Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What Happens When...?

What happens when you are cleaning out the fridge and find 3 expired tubes of biscuit dough? You let them set in the sun to explode, that is what you do!

Well, a few hours later, I went back outside to find that they were no longer where I had placed them. Two of them had exploded and dropped on the ground behind the wire.

While I was cleaning up the mess from those two tubes, I was wondering where the heck the other tube was? I searched around that area where the two had landed... nothing. Could it have flown somewhere else?

... Neighbors backyard?
... Somewhere else in our backyard?

The third tube had flown over our fence and landed in the flower bed in our front yard.

Now that is awesome!

Are You Sure You Have What It Takes?

While looking over my blog, I rediscovered the video that I posted back in April of what it takes to be a dispatcher.

Just out of curiosity, I clicked the link to see if Tyler (Rachel's friend and co-worker, and the one who posted that video) had posted any more videos. Turns out he did and it was posted the day after the original video.

This second video that he posted is what people go through while training to be a dispatcher. I have been in and seen the dispatch center many times before. But this was the first time that I have ever seen the room at the fire station (up the street from where we live) where Rachel, as well as other dispatchers, teach new recruits to become dispatchers.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Playing Out In The Rain

Just a few hours ago, a small rainstorm rolled by our home. Rachel let the girls go out and play in it for a little bit. Then the rain really started coming down and they got soaked. So I grabbed the camera and took a few pictures. This is the one I liked the best.

Crazy Lunches

I filmed the girls eating lunch the other day. At the end, when we ask if they are finish, they flick their wrist signaling that they are done with eating.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

We Had A Blast!

Last night, 9/26, I took the girls to Sunset on the Square. It was the last one of the year, until it starts again next year. I had been looking forward to just this one for a long time. Why? Because they were playing a classic... Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Many of you probably don't know that that film was filmed down here in Southern Utah.

Well, we all woke up from our afternoon naps (including me) and ate dinner around 6PM. During the summer months, we could start eatting around 7 and be over there by 8 with plenty of time to play in the water before the sun set. Not anymore now that it is late September. I found this out last time when we arrived at 8/8:30 and the sun had set and it was now too cold to play in the water.

So while the girls were eating, I quickly rounded up all the stuff we would need to take with us over there (dry clothes, snacks, etc.). After I wiped the girls off of their Mac and Cheese dinner mess, I put swim diapers on both of them and then made sure we had everything. Loaded up the van, and then carried out them out to the van.

The twins and I drove over to the park and saw that we were early. How early? Every time that we had arrived to the park, they had the inflatable movie screen already inflated. This time, as we were pulling into the parking lot, I didn't see it and was wondering what was going on. Turns out we were just a little bit early and as I was getting out of the van, I could see the people who set up the screen, pushing it on a cart out onto the lawn. So we had the right day. (Sigh of relief)

Pushed the girls in their stroller over to the water fall/river part of the park. Let them play there for a while before we went over to the fountain area. While trying to let them walk back from the fountain, which was a bit**, they kept stopping and wanted to keep picking up a fist full of little rocks. Well, I made them drop the rocks and kept trying to get them to come back over to the water fountain/river area. In the end, they both wanted to climb up and sit on the benches. So I took this opportunity to try and take a couple of pictures of them sitting on the bench.

As you can see from the picture, they (and I) were drenched from the fountain. In case you were wondering, no, I did not run through the middle fountain like I have before... For some reason, only the other fountains around the middle one were working.

After struggling with getting them back to the first part of the water fountain (where the stroller is seen sitting in the first picture), I finally put towels on them to dry them off. Headed to the van and grabbed everyone's dry clothes. Then we headed into the individual bathroom stalls/rooms to try to dry them off and get them into clean/dry clothes. Luckily, they have a fold-down changing table in each bathroom so the girls do not have to touch the dirty floor.

With that task done, we strolled around to field where the movie is shown and we tried to set up shop. I even brought their blue folding chair for them to sit in, but since we had another 30 minutes before the movie started, they were walking around and getting in people/bikers ways. Well, Chloe was being good. It was Ady who I had to keep getting up and having to carry her back to our chairs. So I had to strap her in the stroller while Chloe kept being good and sitting in her chair and staying nearby her chair.

Just to let you know, this event it hosted by St. George's own TV station KCSG. They also let local business advertise their business by setting up sun shade tents around the field where they host the movie. You have to pay to advertise in this event, so I might do that for next years Sunset on the Square. But one of the sponsors this year was a business called Scorpion Tech... A scorpion and pest control company. But right before the movie started, the lady who works for KCSG and who makes the announcements over the speakers welcoming everyone for coming out, said that they had lost one of the scorpions from its cage and that they were now looking for it. Then she came on immediately after say that and said, "I'm just kidding. Yeah, I know. Too mean..." At first, I was like, thank goodness we are on the cement area.

