Thursday, May 22, 2008

Major Rockstars

I posted this video less than 24 hours ago on YouTube, but for some reason, my laptop has not been able to connect to my desktop... So I have been unable to use FrontPage (the program I use to create web pages). I hope is something that I can fix, but for now, I'm using my desktop computer.

In the first part, one of the girls holds Ginger's paw, like she is holding it. Then Rachel tries to get one of the girls to say "da da", but no luck.

Second part, the girls have a screaming contest in front of Grandpa Rex.Then, I show you why we had to get a new TV. This is my favorite scene from Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Finally, Annie and Ben stop by on their way to Arizona, but they brought their new dog Olive with them. The girls, and Ginger, get to play with her for a while.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Taking It Easy

With the new laptop, I was able to edit and put together this latest video without any problems.

Before you watch this video, there is something you should know. These videos were recorded in a higher format than all the previous videos and were edited to be 9 to 10 minutes long, which means the video is going to be a bigger sized file than the previous videos. In English, if you have dial-up internet, it will take you 2X or 3X longer to download the next few videos. If you have DSL, Cable or higher form of internet, you will notice no difference.

In the first clip, the girls having fun playing with and near the guard gate that leads into the kitchen.
Next, Chloe is now brave enough to climb up the stairs that lead upstairs.
Then, we are hanging out in the TV room. The girls have to share one of their sippy cups with one another.
Then it looks like breakfast got out of hand one morning.

And last, this is what happens when Ady is hungry/tired and wants a bottle or someone in the room with her.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Life Is Good

As from my Twitters that I posted these past few days, we now have a new laptop and new plasma TV in the TV room, stickers on the mini-van and custom embroidered business shirts. I decided to re-post them up above/on the main page because there is a way for Rachel and I to talk to one another in private, using Twitter, while she is at work and it will keep our conversations private.

First the laptop. I purchased the laptop because I wanted to post more blogs (like this one that I am writing), pictures and videos on my website while being in the same room as the girls. Sure I could bring the desktop downstairs-- But then I would have power cords and other cables hanging all over, or the desktop computer would have to sit on the carpet underneath the card table that I am using right now and the girls could do some damage to it if they got to it... and possibly hurt themselves. Plus, when I have a computer job, I would need the computer upstairs just in case. So this way, the laptop sits up on top and away from them. Then to access the files on the desktop computer upstairs, I have a wireless network going on. I haven't been able to do that in years. (Note: As you can see on the link to the laptop, the back/monitor shell color is blue-- I had no idea it was blue until after I opened the box. This was a bonus.) Yes, (as seen in the picture) I can have it so that if I wanted to display what I see on the laptop screen, I just connect a monitor cable from the laptop to the TV. Now THAT is a monitor!

Second, the TV. If you have been to our home lately, you may have had to experience dealing with our old TV (which I'll be posting in a video sometime soon), or as we called it, "The Radio". The picture would just keep disappearing, but you were still able to hear the audio. So you would have to get up and hit the side of it really hard to get the picture to re-appear, or hit the floor hard enough with your foot (which would then also start up music and flashing lights on one of the girls toys, lol). I just couldn't take it any longer. So Rachel, the twins and I headed over to Costco on Wednesday and picked out a new TV. Long story short, if the box for anything you buy looks like it has been opened, open the box while there (after you have paid for it) and make sure everything is in the box before heading home. We got home and found out that it was missing another box, which included the instructions, remote control, batteries, AC cord, etc. We took it back and finally got a new packaged TV with everything that should be included, and got it set up. I love this thing! And watching basketball games, it looks like you are there in person. (FYI- The price listed on the manufactures website, as I write this, is double of what we paid. So we got a heck of a deal!)

Third; On Wednesday (5/14), I had an appointment to take the van over to a local graphics designer, and had them (with my help) place new stickers on the van. They are a little smaller than what I was going for, but it will have to do for now. As for the back window (see picture), it looks small, but when you are in the vehicle and need to view the traffic behind you, it's just right. As for the side windows, they are a little small, so I may have to take the van back in and have them redo the stickers so that they are about 1.5x to 2X bigger. That way, when I drive by someone, they can see the picture of the iPod and read it. Oh yeah, if you take a look at the pictures, you will notice that there is now tint on the windows. A gentlemen that hired me to work on three of his computers, does tint. So we had him to put tint on the van windows. It looks great, so we plan on having him put tint on our front windows of our home (to keep it cool) and on the red car (to make it look cool)... but that is a future project. Oh, instead of those stick-figure family member stickers that families put on the back of their vehicle windows, I created something of my own. Click on the picture of the back window, and in the bottom left-hand corner of the windows is what I had placed on the mini-van. If you can not see it, it says, "iDad", "iMom", "iKid" & "iKid".

On Thursday, I received a call from the business whom I hired a couple weeks ago to design and embroider collared shirts for me to wear when I have to go pick up an iPod/PC or for when I have an On Site job. While I was getting into the van after picking up the shirts, someone came up to me in the parking lot and asked for one of my business card. lol. If any one would like one, I can have one made up for you within a week for $20. Any size and any color of polo shirt (except white or black, as you can see that those colors are already used on the iPod icon), and I'll ship it to you anywhere in the US for free.

Well, that has been my week, how have you been?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Best Things In Life

With today being Mother's Day, I thought it would be nice to post another video.

In the first video, my parents (who were in town) and I tried to feed and bribe the girls with pizza. The next video is what happens (every so often) when I am downstairs and the girls are looking downstairs. It's hilarious to see it from this end. Last, I took the girls outside one day to play on the grass. Didn't hate it, but they did not enjoy it since the grass is not soft.

I would like to post more videos, pictures and information. But with me watching the girls, I am confined to the TV room where they play. Any time I leave the room or their sight, they scream their heads off. So, if business picks up again, I may be getting a new PC laptop so I can write and post more on this blog.

Monday, May 5, 2008

"Sole" Food

Sorry, I meant to post this on Saturday, but I have been so busy since then.

The first clip is of the girls wearing their new shoes/sandals.
The last part is videos of my mom and dad, who were in town, feeding the girls in the morning.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Looking For Our Lost Mini Shakers of Salt

On April 13th, Rachel and I took the girls down to visit Rachel's sister who lives in Las Vegas. Later that night, since I had a gift certificate, we all went to dinner at Margaritaville at the Flamingo. Oh yeah, I already mentioned this.

Well, I had my video camera there to record all the excitement the girls were seeing. Oh, and if you know the words to any of Buffett's songs, sing along.