Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Twins 5th Birthday

On Thursday, July 26th, the twins turned 5, but we got together with family on Sunday (the 29th) to celebrate both the twins birthday and Rachel's birthday... Who's birthday is today! Happy Birthday Rachel!!!

We drove over to Kristi's to celebrate with the family. We got there around noon and started grilling pork chops, as per request of Rachel. The girls got to pick out balloons and other stuff to help celebrate and decorate the party. Aubrey had started working on the birthday cake for the girls the day before, but had a few more things to do on the cake...

But first, we had lunch and then opened presents.

Then after presents, we went outside to whack at (and punch) the pinata.

After the pinata, we came back inside and took pictures of the cake...

...before we sang Happy Birthday to both the girls and to Rachel.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Pioneer Day in Las Vegas

I had last Monday night through Wednesday off of work, so I said before Monday, I need another vacation since I had worked 7 days straight from getting back from the Ute Stampede.

So we packed up our clothes and brought along Ginger in the back of the van and made it down there around 7 their time.

We ordered pizza from Papa John's and then Brian and I went gambling. The next day, I suggested we go to Margaritaville and have lunch or dinner. Everyone didn't want to and wanted to go swimming instead. So we came to the conclusion to make margaritas and to go to the pool instead. Rachel and I went to the store (and liquor store) and purchased the ingredients and brought it back so Heidi could make enough for all (minus the kids of course).

We walked to the pool around 2 and swam. We later brought the George Forman grill over to the pool and we cooked up hamburgers and hot dogs. Heidi, before we arrived the day before, made lots of cupcakes so we could celebrate the girls birthday. Since there was plenty, we invited the other kids swimming in the pool if they wanted to come have one. We sang and had cupcakes.

While at the pool, Rachel and Heidi's Aunt Jann came and talked to us for a bit, then she had to leave. An hour later, Heidi's friend and co-worker Luis came over to visit with us. 7 or 8 PM rolled around and we called it a night at the pool. Except for getting out of the pool to eat and for cupcakes, the girls swam and swam the entire time.
We called it a night and I went and played a few bucks at the casino near their place. Came back and called it a night.

The next day, the girls woke up early as usual and got me up with them. I tried to stay awake, but fell back to sleep until 1 or 2. That is when Rachel woke me and said they were going to lunch at Red Lobster in Henderson. I wanted to go too, so I got ready and we went and had lunch. The Red Lobster crew sang Happy Birthday to the girls since the next day was their birthday...

... then the twins got to see Larry the Lobster.

We drove back to Heidi's and packed up our stuff since we had to be back soon so I know I would be to work on time. We made it home around 8/9 our time. We had such a fun time, we are most likely going to do it again in September.

To see more pictures, click here...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ute Stampede 2012

"The summer is half way over..."

I use to tell myself this when I was younger (when I was out of school for the summer) because of the Ute Stampede that took place right in the middle of summer. Well, with the girls just graduating preschool and on their way into kindergarten, it is time for me to experience summer vacations all over again.

After working my usual graveyard shift on Thursday, I came home and went to sleep for a few hours and then got up and packed. We left around 4PM and headed towards my grandmothers house in Nephi, Utah. We made it to her house around 7:30 and watched the parachute guy jump out of the plane shortly after with the American flag and into the rodeo arena.

We went and purchased groceries since we would be spending two nights in my grandma's trailer. Dropped off the groceries and then went over to let the girls play and ride rides since Thursday night was 1 ticket night (each ride was 1 ticket, no matter what the ride or what it usually took in tickets).

Came back to the camper around 11:30PM and didn't fall asleep until 12:30/1AM. Woke up early since Chloe woke me up and took her with me to go get a tooth brush (forgot mine) and get gas for the van. Came back and spent the day moseying around the trailer until 1PM. We drove over to the city park to let the girls play at the playground until the Mammoth parade started at 4PM. Ady went to play on the monkey bars and fell off, but she didn't injure herself or break anything... Thank goodness!

While we were at the park, it started to sprinkle and then downpour. So we waited in the van and drove over to 7-11 to all get Slurpee's, then drove over to a local dollar store to kill more time. By this time it was 3:30. Instead of trying to find where my other relatives were (further south of where we were), we kept the van parked in the dollar store parking lot and walked across the street and waited.

The parade finally started and about half-way through, it started to rain again. We went hardcore and stayed to get as much candy as we possible could and to let the girls have fun. Finally, it was downpour again and I said "Let's go" because I was drenched, as was the family. We made it back to my grandma's house and sat around talking to family that was already there and to let the girls dry off.

With everyone dry now, and it stopped raining for the night, we asked the remaining family members if they wanted to go to dinner with us. They said "sure" and we met them at One Man Band Diner... It's like Training Table restaurants. After eating, we went back over to the carnival and let the girls ride rides and we ate junk food like the night before. We left before the rodeo let out and made our way back to my grandma's house and went to bed.

Saturday, we woke up to find my parents had arrived in Nephi and let the girls play with them before we got ready and either headed to the car show or to the craft booths. I went with my dad to the car show, and the girls went with Rachel and my mom and grandma to the craft booths. After they were done, they drove over to the car show and we then had lunch, then let the girls play a little bit at the playground before we packed back up and went and visited my grandpa's grave site.

Came back to my grandma's house and chatted for a couple hours with family before we cleaned up our "mess" in the camper and then said our goodbyes to everyone. We were now on our way to Salt Lake.

After making it up to Salt Lake, I was so tired that I crashed on the bed and then woke up to have dinner an hour later. Annie and Ben came over and so we all (the entire family, minus TJ) sat outside and chatted for a few hours before it finally got really dark.

When the girls went to bed, Rachel and I drove over to an waffle house like place and had a quick snack around midnight. Came back and went to bed.

Woke up and then got ready for the day. Around 1PM, Annie and Ben, plus my grandparents came over for lunch and to help celebrate the girls birthday early. We had lunch and then watched the girls open presents.

... Then ate cake.

Since I was so tired from who knows what, I took another nap and woke up again to then head over to my sisters place to let Ady play and see their chickens. Rachel and Chloe were asleep when we headed over there. Came back to my parents house to have left over breakfast from that waffle house place.

I headed to bed late and then the next day, since I would have to be the one to drive home and then turn around and work my graveyard shift, I slept the morning away until 1PM. We packed up and then headed home. On the way home, it started blowing and pouring rain near the Mona/Nephi area. Made it through and stopped in Scipio to stretch our legs and to look at the animals in the petting zoo.

We stopped again in Beaver for dinner at McDonald's and then continued home. Made it home around 9 and got unpacked and started doing laundry since my work clothes were dirty... Speaking of...

But that was our BIG vacation for the summer. We might have little ones down to Mesquite or Vegas, but this was a fun one that lasted more then 2 days (... my days off time period).

You can see more pictures of the trip here...