Monday, April 27, 2009

California (Pt. 5)

Sunday, April 27, 2009
Just so you know, I did not take any picture on this day... So you will have to use your imaginations... Plus, it's almost been a month since this happened, so I am trying to remember what happened.

Since we drove down to Modesto the night before, Rachel and I were able to sleep in the same bed for the first time in how many days. But with the girls up (on Sunday morning), that meant we were now up. We made breakfast with what we had left from that first night we were there.

Now we had to get ready for church since 1 PM was fast approaching. Loaded up the car and drove over to Rachel's old Ward. The church we were driving to wasn't far away and is not like Utah, where they are like Starbucks... One or two on every corner. We didn't have to drive far, but we made it just in time to see Rex getting out of the van. We made our way in and walked into the where Sacrament was being held. Found a seat right up front and sat down. Service started and the girls were good for the first half... Then they wanted to get up and walk around.

So Heidi and I took the girls outside so they could run around and get their wiggles out. With me starting to get really sore from the day before (I went gold panning), chasing after them was not an option. Even carrying them was hard after a short while. Plus, my shoulder was acting up. But after letting them play around for a while, we waited for a speaker to finish and walked back in to sit down again to say the closing prayer. After the prayer, everyone who know the McBride's started swarming over to talk and to see the girls. Rex was getting too swarmed so he had to get up and go elsewhere from where we were sitting.

I was still watching one kid and Heidi the other, so Rachel was standing around talking with old friends. I know she was trying to catch up, but with me being in pain, I couldn't keep chasing the girls. Plus, I was getting cranky because I was hungry since I didn't eat much breakfast... So I said that she needs to watch one of the girls while I go grab a Big Mac (Burger King 3, McD's 1). I went to grab me lunch and came back. I was happy again. While I was away, they let the girls play in the nursery. They loved it! Since it was time to go, we headed to another church member's home since they invited us (in advance) to have Sunday lunch with them. But since I just ate, I knew I wasn't going to be that hungry... Turns out I was wrong. I ate quite a bit of food. Since my shoulder was acting up, I took some meds and took the girls into their grandkids playroom and let the girls play while I laid on my back. After everyone else was done visiting, we loaded up and went back to the house. I had to lay down since I was in pain. I don't remember much after that, I might have taken a nap... Yep! That is what I did. I woke up from my nap and everyone was hungry. So I drove to the store and purchased some frozen pizzas and a few other things. Came back, cooked up the pizzas, had dinner. Since it was really late by the time we finished eating, it was time to get the girls to bed (and then me). With Heidi and Rex in town, they were going to stay the night in Modesto too. That way, they could drive us to the airport the next day.

Monday, April 28, 2009
I think I slept in that Monday morning. All I remember doing is scanning family pictures for Rachel so she can edit them later, after we arrived home.

Since our flight wasn't until later, we left a little early so we could make it to the airport in Fresno on time and have enough time sit around and visit one last time before we had to pass through the security gate. Trying to entertain the girls on the trip to the airport... (groan).

We unloaded the van and headed to sit near the security gate. After a while, I knew it was time to say goodbye. Checked in our luggage and we walked through the security gate. Walked to our gate and waited less than 10 minutes before they allowed us to board. Took off and landed in Las Vegas around 10PM (Pacific). Found our luggage and walked to the White Zone. Rachel waited there with the girl and luggage, while I hurried and hopped on a Shuttle to take me to where the van was parked. Payed, quickly drove over to pick up Rachel and the girls, loaded up the van with our stuff and headed out... Well, we had to stop and get the girls something to eat so they would not be cranky on the drive home. Filled the van up with gas and we headed home. It was 1AM (MST) when we made it home. Unloaded the girls, unpacked luggage from the van and went to bed.

... And that was our trip. I have some video footage of us and the girls while we were in California. I'm working as fast as I can to get caught up on posting blogs, creating and posting new videos and other stuff. But I can only go so fast when I am busy with life's big task... aka: The Twins!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

California (Pt. 4)

Saturday, April 25, 2009
On Saturday,the plan for me was to have Rex's brother Sam take me over to a little stream near his place so he could teach me how to pan for gold, and if we had time, to drive over to Yosemite with the rest of the family. Since I don't know where Sam lived, Heidi drove me over to his place in or near Jamestown. He had his stuff that you use for gold panning already in the back of his truck. So we hopped in and he drove over to a spot he has panned at many times before.

