Monday, June 27, 2011

Birthday Week

Well, a few things have happened since I lasted posted an update. Let's see...

On Father's Day, we took it easy and then got a call from Kristi asking us if we wanted to go down to Mesquite to meet up with Heidi and to eat at the buffet. I was itching to go because I won $10 in free play (on Facebook) and it expired a few days after that Sunday. So we drove over to Kristi's, loaded up in her car and drove down to Mesquite. Heidi arrived shortly after and they went and ate dinner. I played my free $10 and then met up with them in the buffet. After, we decided to go play a game or two of bowling. Well, it was just the twins and I who bowled. By the time we finished, it was 9PM (MST) and that was the time Kristi wanted to be home... So we said our goodbye's to Heidi, since she had to head back to Las Vegas and we made it home safe.

What next...? Oh, my birthday. I had to go to the DMV to renew my license since my 5 years were up, and then off to the dentist. Nothing major. But while I was in town, I helped a customer with her computer and then came home. Rachel had been busy herself. She made a (surprise) cake with the twins and then later we fired up the grill outside to cook some chicken for dinner. After dinner, Kristi came over to help celebrate my birthday. Rachel brought out the cake and stuck 31 candles in it, and lit them all. One big breath, they were all blown out. (I have video, but it will be posted later)

Then a few days ago, Rachel found someone locally who sells chickens. She had to find him on KSL's Classifieds because our local IFA stopped getting shipments of chickens a few weeks ago... That is why we were looking for chickens up in Salt Lake when we were up there. Well, we found his house and picked up 4 more chickens who are a little bigger then the ones we had before. Since it was my birthday a few days before, Rachel said I could name them. Since it looks as if we have 2 boys and 2 girls, I named them Anni, Bjorn, Benny and Agnitha. Some of you get it as to why I named them that. If you don't, look at the letters in bold. Well, the dogs still have a thing for chickens and so when we bring the chickens outside to play, the dogs are locked in the bedroom (until the chickens are put away). We are waiting for this Friday to go buy wire to finish fixing the chicken coop.

Then this Sunday, I had to get up in front of the entire congregation for 30-seconds to have them sustain me to be ordained to the office of a Priest. Nerve racking for me. Although this office is meant to be for boys who are in their teens, I was not going to church around that time in my life. So I am slowly making up for it and now I get to help serve the sacrament during church. Sorry, I don't have a picture for this event. Why am I doing this? We have been talking to our bishop about going to be sealed in the temple. But before that can happen, I needed to first be ordained to the office of Priest, and then to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood. Once that happens (sometime later this year, early next year), we can then go through the temple.

Picture by: Ricardo630 (Wikipedia -- Creative Commons license)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cell Phone Videos 17

Here are some more videos (put onto one video) of the girls acting silly...

First, (I don't know who) is dancing to music on the TV.
Second, the girls eat a smore that I made them.
Third, the girls play with the hand carts as if they are lawn mowers.
Fourth, Ady looks in my parents mirror and pretends she is getting married.
Fifth, Chloe is playing with the building blocks.
Sixth, the girls learn how to play and slide on their new slip n' slide.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Salt Lake City

We left for Salt Lake City around 7:30PM on Saturday (6/4) and made it up to SLC around 1... But because of construction, we had to make a detour through Provo before we arrived. Talk about stress and anxiety while driving.

Sunday, we helped get ready for the early birthday party for the twins and graduation party for my brother. Everyone started to arrive around 3, and I started to help with the grill. Apparently the grill was up too high and started cooking everything at a faster pace. So I had to have my dad help flip burgers while I watched the chicken. Everyone sat around and ate, and talked about how they were doing. It was nice to catch up. After, we brought out presents for both the girls and TJ to open. Then everyone went home and we cleaned up.

Here are the pictures of the girls and TJ opening their presents.

On Monday, I had a computer job in the morning and then came back to my parents house. We then decided it would be fun for the four of us, plus my mom, to go visit the The Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy. That was an fun couple of hours. I remember going to it back in '05 with Tristyn, but that was when they were located in the Gateway Mall. Since then, they have moved into a larger building and have added a whole bunch of new stuff. It was fun to try and let the girls touch the sting rays and let them see the staff feed the penguins. I know they had a blast. Of course, the only thing the girls remember is the last thing... Glow in the dark scorpions. You'll have to see the exhibit to see what I am talking about.

Here are more pictures of the girls looking and petting the many different sea creatures.

On Tuesday, we all got ready, took some pictures of TJ and family before we had to head out to the Maverik Center (aka The E Center). It was his big day to graduate from high school. The school said they had to be out there at 12:45PM, but the graduation did not start until 2:00. But that hour flew by. I wish they had a bagpipe marching band when I graduated... Well, there were a few speakers and we lost count of how many beach balls were taken away. Well, after an hour, they TJ finally went up. When they read his name, as Rachel put it, "[I] yelled the loudest [she's] ever heard me yell". After a couple of hours, he the graduation was over. The girls were pretty good and sat through the entire thing... But they wouldn't have without the snack bag my mom put together for them.

We then met up at a pub and grille called Porcupine. We had lunch and then went home and watched game 4 of the NBA Finals. Go Mavs!

Here are more pictures of TJ's graduation.

On Wednesday, Rachel and I went to IFA to look at and buy some baby chicks. We get there and they said you have to buy 6 or more of them. Plus, they were expensive too. So we decided not to get any at that moment. We headed back to my parents house and helped clean up the girls toys and any of our messes. We headed out about 5PM and stoped at my grandma's house for an hour or two and talked. After talking, we decided it was best to head back on the road. We made it home around 11PM. It was a fun trip, and Annie and Ben... We missed ya'.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sad News

I have some sad news to post (in case you don't read my Twitter or Facebook). The day I posted the last video, was the day we left the chickens out in their chicken coop and the dogs literally were able to tear some of the wire off of the chicken coop and attacked all the chickens. : (

Here is a picture of what damage was done to the chicken coop. Click here...

The dogs got their punishment and it looks like we are going to be nailing boards to the side of the coop so that this NEVER happens again.

RIP Chickies...
The good news is, yes, we will be getting more chickens again. We are up in Salt Lake right now for my brothers graduation. We will be stopping at the IFA (Intermountain Farmers Association) before we head home to grab 4 more chickens. Before we put them outside again, the coop will "Fort Knox"ed up.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Chickens 2

I've been taking lots of video clips of the girls and the chickens. So, I made this second video called "Chickens 2". Enjoy.