Friday, January 29, 2010

Please Don't Leave... My Blog

I am still alive and grumpier now then I have ever been... But, I am also more busier now then I use to be too.

The girls, this new house and my business keep me busy pretty much all of the time these days. Yes, I was once looking for a part-time job back in December, but now that seems like that is no longer needed. Not because I don't need the extra income, but because of all that goes on around here. As for my business, I don't know if it is because the new phone book just came out, or if word of mouth, or if my website (since I re-did using special code and it is now helping) or if it is because I try to post helpful tips on my business Twitter profile.... This one just popped in my head: Maybe it's because I am always driving the van around for business calls and I have to drive longer distances, people are seeing my van. Who knows?

There is so much to write about, but so little time and space.

If you read my Twitters, we (and by we, I mean Rachel) decided to get a new dog. We have tried to take care of two other big dogs, but it was just too much for us. We still have Ginger, and there is no way we are ever going to give her up, never let her down-- sorry, and I wasn't trying to Rickroll you there. But this third dog that we have decided to call "Jack" is a schnoodle. Dumb little thing, but I am making us keep him no matter what he does and makes us mad. He's still a puppy, but I plan on training him because he has been a little sss-sssurely bratty dog.

Rachel has decided to make a few more blogs. I don 't know how she does it being I barely have time to write on this one alone. If you want to check them out, check out:

Designs by Rachie, 911 Recipes, The Sharich Twins and Southern Utah Twin Moms . I'll posted links to the side so you can find your way there to these sites at later dates.

As for around here in Southern Utah, it is our springtime... Which means that is raining non-stop. And because it is raining non-stop, I bet that this is going to cause flooding in the Virgin River like it did in 2005/06. Around our house, we can't let the girls play outside because the dirt is always muddy and/or it's too cold and windy.

I'll try to type more blog entries on here, but please give me time. I still need to put together a video for everyone since the last one was in October of 2009!!!

Oh, and keep checking this blog often, and Rachel's blogs too. I have placed Google Ads on the blog and I make money off of them. I don't know if it is because they appear (even if you do not look at them) or if you folks have actually clicked on them... But it helps bring in a little extra spending money ($8-10 a month).

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wait... What?

This morning, Ady started crying for some reason. So, in order to get her to stop and to also distract Chloe, I quickly took the Tootsie Roll piggy bank (that I let them put my loose change into) and poured the contents onto the floor to let them put it back into the piggy bank. They love it when I give them my loose change to do this.

After pouring the contents out onto the floor a second time and after I counted it aloud this time (about 7 dollars and some odd cents), Chloe mumbles, "un un hour". I asked her what, she said the same thing. I told her I didn't understand. So she said "Apoleon".......

"Napoleon?", I asked.
"Napoleon Dynamite?"

Napoleon Dynamite and "something something our...?" Then it hit me...

"Six dollars...... That's like a dollar an hour." - Napoleon Dynamite

Friday, January 1, 2010

It's a New Year... It's a New Decade

So what does this mean to me?

Another big change and milestone in my business. As you know by now, we currently moved out to Hurricane in November. With my business name being iStGeorge, and with us living in Hurricane, it might be really confusing to some. So, sadly, I decided that it was time to change the name of my business again. I tried to see if was available, but the domain has already been taken and is registered until 2016. So that name was really out of the question.

But then I thought to myself that this time when I choose a new business name, I should reflect a larger area I provide services to and to reflect an individual person instead of it sounding like I run a large company. I mean, I really loved the name iStGeorge, but it just wouldn't work anymore where I live. So...

I listen to Leo Laporte's The Tech Guy podcast all the time, and I think of myself as a tech guy just as he is since people are always asking me tech questions. But since Leo calls himself "the tech guy", I couldn't call my business that (plus, the web domain for that has already been taken by someone unknown). So I considered myself as the Dixie Tech Guy-- and so that is what I decided to register my new business name as. Sure, I have been called "The iPod Guy"... But I feel that with the way Apple is designing and building the new iPods, plus the cost of buying a new iPod over fixing an old one-- I know I won't be fixing iPods forever, as compared to repairing and servicing computers. I still work on iPods, but like I said, it won't last much longer.

I am still working on getting a logo for DTG, and I plan to move everything over to the domain from the domain... But that won't be for a few months when everything is over that way. I know this is confusing to some, but since I pay for web hosting services out of my own pocket, I can not afford two domains at the moment. But know as long as you type, you will always be taken to my home page to view this blog, photos and videos.

Well, I think I have typed enough. I hope you have a great new year.