I have always wanted to go gold panning. It makes it worse when I am watching the Travel Channel and they show people panning and making it look so very easy. It is fun, but where we were panning, you needed to have patience. You also have to realize that they have to edit those shows to make them fit in a selected time slot. I did pick up some tips from one of those shows, or else I don't think we would have found anything that day. They say that because gold is heavier than the dirt and other rocks around it, if gold is rolling down the stream, some of it will get stuck at the bottom of rocks when other things that are lighter usually get caught in the current and keep on moving down the river or stream.

Well, he told me to try this one spot. After an hour or two of digging, sifting and sorting out any thing that is not gold, I came out with nothing. So I saw a different spot about 20 feet down the stream that had rocks and had the possibility to have something stuck underneath it. I had to use a turkey baster since that is a good tool to suck up fine dirt and anything that a hand shovel can not get to.

It had been maybe three, four-plus hours since we started, and we still had found nothing. But since I had been digging and sucking up dirt in that one area, we finally found a couple of small pieces to call it a good dig. Even though it was now starting getting late in the day, the "Gold Fever" was setting in and we both didn't want to quit. So we kept digging and suctioning in and near that area. A few more hours had passed and by this time, the sun was slowly starting to fade. So we knew we better finish up by collecting all the stuff that never made it's way back into the river after going down the sluice (if that is correct name for that item) and placed it in a pan to rock and swish it back and forth to let the gold sink to the bottom. So after how many hours, all the gold pieces that you see in the picture is what we found.

While we were panning, he told me two things: He has been out here before and found nothing all day to show for his work, and this is the most he has ever found in one time. Rock on!

Well, we finished up and headed back to his house. I called Rachel to let them know to come pick me up. After I walked around taking a few pictures, I waited inside for everyone to arrive in the van. I was expecting to hop in the van and go, but Rex came in and chatted with Sam for a bit, while Rachel, Heidi and the twins walked around his place and looked at his dogs. So I took some more pictures outside while the sun was now setting behind the mountain and then we all went inside for a bit. Then we took off because we knew Grandma was waiting for us. But we stopped at Burger King (that is three) to pick up dinner because I never had lunch and I was STARVING. But before we made it to BK, my shoulder was acting up and then it just hit me with a very sharp pain that I asked them to drop me off at the Shell Station next to the BK so I could run in and buy some Ibuprofen and a Coke cause it felt like pins and needles being pushed into my shoulder. [For those of you who don't know, since the trip to Salt Lake, my shoulder has been in pain and it still is as I write this-- Well, it was, but not as bad since I went to the doctor on 5/12]. But when we called to see what grandma wanted, we found out that Rachel's uncle Morris drove up to visit and brought the girls a surprise. So we grabbed dinner and drove back to the house. Morris had made rocking chairs for the girls that can be put together and taken apart really easily (made it easier to ship them out to us). After putting them together so we could take a few pictures, we then took them back apart so he could ship them to us later. Since it was getting late for him, we said goodnight and he headed out.

Since it was Saturday, and Rex wanted to go to church in Modesto as a family, Rachel and I had to make a decision...

A) Stay at Grandma's one more night, get up early in the morning so we could pack our stuff and drive down to Modesto to get ourselves ready and to then quickly make it over to the church by 1PM... OR!

B) Drive down to Modesto that night, spend the night at the house we stayed at the first night, wake up and get ready (all of us), meet up with Rex and Heidi at the church without feeling rushed...

We chose Plan B. Plus, my asthma was also getting worse (.... terrible???). So I knew that once we were in Modesto, it might get better. So we packed up all our things, loaded up the car. Moved the car seats from the van back into the car, loaded up the girls who were falling asleep and drove down to Modesto (I think) a little past midnight. The girls slept most of the ride back, but started getting fussy once we were in town. We unloaded the girls and I unpacked the car. Got them ready for bed and called it a night. I was tired... and becoming very sore...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Around and Around We Go!

I took this video of the girls while we were in Sonora, California this past April.

When I started recording, the girls were watching Napoleon Dynamite. It was the scene at the bowling alley where Kip says, "Yesssss...". They girls love this movie and are starting to quote it. I just happened to get Ady mimicking Kip.

