Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Happy Birthday!!!

I just wanted to wish Rachel, my beautiful wife and mother of my two gorgeous twin girls, a Happy Birthday. I know I am posting this a little late in the afternoon, but this is the first time that the girls are asleep in their rockers and I am able to get some more Photo pages worked upon. As of me typing this, I have only updated the page where the twins were born. There are 6 more pages that I am creating. So please be patient as I work on them. I'll post an update here (and on Twitter) when those photo pages are finished.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

A is for Adelyn, B is for Babies, and C is for Chloe

I just wanted to update everyone who reads this. First, we did name the babies. Baby A is Adelyn Marie, and Baby B is Chloe Maxine.

Second, everyone is home now. We made it home a little after 1PM on Sunday (7/29) afternoon.

Third, Rachel and I are still trying to get the girls on a schedule here, but it's kind of hard with twins. So, trying to do anything normal (i.e., Sleep, shower, eat) is even harder to do right now. Right now (as I type this), luckily, Rachel's mother and two sisters are over helping hold the babies. So that is why I am updating this.

Forth, I just want to let everyone also know that there are more pictures to post, but it will be a while before I get a chance to do that. Plus, for a few weeks, this blog may look bare. I will do my best to update you on how things are going. But because of lack of sleep, I am going to take up any offer to sleep when I can instead of post blog updates. I will still Twitter when I can... So join Twitter today! If you need instructions on how to set up your Twitter account, e-mail me and ask for the little instruction manual I wrote up (before the girls were born).

Last, I want to THANK EVERYONE for their support during this time. I know we couldn't do it without anyone.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Just So You Know...

For those of you who have signed up with twitter, you were rewarded earlier today with good news. There will be more good news Thursday (8/26), but to only those who are following me...

Double Trouble

First, if it appears my spelling or form of sentence is off, forgive me. I have been up since 5:30 this morning and I am very tired.

Second, the why I wanted to have people sign up with Twitter is because right after the babies were born, I didn't want to have to find every number in my phone book in my phone. I wanted to send one text and go back to tending the girls...

Who were born today, July 26th, 2007. Baby A was born at 8:41AM and Baby B was born at 8:42AM. They both have dark brown hair, the cutest faces, long finger nails and big feet (just like their dad, lol).

I wanted to write more about what happened today, but I am trying to do this, post the pictures of what I have taken so far, eat, and get a few things together so I can spend the night at the hospital so I can help Rachel. Just know the girls are doing okay and that they are in the room with us. They did not have to go into the NICU area, because they are both fine.

I'll try to update in a few days, but for right now, you are welcome to view the pictures.
UPDATE: The main page to direct you to the different picture pages has been update. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Posted on July 27, 2007 @ 21:54 MST

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Better Video of the Twins Moving

Here is a much better video of the girl moving around in Rachel's stomach. They start moving around, around the 35/36 second mark.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Yellow Fever

Today, I was bored after waking up. So, while I was surfing the web, I created an image from The Simpson's Movie website, as to what I would look like in the Simpson's universe. Yes, this is how I waste my time when I am bored...

The only thing I had difficulty finding was the right nose for my avatar. The one I chose was the one closest to what I have. But other than that, the detail is stunning!

Plus, if you did not see it, visit the main page of my site to see a Simpson themed page.

Friday, July 20, 2007

The New Phone Book is Here! The New Phone Book is Here!

Yesterday, while I was out front pulling out weeds out of our flower bed, I was listening to my iPod when I noticed someone behind me at our neighbors house. I turned around to see him drop off a phone book on their front porch. I was like, "Oh, sweet!"

So I stopped working in the garden and brought the copy that was handed to me in the house. I told Rachel to get the video camera to record my actions, but I looked very stupid and I couldn't match that of the great Steve Martin. But at least I was very excited when the new phone book arrived!

Monday, July 16, 2007

"I Will Have-- THE CHICKEN!" - Dave Chappelle

I totally forgot about this picture until Rachel reminded me about it. The day that we had the sticker placed on the van, was also the day that I completed working on putting together our new BBQ grill.

While I was out barbecuing, I noticed a small frog in our flower bed (the one behind me in the picture). Don't worry, we didn't cook or harm it. We actually tried putting it in water, but it hopped out and hopped away.

But the grill works fine and that chicken I was able to cook up was delicious!

Just A Few More Days Now

Depending on how you count backwards on a calendar to an event, Rachel and I have less than 17 days left of freedom until the girls are born.

