Saturday, April 17, 2010

April's Trip to Salt Lake City

We just got back from visiting my parents in Salt Lake, so I thought I would tell you what we did.

Friday, Rachel traded a shift to work Friday morning so that she could come home at 2 and pack her and the girls suitcases, and then we would leave. But since she worked the night before, she was extremely tired and she came home Friday and took a nap (as did I). Well, we woke up around 6 and started to get ready. We could leave that night or early in the morning. We decided to leave around 9:30 that evening and made it up to SLC around 2AM. Not bad for non-stop.

Saturday, we played around out in the backyard with the girls and then we had another Easter Egg hunt for the girls in the living room [Pictures can be seen here, but you have to be a Family/Friend to see them on Flickr]. After that, we really didn't do much except lay around and visit until it was time for dinner. My sister Annie and my brother in law Ben came over and we ate.

Around 2 in the morning, both girls woke up screaming. They wanted chocolate milk. I forgot to pack it along, so I had to travel to Walmart just to get that to calm them down and to get them back to bed. That was not fun because I was tired.

Sunday, we really didn't do much except get ready for the nightly trip Rachel and I were going to take out to Wendover. I gamble, she does not. So, we brought her laptop and the scanner with us to the hotel room and she worked on genealogy stuff while I went and played. She now says that if she can do that when we go out there, she wouldn't mind going out there. Only problem is is that they do not provide internet in the room.

Monday, we got ready, packed and drove back into SLC and made it back around 2PM. The girls were napping when we arrived at my parents house, so I did too. I didn't wake up until 6, and then I helped cook chicken for dinner. We ate dinner and then watched Armageddon on TV. I haven't seen that in years.

Tuesday, I slept in until noon. That was really nice (except waking up to find that it snowed). We were planning on heading out about 3 to visit my grandparents, but couldn't leave until my mom made it back with my brother from the dentist... that was around 5:30. So we visited with them for an hour, left and picked up pizza for the whole family.

Wednesday, because it was so nice to drive at night, we planned on leaving around 8 or 9 that night. So during the day, we took the girls to visit my mom while she was at work and picked up a few items to make dinner and dessert for the family. I finished cleaning up and out my parents computer (too dusty) and then we made dinner. We ate and then hurried back over to let my grandparents see the girls for just a few minutes since we didn't bring them the night before. When we got back to my parents house, we packed up our belongings and left around 9. We didn't make it home until about 2... But we had fun and it was nice to relax.

If you are wondering, the next time I come up, I will be glad to work on computers and iPods. I just needed a break this trip.