Then the rest of the video is of Aunt Heidi spinning the girls around and around, and the dizzying effect on them... Hilarious!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

California (Pt. 3)

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009
On Thursday morning, I woke up when the girls woke up, but then tried to go back to sleep but I couldn’t because the girls were downstairs making noises (probably screaming just to hear their voices echoing...). So I knew I was up.

Later on in the day, I got ready and drove in to town with Rex so that we could go to the local Burger King (2nd time) and use our laptops so we could check our e-mails and do what ever we wanted to do on their free and open Wi-Fi. While there, I actually ordered a Whopper because I was hungry. Just so you know, this was the first time in 19 years. The last time I had one, I was in 4th grade (1990) and the day before Spring Break (a Thursday), my sister and I got food poisoning from the Whoppers we had that night. Even though I was hungry, I was still skeptical while eating it.

After a we sat around long enough, we drove back up to Bonita's. Less than 30 minutes later, other family members that lived in town drove up with dinner from KFC. I was not hungry since I had lunch not too long before that, but I eventually had some later on. We sat around and talked while everyone ate their dinner. Shortly after, I noticed a deer walking by the house on the road that passes by the house. So I grabbed the video camera and took footage. Turns out, it wasn't just one or two deer, I counted 10 deer walk by. By this time, pretty much everyone got up and walked outside to look at the deer. After the deer disappeared, we went back inside and chatted some more. When we were leaving BK, I grabbed a little magazine that advertises things to do and visit in Sonora area. I never knew just how close we were to Yosemite. I was wanting to go over there to take pictures, but the only day we could probably do that was Saturday. But I was going gold panning on Saturday. So, what we figured was that I could go pan a little in the morning and then we could drive to Yosemite with the family. But that wasn't official, it was just an idea. But now it was getting really late and before it got too late, those that drove up to visit decided to call it a night and drove home before it got really late. We then watched a little TV and then called it a night.

Friday, April 24th, 2009
Since it was my turn, I got up with the girls when they woke up. Luckily, I did not have to make breakfast this time. Bonita made fresh biscuits with gravy before she had to leave to head to work. Very good. Since Rachel and Heidi were now up, we packed up the girls to take them into town to visit Bonita at the hospital that she works at so she could show everyone who worked there the twins. After stopping to pay a visit and making a quick stop at Starbucks (not for me, I don't drink coffee), we drove back to the house and made the girls lunch.

While we were sitting around doing nothing... except chase the girls around and saying, "No! Don't touch that.-- Put that down. -- Get over here...", I happened to look out the living room window to see that it was snowing outside. It had been raining earlier when we drove into and back from town, but time had passed that it was now cold enough for it to snow up in the mountains.

Since we had nothing planned until later, we let the girls watching "Napoleon Dynamite" for the time being.

Well, around 3 or 4PM, we drove into town again (the weather had cleared up and was now nice). Rex had a doctor appointment, so I followed Heidi since she was driving the van with Rex, Rachel and the twins inside, over to one of the family members' (that came over the night before) house. Heidi took Rex to his appointment while we hung around. The plan was to give the girls a bath since they had not had one in 4/5 days and to let me walk around and take pictures. They had cats, so I hung outside on the back porch most of the time trying to get some use of the free Wi-Fi internet that Downtown Sonora let's people use. But I was starting to have breathing problems the night before and so I was using my inhaler a lot more now. But like an idiot, I put my inhaler in my camera bag and left it in the van when I was helping them unload the girls. So I couldn't use my inhaler or go take pictures. Luckily, Marian (Rachel's aunt) had one just like the one I am using now, so I had to use that one until Rex and Heidi came back from the doctor appointment.

