Friday, February 29, 2008

Life Has Been Very Busy

Well, as you can see, I have not posted much on my blog for the month of February. There are a few reasons for this.

Rachel has taken over-time shifts at her work so that we can have a little extra cash to catch on bills. Because she is doing this, I am staying home more with the girls and working very little at Lin's (except this week 2/24-3/1). My business is also picking up because I have had so many phone calls and quite a few jobs over the past few weeks. But when I am not working on computers or iPods, or at Lin's, I am watching the girls. With the girls now crawling and they have found out how to roll from their backs onto their stomachs, they do not stay still / won't stop spitting up / attach each other without knowing they are hurting the other sibbling, so they have to be watched so that they do not touch or grab anything, or crawl somewhere that could hurt them. So life has been very busy. This is also as to why I have not posted any new videos lately. But don't worry, since I am off all next week (3/2-3/8), I'm sure I will find some time to post some of the best clips of all the video that has been taken since the last time I posted a video of the girls.

Another reason as to why I am posting this blog entry is to let everyone know that if you would like to see AND ORDER pictures of the girls, Rachel has been uploading pictures that she and I have been taking with our digital camera, to her Walgreen's photo account. Visit the "Sharich Twins" photo page. Just to let you know, (for privacy reasons too) you have to have a Walgreen's account to view the pictures.

Oh, in case you have not seen it (because the picture link was not correct), you can watch Rachel's Valentine's Day video/gift. While I am on the subject of my website, you may have noticed on the main page of my site that there are two more links to my website; "Panoramic" and "Videos". I decided to move the Panoramic photos to their own spot, instead of sharing them with personal photos. The Videos page, which I haven't even started to create yet, will show all videos I have posted on YouTube. Things or plans may change with those two new pages, but for right now, that is what I plan to have on each page. I will try to fix the menu bar up above as soon as I can.

Well, when I get a moment, I'll begin working on posting a new video. See you in four years for the next February 29th blog entry.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Question of the Week - February 22, 2008

It's been a while (since last year) since I have posted one of these, but this question was a good one. Every week, St. George's local newspaper, The Spectrum, sends to all the homes a weekly mini-newspaper called, "Dixie Weekly News". Each week, they ask random people coming out of Harmon's a question and post some of the responses in this weekly mini-newspaper. Since I have been slacking on posting blog entries like I use to (because I am watching the girls more), I thought this would help fill the giant gaps of nothingness...

This weeks question: "If money were of no concern, what features would you add to your home or yard?"

Oh, good question! At first, I thought, why work on this home-- I would just move. But then I re-read the question, and it does not say, "If money were no object...", so I thought about this question for what it really ask. I would replace the carpets (except the basement), patch and then repaint all the walls the same color/tone, replace the trim around the base of the walls, the backyard would have grass or some sort of walkway, replace the linoleum in the laundry room/master bathroom, put up a wood shade or cover over the back patio...

I know there are other things, but this is all I can think of right now (since I am watching the girls). I know there is a lot of work that needs to be done to this house, but I am grateful that I have a house. Even though this was a rental before Rachel bought it, I know she has put a lot of work into it to make it look nice (even though many of the homeowners in the association around here don't care what their houses look like).

What would you do to your place?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


(NOTE: I vent in this posting, so if you don't want to read it... please skip this entry)

I know it's been a while since I have sat down and wrote something new, but trust me, even with me soon to not be president of the home owners association that I live in, life is just as busy since the girls (mostly Chloe at this moment) are learning how to crawl. I have to actually sit in the TV room with the girls and make sure they do not grab or touch anything that they can hurt themselves with, or crawl anywhere they shouldn't crawl.

But that is not why I am writing this entry... I was just asked by e-mail what I accomplished by telling everyone about my trip to Salt Lake for my sisters wedding (the blog entry has now been removed).

First, I have this blog to let everyone know about what I am up to in my life. Life is different now that I have moved from Salt Lake to St. George. As many people know, I do not (or I forget to) call or talk to a lot of people by phone to tell them what I have been up to. When I do talk to anyone by phone, I may not remember everything. So when I do get a free moment, I will post anything exciting or worth mentioning on here for everyone to read or view. With the girls here and getting bigger, I also use this blog to post videos and pictures of them on here for everyone to view because they are growing up so fast. But if this blog seems to offend anyone, you are not forced by gun-point to visit this site. Just as I am to freely post whatever I want, I don't have to post anything.

Second, the reason why I posted about my trip to Salt Lake for my sisters wedding was to say where I was for a while since there was about a weeks gap there of nothing. Sure, the wedding was fine, but I personally seemed to be having a bad trip before we even left St. George and most of the time we were up in SL. Is that so wrong to write about that? Am I not free to post my opinions, or am I suppose to describe a picture that makes my life look like nothing is wrong and all is well? Well, no ones' life is perfect.

Third, I also use this blog as a timeline for when I have trouble remembering stuff (which is happening more often lately). From time to time, I will look back and read much earlier posting that I have made and am shocked to see how much my life has changed from then to now.

