Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Phone

After two years, and with some of our tax return this year, Rachel made me get a new phone. Nope, I didn't switch services to AT&T or Verizon Wireless and get an iPhone like I wanted, I stayed with T-Mobile and got the MyTouch 4G.

It is a Android phone and really is a neat phone. It is allowing me to do things I couldn't do with my other phone... Mainly, because my old phone wasn't a smart phone and I never had an internet service plan on the old phone (it didn't have that great of web browser). Now that I have internet on this phone, I've gotten into Foursquare and I am already the mayor of Dixie Tech Guy (which no one will be able to do or beat unless they cheat).

But it is nice to be able to go out and about and use the phone for GPS in case we ever get lost in Las Vegas (which is a upcoming trip this month) and beyond.

The other feature that this phone has (that I have yet to use since no one else has a phone like this) is a front facing camera to chat between the two phone users (like Facetime on the iPhone). Well, I shouldn't say no one. Rachel just upgraded her phone to this exact same model, but we have yet to receive it in the mail. As soon as we get her phone, we'll try out this feature.

This phone has a 5-mega pixel camera and video recorder. I've found that taking pictures of the girls to be difficult since they move around a lot and do not stay still. Plus, when I press the button to take a picture, it takes 2 seconds for it to finally take the picture. By that time, the picture of them is blurred... So don't expect too many photos of the girls from this phone, unless the girls are outside.

What you can expect more of is videos. With this phone, I am able to upload 30 to 90-second videos to a free service called Qik. To get to those videos, just go to, then click Videos link. On the new Videos page, you can choose to go to my Qik video profile page or the YouTube video page.

I'm still getting use to this phone since I have used my iPod touch for two years. I said in a tweet that if it were not for the one app that I use to do business transactions, this phone would completely replace my iPod... But I plan on using this phone a lot more. Until the next blog entry, you have a few videos to go and watch...