We gave the girls a bath while we were waiting. Once Heidi and Rex arrived, I grabbed my camera bag and decided to walk around the neighborhood taking pictures. Downtown Sonora kind of reminds me of Park City, Utah. Small little town when it was founded, plus the shops you can walk past on Washington Street reminds me of Main Street in Park City. Well, after walking around for a short little while, I headed back to their place. Not long after, Justin (Rachel's uncle) arrived home from work and we loaded up in the cars/vans and headed over to Mandarin Palace (a Chinese Buffet) in another part of Sonora. It was really good food, but when you bring the twins with you to a restaurant, you have to hurry and eat your food while the girls eat/play with theirs, then have to entertain them or they get cranky... So there is never a chance to sit, eat and relax when we go out with them. But after we were all done, I think we just ended up driving back to Bonita's for the rest of the night. Sorry, I can't think of what we did. Most likely sat around the TV and watched whatever was on. But since I was planning on going gold panning tomorrow with Rex's brother Sam, I think I tried to go to bed early, but couldn't. *Snap!* I do remember that Rachel brought the girls upstairs, where were sleeping, and ended up turning on the TV and watched the history of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. After that was over, we all went to bed since it was now 2AM in California... 3AM in Utah (ouch!)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

California (Pt. 2)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009
On Tuesday morning, I woke up with the girls and let them watch cartoons for a little while in the TV room. But since we did not have anything to make them for breakfast, I woke Rachel up so she could watch the girls while I ran to one of the grocery stores that we passed on the way in town the night before. I bought a few things and returned back to the place we were staying, and I ate some breakfast myself. After breakfast, I looked out the front window where the TV room was and saw that the morning light was just right for taking pictures. So I went outside and took pictures for a little while and then came back in. Because I felt dirty (because it was very humid) from the night before, I hoped in the shower and got ready for the day.

I used their computer to upload a few pictures onto Flickr since I could not figure out why my laptop would not connect to their internet via Ethernet cable.

Now that lunch was approaching, I totally spaced it to get a few things for lunch at the grocery store. On the way to get more groceries, I found a Chevron to fill up the car that the Fairbank's let us borrow with gasoline, and then headed to another grocery store closer by. After shopping, I was heading back and Rachel called me to see where I was at. Luckily I was at a red light when she called, because as soon as it turned green, I said, "Oh crap! That's right, you can't talk on your cell phone (to your ear) while driving. I'll see you soon." and hung up. I didn't want to get pulled over and have to really prove that I was from Utah, even though I was driving a vehicle with California plates. Well, I made it back and made the girls lunch.

Shortly after lunch, Heidi and Rex arrived from Sonora to come have lunch with us and to do a few extra things while they and we were in Modesto. We ended up going to a little Mexican restaurant right next to the grocery store I just came from. We sat around and talked while we ate our lunch and then after lunch, we drove over to the home that Rex, Heidi and Rachel once lived at when they lived in Modesto years ago. We drove around and Rachel showed me the middle school and elementary school that she went to when they lived there. She also pointed out a few homes that her childhood friends lived at when they were younger. Then we headed over to Wal-Mart because Rachel could not find the cell phone charger (that I knew I packed right in front of her). After buying the charger, we headed back to the place we were stayed at for the night and very quickly packed up so that we could head up to Sonora for the next few days and nights.

Before we left town, we stopped and let Rex visit with his dentist (good friends and who he traded with) and the other people in the dentist office. He has shown them pictures of the twins, but this was the first time they had ever seen the girls in person. After a little visit with them, we left and headed on our way to Sonora. But instead of Rachel driving with me, Heidi drove shot-gun with me and the twins, while Rachel drove the car with Rex (that Heidi and Rex drove in). We just happened to be heading up there while sun was setting, and since Rex was telling Rachel where to drive, we followed her. There were SO many times that I just wanted to pull over, get out and take pictures of the scenery. Had I done that, I would have gotten lost on which way we were suppose to go, and it would have taken us hours to drive an one hour drive.

But luckily, one of the girls started to wake up while we were driving. I tried calling Rachel (dead battery) and Rex (text messaging), but no luck. Since Rex knew I called, they finally pulled over on a section of road (a driveway of a home in the middle of nowhere) and gave both the girls some Tylenol (since they are still teething). While Rachel was holding Ady (since she wanted Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma...), I took some pictures. After the girls calmed down (Chloe was crying because I woke her up to give her medicine), we started driving on the road to Sonora and made it to Rachel's grandma's home just as there was little light left outside. But we brought the girls in and that is when it because a chore for Rachel, Heidi and I had to constantly watch the girls since the house was not child proof and they wanted to explore everything. We had dinner shortly after arriving. We watched something on Bio about Urban Legends. Hey Tristyn, I knew it wasn't true... the story about the envelopes and roaches. FALSE!!!

