Saturday, May 30, 2009

1000 Days

As of May 29th, 2009, Rachel and I have been married for 1000 days...

Just so you know, I had not planned this or knew the number of days we had been married in advance. I was laying in bed early-early Friday morning just thinking of different things. Then a random thought came into my head about how I wonder how many days Rachel and I have been married since our 3 year anniversary will be coming up in September. So I used this one app on my iPod touch and put the day we were married and then yesterdays date and just so happened, "1000 days..."

Talk about sheer luck!

So I went out later that day and bought Rachel some flowers a wrote on a little card, "Happy 1000!".

Friday, May 15, 2009

Cell Phone Videos 5

Here is a few more videos from my cell phone (but not the last of it)...

In the first clip, I took a break while I was up in their room placing safety lock on their dresser drawers so they wouldn't pull all their folded laundry out. I noticed Chloe did not like the drill or dust buster when I had to use it.

Second, The girls were playing in the TV room while I was watching an episode of MADtv. The musical guest, Harry Connick, Jr. who the girls seemed interested in watching.

Third, I took girls to the Iceberg Drive-In for dinner here in St. George because they were having the car show that night (and every 3rd Saturday of each month). As I was heading out after finishing dinner, someone asked me, "You're not leaving yet, are ya?" Puzzled, I said, "Yeah...". "Well, Santa will be here at 6[PM]" ... Oh. Okay. So I had to figure out how to entertain the girls for 30 minutes while we waited for Santa to arrive. This footage is of when Santa arrives... Plus the two pictures I took with my cell phone.

60 Years

On May 10th, 2009, my grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. But, because May 10th was also Mother's Day, many restaurants were obviously going to be packed with families celebrating that day. So, in order to have fun and not have to deal with a crowded and packed restaurant, my family all agreed to celebrate the anniversary the following Sunday, May 17th.

So, Rachel and I (along with the girls) planned to drive up there for a very quick 3-day visit.

Friday, May 15th
On Friday evening, because Rachel was nominated to be Dispatcher of the Year (again), her work gave her the night off (with pay!). Just so you know, Rachel won it last year. Rachel asked me to go with her and to let her mom watch the girls while we went. So we drove over to where the reception was being held and made it just in time. There were other awards before they finally announced the "Dispatcher of the Year" award at the very end.

Because she had enough votes, Rachel has now won it two years in a row. I took video with my cell phone of Rachel receiving her award, but you can not hear anything the presenter is saying (so I won't post the video). After the reception was over (after 8:00 PM), we picked up the girls and then headed on up to Salt Lake since Rachel didn't have to go back to work. That made it so we could enjoy all day Saturday with my family up in Salt Lake instead of traveling. We made it up there around 2:30AM -- NEVER AGAIN!!! because the girls would not go to sleep, so I was up until 4/5 AM. We had plans to go visit and see my dad's Mustang in a car show... But, because I slept in, we never went.

Saturday, May 16th
I don't remember much after waking up. I do remember that I was able to fix tire in the van since a screw had punctured it (on the drive down to Las Vegas) and was causing it to leak air very slowly. After my dad and I fixed the tire, we all sat down and ate a spaghetti dinner as a family. It was gooooood...! After dinner, we let the girls play outside in the backyard since the sun was setting and the temperature was just right.

Then, Rachel and I asked my parents if they wanted to watch the girls while we run to The Gateway too get some ice cream. Plus, she wanted to get some clothes and I wanted to play with all the gadgets in the Apple Store... But the Apple Store was closed! So, I had to hang out in the clothes store with Rachel until she was finished. By that time, the Ben and Jerry's was closed and so we headed back to my parents.

Sunday, May 17th
On Sunday, there was absolutely nothing to do until 4PM. Finally, 3PM rolled around and we started to get ready, and then we headed over to the restaurant. The reason why 4PM is that is when the restaurant opened on Sundays, not because that was when my family wanted to go there if it opened earlier. So we sat down at three different locations. This Japanese restaurant is like Benihana. You sit in a semi-square and they cook your food on the grill right in front of you. Because we had the girls with us, and because there was fire, they were getting scared. So they wanted to be held. But since they were in high-chairs, I just hugged them and talked to them explaining what the chef was doing. So they enjoyed it later on.

Because the chefs get you involved with their act (i.e., tossing cooked shrimp in the air and trying to catch it in your mouth, etc.), it was a lot of fun! After eating, they brought out a cake with the custom picture placed on top and Sparkling Cider. So we celebrated by making a toast to my grandparents.

But after eating, it was time to go because the girls were getting grumpy. But before everyone we left, the entire family gathered 'round and pictures were taken of everyone in the Sharich side.

Later that evening, before it got too dark, we all drove over to my sister Annie and brother-in-laws Ben's house. I have never visited them in their home since ... well, ever. So we all drove over (minus TJ) in our van so the girls could see the baby chicks they were raising. The girls loved it.

Monday, May 18th
On Monday, we got packed up and ready to leave. We left my parents around 1PM. We made a quick stop to say bye to my mom at her work, then headed over to visit with my grandparents before we headed out. We were over at their place for about an hour before we took off again (they had plans to be somewhere too). We stopped to say Hi to my friend Tristyn at her work and bought a cat trap while we were there.

Got on the freeway to head home, but since Rachel never really had breakfast, we stopped at Apollo Burger. We wanted to stop and say goodbye to my dad, but he never answered his phone... So, we continued on down to Nephi, Utah to visit my grandma for a bit. By the time we left, it was about 5 or 6PM. We could have been home by then had we not stopped. But after visiting with my grandma, we continued on home and made it back home quarter to 10 ... The dog was happy to see us!

Click here to see more pictures...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Barking at the Moon

I know I just posted a blog today, but I had to post this...

I was hauling out the recycle bins to the van so I could take them to the recycling dumpsters near my house. I was hauling out the second bin when I looked over and the girls, who were watching Bolt for the "billionth" time, dancing with each other to the song 'Barking at the Moon'. So I quickly put down the bin and grabbed my cell phone and started filming. This is that video...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cell Phone Videos 4

If you are wondering, I did this last year after I realized I had enough footage from the videos I had taken on my cell phone to create a video to post here. Well, since I have not recorded anything on the video camera in a while, I thought I would start posting these videos from my cell phone.

In the first clip, Rachel and I took the girls with us to get some ice cream at Baskin Robins.
Second, The girls were big girls and wanted to sit in Grandma Kristi's swing that is in her back yard.
Third, I took Ginger for a walk at the park that dad, and sometimes after doing her "business", she will do this. I still find it hilarious today.
Fourth, I took the gate off the wall blocking the stairs heading downstairs, shut the basement doors and let the girls climb up and down it.
Fifth, then the girls were playing on the stairs heading to their room upstairs.
Sixth, we were at Kristi's when she looked outside and saw the sunset. So we all went out to look at it.
Seventh, we went to the park near Kristi's house when a couple of Rachel's cousins' were in town.
Eighth, the girls were watching My Friends Tigger & Pooh on morning.
Ninth, Chloe had Heidi's cell phone and was dancing to the music.
Tenth, Heidi tries to lure Rachel off the couch with a Dr. Pepper from In-N-Out.