Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Van Stickers

A few weeks ago, Rachel and I noticed that some of the custom printed stickers on the back of the mini van (to advertise my business) were starting to peel up towards the top of the picture stickers. So I contacted the gentleman who put them on to let him know, and to have him print new ones and put them on since he gave me a guarantee for them.

But instead of printing and replacing only the picture stickers, I asked him if we could redo the whole back window so that the business name and phone number were bigger. He said no problem and then took a few measurements of exactly how big we could fit it on the window.

He contacted me Thursday (2/19/09) to let me know that he had the new stickers printed and were ready to be placed on the van. Well, I had to meet up with The Dixie Book (one of the top two phone books here in St. George) on Friday (2/20/09) to confirm and pay for my ad for their 2008/2009 book at 9AM. After that, I could head over to his location to have him (with my help) take off the old stickers and put on the new ones.

After we put them on and I was driving home, I was looking back at the new stickers... Then I realized that I could see where the old stickers had been. You see, we park the van in our parking spot where we live. Because the back of the van is always facing towards the west, the setting sun has "baked" the letters into the tint. But I hope that will fade away soon. But the picture below shows you what the back of the van looks like now. The pictures of the iPod and computer are a little smaller to allow the bigger lettering... But it's the words that let people know about me. So it looks MUCH better!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Staheli's Farm

On Wednesday, it was one of Rachel's day off. So we took the girls, and invited Rachel's mom, to Staheli Farm out in Washington Fields. There, you can see, watch and pet some of the farm animals that they have there. It is a real farm, it's just they let people come and look.

I know the girls had fun. Well, that is until they started to get cranky because it was about time for them to take naps. So we headed back home... But we will be back.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Welcome Home Daddy

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, I had a big job fixing some computers at a local business. On the way home one of those days, I asked Rachel to take some pictures of me walking in and hugging the girls as they greet me at the door. Here are some of those pictures.

Oh, the last picture is what happens to Junk Mail in this house...