This whole time, while we were waiting for the movie to start, I was waiting for Pizza Hut to stock their tent with food... Because I was hungry. They finally arrived with the pizza and I put the girls in the stroller, left their chairs and their bag where we had been sitting, and went over and got a couple slices of pizza. Came back and started to eat the pizza while the movie started to play. We only made it to the "bike scene", you know, where the song "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" plays, because Ady was getting tired and fussy. So we packed up, walked to the van and loaded up. Drove over to Rachel's work, but since it was a busy night for her and the other dispatchers, we ended up going home.

About an hour after getting home, I heard a *BOOM* outside. I was like, "Is it raining?" Opened the door and heard more *BOOM* *BOOM* *POP* *BOOM* going on. It was fireworks! The City of Santa Clara was celebrating it's Swiss Days, and to close Friday's events, they had a firework show. So I said, "Come on girls". I took them outside in my arms and walked over to Dixie Downs where we had a better view of the fireworks. After 5-7 minutes, they had seen enough and my arms were getting tired from holding them. Walked back home and shortly after, they were getting tired. So, I put them down to bed and off to dreamland they went. I know they were tired, but I'm sure they had a blast!

UPDATE (9/27, 14:33)-- I just found out that Paul Newman, who played Butch Cassidy, died yesterday.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Afternoons And Coffeespoons

This is just random video that I took of the girls. It's been a while since I have posted anything. Sorry for the wait.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Having Fun and Dancing

I thought it would be fun to film the girls simply dancing to a new song, Chairlift's "Bruise". This video may not be as funny as "Chloe Dancing", but there are a few funny moments that you can laugh at. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Look What We Can Do

In this video, I took video of the girls saying "Ginger" (their version of saying it), climbing up and crawling down the stairs, climbing up on their bed and showing how they say they are hungry or want a snack.

Friday, September 12, 2008

I Am Human. I Do Feel and Bleed Too...

With yesterday being the 7th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, I remember I wrote something on my old Apple Mac about that day. So I hauled it out of the basement, plugged it in and retyped everything from it on here to show you how I saw that day.

But before you read, I should mention a few things...
-One, the #7754, was how old I was in days. As of this posting, I am now 10,310 days old.
-Two, the first plane hit the North WTC, the second hit the South WTC. I messed up below. The South tower fell first, then the North Tower.
-Third, I forgot to mention in that journal entry about how on the way to get the drug test that I had to take for that day (because I had been bad), they had people calling in to the radio station I use to listen to, to express how they felt and what was going on. One thing about that was hearing someone say the word "fuck" over the radio... And they didn't bleep it or care to say, "Whoa! Please watch your language!". That's how I knew things were going to be different forever.

Everything below this line, is how I wrote it and untouched, even notes I wrote then:
"September 12, 2001 #7754

I passed my drug test.

(This is what I wrote, right now... None of this is from newspapers or internet. All the info here is from what I have observed from watching television and listening to the radio all day long... and into the night.)

Mom woke me up around 8 am this morning (MST), and told me that I should watch what is going on in the world... Not thinking anything bad at first. I got up from bed and headed to the kitchen to get myself my morning cereal, but instead was transfixed by what images I saw on the family room television. That's where I realized that this day was going to be...

"THE DAY THE WORLD STOOD STILL..." On this date, the 11th of September, 2001-- The U.S. and the world changed for ever... Around 8am, EST, a 757 passenger jet collided into the North World Trade Center building, killing all aboard. Smoke, fire and debris poured from the building, leaving thousands of victims trapped inside the damaged building. Then moments after the first jet had collided into the North building, a second passenger jet collided with the South World Trade Center building. That too, believed to have killing all aboard instantly.

Many spectators looked up in horror as the second plane hit the second WTC building. Many still in shock from the first plane collision. But that was just the tip of the ice-berg... Many spectators now witnessed person after person were now falling to their death. People, jumping from where they were once trapped in the blazing wreckage, choose to jump to their deaths instead of being burnt alive, or face some other terrible form of death.

With both buildings ablaze on the top floors, many emergency, police and volunteer crews rushed towards the first building to try and help those stuck inside. But within less than an hour of the first place hitting the first building, too much damaged caused to the top floors caused the building to collapse. Starting with the top coming straight down into itself, then causing a chain reaction with the rest of the building and the floors below. With people now realizing what had happened, thousands of spectators started to run from the falling debris. A giant smoke cloud from the destruction chased people as they were trying to escape its destructive path. Many people falling over and some falling over those. Smoke, ash, fire, papers, debris now filled most of the air as natives of New York and New Jersey watched from further away distance. Some in homes. Some in apartment buildings. Some from land... Some from the sea.

