Friday, April 25, 2008

The Audience Is Watching

I know it's been a while, but I finally was able to put together a video of the girls from what we have recorded from where we last left off.

First, (3/16/08) Chloe gets stuck between couches and I have to rescue her.
Second, (3/28/08) Chloe dances to "K.C. & the Sunshine Band".
Third, (3/28/08) the girls are learning how to lean against the couch.
Forth, (4/7/08) the girls are given new sippy cups and are learning how to use them.
Fifth, (4/13/08) while visiting Heidi in Vegas, the girls are interested in the mirror that is in her bathroom.

Well, give me a few days and I will try to post another one at the start of next month.

Monday, April 21, 2008

No More

From the moment I started writing this blog (back in July 2005), I have enjoyed writing what I want everyone to read, and by also taking and then showing pictures/videos of all that is going on in my life. Some things have been more mellow and normal (maybe boring and uninteresting to you). Some things have been more risky and really out there (more information than you ever wanted to know about someone). Some things I have written just to say how I felt, or how things went... when in the long run I get criticized for expressing how I felt or how I saw things.

I have always wanted to have this blog to be an open book of my life, to share all I can, without giving too much information out (to prevent identity theft and fraud). But now it seems like I am at that point where some things I will no longer be able to share with the world.

As you can see above, I have officially and finally removed the Twitter feed of all that I have twittered about. I have really enjoyed using Twitter to share the little things. The things that don't end up on my blog because I do not want to take the time to sit down, write what happened (if I was able to remember), take and paste the code to allow you to read it on this site (that is, if I even had the time to do that period). It's a fun app that allowed me to express myself by doing very little. I would write something in 140-charaters or less by using my cell phone and I would press Send to have it available for everyone to see and read -- No matter who you were. But after dealing with so much stress within this past week after posting how much Rachel and I received back in our taxes, I've locked down my Twitter account for good. What this means is, you can still follow me to read my twitters (by phone or computer), but you must have a Twitter account and ask to follow me. Just so you know, you don't even have to have a phone to follow my twitters. You can view them by using your computer.

I love my family, and I love everyone who reads this blog of mine... But if it's going to cause issues like the one above, I guess I have to do some serious changes here because I do not want anyone mad at me for having voice my opinion.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Do You Have What it Takes?

Rachel sent me a link and it was directed to a YouTube video. The video is from a recording that a co-worker, and friend, of Rachel's recorded on his TiVo. This apparently aired on the Thursday (4/17) on St. George's local station, and explains what it takes to be a 911 Dispatcher.

No, Rachel was not in this video because the news station apparently visited the dispatch and recorded the interview during the 8AM to 4PM shift. Rachel works the 4PM to 12AM shift.

You Are Free to Move About My Website

It seems I am lucky if I am able to post a blog now a days. Life has been very busy and stressful these past few days.

Well, the best money I have ever spent on advertising for my business seems too be keeping me so busy now a days. A couple of months ago, I purchased a $2 bottle of glass chalk, and it has been a blessing in disguise. I wrote "We Fix iPods" on the sides of the mini van. Then a couple of weeks I wrote "iPod Repair" on the side windows, and "iStGeorge / (435) 467-8324 / iPod Repair" on the back of my Neon. Since we have to park any third vehicle on the street, my Neon has been that car. People drive past that and I have had so many calls saying that "they saw my car" or that they saw me "drive by in a white van" while I drive the girls over to Deseret Industries (looking for killer bargains) and they ask about the iPod repair.

Funny story, I was on my way to a job the other day (4/16) and I was waiting at the turn light at Bluff and St. George Boulevard, when this lady to the left of me, had her mother roll down the window and asked me, "What's your number?". Just having my business cards done, and having a bunch in my wallet, I put my car in park (light still red), hurried and hoped out of my car and handed them a business card. That made my day.

But to show you exactly how busy I have become -- I started writing this blog two days ago... With watching the girls and working on my business (not to mention two dentist appointments back-to-back), that tells you how busy I am and why I have not done much. The reason I was able to finish writing and posting this blog is that my parents are in town visiting. So they are playing with the girls downstairs while I scramble to finish.

Also, I received a request from a family member to post more pictures of the girls. Normally I post pictures on my Pictures page in a theme. Rachel, however, will post new pictures of the girls on her Walgreens profile from time to time. I mentioned this a while back, but just in case you have forgot, here is the link to that webpage (this gives me another idea to add another page on this site: Links). As for posting videos, that too takes time to do. I use to be able to post videos in the evening while I would watch the girls and they would play quietly downstairs in the TV room. Since last week, they have started to scream their heads off whenever I, or anyone, leaves the room... even to go the bathroom. So I am able to do very little these days when it comes to writing a blog or any website of mine (I'm still working on my Napoleon Dynamite website-- still not done). But I'll try to record some new footage of them playing, crawling, babbling and walking along the couch. Just give me a few days for that.

