Thursday, May 26, 2011


In my last entry, I mentioned that we had a chicken coop delivered to our house for us to finish putting together (the wire). Well, at the moment, we have it pretty much all covered (except for the hing door we are making and putting on). But that should be finished by today or tomorrow.

Well, the day after I posted the blog entry about us getting the chicken coop, our neighbor called us up and said that they had 4 baby chicks for us. Rachel was at work, so I walked over with box and picked them up. I was thinking they were yellow chicks. Nope. Little black ones. Took me a while to get use to because all I have ever seen in life is yellow chicks. Well, the girls were taking a nap and got a big surprise when they woke up. We have been playing with them, petting them, watching them play and making sure they have a clean box to roam around in (until they move outside). We have them close to the kitchen gate at the moment so that they dogs can see them and get use to us having chickens.

Well, I have been taking pictures and videos with my phone. You can see the pictures of the chickens here...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just A Few Things...

Lately, I have been posting nothing but videos on my blog. I thought I should let you know about some of the other things that have been going on in our lives.

First; For those of you who read my blog back in the day, I hope you remember me talking about my sister Annie (who ran the Salt Lake City Marathon back in 2006). Well, time has passed and she has gotten married and still lives in Salt Lake where I use to live. Not too long ago, she and my brother-in-law Ben decided that they were going to travel to Guatemala for a few months to volunteer with the church down there. On May 5th, they left for and made it safely to South America, and Annie has been posting her experiences and photos on her blog. If you want to check out her blog to see what has been going on, click here or go to .

The picture on the right is Annie and Ben on the left, and a family they work with down there.

Second, Rachel has been doing her research on keeping and raising chickens to let us have fresh eggs. Well, an old co-worker whom she was training, built her... us, a chicken coop for the chickens we intend to get. The picture on the right is what was just delivered to our house on Wednesday and we have to still put chicken wire around it before we can get any chickens. The only thing I worry about having chickens is the dogs... They may bark and scare the chickens at first, but if one gets out-- No bueno!

Third, on Tuesday night, Rachel was awarded the "Lifesaving Medal" from the City of Saint George. She and another dispatcher took the call back in April and the gentleman who was in need of emergency services, survived because of their life-saving skills and professionalism. So they awarded her and the other dispatcher with this medal. And no, Rachel didn't win Dispatcher of the Year Award. That would have been three years out of four had she won that.

If you want to congratulate Rachel, you can do so by writing on her wall on Facebook... Click here.

I'll try to post more blogs like this, but not a lot goes on in our lives that is exciting or worth mentioning to post on here. I do post a lot of what is going on with Rachel, the twins, dogs and I on my Twitter account... Which a feed shown to the right of this page.

Oh! We will be heading up to Salt Lake in June to visit the family and to celebrate TJ (my brother) graduating from high school. So keep an eye out for new pictures and for a new blog post when that happens. Also, if anyone needs computer or iPod services while we are up there, let me know. We'll be up there for about a week. Until my next post or video...

Friday, May 13, 2011

Cell Phone Videos 16

First, the girls get a package in the mail.
Second, the girls and mom play out in the rain on Easter.
Third, the girls eat popsicles in the backyard after dinner.
Fourth, we try to play with the jump rope in the backyard.
Fifth, I catch one of the girls singing into a pipe.
Sixth, the girls help mom and learn a new word.
Seventh, the girls practice bouncing their new giant bouncy balls.
Eighth, mom makes a hopscotch for the girls in the backyard.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cell Phone Videos 15

First, the girls feed the neighbor's horses at Great Grandma J's.
Second, the girls play with a giant pipe in our backyard.
Third, the girls help put up Easter decorations in the front yard.
Fourth, the girls play in the water fountain at the water park.
Fifth, the girls play in the snow in the back yard.
Sixth, the girls go down the slide at McDonald's.
Seventh, the girls have a turn at playing "Pin-the-tail-on-Barney".
Eighth, the girls talk to the neighbor boy and then start their Nature Walk.