I enjoy writing my blog for everyone to read, but if it offends anyone... Just remember, you don't have to read it. If you don't appreciate my blog, I will be glad to stop writing and posting videos.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

During my sister's wedding reception, they were playing a projected slide show that my brother-in-law made. Those of you who were there may have remember seeing this. I asked him how he made this and he told me Windows Movie Maker. I've always used it to edit the movies I post here, but I never thought of using to make a slideshow.

Well, with Valentine's here, I thought I would make a slide show for Rachel (since I am broke and couldn't buy anything) after I saw the commercial for the new Apple MacBook Air. The song they used in that commercial, I thought, would be perfect to be playing while the pictures were displayed. So I took all the digital pictures from the beginning from when Rachel and I started dating all the way up until now, and then I went through and picked out the best ones to fit along the time length of the song.

Since I couldn't help myself, I told Rachel I was making her something for today. But I didn't want her to think it was something made from a computer, so I told her that I had to run out the other night while she was at work to buy some glitter (you know, a craft project -- lol).

Oh, and one more thing... Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Double Trouble at the Wedding Reception

While up in Salt Lake last week, I was able to take video of people at my sisters wedding reception on Thursday (1/31). Since most of the video is of people you have no clue as to who they are (whether friends/family of my sister or my brother-in-law), I thought it would be best to just post a video of the girls in their dresses being adored by everyone.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Not A Fun Trip

If you read my Twitters from last Tuesday (1/29), you could see that the day did not start off that great. The night before, I went to bed and my right arm felt like it was going to sleep, like I had slept upon it, even though I had not. I woke up Tuesday morning to have my right arm in great pain. I could not bend, move or use it without it resulting in great pain. Finally, Rachel told me to go to the new InstaCare near our house. While I was there, I twittered and texted some people to say that my arm was in pain and that we might not make it up to Salt Lake that day if the pain would not go away. My mom called me back and well... I almost started to have an argument in the waiting room. Long story short (of that story), the doctor gave me a shot in my bum/waistline and gave me a prescription for Ibuprofen, and a few hours later I was 80% better.

Rachel and I were able to finish packing and around 2/3PM, then we were on our way up to Salt Lake. We had to stop in Beaver for lunch and another time in Scipio to feed the girls. Finally made it into Salt Lake around 9/10PM. We let my parents play with the girls before we said it was time for their bedtime.

Since the girls woke up at 5AM on Wednesday morning, I could not get back to bed. So I had been up watching the girls until Rachel was awake. I then went over to fix my aunt and uncles computer. Luckily, it didn't take too long to fix and then I had to pick up my brother from school. I can't remember if I was able to get a nap, but I must have because I was not cranky in the afternoon. Later that evening, we had to go help set up the decorations at the building where the reception would be held. After that, the grooms family had dinner waiting for everyone, and then a small activity for the adults after dinner. (Since their was vegetarian lasagne left over, I took that and had that for breakfast. For the next few months, it's going to to be a while before I eat that stuff again.) We drove to my parents house and got the girls to bed. But the girls kept waking up in the middle of the night. So I knew I was going to be exhausted on Thursday (the busiest day of them all).

With the wind blowing and making the temperature colder than what the girls could handle, and with how crowded I thought it would be uptown because of the funeral (and to try and find a close parking spot so we would not have to push the stroller many blocks to the SL Temple), I decided it would be best not to take the girls uptown and to just wait for the reception that afternoon. But before the reception, they had a small dinner for just the adults. So we left the girls with a neighbor of my parents, went to the dinner, and then came back to pick up the girls. While we were getting the girls in the van, the stupid door unlocker, locked the girls in the van because the van was running. We were able to get SL Sherriff over to my parents house faster than a lock smith, and got the girls out. Since this is the second time the locks have done this, I told Rachel I want this automatic unlocker out of the van if it is going to be doing that. We then drove back to the reception and talked to family and friends. Around 9/10PM, the party finally ended and we cleaned up. Got the girls back to my parents house and tried desperately to get them to sleep. Was able to get them to bed and so we went to bed.

They once again woke up early on Thursday and so I got up and took care of them (since Rachel took care of them in the night). We finally were able to head back to St. George around 2PM, but not after downing two Red Bulls before I left, and one giant one on the drive home. Made it back to St. George in time to unload and to have Rachel make dinner before I called it a night. I had to work the next morning at 9AM, so yeah, I had to get some sleep.

Since this trip was a disaster and both Rachel and I, because were both so low on financial funds to make it up there (or to afford food to eat), it is going to be a long while before we head back up to Salt Lake. Although we were offered money for things, I couldn't take the money unless I had earned it... like being paid for a job or service. I've been given so much in my life for doing absolutely nothing, now it needs to be the other way around.

Friday, February 1, 2008

We're Home... Thank Goodness!

Just letting everyone know that we made it home safe after a very stressful week up in Salt Lake. Right now, I am very tired because I have been up since 7AM this morning and I have drank the equivalent of 4 regular sized Red Bulls to stay awake to get home. I'll tell you about the week up in Salt Lake another day, because right now, Rachel just finished making dinner and I am going to eat and then go to bed.