Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bad News Dogs

A quick update again, since I really have nothing exciting to blog about.

Rachel and I had our taxes done on Wednesday. We are getting a high amount back again this year, but not the same amount as last year. So, after making a list of what we owe, it appears that it may be a bit longer before I can afford that Pro Account on Flickr. But who knows, business may pick up in the coming weeks. But if someone wants to give the gift of a Pro Account to me, I would really appreciate it.

As you probably read in one of my Twitters earlier this week, Rachel's friend and co-worker may be moving in the coming months. Where to is not clear at the moment, but he knows that where he will move to, they may not allow dogs. So, since Rachel and I have thought about getting another dog, we gave it a trial run for a couple of days with his dog to have it stay here at our place to see if we could handle two dogs, to see if our dog Ginger would get along with her, and to see how she would behave around the girls. I'm glad it was not a permanent situation, because two big dogs in this small house felt like it was just way too much for Rachel and I. The dogs loved to play with one another and she did not harm or frighten the girls once... In fact, the girls loved having her around. I was in bed sick most of Tuesday when she first came over, so I was told by Rachel that the girls were giggling and laughing a lot at this new dog when they thought she was being funny. But we knew it wasn't the right time for another dog. Someday, but not now. (Ginger, our dog, is the black nosed dog. Hailey (if that is how you spell the other dog's name) is the one with the red nose-- And do you know how hard it was to take this picture?!?!?!)

Oh... And one more thing...
I will be posting these pictures and writing an blog entry about how to prevent this on my business blog later, but I thought I would show you here what happens when you let your computer(s) go and you do not clean it out.

The story is that I picked up a customers computer on Friday (1/30) and brought it back to my place to repair it. I always blow out the dust inside with canned air for the customers so the computer will not get so hot and be sluggish while I work on it. But what I saw when I opened the side panel was disgusting. So walking back into the house, I said to Rachel, "I have to take pictures of this..." because I have never seen one so terrible.

I tried to use canned air, but I knew I was going to be there for a while and wasting a lot of canned air... So Rachel said, "Use the leaf blower." It was not a bad idea. So I did, and any dust bunnies or dust buffaloes that were not budging from the canned air, were being blown out of very tight spots that I didn't know of or forgot to blow.

But I must warn anyone and everyone out there who do not know what they are doing-- DO NOT USE A LEAF BLOWER!!! I only did it because I knew what to do, where to blow in and how far away to use the blower. If you want to clean out your computer, use canned air or a little foot pump (ones use to blow up inflatable items-- which is better for the environment). If you use something else that is more powerful, and it damages your computer or any hardware-- I am in no way liable for your damage. I only did this so I could bring the computer into the house so I could work on it. But I will write more about this in my tech blog later.

So that is all for now... OH! I guess this is the last thing. I am still working on editing the video of the girls and everyone opening presents on Christmas morning, but I will have to post two versions: A REALLY trimmed down 10-minute version to post on YouTube, and a 20-40 minute version that will be trimmed down of the original 60+ minute footage that was taken. Instead of having you watch the longer version on my site, I will allow you to download it so you can pause it and do what ever you want with it so you do not have problems trying to watch it on my site... And that is all...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What's Going On...

Just a few things I want to write about really quick.

First, my business is slowly picking back up after a very slow start this new year. Also, Rachel and I will be having our taxes done today. I'm hoping that we get enough back on our tax rebates to pay off our bills that we are both behind on, and to have a little money left over so I can purchase the Flickr Pro Account so I can start uploading pictures for everyone to view.

I decided against making people fold on my folding@home to see any new pictures that I post, but some pictures of my girls will not appear to everyone. Everyone who has a Flickr account and ask me to be their friend on there, I'll assign you as 'Friend' or as 'Family'...and only Family will be able to see those hidden pictures of the girls (mainly for privacy issues). Even if you don't have a Flickr account, you will still be able to browse pictures on Flickr, but you will not be able to view any of my hidden pictures until I add you as 'Family'.

Next; While bored the other day, I was searching my name on Google (it's quite fascinating what you will find when searching your name-- You should try it). I stumbled across a thread my dad views and writes on about cars, and he posted a couple of pictures of the tail gate to his recent restored vehicle. I guess because the garage door at my parents place blocks my view of the tail gate, I couldn't see it. But this is what he put on there...

Don't worry, that is my dad's picture. Even though it was posted on SuperMotors, I saved it to my computer and then uploaded it onto my server. So relax, I'm not a bandwidth/picture hog.

Also while searching my name, I found Jessica's obituary on Deseret News's website. The poem in the obituary, I wrote that.

One more thing before I go to bed. I just want to remind everyone about my new tech blog. It is up, and I have been trying to post as much as I can at least once a day... But with me being sick, I have not been able to post anything. I do have plenty to write about, but it's kind of hard to write sideways on my laptop while laying in bed. Remember, if you have a tech question, feel free to write me at and ask me. If you don't want people to know you wrote it, that is fine. Just tell me to mark it as anonymous. So far, no one has asked anything, so I am having to come up with other things to write about. to keep it up to date.