Sunday, July 25, 2010

These Past Few Weeks...

I guess I can write a blog entry on this peaceful Sunday.

A few weeks ago, the twins, Rachel and I drove up to visit my parents and to celebrate the girls 3rd birthday up there with my side of the family. We didn't make it into town until early Friday morning (1AM). On Friday, we gathered as a family for dinner with my sister and brother in law. Saturday, we all went (minus my brother) to Hogle Zoo. The girls had a blast! Sunday, we went to Chuck E. Cheese's to celebrate the girls birthday. Except for the girls getting a fever (and other adventures with the sickness) and Rachel getting sick on the day we were to leave, we had a fun little trip.
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Then on Saturday, the 24th (Pioneer Day), we had a surprise party for the girls. We invited a few friends from Rachel's work over and a few relatives too. We bought the girls a swimming pool, filled it up the night before (while the girls were asleep) and let the kids play in it. I cooked hot dogs and Aubrey made the girls a castle cake. It was a blast!
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Oh, and one more thing...
For the past 5 years (my first blog entry was on July 7th, 2005), I have been writing blog entries for you all to read. At last count, I had over 1100+ blog entries. So, I decided to go through all the blog entries that had nothing to do with me (over 150+ of them) and permanently delete them. These were blog entries about Apple, Microsoft, videos that belonged to someone else that I bet you can find on YouTube, updates to my blog that are not important anymore, etc. These are no longer on my blog.

I decided that I wanted to have this blog be about me and my adventures, not about others that no one cares about now. So if you had a link to a blog entry on here that got deleted, I'm sorry, but I am moving on. But don't worry, many of the blog entries that had to do with me, family, friends and all our adventures are still on my blog and I bet you could find them if you wanted to look through 800+ blog entries. So until my next adventure...