It's kind of funny too. We will be watching AFV or Funniest Pets & People, and I see kids doing stuff I know that our girls will do when they start to get older. So I just can not help but laugh my butt off.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

This Just In-- The Babies Are Moving Below

I originally wanted to post this on Tuesday (7/10), but YouTube took it's sweet time converting the video for their site. Well, I checked last night to see if it was up, and it was, but it already had 30+ views. LoL.

What happened was that Rachel was eating something and she had the plate setting on her stomach. All of a sudden it started to move because the girls were kicking or moving around inside. So I grabbed my video camera and started filming. It cuts off the end part, but Rachel started to laugh.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Let The Mobile Advertising Begin

You saw earlier this month as to what our van will look like once the window sticker was placed on it...

Well, I just dropped off the van early this morning (8AM) and I just arrived home now and took a few pictures of the final project. I am hoping this helps pick up some more business.

The only difference from the picture that I posted below is that word "BYTE" was changed to a simpler looking 'Byte'.

Burning Ring of (Forest) Fire

While walking over to another board members house last night, I could see the fire flames coming up and over the mountain tops at Black Rock Gulch (in Arizona). According to The Spectrum (our local newspaper), that is twenty miles away from St. George.

So after walking back to my place, I grabbed my digital camera and my tri-pod (since I have shaky hands and I had to expose the picture more) and took the picture you see on the right.

Monday, July 9, 2007

I'm All A Twitter

For those of you who do not have time to read this blog, I now have a blog provided by twitter, on twitter and on my main page. Now you can see what I am doing every so often (ex. "I'm off to work", or "Just took the dog for a walk"), instead of waiting around for something cool to happen in my life that I can sit down and write about in a blog entry (eg. "Rachel and I bought a new mini van").

I'm still trying to figure out how to get it so that I can send updates to twitter from my phone, as well as other things that anyone can do on twitter... So please be patient as I try to figure this thing out.

Saturday, July 7, 2007


I'm sorry if I have not posted anything in the past few days, but not a lot has happened around here. Just dealing with Association crap and lawsuit (can't say more than that... But luckily it does not involve me personally). Now I see why they call it an "association"... It's a pain in the 'ASS'(ociation).

We (the south-west part of Utah) have been hit by a scorching heat wave this summer. Already Wikipedia is outdated on the Utah entry (as I write this). It says the high in there for the state of Utah was 117 back in 1985. Well, it made it up to a record high 118 (or so I heard on the news) near the Utah/Arizona border. And because of such high temperatures, there was a fire near the Black Rock mountain top area. I was able to see it from where we park our vehicles.

Other than those two things, Rachel is still dealing with a couple of kidney stones, and with the twins. Hopefully after the twins are born, we can do what ever it takes to get those stones out. But she is doing good. The girls are responding (moving/kicking) to my voice, which is really cool.

And as for Ginger (who is looking up at me right now), well... We love Ginger. lol. I'm getting closer to teaching her to roll over, but she still has not figured out the command "roll over" without the motions of moving the treat around the back of her head (the way you teach a dog to roll over).

Monday, July 2, 2007

What Do You Think?

For the past couple of weeks, I have been having a local sign shop create a see-through sticker for the back of the van. I had to create a rough draft to give them an idea of what I wanted the sticker to look like and then they gave me back their first rough draft of what it would look like. It looked very plain and boring, plus a few other things needed to be fixed. So I returned with the what I would like fixed, and they just called not too long ago and said that the 2nd rough draft was ready to look at. Since I do not have my scanner hooked up, I took a picture of the picture (below) to give you an idea of what it will look like. They fixed the blue "s" (it was black before they fixed it), added the quote that I came up with, Service That Doesn't Byte, and then placed the green part that starts from the bottom and fades out as it travels to the top of the window. Everyone that I have shown it to, including me, says that they like it...

So, what do you think? I actually want to hear your opinion.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

To Plant? Or Not To Plant? This Was Not Our Decision.

Last year, my sister-in-law visited our home the day when I was putting up the Christmas lights to cook some bread using raw pumpkin. I can not remember the whole story, but we ended up tossing some or all of the remaining pumpkin in the composting bin. Well, we forgot to throw away the seeds and this spring Rachel used some of the compost in her planter boxes.

Well all of a sudden, in two of the three planter boxes, the same kind of plant started sprouting up all over. We couldn't figure it out at first, but then we realized what kind of seed was growing once we pulled out the baby plant. In the long run, we let two of them grow into pumpkin plants and one of them produced the only pumpkin in the bunch. Not a prize winner, but worth mentioning.

Funny story: Did you know that baby yellow squash plants look the same as baby pumpkin plants? Long story short, Rachel had to go buy new baby yellow squash plants to plant.