the pictures.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Thank You Everyone

I just wanted to say Thank You to everyone who sent me a Birthday e-mail, greeting card or took the time to wish me a Happy Birthday by phone. I appreciated it. For those of you wish to send us regular USPS mail in the future and you want it here on a certain day, I guess you better send it two or three days in advance. I received the cards on the 22nd. But the thought that you still sent me something still counts. : )

What did I do for my birthday? Nothing really. I'm serious. With Rachel being required by her doctors to bed rest, we never went out to dinner. The only thing we went to do together is to go to a doctor appointment. That is about it. Oh, I was able to sell some of my used CD's, had Rachel's sister help me move some furniture from my mother-in-laws house over here for the babies room (which is almost done!).

But with this last week being kind of hectic and stressful, I pushed myself on the 20th to finish things so I would be able to relax on my birthday... Which is exactly what I did.

Don't Make Me Come In There!

I have let Ginger, Rachel and my dog, sit in the passenger seat a couple of times when I have gone places in our new minivan. Last night, after coming back from dropping Rachel's sister off at their mom's house, I let Ginger sit in the seat with her head out the window down. But when I went to go walk around to open the passenger door to let her out, she kept doing this...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

"Hope It's Chocolate, For Me!" - Jim Gaffigan

Well, another year has passed from my last birthday, except a **** load has happened in this past year. It's amazing what can happen in 365 days! Now that I think about it, this has been the best year (6/21/06-6/20/07) of my life.

Well, like this and every year, enjoy the first day of summer.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

As Promised...

As I mentioned and promised you last month, here are the videos clips of the cable car conductors turning around a cable car and of the Bushman. Now that I have an actual internet connection, I am able to post the videos on my website without any problems...

Don't forget, I am still working on getting the pictures of my trip up, but look how long it has taken me to post these videos...

Oh yeah. Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Getting Closer... But Still Not The Real Thing

It seems that my PC is turning more and more into a Mac. How? Well the other day, Apple released the Beta version of Safari for the PC. Safari is the web browser for Apple Macintosh as Internet Explorer/Firefox is to the PC. So far, the only thing I have found wrong with this is that there is no Tab function (where you click a link with your scrolling button on the mouse). Plus, the font on any webpage almost appears blurry.

Besides Safari, I still have and use the Y'z Dock, iTunes, QuickTime, the wallpaper from a Mac... If I wanted, I could install Widgets from Yahoo! to make it appear as if it is a Mac, but those things were annoying when I had that installed.

But for those of you who want to install Safari... You are more than welcome to, but I have read that there is already a Zero-Day Exploit. Meaning, someone has already found something wrong with it and if you visit a web page, it can ruin your computer.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

To the Mormon Mobile!

As I say that, "To the Mormon Mobile!", I see afterwards a CTR shield come spinning up to the TV screen just like the old Batman logo did in the '60s TV series.

Well, on Thursday, we made it up to Salt Lake in Rachel's truck with only a few pit stops along the way. Didn't do much on Thursday, except work on my parents computer.

Friday, all I remember is first dealing with association stuff when we woke up. Later, Rachel wanted a manicure for the baby shower. I went along and just watched my video podcast that I have on my iPod. Then later that night, my family and I went to dinner for my birthday at the place my mom wanted to go. So I really am just calling that dinner.

Saturday was the day of the baby shower that my mother was hosting for Rachel. We received a lot of stuff, yet we still have another baby shower being held on the 30th down here in St. George. For the time being, we thought we were going to have to leave some of the items up in Salt Lake until my parents came down for a visit.

Then on Sunday, Rachel, my family and I, went out to visit the newly built IKEA in Draper. If you have never been inside of one, bring good walking shoes and be sure to eat/drink something before you go. I don't want to get into full details as to why I did not like it, it is just something you will have to experience for yourself.

Before we headed up to Salt Lake, Steve, a friend from high school, found me on MySpace and we started talking again. We have not talked in 7 years because I did something dumb. Yes, I know, I have done a lot of dumb things in my lifetime. But we agreed to meet up while Rachel and I were in SLC. I finally got a hold of him and we met up on Sunday night after him and his family got back from a barbeque. He wanted to meet Rachel, but my mother took her out shopping for a few good hours before hand and that made her tired, so she never was able to meet Steve in person. So we started talking about what we have both been up to and talked about some of the crazy stuff we did during and after high school. After a couple of hours, we called it a night because he had to be up earlier the next day for work.

On Monday, Rachel and I started to pack up the baby items, to make sure they would fit in the back of the truck. Well, we had other plans to take care of before we were to head back to St. George, so we headed out to do them before it was to late. We had to stop at CompUSA use up the gift card that I had on ink. We then headed over to the State Surplus near the Utah State Prison to see if they had any vehicles to purchase so we could fit the twins and all the baggage/strollers they will be needing. My dad met us over there to check out any vehicle we had our eye on. Long story short, we purchased a used 2000 Plymouth Grand Voyager. That is why you may hear me say, "To the Mormon Mobile!". Now that we had an extra vehicle, I changed the oil in it when we got it back to my parents house and then we packed half in one vehicle and half in the other. By 6PM we were on our way back to St. George.

We made it home around 11:30PM and Rachel's sister helped us unpack. All the gifts that we received are still sitting in the TV room as I write this, because we are still working on getting the babies room back together. Since getting back though, I have been able to get a lot done, but still have a little ways to go before it is done.

