Thursday, August 30, 2007


Lately, I have been doing some serious thinking about starting to repair iPods, along side my computer repair business. Well, there was just one small thing that I was missing to make this a reality... An Apple Macintosh to connect the iPods that people have and connect to their Macs to.

Well, early this morning, I placed a bid on a used iMac G3. Someone outbid my original bid later on, but I bid another price to stay on top. So, not too long ago, the auction ended. The only bad thing is the price for the shipping. But hey, it beats paying over a thousand dollars for a new iMac.

The reason I bid on this particular item, is not just because it has a blue shell, but because it has all the right system requirements and software requirements that I need to make sure that when I connect an iPod to this computer, it will see the iPod... hopefully.

So now that I am doing this iPod repair, I have searched to find that I am the only one in town to repair iPods. And yesss.... I can repair them. As for pricing or how I am going to charge people is a different problem. That is why (at the moment) I have only announced on my business website that will be starting to repair them in the future, not right now.

And yes, I will have it so that if you live else where in Utah or the USA, and you need something replaced or upgraded (like a 100GB hard drive) to your iPods, you can ship them to me. I know this will help in generating more business.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just A Few Updates

I know I have not posted much this month, but there are a few quick things I would like to tell you about.

- Earlier this month, when I said I posted new pictures taken by Heidi of the girls... Well, the page was up, but I forgot to update the main Photos page. My bad! Don't worry, the page has been updated and just for safe keepings, here is a direct link to the page just in case you have not seen the pictures.
- My parents, brother and my Grandma Jarrett came down this past weekend (8/24-8/26) to visit with us. Instead of going back with everyone else on Sunday, my mom is staying here with us to help us out. This coming weekend (8/31-9/2), my dad and brother are coming back down with my other grandparents from Salt Lake. I still have yet to have my sister come down and see the girls.
- Rachel and I are working on custom made birth announcements (Using Microsoft Paint and Digital Image) to have printed at Walgreens and then to mail to everyone. We just have to have them printed, find envelopes to place them in and then to also find all the addresses of family members and friends we are going to send them to. So, sometime next week, expect to receive a letter in the mail from us. If you do not receive them next week, then plan for the following week.
- As you can see (77x42), I have placed the GIF ads I had up over a year ago. I have placed them on this main blog page and on the main Photos page. ...And yes, those numbers in the beginning of this sentence are suppose to be there.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Question of the Week - August 23rd, 2007

Every week, St. George's local newspaper, The Spectrum, sends to all the homes a weekly mini-newspaper called, "Dixie Weekly News". Each week, they ask random people coming out of Harmon's a question and post some of the responses in this weekly mini-newspaper. Since I have been slacking on posting blog entries like I use to (since the girls have been born), I thought this would help fill the giant gaps of nothingness...

This weeks question: "If you returned to do high school over, what would you do differently?"

Well, ditching my classes would be out of the question, I would study more, and I would actually turn in my assignments. Oh, and I would actually interact with people instead of being the shy one, like I was back then. How I actually graduated from high school, I still don't know how I did it.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Like Father, Like Daughters...

Rachel took this picture the other day when the three of us were still sleeping.

Oh, interesting fact here. Had the girls gone the full 40-week term, they would have been scheduled to have been born yesterday (8/21).

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Three Weeks Old

With the girls now being three weeks old and each weighing 6 lbs. 12 oz., I thought that we would shoot some video and post it on the web of what they look like now and how they are acting. Enjoy!

Updated on August 23, 2007 @ 22:18 MST

Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Lot More Pictures!

I have posted a lot more pictures of the girls, taken by their Aunt Heidi last week. I posted them two days ago as an Easter Egg and let anyone following me on Twitter know that they were up. Now you can check them out too.

Monday, August 6, 2007

We're Jammin'!

I was reading in one of the free baby magazines that Rachel received about music and how it helps your child in many areas. One of the albums they just happened to list was Bob Marley's Legend (because the rhythmic beat in music helps the child, and you know Bob Marley). Well guess who has that album...? Guess who's listening to it right now...?

It seems to be helping since I just placed those speakers in there. Don't worry, the volume is at a reasonable level. Plus, the speakers appear to be working better then the ear bud/head phones that we had in there (away from the girls reach). The second I started to play the music, they both stopped fussing and as I write this and watch them with the baby monitor, they are in the same position when I started the music. Finally, some peace and music!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Where Did We Come Up With Their Names?

Although this has not been asked to me personally (possibly to Rachel, but not me), I thought it would be interesting to have you know, "Where and how did we come up with their names?"

Well, as many of you may know, we have had the name Chloe picked out for the longest time. The only thing was, when people asked, "So, have you come up with another name yet?", we would jokingly reply, "Chloe, and Chloe's sister". Until the Saturday or Sunday after their births, we really had nothing official for another name.

Rachel and I have been talking about different names, and whether or not we wanted to name them after my grandmothers, Maxine and Ada (as per Rachel's request). But However, a few weeks before they were born, I was thinking, let's take out the letters in both Rachel and my name (Ryan) that are in our last name (Sharich). For example:


So all we have left are the letters, E L Y N. The first name I could think of at the time (and can only think of) was Lyne (pronounced, Lynn). But it was pointed out that the way that it is spelt, makes it pronounceable like the word "line.

Well, since Rachel wanted to use my grandmother Ada's name somehow as our daughters names, I was thinking, what about Adalyne (Add-A-Line), but I wanted it to sound more like is was spelt how it is now, Adelyn (Add-A-Lynn).

So the night before they wanted us to fill out the official paper work for their names, Rachel and I wrote down the names we wanted to possibly use. We came up with were: Adalynn, Adelyn, Adalyne, Jessica (my half-sisters name), Pearl (the month of June birth stone), Bonnie (Rachel's grandmother's name), Marie (my mom and sister's middle name), Elizabeth. After talking about it, we decided to use Adelyn Marie and Chloe Maxine, but we call Adelyn "Ady" for short.

And there you have it...

Thursday, August 2, 2007

"Boom! 3.5 On A Belly-Button Wrap-Up! That Is A New State Record" - Brian Regan

After many much moosen time that I have been allowed to be on the computer while family is here to help with the babies during the day time, all the photos are up on my Photos page. I have added captions to help you know what is going on in some of the pictures. Just hover your mouse pointer over the thumbnails.

Then while Rachel was talking to her dad, she had the idea of taking some video and posting it on the web so everyone (who does not live nearby and who has not yet seen the babies) can view the girls move around, instead of seeing what they are like by looking at all the many photos. So here you go...

UPDATE: (8/4) Both Rachel and I goofed in that video of our girls below... We called each kid by the other child's name. So Chloe (awake) is on the left, and Adelyn (asleep) is on the right. The original video has now been deleted and was replaced with this video.