After watching TV and talking, it was time for bed. So we set up the playpens for the girls to sleep in upstairs, and went to bed ourselves.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Since Heidi had lost a bet to Rachel the night before (who the gentlemen was in one of the pictures... it was their grandpa), she had to make everyone breakfast. I was able to sleep in for a little while and then ate my omelet that Heidi custom made for me (she didn't add green peppers). Because I knew I needed a shower from dealing with the humidity in Modesto the day before, I took a shower. Ugh... I won't say here, but if you ever see me, ask me why I knew my mom would have flipped out had she been there...

After I bravely took a shower, I finished getting ready so that we could move the car seats from the car we were borrowing and move them into one of Rex's vans. We loaded everyone up and headed into town so that we could take Rex to a quick doctor appointment and check-up. Rachel went in with him, so I don't know exactly what they had to do. But since it didn't take long, we all sat out in the van waiting for them to finish up. Also, because I could not get cell phone service while up in the mountains (where Rachel's grandma lives), I was getting caught up on all the text messages and Twitters that were pouring in. I also had to change my voice mail greeting letting customers know that iStGeorge was closed and to leave a message, since I would not be able to answer the phone.

After the doctor appointment, we headed over to Wal-Mart so that we could get lunch for everyone and a few supplies. After lunch and shopping, we drove over to the cemetery where Rachel's grandpa is laid to rest. We were there for a little while, just chatting and talking about family history... and chasing the girls all over and telling them to stop throwing the white rocks (as seen in the picture).

After the cemetery, we drove over to a couple hardware stores to find a part for Rex. Bonita (Rachel's grandma) mentioned that there was a Chinese buffet and we could go there for dinner... as soon as Rex found his part. But we had just finished lunch and I wasn't hungry. Plus, we just bought some food supplies to make dinner. After he purchased the needed part (don't ask me, I don't know what he needed), I needed to check my e-mails...

So, we drove over to the local Burger King so we could let the girls play in the kid area while I used their free Wi-Fi long enough to check and reply to e-mails, Twitters, Facebook messages and anything else while I was there. It sucks going from having it to not having it, and depending on internet to keep connected to everyone else... Almost like a drug. Well, while we were there, we ended up getting dinner for everyone since it had been long enough. After Burger King, we headed back to Bonita's place for the night. We were trying to entertain the girls by connecting my iPod dock to the TV, but since they were not staying put in the room while Bolt was on, we all ended up watching Napoleon Dynamite. Shortly after the movie ended, I started to feel weak and sick. I knew I had been eating nothing but fast food (and gummy bears) since we arrived, so I knew my body was saying I needed something in my stomach that was better,healthier. Rachel quickly made me a PB&J sandwich and a glass of milk. I ate that and felt better soon after. Because it was now getting late, I called it a night and went to bed. But since the bed Bonita let Rachel and I sleep on, wasn't big enough, I unrolled a sleeping bag and slept on the floor for the remainder of the trip.

Monday, April 20, 2009

California (Pt. 1)

Okay, let’s see…

On Monday (4/20), we got packed. Double checked everything before we left, and then headed out for Las Vegas. We had to make a pit stop in Moapa (the Indian Reservation just north of Las Vegas) because the girls were getting fussy. So we let them out to stretch their legs and to look at some horses that were in a traveling trailer.

We made it through the construction that Las Vegas is in the middle of performing (… how many years too late). I took the wrong exit and we zig-zagged back and forth on a couple of streets before I saw the giant blue signs right over the entrance of the airport. We drove straight up to the skycap, parked in the white zone and unloaded the two giant suitcases and the two extra car seats for the girls (so we didn’t have to unhook the ones already in the van and drag them with us from parking to the skycap), so Rachel could check them in while I parked the van in Long-Term Parking and wheel the girls in their stroller to where I dropped Rachel off.

I drove around and got lost while trying to find Long-Term Parking (covered parking) and I ended up having to loop and drive right past Rachel, where I dropped her off, to drive back around and into the Long-Term Parking (LTP). When I was pulling into LTP, I noticed it was $14.00 a day on the sign. I didn't think anything of it and so I parked, unloaded the girls, put them in their stroller and met up with Rachel where I dropped her off.