Sorry it has taken me until today to post this, but Rachel and I have been busy registering the vehicle and trying to get a loan for it. Plus, dealing with all the association stuff that has been going on. I swear, I am going to have grey hair by the time I am 30...

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Having Fun!

Rachel and I are having fun for once. There are still some people in my parents house from the baby shower and hopefully soon, we will be heading up to Bountiful to go to the car show.

There are some things that I will tell you about as to what we have done and what we will do when I get back to St. George. Rachel made a good point as well: The next time that she and I will be up here, we will be bringing the babies up with us... As a family. : )

Hope you are enjoying your weekend, see you in a few days.

All The Other Good Titles Have Been Used

I just wanted to remind everyone that Rachel and I will be heading up to Salt Lake tomorrow (6/7) for Rachel's Baby Shower. As for when we are heading back, that could be Sunday or Monday... We haven't decided.

Monday, June 4, 2007

May 14th & 15th

(Since nothing very exciting happened the last two days while in San Francisco, I'll skim through what is worth mentioning.)

Since I never wrote down what happened on May 14th, all I remember is that I was lying in the hotel bed 90% of the time. However, I would get up out of bed to walk in circles in the hotel room. This was the only exercise I could get without leaving the room. I would also get up to reheat the pizza I had the night before and to take the two showers I was required (by my doctor) to take daily.

I also remember having Annie walking over to Walgreen's to try and get the medications that the hospital required me to take. But they couldn't get a hold of workers comp to confirm that they would pay for it. Well, since the pharmacy could never get a hold of Workers Comp, I had to do without the needed medicines for a day.

While Annie was walking to and from the pharmacy, she told me of how some homeless men would come up and ask her if they could pay her to hang out for just an hour. Talk about your friends in low places. She also told me of how she saw in one of the alleys while she was walking by, that a homeless man just started shooting up. It's sad that these people’s lives have ended up like this.

On the 15th, we had to be up early so we could be to the airport early so in case we had troubles with me getting though security with a wheelchair or other reasons, we wouldn't miss our flight and get home in time. We were told by the hotel, since they arranged to have a shuttle van come pick us up, to be downstairs by 6AM. So we took all our stuff down to the lobby, checked out of our room and sat around for 10 minutes before the shuttle arrived. The drive to the airport, to me, seemed to be very gloomy because it was foggy outside and none of the other passengers in the van didn't seem to be awake.

We arrived at the airport and Annie went inside to ask to have someone to bring a wheelchair outside for me. She checked in our luggage and then headed over to the security area. They do a thorough and more secure check on people in wheelchairs then they do with people walking through the normal security area. Well, after making it through security and to our gate, we sat at our gate and waited for our boarding time. Since I never got a good nights rest the night before, because I was excited to get back home and to see Rachel, I remember sitting there and just wanting to fall asleep... But I couldn't because the people next to us were talking like they had a few drinks (even though they had not)-- Loud and annoying!

We boarded the plane and then took off. I tried to listen to music on my iPod, but the plane was much louder than other plane trips I have been on. Well, we made it to Las Vegas on time and then headed downstairs to the baggage claim area. Since I was sitting in a wheelchair, it would be best for me to wait by the doors instead of getting in travelers ways near that area. So while Annie was grabbing our luggage, I called Rachel and played around with the wheelchair a bit. That was fun.

Annie found our luggage and we headed to the doors to get on the shuttle to take us over to where we parked the car. Loaded up our luggage, paid our parking fee and then headed back north. I was hoping we would be in St. George by noon to 12:30PM, but we didn't arrive until after 1PM. Rachel was outside waiting for us by her truck when we pulled in. We took my stuff inside and took it easy. Ginger was very excited to see me because she was whining and (sigh) went #1 on the floor. Geez! She has been good and has not done that in months.

While I was taking a shower, Annie took off to head back to Salt Lake because she wanted to make it back in time to be in class since her new classes had just started. Well, I laid down and Rachel went to have Walgreen's fill up my meds. I had been in and out of sleep before Rachel got back home and once she was home to lay down with me, I just crashed. It was good to be home.

Now that it has been almost a month since getting back, I wanted to let you know that things are okay. My doctor here in St. George took out the catheter that was in place since SF, CA, and I have not had any troubles since. It is weird to have to stop doing what ever it is I am doing and go bathroom, but that is life. I still have the stitches where they made the incision, but they are the kind that dissolve. Right now, I am on an anti-biotic to prevent any infection, and besides a little bit of swelling that I still have on a certain body part (not THAT kind of "swelling", lol), things look like they will be back to normal. I still am taking it easy right now and trying to prevent doing any constant lifting or running, but I am getting by.

If you have any questions about my surgery or my trip that I never mentioned, e-mail them to me and I'll be glad to answer them.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Why You So Sweaty?

Just to give you an idea of what I have been up to or how busy I have been since getting back from San Francisco, here is a list:

1) Taking care of Rachel;
2) Cleaning the house;
3) Trying to run my business (still no customers since April);
4) Constantly working on the DSV website;
5) Painting "53" on both sides of the dog (Don't worry, Rachel washed it out);
6) Painting the babies room (still looks like a mess in there);
7) Reading the two rough drafts of DSV's new CC&R's and looking for mistakes;
8) Dealing with having no internet for short periods of time... But not as bad as before.
9) Being nominated and elected the new President of Dixie Sunshine Village!

So if I don't call you, please don't take it personally and simply choose one of these reasons above.