Monday, May 28, 2012

Hash Slinging Slasher

As most of you know, I took a part time job (3 days a week) at the Maverik near my house.

That was at the end of March, and since then I have been given the opportunity to be full time 5 days a week. Then this past week, I was scheduled to work 10-hour days, but 4 days a week. As of now, it is still tough to sleep only 5/6 hours a day, but I get 3 days off to catch up.

But it is a fun job. I don't have to deal with too many customers like the day shift employees do, and so it is not so stressful for me.

When I started, I was given a list of things to do while I am on the clock:

- Clean one of the yogurt machines one night, then the other the next night... And repeat;
- Sweep the parking lot of cigarette butts and other oddities;
- Change/empty all the garbage bag liners inside and near the pumps, and wipe them down since they get dirty;
- Face the sodas and drink products in the coolers to face forward;
- Power wash the parking lot and around the pumps once a week;
- Wipe down the pumps so that they do not look dirty (trust me, they do get dusty dirty and HAVE to be cleaned daily);
- Scrub with a greed pad the 2 public sinks and 2 drinking fountains up front, and 2 bathroom sinks;
- Help deli/bakery put out the condiment bar toppings;
- Refill the F'Real fridge;
- Sweep and mop the store using a push machine called a MopIt2 >>>;
- Constantly check and refill the coffee when it gets low;
... And most important, help the customers when they come in!

The list of things I need to do daily is not that long (but the other things on the list make it a page long), and would take me 5-6 hours to do. But because we are still open when I work, I have to stop and help the customers. Or if they walk in the store, and head to the restrooms and don't buy anything, I still have to wait behind the counter in case they do want to buy something. So that is what slows me down the most.

On most days, I just barely get the list done. But on Saturday night to Sunday morning, it is so slow that I am able to get the list done and still have plenty of time to spare.

So from 12:01AM to 8AM, I do the what I mentioned above. Then I count out my register and pray I am dead on with what I counted in my register with what it says I should have.

Then from 8AM to 10AM, I quickly fill the drinks/sodas from the back, and then fill ice in bags until have filled the freezers with enough bags. Then these past few days, I've been taking the bundles of wood by bringing it from the back (where it is locked up) up to the front.

By this time, it's the end of my shift, I'm tired and I'm ready to go home.

...And that is my new job. It may seem like a lot, but it's not. I enjoy doing it, getting out and talking with people because you can't have a full conversation with two 4-year-olds. And yes, there are some wackos out there that like to talk or complain about the government or the price of gas... But I nod in agreement (even if I don't agree, cause they are nuts), cause it's a job.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Going to the Country

On Wednesday, the 23rd, we (the four of us) met up with Rachel's friend (and co-worker) Amber and her two kids, and headed up to Cedar City to visit Amber's grandpa's farm.

We arrived and took a tour through their house since he just bought it 6 months ago. Then we all went outside and let all the kids look at the dogs, lambs, geese, horses and (single) cow.

After petting the horses and lambs, they brought a horse around to pet and to clean up so that the kids could sit and ride it.

We set the kids up on the horse to quickly take pictures.

When Ady sat on the horse, it did it's business...

We don't know if it was because of allergies or because she was petting the animals, but Ady started to get itchy, swollen eyes and so we left around 4 to run to Lin's to grab some medicine. But the girls had fun and hopefully got to make a memory of being on a farm since there are not too many left where you know someone who lives on one that you can stop by and can visit.

Friday, May 18, 2012


Well, a school year for the twins has come and gone. I know, already!

The girls finished up preschool on Thursday, May 17th. Rachel dropped them off at school and then took this picture of them in their dresses.

Then at 2PM, the teachers had a graduation ceremony for the students. I brought my video camera and recorded them reciting the alphabet and singing songs. I had to edit the video because I was standing underneath a speaker/bell, and the bell went off a couple times... And since you might have to turn up your speakers to hear them singing, I didn't want it to scare you if your speakers were up really loud.

After the ceremony, we all went to have graduation lunch at McDonald's. After lunch, the girls went swimming with Grandma Kristi while I went home and got some much needed sleep before I had to go to work.

But don't worry, another school year will soon be upon us as the twins will start Kindergarten in the fall. We had a introductory class/meeting about a month ago at the girls new school. The girls can't wait. They are growing up so fast...