Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Brian Head [Day 3]

We all woke up on Monday morning and had breakfast and then got in the hot tub (for the last time). I took some special paper and gave it to the girls to write Happy Birthday Grandma on it (my moms birthday was on December 22nd). After the letter making, we got ready and bundled up to go tubing. We called and asked where we could go tubing. We got directions on where to go. While waiting for everyone to get ready, Chloe gnawed on her gingerbread house...

So we all loaded up in two cars and first drove to Apple Annie's to mail those letters...

...and to buy T-shirts for memory keep sakes.

After Apple Annie's, we drove to the Brian Head Navajo Lodge. When we called, they forgot to mention one thing... The tubing slopes were closed until Wednesday!!!

So we walked up a small hill near the lodge to go sledding on. Brian took the first ride down. Half way down, the saucer hit a rock, shattering it in half. (He was a little bruised up, but okay.) I guess it was Chloe's saucer, cause when she saw it broken and she started crying.

So tubing at the lodge was a bust, so we went back to the cabin for lunch and a small nap.

After lunch, Brian and I went into the garage to find more sleds. We then drove around until we found a park with a very small hill. We tried to sled down it, but there was too much snow to pack down and sled down. So we started to walk back to the cars and had a snowball fight and made snow angels.

We tried driving around more to see if we could find another place to sled... But no luck. So we drove back to Apple Annie's to get supplies to make S'mores.

$30+ of S'more supplies later, we went back to the cabin to start making dinner early. We had a busy day.

While out and about, Rachel got wind that it was suppose to snow that night. So we debated on staying another night or head home early... More on this later.

But like I said, we were back at the cabin to make dinner. Brian made his family sauce and meatballs to go with spaghetti.

So while we were waiting for dinner to boil, Rachel and Aubrey helped the girls make "snowmen" outside...

While eating, I noticed how beautiful it looked with the sun setting. So I quickly stepped outside and took a picture of the sun set.

It was okay... until I used I a filter on Instagram. It made it much more stunning and brought out the colors!

(Sorry, but these pictures are copyrighted...
If you would like to buy this picture above, let me know by contacting me...)

But after dinner, Brian took off to go night boarding and we sat around listening to Aubrey and Heidi play Christmas songs on the guitar. While they were playing, I started making S'mores for everyone.

Well, it was getting late. Something told me to drive home that night to make sure we got home safe. So we packed up and loaded up the van to head home. With NO chains on, we made it home safe after I stopped and grabbed me a 5 Hour Energy drink.

Everyone else stayed the night and made it home safe the day after.

It was a crazy trip... Maybe somewhere less snowy next year. I'm thinking Mesquite! : D

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Brian Head [Day 2]

... I was woken up at 7 AM to the sound of crying. Turns out Ady woke up with a croup cough. She slept in Kristi's room during the night and woke her up with the cough. Poor thing!

So Kristi, Rachel and I got medicine in her and [I think] got Ady back to bed with Rachel... But this woke Chloe up, and since Kristi and I were up, we stayed up. So Kristi tried to get Chloe to help her make cinnamon rolls, but she didn't want to.

So after eating breakfast, I got on my swimming suit and hopped in the hot tub. After the hot tub, and later, everyone slowly started waking up and getting some warm clothes on to go outside to play in the newly fallen snow. We went out and found it was powdery snow [not packing/wet snow], so we couldn't make a snow fort or snowman so easily.

So we decided to use the road (which was on incline) as a sledding hill. We took turns. Brian went first, then Heidi. Chloe went third and while going down the hill, her boots came off, so we had to help her.

Brian brought out his snowboard and went down a couple of times, then taught Heidi how to board.

I had to take Chloe inside, and brought Ady (bundled up) out for a couple minutes to see what we were doing.

I brought Ady in, and got both Ady and Chloe warming up near the fire. I started up Mystery Science Theater 3000, but ended up putting on Napoleon Dynamite (TV series)... They didn't watch either for very long.

But the Kristi brought up some kid board games so we could play games together.

They got tired of playing games after a while, and I plain got tired... So I went and took a nap for a few hours. I found out after waking up from my nap, that they did arts and crafts with the pine cones we picked out earlier at Kristi's HOA.

But after waking up, we adults ended up playing Trivial Pursuit. We played for a good hour.

Aubrey ended up cooking the fish out on the grill for everyone to eat for dinner. It was good!

While I went back down to go hot tubbing, the twins made a gingerbread house and gingerbread train. The girls brought down their creations downstairs to show me.

They took the gingerbread creations back upstairs and got dressed to got hot tubbing too.

After hot tubbing, it was dark out and we were taking it easy. Kristi, the gang and I watched some TV. An hour had passed and Kristi had called it a night, then Rachel too. The twins later crashed after a while. Aubrey, Heidi, Brian and I stayed up watched A Christmas Story. I called it a night when it was at mall Santa scene.

