Sunday, July 27, 2008

Questions... Answers

"Have you ever told a secret you swore not to tell?" - JoAnna

You told me to do this question the other night, and I couldn't think of anything then. Now, a few days later, and he we are again... Still nothing!

The closest thing I can even think of, was not a big secret, but something about this game I remember playing at this (I think it was a) birthday party when I was 6 to 8 years old. Please forgive me if you know about this game, even the rules, and I slaughter them for those of you who do not know the game.

They were playing this game almost like hide-n-seek, where everyone, except for one person, would sit or stand next to or on an object. For example, someone was sitting next to a phone, or standing next to a phone. The one person hiding from behind a wall (where they couldn't see anyone) would call or say, "Is there anyone sitting next to the phone", and if there was, that person that sitting next to the phone (or whatever object was called out) was the next person to start calling out places where someone might be next to. For some reason, I can't remember why I wasn't playing along with everyone else, but the one person calling out objects, I told them where one person was, and they called it out. Hey, I was very young. Well, everyone got mad at me... It taught a valuable lesson: Keep my mouth shut when not asked. lol

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm Back Up... Well, This Site Is

For those of you who recently were unable to visit my personal website after typing in '' or doing a web search and clicking on '', I apologize. As you know, I had to re-register the web domain address, '', with Go Daddy since Yahoo! wants $34.95 a year for each domain. I only have to pay $10 a year with Go Daddy. It took about a week to get Yahoo! to released the ownership of the domain over to Go Daddy. Then it took about another week for it to be active or working on my end. But there was a step I forgot to correct to allow Go Daddy to be the one to know it was the one in charge of the domain, not Yahoo!. But since I had already cancelled the account with Yahoo!, the domain '' did not "exist" until I corrected that little error and had to wait 48 hours for it to start working.

But know that if you typed in '' in the URL part of your web browser right now, it will work now. Sorry if you tried to type it in and though that I deleted this site. Just so you know, I would tell you if I was getting rid of this site, or canceling any domain, before I went ahead and did it. Remember, I also post immediate updates on Twitter if there were any problems with my website. And as a last resort, you could do a web search for "Ryan Sharich". Normally the top results always lead to one or more of my personal website pages, then you can click the Home link on the menu bar.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Walking Along

As you can see, I have posted a new video on YouTube. But there is something different about this video. YouTube has a new feature called Annotaions. For those of you who can remember, it reminds me of VH1 Pop Up Music Videos. But with this new feature, you can add Speech Bubbles, Notes and Spotlight. You can see an example of the Speech Bubble in the picture on the left, but the Notes feature, I would place those at the top or bottom of the video. The only time I used a Spotlight feature was at the very end when it showed my website. I'll be going through all the videos, starting from the most recent and working backwards. I'll try to do at least one video a week, unless I get bored and have nothing better to do.

In this video, Chloe plays with the new walking toy. This is also the first time we recorded Chloe since she started walking by herself.

Ady enjoys playing on the couch. Rachel tries to get Ady to show her first baby tooth. The girls see that I have food (my lunch) and they want some too.

Later, this is what I do to get them to head upstairs. You have to always make sure the gates are closed behind you or they see it as an opportunity to play and explore.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's July!

Well, it's the month of July and it's almost the girls 1st birthday. Some of you have been wondering what to get the girls for their first birthday. Well, while Rachel was at work a few days ago, she made a Wal-Mart's Wish List on their website. You don't have to order that product from Wal-Mart, or you do not have to get exactly what is shown, it was created to give you an idea of what Rachel though the girls might like to play with or be helpful in helping them learn... That is, if you want to give them something.

Also, in her free time, Rachel has been making a scrap book on the computer about our family. The pictures below are just a few page of what she has created. But just a heads up, some of the pages may be edited or altered, so they may change by the time they are complete and finished... so printing them may be a waste of ink/money. Rachel wanted me to post her current work here so I could let everyone see her magnificent work. I can't wait for the entire book to be completed.