Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mini Golf

On Wednesday evening, just before the sun set, I took the girls a motel near by our home that has a miniature golf course.

We arrived to the front desk and got our golf clubs and golf ball. That's right, one golf ball. Ha! The lady at the front desk could only find one ball. So she told me where to find them outside near the 18th hole. So we walked outside to the golf course and checked where she told me to look... not one ball.

Sooooo... instead of going back inside and getting our money back and heading back home, I decided that all of us could take a turn with this one ball since there was no one else behind us. So on each hole, I would show the girls how to do it and then let them hit the ball on their turn. It took us a while to play the full 17 holes, but we had fun. We didn't keep score on cards, seeing how there were none. But the girls would say "Ready. Set. Go!" to me when it was my turn. They would also say my score was 30-2 or 30-5. Lol. They still have to learn how to hold and control the putter since they are Sharich's... but we had fun.

On one of the holes, Ady sat down to hit the ball. She hit it, it bounced off the wall
and slowly made it into the hole. Her first hole-in-one ever. So I took her picture with her ball.
Ady's Hole-in-One

We got to the 17th hole just as the sun was setting. We didn't play the 18th hole because the hole leads to a pit and I didn't want to fish the ball out each time... so we walked back in and returned the clubs and ball. She asked if we found the other balls, I told her the situation and she gave us our money back. Wow! But we had a blast and made a memory.

If you want to see more pictures, click here.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween came again and went this year. The girls still talk (after how many weeks in) about having a Halloween party or "this and that Halloween"...

Well the girls got to dress up and go to school the Thursday before Halloween. Adelyn was a monkey (from the costumes they wore last year) and Chloe was Princess Ariel from The Little Mermaid. They said they had a blast and got to take a bag of candy to share with the other classmates.

On Saturday night, we all went over to Kristi's house to have dinner and to play Halloween games, learn how to do the Thriller dance, and to hang out for a bit. Heidi (who had been there earlier in the day) had to take off to be home to cover a shift at her work. Well, someone covered it at the last second and she drove all the way back from Las Vegas to hang out again for the next few days.

Then Halloween (Monday) finally arrived. The girls had worn their costumes almost everyday since school. We all got dressed up that evening and waited for family to come over to help us go Trunk or Treating. I couldn't think what to dress up as, so I put on my < HEAD > beanie and < BODY > shirt and went as a website. Rachel went as a mom, and the girls went in the same costumes.

Then on the following day (November 1st), it was time to bring down the Halloween decorations. The girls helped by putting the cut up plastic jack-o-lanterns on their head... This picture below still makes me laugh.