Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Just Can't Write Enough

Still no videos or picture, I bet you are thinking, "What the heck, Ryan?! What is going on? You do not write or post about anything anymore... What gives?"

Well, when I started this blog back in 2005 (almost 5 years ago), I was single with a dead end-job (no offense to those still working there). 4 1/2 years later, I am married, we had twin girls, we just moved everything from one house to a new house in the last part of last year (and we are still unpacking stuff), and I own my own business that is now keeping me busy. So I just can't sit down and write a blog, take pictures, or edit movies like I use to. I know, it makes me sad because I loved to write about whatever.

Since I'm sitting down, I will write about what has been going on since last time.

On the 5th, I was told that I have 5 of the 9 symptoms of being classified as having Bi-Polar. Not only am I Bi-Polar, I have A.D.D. and O.C.D.-- I'm a walking nutcase!

Well, it's been a week and a half since I was diagnosed and started taking a new medication, both Rachel and I have noticed a big difference in who I am and how I react to situations. Before, I would *SNAP* or "fly off the handle" over the littlest things that your average person would be able to handle. It's getting better. I actually enjoy feeling this way.

As per the last blog entry, I mentioned how we took in yet another dog "Jack". Well, we finally had enough and had to give him back. I'm sorry, but that is the dumbest dog I have ever seen or dealt with. The Dog Whisperer would give him back saying, "Sorry... But I can't fix him" if he were to work with him. He would chew on things other than his chew toys, which were the girls toys... So we had to throw a lot of toys away. Our other dog Ginger, we will let her out (once or sometimes twice) between 10 and midnight to let her do her business. We would let Jack out too, but he would just stand there, even though he had not been out in hours. Lately, the girls would get up and wander into our room because they were scared in the middle of the night. Every time, what would I find... A gift, if you want to call it that, lying there because he wouldn't go earlier. Anyways, long story shorter, Rachel took him back and if she brings another dog into this house without me getting to know it and without it being a newborn puppy (and it's a Yorkie), I am going to return it.

I mentioned above about not posting new videos on here. Well, the only thing I recorded last was opening presents at my parents house in December. Now that it is February, I don't think anyone really wants to see it. If you want to see it, I'll burn the video files to a disc for you. ... Why haven't I recorded anything new? We don't get out much around here at the new house. I guess I can record the girls playing and running through our new house at a later time so everyone who has not seen our new house, can see it in through video.

I think that is about all. I post my random thoughts to Twitter still. It's been almost 3 years since I first started Tweeting, and I just passed my 4,000th Tweet. But that is where I post most of the random stuff I can't get to post on here. Well, until next time.

OH-- Keep clicking on the Ads on my blogs and Rachel's blogs too... Even if you do not want that product.