Sunday, March 25, 2012

Springtime Fun

Well, we had a blast this past week with family (March 20-23, 2012).

On Tuesday, Heidi and Brian (who were in town), along with Kristi, took the twins and I to a place nearby our house called Red Rock to go hiking. Rachel had to work, so she didn't come along. They packed a sandwich, strawberries, peanuts and waters for all of us to eat after our hike.

Since I had been up early that day, the hike wore me out... It wore all of us out. We went back to Kristi's house and had dinner. Brian and I watched the Jazz game, then I took the girls home and I went straight to bed after putting the girls to bed.

On Wednesday (with Rachel now off of work), we all got together at Kristi's house to celebrate Aubrey's birthday around noontime.

After lunch and cake, Rachel and I took a nap. Heidi and Kristi took the girls over to the park to fly kites.

Later, Heidi, Brian and the four of us went to dinner at Golden Corral. After dinner, we called it a night.

The next day, I got packed and took the girls to school and then returned a computer. Picked the girls up, packed up the van and drove into town to do a few errands before we headed out of town. I reserved a room for the night in Mesquite so we could all go down and swim on Heidi and Brian's drive home.

We arrived, checked into our room and all of us got in our swimsuits. We went swimming and then Brian and I went and played. Got a text saying that the girls were done swimming and ready to eat. We ended going to a place called Peggy Sue's. Unless you are in the mood to wait, I would recommend avoiding this place if you are starving or in a hurry. Kristi took off for home from the restaurant and Heidi and Brian took off for home from the hotel.

So it was now just the four of us. We got in our pajamas and ate snacks while watching Beauty and the Beast. We, well I, fell asleep before the movie was over.

We woke up and I ran over to McDonald's to get breakfast to bring back to the room. We finished eating, got back in our swim suits, packed up, loaded the van and then went swimming until lunchtime.

Picture taken by Rachel Sharich, Instagram by Ryan Sharich

While letting the girls play in the pool, Rachel and I were sitting poolside talking. She told me she was having so much fun, she wanted to do this again. I told her that I have three more free nights for the month of March. So we agreed to come back down this Tuesday after the girls get out of school. We had so much fun, we invited family again to come swimming with us. So as long as I get free rooms, we will be doing this quite a bit during the hot summer.

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Las Vegas - February 2012

This last Sunday, we packed up and drove down to Vegas to visit Aunt Heidi and Brian. We made it there and let Heidi play baseball with the twins for a while.

Then we all loaded up in the van (all 6 of us) and headed out to see the mermaid again at the Silverton. The twins loved it. In case you missed it, here is the video of them watching the mermaid back in July.

By the time we were done, it was dinner time and Brian was preparing his spaghetti sauce at home. So we drove back to their place, boiled up some noodles and sat down and had Italian dinner. It was delicious!

Brian and I went and played slots while the girls stayed back and watched a movie. We were not gone very long, but came home and both girls were asleep. I called it a night too, and it's a good thing too because one of the girls woke up at 5 AM and wanted to play. We got them back to sleep.

In the morning, Brian had to work a double shift, so he took off before any of us woke up. So the twins finally woke me up and we drove over to Food 4 Less to get a few groceries. Drove back and let the girls watch TV while everyone slowly woke up. Heidi woke up and made Rachel breakfast, then we all got ready to take off to see Great Aunt Jann at her work.

We stayed and visited with her for a while, then headed out to have lunch at Brian's work. If you ever want a place to eat, go to "I Love Burgers" in the Town Square shopping area. Rachel and Heidi were going ga ga over ILB's coffee shake. They also have an area for kids to draw chalk on the walls, so we were there for another 30 minutes letting the girls draw.

We were told there was a playground for kids at Town Square. So we walked a short distance from the restaurant to let the twins play for about an hour.

After lunch and playing at the kids playground (4 or 5 pm), we drove over to the Bellagio and parked. We quickly walked through the Chinese flower garden...

...then outside to see the fountains put on a show (near the front entrance doors).

Since Chloe wanted to see another show, we walked around front to The Strip and waited for the next show to begin.

After the show, we walked back to the van and drove back to Heidi's place and made pizza to eat for dinner.

After eating, we took it easy since we had a busy day and we would soon be driving home late at night. We made it home around 2 our time and went straight to bed.

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Valentine's Day Gifts

Before Valentine's Day (2012), my sister and brother-in-law came down to St. George to get away from life in SLC. While down here, we went swimming with them and then had pizza dinner. But before dinner arrived, Annie brought out presents from my mom and dad, and we let the girls open them... But I was able to record it on my phone so you could see.