As we were about to get in the elevator, I mentioned to her that it was $14.00 a day in LTP. She thought that was not right. I never even thought anything of it, especially since it has been almost two years since I went out to San Francisco for surgery. We decided to have Rachel take the girls and have me re-park the van from LTP to Economy (the open aired parking spots). I did that, but then I had to hurry back and go through security. I met Rachel and the twins right after you go through the security point and we had to hop on a tram/monorail to move to another destination at the airport to find our gate and board. We found the gate, but hurried and grabbed a hot dog for the girls and hurried back to the gate to now board the plane. We were the last to board and had to sit in separate seats due to emergency air mask. So Rachel took the third row seat near the front and I went on back a little ways.

Since I had Ady, I’ll tell you from our point of view. I sat down and gave her a few snacks and we took off. She did okay, I just had to keep talking to her to tell her what is going on, assure her that everything was okay. She did well, both of them. No screaming, no being fussy because they had to sit on our laps… Nothing. My fear of having people look over and thinking, “Will you please shut that child up?!” They were good, very good.

Well, half way through the flight, the stewardess told me that another seat opened up and I could move over there. I though Rachel was going to come over too, but because of the emergency air mask situation, she stayed there in her chair with Chloe the whole flight. Because we now had a window seat, I let Ady look out at the mountains that we were flying over. Because we were going to land soon, I had to buckle Ady back in my lap and we landed. We waited for everyone to exit the plane so we could grab my laptop in the over head compartment a few rows back, and get off without feeling rushed.

We finally exited the plane and walked to the baggage claim. Rachel stayed with the girls and I grabbed our bags and car seats. I found our bags, not because of the tags that Rachel purchased and placed on them, but because of the trick my dad did… He puts a piece of duct tape at the bottom-bottom of the luggage/baggage to spot our black bags from other travelers black bags. It worked, because the airline or bag handler broke the things we placed on the bags handles to identify our bags.

With our luggage, car seats and the girls in the stroller, we made our way out to the white zone to wait for family friends of Rachel and Rachel’s family. I didn’t realize how far it was from where they live, but they drove all the way from Modesto down to Fresno to pick us up-- 100 miles.

Well, I didn't know how far it was. But we all stopped after a few minutes of driving and had dinner at Subway, then we continued on our way. It didn't take long because I was able to look out at what we were driving past in the dark, and Rachel was talking with the Fairbank’s (the people who picked us up) about all sorts of topics. So it really did help pass the time.

We made it into Modesto and pulled into the driveway of the house we would be staying at for the night. The house belonged to the Fairbanks, but they rented it out to their daughters (as to my understanding). We stayed in a room on an air mattress for the night while the girls stayed in the kitchen in portable crib/playpens...

It had been a busy day, but we were safe in California. If you want to see the pictures that were taken by me, Rachel and Heidi, click here. I have decided that the girls are now old enough and unless I feel the picture should be only viewed by family and friends (bath time, in diapers, etc.), that is the only time I will prevent the public from viewing that picture or pictures.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


As I mentioned last week, we drove up to Salt Lake to spend Easter weekend with my parents. Well, it is a good thing we left early to head up there (two days earlier than what I originally said), because we all ended up getting sick while traveling up to or the morning after arriving. So, instead of Rachel and I going out to Wendover for a night, or going out on dates while my parents watched the girls, we stayed at their house most of the time.

We were able to meet up and visit with more family members for about an hour or two at my cousins new home on Easter Sunday, but that was the only time we went out. Because Rachel and I were both under the weather, we could not keep up with the girls since they were walking and exploring around the (non-baby proof) house. After a little while, I couldn't do it any more and said that we had to go back to my parents house.

But before we went over to my cousin's house, we let the girls find their Easter eggs that were hidden in the living room. I swear, the girls are going to think that that room is some kind of magical room that produces presents (Christmas) and candy (Easter). But we took pictures of the trip and I was able to take video of the girls looking for candy in the living room of my parents home... Enjoy!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rockin' Good Time

I meant to post this video last week before we traveled up to Salt Lake, but with us being sick while in Salt Lake and then coming back home and being sick, I never had time to. (I'm better, Rachel is still under the weather)

Well, while Rachel's family was in town and at our place visiting us in the later part of March, Rachel told us to "Get your cameras ready". I had no idea what she was going to do, so I went and grabbed the video camera and took the following video footage. Enjoy!