Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tonsils, Grandparents and Pre-School

I think that it has been two weeks since the girls had their tonsils taken out. But now that two weeks has gone by, they seem to be much better. The only problems we had was about a week in, Chloe started to complain about ear aches. The doctor said that there was a nerve nearby the ear that may start acting up as a result of the surgery, but we took her into the InstaCare near our house to make sure she really didn't have an ear infection. She turned up okay. But that is what you get when the twins do not want to take their pain and antibiotic liquid medicines and you have to resort to using acetaminophen suppositories. Never bought so many suppositories in all my life. I think I wiped out Walgreens and Rite-Aid. But the girls are doing much better now and seem to have their life back to normal.

Then last week, on Monday (8/22), my parents drove from SLC down here to visit us and to stay at the Virgin River. They arrived on Monday and since Rachel was tired from working a late shift, the five of us (the twins, my parents and I) drove down to Mesquite and played in the arcade, had naps, went to dinner and played on the stairs of the swimming pool (since the doctor told us to not let them play too rough). Then on Tuesday, we all piled in our new van and went to go see the Smurfs movie. It was pretty cute and fun for the girls. Came home and had pizza that night and then called it a night. Then Wednesday, my parents stopped by again on their way home and said goodbye. The twins had so much fun visiting with Grandma and Grandpa Sharich.

On Sunday(8/28), after Kristi took the girls to church, we met up at her house and loaded up in our van to head down to Mesquite to meet up with Heidi and Brian for the buffet. After the buffet, we went bowling. Never thought I would say this, but Heidi beat both Brian and I on the first game. Then after bowling, we took the girls to the arcade and won 800 tickets even. So the girls got to choose their prizes, a small netted backpack and an inflatable frog. Walking from the arcade to the car, they had the biggest smiles on their face.

Then on Monday(8/29), we had to go to the doctor to get s-h-o-t-s so the girls could go to pre-school. 4 shots each. Man, they were not happy afterwards. So we stopped at McDonald's to get them each a Happy Meal.

Then the big day came. Tuesday (8/30). The day the girls had been waiting for for a long time. We woke up and got breakfast in them. Then around noon, we loaded up the girls and took them to their new pre-school. They were so happy and glad to meet/introduce themselves to new kids. After dropping them off, we came home and cleaned after having lunch. Hooray for free time. 3PM rolled around pretty quickly and they lined up against the wall and then we took them home while they told us all about their day at school. Then later that night, since the teacher told us that we should get them backpacks, we went and bought backpacks.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Eyes and Throat Doctor

Last Monday (8/8), we took the girls in for their 4 year old check up at their doctor.

While there, she told us two things that were a small concern to her. First, both girls have a little issue with their eyes. When you hold your finger out in front of your eyes and bring it in, your eyes should start to cross. Both girls' eyes wouldn't do that. Well, one eye would, but the other would look straight ahead. This is normal for kids at this age since they are not looking at the fine details in life, like reading or sewing... So they took a eye chart exam with shapes and did pretty well. But we felt like it was something that we should have an optometrist (eye doctor) look at.

The second thing their doctor felt was a concern was their tonsils. She, the doctor, said they were almost touching. So we scheduled an appointment with an nose, mouth, ear and throat doctor a few days later.

On Thursday (8/11), we took them into the throat doctor and he told us that on a scale of 4, Ady's tonsils were a 2 / 3, and Chloe's were at a 3. Plus, with them inflamed and _almost_ touching, he suggested that they could come out if we agreed on it... and so we did. We scheduled an appointment for Tuesday morning to have another doctor take their tonsils out.

But on Monday (8/15), we called an optometrist to schedule an appointment for later that day to have the girls eyes examined. We went in and tried on glasses while we waited for the appointment to begin.

We went into the room where the eye exam takes place and the doctor did his thing. He told us that the girls do not need glasses at this time, but before Kindergarten starts, bring them back in and they will be prescribed each a pair of glasses. But he also said that if we work with the twins on having them follow and practice drawing/tracing lines and curvy lines, the problem of the lazy eye might go away.

Tuesday morning came bright and early. We woke the girls and took them to the hospital. We dressed them up in their surgery gowns and waited for the doctor to come around.

He came and greeted us and told us what he was going to do and how long it should take. Ady went in first and about 45 minutes later, Chloe went in. Ady came back while I was out getting an energy drink. She was slowly waking up while Chloe was in. Another 45 minutes went by and Chloe was brought back into the recovery room. So we waited for them to try and get some liquids in them. After about another hour, they were up and conscious. We drove to the pharmacy, then back home and took it easy. It was a Barbie movie marathon that day.