With the first building hit, now a total state of nothing, left many wondering what and who was still trapped inside it. As well as the still standing second building. But that building was not to be there much longer.

Minutes after the first building had collapsed upon itself, the second WTC building now did the same thing the first building had done.

September 14, 2001 #7756
Sorry, I never finished that...

What else happened in this national disaster is that shortly after the two planes hit into the WTC in NYC, another hi-jacked plane crashed into the Pentagon in Washington, DC. That was the third plane to crash... But not the last. Then, when the world was focused on these three disasters, another plane crashed in Pennsylvania. It landed just short of Camp David. Four planes total!

Yesterday, the 13th, so far only a few people that are still alive have been pulled from the WTC wreckage. Nearly 75, have been pulled from the damage, deceased.

Today, being the 14th, President Bush has addressed this day as a "National Day of Mourning"."

It's amazing how different I wrote then, and how I write now. But if you keep at it, things change when you change and keep at it.

Oh, to my Twitter post not too long ago... There is no way that I will ever share/post those other journal entries on here (except the one above) that I originally wrote on my old Mac. The more I read from the beginning of that journal onwards, the more I started to reveal stuff that should still be private to this day. Plus, my language and/or what I was talking about would really offend so many people on so many different levels. So some stuff should remain personal and private... Forever.

UPDATE 9/11/14:
I just wanted to throw this in before my memory fades years down the road... 9/11/01 I was 21 years old. It was also my second day at my [short lived] job at Quizno's [in Midvale, now closed]. I had to go in that day around lunchtime, but I just remember it was just absolutely dead. Starbucks next door closed down for the day and we [my co-workers and I] just sat around listening to any updated news we could over the radio. I just remember it was a gloomy day [weather] and anyone and everyone's life that day, changed forever...

One cool thing I also remember. Back when I had my own car and you could afford gas whenever you wanted, I would drive up and down State Street 1 or 2 times a week. I just remember one time while driving, an old friend and I saw a 4X4 lifted truck with the American flag set prime in the middle, in the back and at an angle near the back windows... Just flapping as the truck drove by. That, to me, was always an incredible site.

Today being September 11th, 2014-- I am now 34 years old with two beautiful daughters, who were born in 2007, but they know of 9/11. And girls, know that I may not be able to stop a 747... But I will be there in a heartbeat when you need me or my help to make sure you are safe in life. But know this sweeties, that you need to live each day to it's fullest... Don't fear what the future may bring. Because then you will miss what you were suppose to experience today. :)

PS- Today, I am 12,501 days old (for those wondering... because I was).

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fremont Street Experience

While we were down in Las Vegas visiting Rachel's sister at the end of August, we stopped by Fremont Street to watch the light show that they put on every hour (on the hour). I'm pretty sure they play different songs every time, but they happened to play Don McLean's "American Pie" while we were there.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

One Fish, Two Fish, Real Fish, TV Fish

Who ever said fish were relaxing, was right.

But the problem of being a dad of twins is that I don't have time to buy and then flush numerous expensive fish down the toilet or to spend hours cleaning the fish tank with twins around.

So as a computer user, I did the next best thing... Hooked the laptop up to the TV and let Marine Aquarium screen saver play. After I did that, the girls were just in awe as they continued to stare at the screen at the fish. You can download the software and use it for free, but to see more than a few fish, you have to purchase the product (like I did). Sorry, I have an older version (v2.0), so if you download the latest version (which is v2.6 as of this posting), the v2.0 key code will not work on it (I've tried, so please don't ask).

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cookie in the Milk Bucket

While in Salt Lake, the girls were playing with a toy that belonged to my brother when he was little (from 1993/94). They couldn't get one piece (the cookie) into the main piece (the plastic milk jug), but grandma Sheila worked with them and they finally got it. In this video, we show you how fast they pick up things... Especially when it comes to being a Sharich and fighting.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Dancing Chloe

The other morning, I was browsing through other peoples blogs and I stumbled across one that had random music start playing once the page fully loaded. Well, the song that started playing was Coldplay's "Viva la Vida". While my sister-in-law was in town during the girls birthday, she would let the girls play with her cell phone and that was one of the songs on there that she downloaded for her phone. Chloe must have remembered it, because the next thing I know, out of the corner of my eye I see her dancing. I've never seen either one of them dance like this before. Since my video camera was upstairs and knowing that she would not continue dancing had I walked past her to run upstairs and grab it, I grabbed the next best thing... My cell phone.