If you ever have questions or request, feel free to contact me and I'll do what I can.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Looking For Our Lost Shaker of Salt

On Sunday (4/13), Rachel, the girls and I, drove down to Vegas to visit Rachel's sister, and to use my Margaritaville gift certificate that my sister gave me for Christmas.

We made it down there around 3PM, 2 their time, and tried to take pictures of the girls. But after waiting around for a while, I finally got hungry and we all went to Jason's deli. After Jason's, I dropped them off at the apartment, went my way and headed over to the Stratosphere to take pictures. I've been working on getting Photoshop to piece the pictures together, since we got home, to make the panoramic picture. I think I have it going (4th times the charm) and it is half way done. Once it is done, I will post the picture on my Panoramic page.

After playing around and taking pictures, I headed back to the apartment and it wasn't too long before we re-packed the van and all of us headed over to Margaritaville for dinner. I had the Cheeseburger (Veggie Burger) in Paradise. I think I will try something else next time... unless I am eating meat by then. I couldn't even finish my meal, and trying to keep the girl entertained... Not fun. Well, the next time we go, they will be older of course. Headed to the gift shop and bought two beach balls for the girls. Drove back to take Rachel's sister to her place, and then we headed home. Got home around 2:30AM our time, fed the girls and we both crashed.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dang It!

Okay, I will bring back the Twitter feed, only if everyone understand that right now I am on the verge of craziness by taking anything sent to me (text/e-mail), sarcastic/jokingly or not, the wrong way. With the way life has been lately with the girls (them being sick and it's twice the work as taking care of one kid), Rach and I have been stressing over getting our daily task done just to make sure we take care of them and that they get better so we can get back to our normal lives. Give it a week or two.

If you still want to send me something in a funny manner, please tell me that it was meant to be funny and you hope I got the joke.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Napoleon's Town Gets An Update

No, I'm not talking about Preston, Idaho. I'm talking about my Napoleon Dynamite website ( Yes, I still have it.

But since it has been a while since I last worked on it (probably after the 2006 Festival), I am giving it a new look that I think looks great and pretty creative. As of my posting of this entry, you can click here to see a preview of what it looks like, or if you are reading this a few weeks after I have written this, then click here to start from the main page and work your way through the site.

Don't forget to refresh the preview or main page. The picture at the top of the page changes every time your refresh or revisit the page.

It will be a week or two before I am done with the website. The girls have been sick this past week, so that is what is slowing me down. Apparently they have croup. Not pretty and so very not fun!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Business Cards

Yesterday (4/3), I quickly drew up a rough draft of what I would like my professionally made business card to look like. I then took in the rough draft to the company who is making them for me and I received the official draft of what it will look like today (4/4). It will take 7 to 10 days before they are available, but I can't wait!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Fool Me Twice

With yesterday being April Fools, I thought I would send a pretty clever text/Twitter message that I hope would fool some people. Maybe it did, maybe it didn't...

But I too, was the fool to some peoples jokes, all via text message.

That afternoon, while heading back to my car from working on a customers computer, I received this text from my friend JoAnna: "Mike (her fiancé) and i went to the court house and we are officially husband and wife!". Next text message, "April fools!" So to get her back, I text messaged her back, pretending I never received the second text, "I thought you were waiting until the end of the year? Well your gift is just going to have to wait. And I thought you wanted me there?". She wrote back, "Um it was a[n] april fools did you not get the memo[?]". I wrote back, "yeah i got it, but now i got you! April fools."

Then close to midnight, I received an text message from Kris. She text messaged me saying, "some man called my phone looking for you. mr. behr 602-273-1341". Since I didn't know if she meant to send this text to me or her husbands, I wrote back: "Someone called looking for me, Ryan, or your husband?". She replied, "ryan he said call immediately". Well, I have no clue as to who could be calling from the 602 area code, and with my business, you never know who may be needing me. So with me being right next to my PC, I Google'd the phone number and this was the first result from that list. So I replied, "The number belongs to someone at the Phoenix Zoo charity. If he calls again, tell him [if] he need[s] me to find my number and to never call you again. Do you know this person that called?". She wrote back, "yeah mr. behr april fools". -- Dang it! Now that I am writing this, I should have wrote her back after she told me April Fools, to say that "Are you kidding me?! I just had Rachel call this number in, saying it was harassing you." Dang it!

So I was fooled twice. -- If you were fooled, tell me how?