Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Girls Birthday at the Park (Video 1)

On the morning of July 26th, we celebrated Adelyn and Chloe's 1st birthday at St. George's Town Square Park. Rachel made invitations with her scrap booking program and then handed them out to friends and co-workers so they could come, along with their kids (I really have not made any serious friends since moving down here, so I didn't need to hand any out myself).

We had a fruit tray and fruit drinks for everyone we invited and let them mingle and relax, while we let the girls and other kids play in the water area. I took pictures with the digital camera for a while, and then I took video afterwards of everything that was going on.

Everyone has been asking about the videos and when I was going to post it, but before I posted, I needed to first catch up and then post the other videos that we had taken before I posted the videos I took of this event. Since I have now caught up, here is the first video of two, of the girls birthday at the water park.

The Girls 1st Birthday Cakes

Well, here is the video of the girls eating their 1st birthday cakes. We don't know why Chloe started crying after we were done singing "Happy Birthday", but she did and Kristi did her best to entertain her and to keep her happy.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing... (Part 2)

With Grandma and Grandpa now in town, the girls (as well as G&G) get to enjoy and play the new gifts that they were given.