We had issues with the pain medicines. The pharmacy never flavored the meds. So the girls did not want to take their meds. I don't blame them, it did smell terrible. So I had to drive back into town and they flavored them for us. Grandma Kristi and Aunt Aubrey came over to visit and brought us dinner. The girls were still not taking their meds, so to control the pain a little, we had to use Tylenol suppositories... and we ran out around 11PM. Soooo... Back into town I went to get more suppositories for them. So I had been at the same Walgreens 3 times that day.

We woke up 3 times in the middle of the night to give the girls suppositories to control the pain before it got out of control and not have them wake up in pain. But when we woke up, they started to eat more, but still did not want to take their liquid medicines. Grandma Kristi came over to help for the day and brought toys for the girls so that every time they took their meds, they could have a toy. It was about late afternoon by the time the girls started to take their meds.

Right now, they are still watching movies and taking it easy. We are getting ready for bed so I better go.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cell Phone Videos 20

First, the dogs wear party hats at the birthday party, then we sing Happy Birthday to Rachel.
Second, the staff at Red Lobster sing Happy Birthday to Rachel while eating. Third, Chloe tries to touch her nose with her tongue.
Finally, the girls have fun riding rides at the Washington County Fair.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Twins! (aka Cell Phone Video 19)

The twins open their birthday present on their birthday and then go celebrate their birthday by opening more presents and eating cake at Grandma K's house.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cell Phone Videos 18

First, the girls chase and play with our new chickens.
Second, they play at the water park.
Last, they play in the pool with another boy.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Las Vegas, Pt. II

Now to tell you about the day Rachel's birthday actually happened (July 31, 2011) and our adventures with it.

Chloe woke up at 7AM their time and did not go back to sleep. So I made her a bowl of cereal and made one for Ady when she woke up about an hour later. Since we didn't know what channels were what on the TV, we ended up watching some programs about sharks since it was apparently Shark Week. We let the Birthday Girl try to sleep in, but the twins kept going in and bothering her. Finally, Rachel and Heidi woke up and we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast (too). Brian had to work, so he wasn't home to enjoy the cinnamon rolls. After we all got ready, and it being 11AM, we loaded up in the van again and headed to Silverton again to see the mermaid show one more time. But instead of walking through the casino to get to the fish tank, we walked through Bass Pro Shop and looked around until noon.

Noon rolled around and we headed to the fish tank to wait for the show to begin again. Once it started, I started filming with the video camera so the girls can watch it again and again so we don't have to go there anytime soon.

After watching the girls watch the mermaid and buying a few mermaid pictures from an artist near the tank, we headed back out because we were all starving for lunch. So we drove over to where Heidi works and ate at Red Lobster so we could show the girls off to everyone. I took video of the waiters singing to Rachel and will be posting that in a few days... I hope.

After eating, it was still raining outside (raining since early morning) and so we carefully drove over to the MGM parking lot to park and then walk over to M&M World to let the girls check that out. But walking through MGM, they have the lion exhibit and we let the girls quickly take a look at the lions before we continued on.

After walking through MGM, and making outside, we finally made it to M&M World. We let the girls pick out one item and they chose sippy cups with straws. We made it up to the 3rd or 4th level and watched a 10 minute M&M movie in 3-D.

After browsing the thousand of items they have for sale we made it back downstairs to the Strip and walked back to the van.

By this time, after playing all day, it was about 5PM. With the girls being sick a little (buggery noses) and everyone except me getting tired, we headed back to Heidi and Brian's place. Loaded up our luggage and the dogs, and anything else we brought, we headed home. We safely made it home around 10:30 and went straight to bed after unpacking.

Click here to see a few more pictures of our adventure during this fun filled birthday-day!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Las Vegas, Pt. I

Before I write about our trip to Las Vegas for Rachel's birthday, I forgot to mention in the last blog entry that there were more pictures of the girls birthday party that I posted on Flickr. So click here to check them out... Go on, check them out... Hey, are you still reading this...?

Now that you are back, I am going to tell you and show you pictures of our trip to Las Vegas for Rachel's birthday.

We got packed and ready to go by noon. Like last time, we brought both dogs down with us. We made it down to Las Vegas around 1PM (Pacific) and hung around until Kristi and Aubrey arrived so that when it was 2:30, we could all pack in our new van and drive to the Silverton Lodge and Casino so we could check out the mermaid show.

We stayed there for a good 2 or 3 hours (watching the mermaids and feeding show and checking out Bass Pro Shop) before we headed back home to get dinner ready. While we were waiting for the ribs to cook (yum), Rachel opened up her birthday gifts. 31 gifts for 31 years of age.

After opening presents, we ate the ribs and other food dishes. Man, Rachel was excited for the ribs.

Click here to see more pictures of the mermaids, our adventure through Bass Pro Shop and the birthday party. Up next, the adventures to go see the mermaids again and to go see M&M World.