Because Ady was in the bed with Rachel, I had to sleep on one of the trundle beds. After a couple hours again, I couldn't sleep. So I went back out and crashed on the couch again...

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Brian Head [Day 1]

(Just so everyone knows, I'm not complaining about the trip... I'm simply posting all the things we had to go through to get to the cabin on the first day...)

I had just gotten off of work at 8am and came home and slept for a couple hours before I was woken up by Rachel around 11am so I could pack and get ready for Brian Head.

I got packed and then Heidi and Brian arrived at our place. We loaded up the van and waited a few moments before Kristi and Aubrey arrived. We then took off to Maverik (my work) to check our tire pressure. After everything was okay, Rachel kept driving our van on up north.

We hit rain on the way up. But we made it to Cedar, and then Parowan.

We made it through some snow and slush up the canyon to the chain up area. We decided we better go back down and get chains. So off we go, back down the canyon to Parowan to get chains for all 3 vehicles. Took us a while at the shop to find all three sizes needed for the 2 cars and van. Drove to Maverik in town to get us something to eat. Drove back to the chain up area where the 2 cars and everyone were waiting. We started to put ours on... Too short in length. Kristi's car... Too short in length. Only Heidi's car chains fit... But we could only get them on one tire. Plus, while trying to put them on, the snow plow drove by... SOB!

So, since the two chains were too short, we took in a cooler and some things from Kristi's car so she could take the twins up and. Rachel and I drove back down the canyon to go get our correct sizes for the vehicles since we paid for them but now could not return them. After the two guys at the auto shop tried ours on our van tires, and an exact same model of Kristi's tire to make sure they fit, Rachel and I stopped at Maverik... again!

While we were in town, everyone else tried to head up the rest of the way of was left of the canyon to get to the cabin... They made it to a convenient store that was half a mile past the road where you turn to get to the cabin. So they sat and waited.

Rachel and I headed back up the canyon to try and meet them. The roads looked better then before. So I figured that instead of trying to stop at the chain up area (where there is a sign with yellow flashing lights warning people to put on chains) and put on the chain, we should just keep going on up since everyone else made it. Nope! We get exactly to the chain up area and I see officer flashing lights behind me. I thought I was speeding. Nope. The Marshall pulled along side of me, rolled down our windows and he said to me, "That means you..."


"That means you...!"


Whatever. So I pulled into the chain up area, and after 10 minutes, I finally got the new chains on. Back on the road, traveling at top speeds of 15-20MPH, we were rumbling along the road. About 20 minutes and traveling only a few miles up the road, the front tires began to start spinning. I thought it was slush and black ice. We couldn't go any further. So with the help of another Marshall, we BACKED our way back down the road (about a mile) to a flat area to turn around and to wait at the chain up area.

We were going to wait for the family to either come back down and get us, or send help... They sent help while the hired someone to plow the roads to the cabins front door. So Rachel and I waited at the chain up for almost an hour.

This whole time, we had no reception to communicate by phone or text. So after waiting, I took off the chains and traveled back down to Parowan. We finally got a text (after a couple miles) saying they were sending help. So we turned back around and there was a lady in a Chevy Blazer waiting. She told us the road were clear and it should be fine without chains. So we tried it back up the mountain roads without chains and made it to the cabin.

Thank you very much you dumb ass Marshall!!!

We unloaded the van and then started to make dinner. I'd had a hell of a day, so I decided to go check out the hot tub downstairs. Since we just got there, it was not fully warmed up. But while downstairs, I saw all 6 Star Wars posters near the poker room. So I decided from now on, this cabin (in case there are others in the future) will be known as the "Star Wars Cabin".

Since I had a busy day, I tried to take a nap. But after 30-60 minutes of not being able to sleep, I got up and finished watching Elf on TV. But after that and a few hours, I fell asleep for a couple hours and then woke up at 12:30AM. I was up for a couple hours on the couch and then fell asleep again until 7AM...

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Some Sad News

I know it's been a while since I've wrote anything, but some sad news...

As some of you know the news, the home owners who we rent our home from here in Hurricane also own a house in Vegas (in which they have been trying to sell since we moved into this house). Well, we finally got the call Thursday night saying they sold the house in Vegas and gave us our 30 days. :(

Luckily, we had a 1-year agreement when we moved in 3 years ago, and they have been gracious with us.

So we are trying to find a house right now (via Craigslist and realtor sites) so we can try and stay in the same church ward... No luck. So it looks like we are, at the moment, looking into moving back into St. George or farther into Hurricane... It just depends on pricing and the type of house.

Rachel is currently working in St. George, and if we move to St. George, I'll either need to transfer to a different Maverik or find another job... Which I'm looking for.

As for my business, it will be put on hold when we agree and sign on a rental home. I'll continue to take calls until that day, but will have to be put on hold when we start packing and then resume when I am ready to perform business again. So if you need services before then (or while I am up in SLC, Dec 26th-30th), give me a call now!

So that is the news for now... How are you?