Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fun At The Water Park

On July 24th (Pioneer Day), I took the girls over to the water park here in town that we always go to. I didn't even think of it to bring my digital camera or camcorder with us.

We met up with my sister-in-law there and let them do what they wanted. We suggested to them to go play in the fountain before they turned it off at 8PM (less than an hour from when we arrived). Normally, we try to get the girls to try playing in it, but they always end up looking miserable and we end up walking back over to the water fall and river.

But that day, Chloe just took off and was very adventurous. Since I didn't have my cameras, I took out my cell phone and started taking video. Ady, like the times before, was not enjoying today and held onto her Aunt Aubrey. When we went back to the park again on Monday, July 27, she had a blast and had fun.

Please remember, the video below is not the best quality video taken... But it works and will have to do. Also, watch it in the 240x360 screen that YouTube automatically displays the video (as set below). If you try to watch it full screen, you may get motion sickness.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Early Birthday Cake

My parents made a visit in town a week before the twins 2nd birthday. So we had an early birthday party with them by having cake. Here we sing "Happy Birthday" and watch the girls eat their cake. I placed the video camera on the tri-pod, so that is why it is still the whole time and you get to see me in the shot too.

Big Sigh!

Let's see, I have a few things to tell you about...

First, after how how many months of work (maybe two or three...) I have finally moved my entire blog from the server to Blogger. I had to copy and paste everything (text and pictures) from there to here. So far, including this post, I have posted 1, 056 blog entries. So why did I move it from there to here?

... The layout looks much nicer here on Blogger/Blogspot than it did on the other site.
... Anyone can post comments on here.
... You can do a search for any word or topic.
... It is easier to adjust how I want the blog to look, and have it so every thing looks exactly the same as the home page without having to go through each page/month and adjusting the HTML code-- Pain in my butt!

Next, in a few days, I will be posting my 3,000th Twitter. Not bad for just two years. Just to take you back, this was my very first tweet... Yep, that was the first tweet. But in my defense, this was a few months before I even started fixing iPods.

Third, the girls just celebrated their 2nd birthday yesterday. We recorded video of them eating their birthday cake and playing in the backyard of Grandma Kristi's house with everyone. But before I post that video (maybe videos, I just started editing/trimming the video files), I have two other videos that I just edited that I would like to post before the actual birthday video. Also, if you would like to know when I have posted videos onto YouTube without visiting this blog or YouTube, I have set it up so that YouTube will automatically post a tweet on my Twitter account letting those who follow me on Twitter know that I have done so and you can now view the video. So sign up and/or follow me on Twitter today! Otherwise, you are still welcome to come here and view it whenever I post a blog letting you watch it here.

Oh, and one more thing....

All the current pictures we have taken up to yesterdays date, have been uploaded onto Flickr... Enjoy!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Singing In Her Crib

I found this video file in our collection. It was filmed on June 7th, 2009... before the last video was filmed and posted on YouTube.

Rachel heard Chloe singing to herself while waiting for someone to come get her out of her crib in the morning... So she grabbed the video camera a filmed for a few minutes without being seen.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Can't Stop Laughing

I wanted to Tweet about this, but I couldn't do it in 140 characters or less.

About 20 minutes ago, I wound the electrical cord on the vacuum on its loops and placed it against the wall in our living room. 5 minutes ago, I was in the kitchen puting a few dirty dishes in the dishwasher. All of a sudden, I hear the vacuum start up. I shut off the water and run around the corner to see what is going on and to see who the culperite was. Instead, I happen to see two little girls running away for dear life and heading for high grounds on the nearby couches. I opened and walked through the gate to turn the vacuum off. I started laughing and Ady started crying cause it scared her because she wasn't expecting it. I held her and when she calmed down, I went and finished doing dishes. I can't stop laughing because they figured out how to plug a plug in an outlet and to turn the device on...

At the Waterpark with "Grump-pa"

During the last week of June, Rachel's dad came to visit the family here in St. George. He is doing much better now than he was doing in April when we went to visit him.

Well, one night while Rachel was at work, I decided to take the girls to the water park. I invited him along too. So we loaded everyone up in the van and drove over to the park. I took video of them playing, and he took pictures with his camera of them playing. This is one of the video's that I put together.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I Have Not Forgotten You

I guess for the first time ever, I am really busy. I mean, really busy and not just thinking or saying I am busy. I know I do not have thousands, let alone a hundred, readers like other people do for their personal or business blog... But to those that do take the time to stop by and visit my blog, I have not forgotten about you. I even feel bad that I can sit down and write about my day or what the girls are doing.

It's just that right now, like I said above, I (and Rachel) have been very busy. I feel like I have three jobs now: My home business, running the business out of the shop, and taking care of the girls. Oh, and don't forget about being on my HOA board. So I guess that is four jobs.

If it is not one thing, it is another... and the cycle never ends.

But just to let you know, I still try to post what I am doing on Twitter. I've even noticed the number of my tweets have gone down... But I still continue to post what I can.

We currently had a special visit from Rachel's dad, Rex, from California about a week ago. Heidi also came up for a little while to visit too. But one of the nights that Rachel had to work, I loaded up the girls in the van, helped Rex out too, and went to the water park on Main Street. I took video footage and Rex took pictures with his digital camera. Since I had a little free time last night and tonight, I started the process of trimming the boring stuff to make the video (or possibly videos) I plan on posting onto YouTube not so boring and not so long. That way, you don't loose interest or start daydreaming while you are watching the videos.

But I will post the video(s) sometime in the next few days. Until then, if you have an iPod that you would like me to work on, send it my way... Thanks.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cell Phone Videos 6

Sorry, but I guess I got sidetracked from posting this video first instead of the other videos I posted after Cell Phone Videos 5. Plus, I guess I have been busy with work, housework, the twins and entertaining family this past week to really sit down and post something... Well, here you go...

Oh, and Happy 4th of July!

First - While we were up in Salt Lake for Christmas (2008), we stopped off at my grandparents house to say hi and to talk. I filmed this as we were planning to head on back to my parents house.

Second - On the way to drop off my father-in-law Rex at the airport in Las Vegas, we stopped to let him say goodbye to Heidi (who lives and works in Vegas). She took out a lobster from the tank to show the girls.

Third - Because Rex missed his flight, we picked him back up and went to go have dinner at Heidi's work since we were hungry. I try to let the girls bite into a lemon.

Forth - I found my laser-pointer pen in my night stand one night before bed and decided to have some fun tricking Ginger our dog.

Fifth - I think I was letting the girls eat dinner and then they started to act silly and crazy while they were still in their chairs.

Sixth - We were Grandma Kristi's house playing around with Aunt Heidi's phone and dancing.