Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yes, It's True...

Yes, it's true... We got another dog. And for the record, this is my doing, not Rachel's.

Before we went to Las Vegas last week, I saw that an old co-worker was giving away a dog that looked just like Ginger. It was not a puppy, she was 2-3 years old and the only problem she had was being a bed hog. But that is not the reason she had to give her away. The co-worker lives in Veyo next to neighbors who have horses and every time the dog was out, she would run to the horses and she didn't want one of the kids to fall off the horse if the dog spooked one of the horses. So we took her in. Oh, she barks, but we are working on that right now. But she is house trained and loves the girls to death. She is always giving me kisses (licks) and follows me around. Rachel told me that when I went to run an errand on Wednesday, she started whining because she probably missed me.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Viva Las Vegas

Last weekend, we took a family trip down to Las Vegas to visit Heidi and Brian. And by family, I mean everyone... Including the dog!

On Saturday, we started to pack up and get ready. Here is a video of the girls packing. Heidi called Rachel and said to bring Ginger, our dog, down with us. At first, I was "No". But I thought about it and said that if we can pack our stuff and there is plenty of room left in the van, she can come. Sure enough, after packing up the van, there was still plenty of space left for her to sit, lie and walk around. So we brought her. Plus, it wasn't hot down there, so I wasn't too worried if she came.

We left and drove through the rain. I've driven in worse conditions up to Salt Lake, so I was able to handle it. Made it to Brian's house with no problems. While we waited for Heidi to get off of work, Brian and I drove over to get pizza for everyone (while everyone else took a nap). After eating, Rachel and I got ready for our date in Las Vegas. We couldn't think of any place to go except Margaritaville at the Flamingo. We had an appetizer and a dessert, which was delicious! Then we walked across the street to Caesars Palace and then walked over to the Bellagio and watched a fountain show. It was awesome. After, we walked over to the Paris and I played the slots for a bit. I put in $10 and came away with $23. Not bad. Then we walked back to where we parked and drove back to the house. OH! It was windy and chilly that night, chilly enough to start snowing on the way home. That was awesome to see it snow in Las Vegas.

The next morning (Sunday), Heidi made pancakes for breakfast and let the girls play bubbles in the back yard. Then we all got ready to go to the Springs Nature Reserve [link]. I was expecting this place to be like a zoo, like Hogle Zoo [link], but it was mostly animals, birds and creatures that live in the desert and about the history of the desert. It was neat to see and to let the girls play. We missed the earlier bird show, but we got to see the next one around 1PM. But before they started that one, they had a Nature Parade. The girls got dressed up in butterfly wings and had twirler wands and marched around the chairs with the other kids who participated in the parade. Since the girls wouldn't have done this alone, Rachel helped. Sorry, I would post the video, but since my hands shake, the cell phone was shaking as well. So I don't want you to get too sick from my camera work.

After the bird show, we then decided that it would be best if we had lunch at the restaurant there before the girls got cranky from being hungry. After lunch, we then walked to one more exhibit and then decided that it was time that we went home for naps. When we got back to the house, Kristi and Aubrey were there waiting for us since they drove down just for a few hours to have a BBQ with the family. But before the BBQ started, some of us needed naps. Once I woke up, most of the barbecue was ready. We ate until we could not eat anymore. Kristi and Aubrey took off for home and Brian and I took off to play at a nearby casino.

On Monday, we all took our time waking up and then since it kept getting later, we finally got into gear and got ready so we could see the mermaids at the Silverton. But since it was Monday, the mermaids were not there. They are only there on the weekends. But we did get to see a diver feed the stingrays. After that, we drove over to Circus Circus and watched a juggler just as we got there, and then had lunch. After lunch, we walked around and played most the of the games that the girls would find fun and to ride the rides.

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