Sunday, January 27, 2008

Always Trying Things to Improve This Site

I just wanted to let everyone know about the new Flash menu bar up at the top and bottom of each webpage on my personal website (Home | Blog | Photos...). This will make it so much easier for everyone, including me. I also have it so that if you click the Blog link, it will take you directly to the current month I am writing. Just to let you know, the Blog link on the main page ( will not do this feature since the link is HTML, not Flash... One thing at a time.

Plus, if I ever add a new page (look for the Videos page coming soon), I can just update the menu bar and it will be automatically updated on every page.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Not Quite Six Months, But Just So Cute

On Saturday (1/19), while Rachel was at work, I took the video camcorder and recorded some video of the girls playing on the floor. Chloe is getting close to crawling, but Adelyn is just learning the starting basics to begin crawling.

I do have another hilarious video of the girls laughing that I will be posting in a few days, so stay tuned...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Laker Fan Must Have Done This

While at work today (1/20), a customer who came through my line said that she had a question about a generic themed cake that the store had for sale. She laid the cake on the conveyor belt and asked me if this looked right. It was suppose to be a Utah Jazz themed cake with the team colors and two basketballs on top. Everything looked okay until I saw what was written on the cake.

Friday, January 18, 2008

No Stopping Them Now

Earlier this week, my father sent me this picture taken of his Mustang (the one in the lead) that was originally e-mailed to him. The picture (taken in 2007) was apparently printed in this months (January 2008) issue of Mustang Monthly. To also point out something interesting, the white Mustang following my dad's Mustang, actually belongs to my uncle.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

"...At the Derek Zoolander Center For Children Who Can't Read Good..." - Zoolander

Since nothing has happened this past week worth posting, I thought I would finally post something I was originally going to post around Christmas time.

During the holidays, my work was selling many inexpensive toys designed for children. One of the toys was an Army/GI Joe/action figure type of toy, which included some army transportation vehicles. All of the employees (and customers) had passed by this thing hundreds of times without noticing what what was written on the box, that is until one of my front-end managers decided to actually take a moment and look at it. He noticed something different about the toys description written on the back/side of the products box. It was made in China, but the designer/manufacture messed up on translating from Chinese to English, and well, the pictures show it all.

Because this last picture is a little blurry, this is what it says:
"Top-quality the products! fashionable colour! design for the children all fangle and in the high quality , welcome you use our products!

Today's choice, want to make the good preparation for twenty-one century!

This toy examined by safety, it suitable for children 3 years old and up, the parents guide usage to children who under 3 years old. This toy is plastic, in order to prevent the occurrence dangerous , please not to let the children make an effort to knock. please right to circumvolve connect the toy car's head and compartment

Name: military affairs truck
Main component:plastic

Thursday, January 10, 2008


On Tuesday (1/8), a co-worker called me and asked if I could come in and work her shift. Since I had not worked in almost 3 weeks, I said 'Yes'.

Well, after my first break, I was walking back to the front desk to grab my till when I noticed some of the Valentine's Day candy that my work had on display near the front. The giant Hershey chocolate candy bar caught my attention like no other. Apparently this bad boy weighs 5-pounds! If anyone wants one, let me know because my work is selling them for $45.00, Amazon is selling them for $79.50.

I took the picture with my cell phone. Not the greatest picture, but it works. If you are wondering, that is a quarter underneath the second letter 'S' on Hershey's. Yeah-- BIG F'N BAR OF CHOCOLATE!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"Leave the Duck Alone!" - The R.M.

The other night, Rachel and I were getting the girls room ready so that they can now sleep upstairs, instead of downstairs with us. We found the inflatable duck that was given to us at the baby shower and is designed to be used as a bathtub for infants. Instead, we are now using it as a book basket. But before we placed the books went inside, I placed it on the guest mattress that we have in that room, placed the girls inside and took a couple of pictures.

The second picture below, right after I took that picture, Chloe (who is sitting in the back) started to grab the left side of Adelyn's head. I had to hurry and step in before someone started screaming. LoL

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Laugh It Up Girls

With the girls turning 6 months old today, I thought I would post a video for everyone.

The other night, after I had filmed the previous video that I posted (below), I started to tickle both of the girls while making a strange noise. Well, both girls just started laughing like crazy and luckily I was able to capture it on film. The only bad thing was I could not do the sound for too long because it started to hurt my throat.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Play Time

The other night, we placed Adelyn in the bouncer toy that we received at the baby shower in June, and had Chloe bouncing on Rachel's knee as I recorded. They seemed to be having a fun time, I hope you do too as you watch the video.

I am going to try something new. Apparently some of the videos that I have posted on YouTube, that are then posted here on my blog, are also being posted on other websites without my permission... And some of them, if you saw the website, you would agree with what I am doing. So from now on, I will post a picture of the video on the right of the blog entry (like so) and it will take you to the video that has been posted on YouTube.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Please Don't Do The Following...

I love hearing from everyone when you write to me by e-mail, but there are just some things that has to stop. If you are planning doing the following, whether to me or anyone else, please try using the following suggestions:

- E-mailing me a link/URL that is super longgggg... Use to shorten that link into a super short and small URL. Just copy and paste that new link in the e-mail.

- E-mailing me large sized photo, or multiple photos, that I did not ask for (512KB+) and/or are part of a chain e-mail letter, please use or If you would like your photos to be private, you can tell the settings on each site to only allow certain people to view them. Simply send me a link to the photo that is provided by each site.

- E-mailing me a video that was sent/forwarded to you, please use to upload that video to that site. Sending me actual videos via e-mail bogs down Outlook and causes it to crash. I just end up deleting the e-mail anyways.

I do love to read everyones e-mails, but when it takes forever to download or it causes Outlook to crash, I just end up deleting the e-mail. You don't have to use the suggestions I mention above, but it would be nice to not only me, but to other people as well when you send them e-mails. Thanks!

Oh, You Just Want to Eat Them Up!

Well, now that the girls are 5 months old and that they have grown big enough, they are now able to wear their DOTS outfits and hats that we received at the baby shower back in June.

If you are wondering why I placed "" over the large photo, I have noticed some personal pictures that have been posted on my website being used on other webpages (FaceBook, MySpace, etc.) without permission. If you ever want the actual photo that I post on this site, please e-mail me and I will be glad to e-mail you the actual photo(s).

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Mmm... Now That's Gooooooo-ood!

I took the video camcorder and taped Rachel feeding the babies their first solids (other than rice cereal) from the jar (it was carrots). But just to let you know, this video was recorded on December 28th. The reason I am posting it now is because I wanted this video at the beginning of this month, not at the end of last month. So enjoy, I know they did!